New Roomer


A chat conversation, in which Lucy plays a hot slut that LongnHard let stay in his house for the night while his wife was out.


Lucifia: You're sitting on your couch...staring at my hips as I sway and dance for you

LongnHard: I'm watching you, my shaft fully erect as my eyes take in your lovely swaying hips, fingers gently stroking up and down my length with a wide smile on my face

Lucifia: my sexy smile and my light fluid movements turn you on so much...I turn my back...and slowly grind my ass into your crotch...your cock rubbing between my ass cheeks I grind harder...making you moan

LongnHard: starting to want you so badly I have to clench my fist to stop myself grabbing you and fucking your ass there and then, my hands instead moving to your hips, helping you grind on my crotch as I moan loudly

Lucifia: mmmm....'you know the rules of strip teasing no touching!' I push your hands away, I turn around and straddle you, your cock inches away from my crotch. I lean up...and brush my tits over your face...the smooth fabric of my top cool against your skin...

LongnHard: "mmmm, you tease," I say taking my hands away and just letting you tease your body all over me, your tits stroking brilliantly across my face making me lean forward towards them but stop myself touching them

Lucifia: with a deft movement I untie my top. My top is little more than a sheet of fabric which now floats down and covers your cock. My tits are beautiful orbs of sexy flesh. I slowly stroke your hair and pull you into my lovely tits... "This is a thank you for letting me stay Baby"

LongnHard: my cock making your top like a tent over it, as my eyes take in your amazing tits, before leaning forward and running my tongue all over them, loving the taste of your silky flesh

Lucifia: ah!...I moan...such a sexy moan....I hold you close...and slowly reach down...and wrap my hand around your cock, the fabric of my top the only thing between my hand and your throbbing member still pressing my tits into your mouth, I stroke you slowly...teasing the head...

LongnHard: I moan from your deep cleavage, "You're very welcome sweetie." before sucking on your hard nipples. "Oh god!" I moan loudly as I feel your fingers wrapped tightly around my cock through the thin fabric, cock throbbing in your hand

Lucifia: love that don't you....sitting in your lap...playing with your cock, I pick up your hand...and guide it to my face...I slowly suck your finger....tasting it...swirling my tongue around it, then lower it to my tits...brushing it over a rock hard nipple

LongnHard: "fuck yeah Lucy," I moan deeply as I let you guide my finger into your mouth, my body shuddering as you let me rub your solid hard nipples

Lucifia: I moan and laugh alternately...."would you like some sucky sucky?" I know you do...and I slither down your tits brushing down your chest...and over your cock... I lift the thin fabric from your cock and your dick stand straight and tall...glistening with precum....

LongnHard: I gasp as I feel your body run down my chest, my hands moving to your head to push you down to my throbbing erection. I look down at you mouth open in awe, pleased as my cock stands proud and hard just for you

Lucifia: wow....its so....big!...lucky I'm a seasoned cocksucker your eyes bulge when I say that, but before you can reply I swoop down...and suck your entire cock into my throat...bottoming out at your balls. At the same hands gently cup your balls...and stroke your thigh...I giggle into your cock. I look so fucking nasty...a sweet innocent looking Asian girl...topless, with a huge cock rammed into her mouth

LongnHard: I smile and groan in delight as my eyes bulge and I shout out a loud "FUCK!" as you devour the whole of my cock in your mouth my body vibrating and squirming underneath your sucking mouth, filling it with my huge hard cock

Lucifia: mmm...for a moment...I stay there...deep throating you, then I start to move...sucking back...I slurp my way up your cock...until only the head is in my mouth. I moan into your cock...and swirl my tongue over your head slowly stroking your wet cock with my little hands

LongnHard: both hands in your hair, tightly gripping it as I move my ass up and down on the couch. I moan out loud as you concentrate on the ultra sensitive thick head, loving feeling your little hands stroking up my soaked cock

Lucifia: mmm I lift off and smile sweetly at you. I stick my tongue out...and flick it over your cock and you twitch with every flick. I smile nastily at you...and take you deep again, starting a furious rhythm of skull fucking, slamming my head into your cock. You buck wildly as if you were fucking a cunt.

LongnHard: my body moving, quivering and twitching as you make every move, looking down at you with nothing but complete awe and love in my eyes before you take me once more and I moan louder and louder fucking your mouth like I was fucking your tight cunt

Lucifia: mmm!!! I'm feeling your're about to erupt...but the moment you feel like you can't take anymore...I pull off completely. You groan in frustration

LongnHard: my balls tightening as I feel the cum start to spread up my shaft and then your pull off and I half growl and half groan in deep frustration with you

Lucifia: I giggle girlishly "awwww heehee...did you want to cum Baby?" I waltz over to the table...and climb onto it, "why don't you come here...and fuck my brains out"...I turn to you and lift up my skirt and spread my juicy wet cunt lips. I slip a finger into myself...and swirl myself around

LongnHard: I get up and follow you eagerly, watching your finger slipping into your tight cunt hiding my cock in my hand as I watch

Lucifia: mmmm...I slip my finger out, then slip 2 in. you love the obscene sound of my fingers stirring my cunt up and I throw my head back...and moan.... ah!...I gasp...I spread eagerly...and you lift up my little skirt...feasting on my gushing cunt

LongnHard: I bend down in from of the table and lick your clit up and down just above your fingers abusing your own cunt, taking your skirt totally away pushing it up to your stomach as I bury my face in your cunt once more, lapping up your juices that pour onto my face

Lucifia: I yelp and scream as I cum hard into your face, wrapping my legs around your body...and hold your face to my cunt with my can hear me whispering..."oh fuck yes.....lick that cunt!...god!...more!...FUCK!..God...! FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!" I scream loudly, the sound of me screaming obscenities makes you feel hotter and harder...and you decide you need to teach me the rules of the house...

LongnHard: loving the taste of your cum drowning my mouth my tongue licking all over and inside your cunt, harder and deeper as you encourage me more and more. Your cunt gushing out cum over my face before I finally pull away, get up and slide my cock into your cunt, which gets into the tight space easily your so wet, as I grasp your hips and start to drive in and out of your cunt hard and fast!

Lucifia: ah!? I moan and fall back onto the table, my tits flying up and down as you pound me hard! Every thrust causes me to cum a little...spraying juice all over your tummy.

LongnHard: I pound in and out of you, my balls slapping hard against your ass cheeks as I fuck you so hard your body moves up and down your body, loving hearing the loud squelch of your cum emptying out of your cunt onto my stomach

Lucifia: AH!! FUCK!!! I shudder as you slam into me...I reach up and pull myself up, kissing you hard...swirling my tongue over yours in a passionate kiss full of fucklust. I whisper in your ear..."tell me Baby...tell me how much you love fucking your new slut!"

LongnHard: Really fucking you, smiling down at your face as you pull yourself up, before kissing you back hard, tongue driving hard against yours while I continue to fuck your cunt deep and fast while shouting loud, "I love fucking you slut, I want to fuck my nice new slut every hour for the rest of my fucking life"!

Lucifia: your words spur me on...and I whisper even dirtier things to you..."you love having a slutty cumwhore on your cock don't you? You love having a young slutty girl to worship your cock day and night..."

LongnHard: "You fucking bitch, I love to have a hot young whore to spread my hot cum into, you're a cumslutty bitch hooker," I yell at you as I pound your cunt and abuse it over and over, faster and faster

Lucifia: I scream as you punctuate every dirty word with a hard slam into my cunt! My cunt's spraying my juice everywhere! I arch my back and hang on for dear life as you fuck my cunt even harder!...everything around us is forgotten...our bags...the house...all I can think of is this enormous cock....slamming...ripping my cunt apart, and of how much I love being fucked this hard!

LongnHard: Slamming inside you harder and deeper with every word I shout down at you, "You COCKSUCKING BITCH and TROLLOPE!" Feeling my balls tightening once more, knowing I'm going to release a huge load inside you, "Take this huge COCK and my hot LOAD OF CUM like the FUCKLOVING TRAMP you are!" fucking you so hard and my balls dipping into your cunt I'm so deep

Lucifia: you throw be back onto the table...pounding...slamming with reckless abandon...I moan as I feel you tense...then a burst of hot cum in my cunt! I scream and orgasm! "FUCK!! YES!!! CUM BABY!!!" I scream hysterically. You plow into my cunt...filling it with your hot cum. You pull out and from my aim a perfect cumshot at my face...which lands with a wet splat on my forehead. I moan...and my open mouth gets a wad of cum...So big...I splutter and it drips out of my lips, a few more shots coat my tits and soak my skirt...

LongnHard: I stay silent now then growl loudly to a huge eruption as I feel my head explode and hot seed start to pour and jizz out into your cunt, gushing out before pulling out and a huge gush spits out over your forehead, creamy thick viscous liquid squirting onto your face lips and into your accepting mouth...the hot cum, so much of it shooting out and spreading over your tits, stomach and skirt also over my kitchen table where my wife and I usually eat

Lucifia: Uh...I'm semi conscious from our fucking...and you can't help by walk round the table...and stick your cock in my mouth...I moan happily and suck your cock clean, draining the last drop of cum from your balls. You quickly pull out your camera...and snap a few shots of my cum-soaked body in the obscene position of missionary fucking. You're going to show your close buddies, else they'd never believe you.

LongnHard: I groan and smile down at your face, hand cupping your cheeks tenderly as I watch you clean my shaft and suck every last drop of my cum from me loving taking the pics to show off to all my mates

Lucifia: mmm...I smile at your camera and for effect...I dig my hand into my cunt...and pull out a fist full of cum for your camera...I hold my hand over my face...and let your cum drip nastily into my mouth..."thank baby, I hope they jizz their pants looking at these nasty photos"

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