tagIncest/TabooNew Roommates: Mother & Daughter Ch. 02

New Roommates: Mother & Daughter Ch. 02


The continuing story of the HOT mother and daughter who moved in to share my house.

The three of us, Kim, Julie and myself, sat basking in the afterglow of the fantastic sex we had just shared. I was still sitting on the floor in front of Julie between her legs as she reclined on the couch next to her mother. She had her legs crossed over my chest and her feet were resting on my dick slowly rubbing it back and forth. Our relaxation was suddenly interrupted by the ring of a cell phone. Julie sat up and swung her legs over my head and reached over to her bag and pulled out the phone and answered it.

"Hello...Hey Terri, what's up?" she said and then was silent for a time as her friend on the other end spoke. "I think it will be okay but let me check with my mom." Julie then turned to her mother and asked, "You don't mind if I go hang out with Terri tonight for a while do you?"

"What about moving the rest of our stuff in, we need to finish that first," Kim said to Julie.

"But mom, all that is left are a few boxes and they are all in your car, can't you and Curtis get those so I can go out with Terri?" Julie asked.

"I guess so but it doesn't seem to be too fair to Curtis to impose on him like that," replied Kim.

I spoke up and said, "It's no problem, I'll be glad to help you move the rest of your stuff in. Julie can go be with her friend but just make sure not to get lost trying to find your way back here."

Julies' eyes lit up and she dropped down on the floor beside me and threw her arms around me and gave me a kiss on the lips and said, "Oh thanks Curtis, you're the best. And don't worry, I won't get lost!"

So after telling her friend the good news she jumped up and grabbed her top and pulled it back on and then stepped into her skirt and zipped it back up and then went over and kissed her mother goodbye and then gave me another kiss and ran out of the house.

I got up and sat back on the couch next to Kim and put my arm around her shoulder. Kim then leaned into me and laid her head on my shoulder and let out a relaxed sigh. She laid her hand on my soft dick and fondled it a bit. I sat there feeling very content and relaxed. After a while I asked Kim to tell me a little about herself and her daughter. She was silent for a while, I guess contemplating what to tell me or where to start.

Finally she said, "Mine and Julies story doesn't have a very happy start. I was only thirteen years old when she was born. My parents were lost in a car wreck when I was twelve and there were no relatives for me to stay with so I was placed in foster care in a home near Dallas. The people who took me in were only doing it for the money that the state gave them for taking me in. There were four other kids in the house that they had also taken in, two other teenage girls and two boys, one was ten and the other was seventeen.

One night not long after I got there the seventeen year old boy came into my room late one night and got into bed with me. He was naked and he started to take my nightgown off. I told him I would scream if he didn't get out. He told me to go ahead as the foster parents were out and nobody else there would dare to help me or tell on him as they were all afraid of him. He told me he would hurt me if I told anyone what he did. I was so afraid that I just let him take my nightgown off. He then crawled between my legs and raped me and got me pregnant, nine months later Julie was born. There were some questions as to who the father was but I was too afraid to say. The boy turned eighteen a couple of months after he raped me and left the foster care house and I never saw him again. I stayed in the foster care home for a few years after that along with Julie until the husband of the woman who took us in started coming to my room looking for sex. As soon as I could I grabbed Julie up, stole $500 from the bastards wallet and ran away."

I sat listening to the story almost in shock at how bad it sounded. I wasn't sure what to do but I felt so sorry for Kim at that point. I hugged her gently, wrapping my other arm around her and pulled her closer to me and told her I was sorry for what she had been through. She looked up to my face and then leaned in and kissed me very deeply. I responded opening my mouth and letting our tongues explore one another.

After a while Kim started to tell me more, "Julie and I ended up in Tyler where I found a room to rent in a nice house. The lady who owned the house was kind and offered to babysit for me while I went out and got a job. We stayed there for a long time, Julie went to school and I worked as a waitress. Jane, the lady who owned the house, was almost like a mother to me and grandmother to Julie although she was only twenty-eight at the time. She was and still is a very sexy lady, has a very great body with much larger tits than mine or Julies. She is also a nudist, never wears any clothes when she is home. It got to the point where Julie and I never wore any clothes either when we were there. She also had a very good sex life, both men and women and was very uninhibited about it. It was not at all unusual for me to come into the house and see her with one of her friends having sex. She never did it while Julie was around, at least not until Julie had grown up some and could understand what was going on. After a while Jane and I had become lovers too and she introduced me to many of her friends and we shared quite a few sexual experiences together.

After Julie turned seventeen Jane stopped worrying about keeping the sex hidden and I also thought she was old enough to be okay with it. From then on Jane and I would freely have our sex sessions without worrying about whether Julie was around. I thought it was time to start Julie on birth control pills too so I wouldn't have to worry about her getting pregnant, and actually I was surprised that she had stayed a virgin for so long. Not long after her eighteenth birthday Julie had her first time with a man. He was a young friend of Janes' named Rick, he was eighteen at the time just like Julie. Jane had met him on a nude beach that she went to quite often called McFaddin beach down near Bolivar. Anyway, Jane took us there one time in her RV and he was there and she introduced him to Julie and they hit it off real well. He is a very good looking guy, about 6'2" with blond hair and a very nice 7" cock that immediately got hard when he saw Julie naked on the beach. I was getting moist myself while looking at him and I know Julie was too. They stayed together the rest of the day, swimming and strolling along the beach hand in hand.

Later that day I had lost track of the two of them for a while, it turns out that they had walked back up to Janes' RV and had slipped inside. I had gone looking for them to tell them we were going to start to fix dinner. I finally came back to the RV and heard some sounds coming from inside, not even stopping to think what was going on I opened the door and went in. There on the bed was Julie on her back, legs spread and held up by Rick as his cock thrust in and out of her pussy. They both suddenly looked over at me but kept on with their fucking. Julie was moaning Ricks' name and urging him to fuck her harder. Then she started cumming and her juices were running out of her pussy coating Ricks' cock and balls and soaking the bed sheets. At that point Rick started to cum too and before he finished he pulled his cock out of her pussy and shot the last of his cum on Julies' stomach and tits. He then lay on his back next to Julie panting trying to catch his breath. This scene had me so worked up that my own pussy was dripping and the juices were running down my thighs. I walked over to where the two of them were laying and leaned down and sucked Ricks cock into my mouth and licked all of their combined cum off his cock and then moved over to Julie and licked and sucked her pussy getting as much of Ricks cum as I could and then moved up and licked his cum off of Julies stomach and tits. While I was doing this Rick got up and moved behind me and slid his cock into my pussy and started fucking me as I licked Julies' pussy. Almost as soon as his cock was in me I started to cum. Rick continued to ram his cock into me and soon said he was about to cum and then I felt his cock jerk and spurt his cum deep inside of me. As his cock softened and dropped out of my pussy I laid down on the bed next to Julie. Julie then slid off the end of the bed and between my legs and lowered her mouth to my pussy and sucked Ricks' come out of me as I had done to her and Rick moved behind her and slid his hard cock back into Julies' pussy and started to fuck her again until he came one more time. About that time the door to the RV opened and Jane stepped in. She said, "Looks like I missed all the fun! By the way, when you are finished, dinner is ready." Ever since that time, Julie and I have shared each others bodies as well as had sex with a couple of mutual lovers."

All the while that Kim was telling me hers and Julies' story and relating this tail of Julies first sexual encounter I had been growing harder and harder, excited almost to the point of cumming. I was also glad to have heard that Julie was on the pill, I had been worried about the possibility of getting her pregnant and was relieved. Kim had been stroking my dick the whole time and precum was dribbling out of the end. As Kim finished telling the story she leaned down and sucked my dick into her mouth and started giving me a great blow job. I reached down and squeezed her tits and slid my hands to the nipples and rolled them between my thumb and finger. Before I came I pulled Kim up and took her hand and led her into my bedroom where we lay on the bed in a 69 and she took my dick back into her mouth while I took a hold of her ass cheeks and stuck my tongue into her pussy and licked and sucked all around and caught her clit between my teeth and swirled my tongue all around it. At the same time she had taken my dick all the way down her throat and then brought it back out so she could lick around and under the head. Soon we were both on the verge of cumming, I felt the cum rising through my dick and then spurt down Kims' throat. At almost the same instance Kim went over the edge and started flooding my mouth with her own cum. Kim then turned around and cuddled up to me and we kissed each other, tasting each others come and then slowly drifted off to sleep.

Apparently sometime later that night Julie had come home and Kim got up out of my bed to let her into the house but instead of going with her to her new room she had come back to my bed. She crawled in behind me and wrapped her arms around me stroking my dick and drifted off to sleep. The next morning I woke to music playing on the radio in the living room. I looked over to see Kim still sound asleep next to me and then got up to go see what Julie was up to.

I walked out of my bedroom and went out to the living room without even thinking about the fact that I was naked. As I walked in I was surprised to see not only Julie but another beautiful young girl sitting next to her on the couch who must have been her friend Terri. They were each wearing only short t-shirts that barely covered their pussies from my view. They both looked up as I came in and Terri let out a slight gasp as she saw me naked. I suddenly thought about the fact that I was naked and started to stammer out an apology and turn to go back to the bedroom when Julie jumped up and came over to me and threw her arms around me and gave me a kiss and said, "Good morning Curtis!"

I said, "Good morning Julie, sorry for walking in on you two while I was naked."

Julie laughed and said, "Don't worry about it, Terri is cool with it and knows all about what happened here yesterday. She and I slept together last night and we usually hang out naked too except we were a little cold this morning and slipped some t-shirts on to warm up a bit."

Julie then grabbed the bottom of her t-shirt and pulled it over her head and stood before me completely naked. She then looked over her shoulder and winked at her friend Terri who then pulled her own t-shirt off and leaned back on the couch, also completely naked. Julie looked back at me and my surprised look on my face and then back at Terri and let out a little giggle. Terri spread her legs wide and slipped her hand down to stroke her pussy while watching Julie and I as we stood embracing each other. Julie slowly slid down my body until she was on her knees in front of me. She reached out and took a hold of my dick as it started to grow and then slid it into her mouth and started sucking it to a full erection. She then got up and took me by the dick and pulled me over to the floor in front of where Terri was sitting on the couch. Julie then had me lie down on the floor and she then straddled my waist and lowered herself down and slid my dick up into her pussy and started to ride up and down on me. Terri then stood up and moved over above my head and lowered herself down over my mouth. As Julie bucked up and down on my dick, I tongued Terri's pussy for all I was worth. Soon we were all three in the throws of ecstacy and nearing orgasm. Julie and Terri were leaning into each other kissing and fondling each others tits as they rode my dick and face. I was soon past the point of no return and started coming into Julies' pussy, as I did she started cumming along with me moaning into Terri's mouth as they kissed. Then Terri started filling my mouth with her juices as she came along with Julie and myself. As our orgasms subsided, Julie and Terri rolled off of me and lay one on each side of me. It was only then that I noticed Kim standing there smiling and looking down on us while rubbing her pussy and fondling her own tits.

"Well, looks like I missed out on some fun!" exclaimed Kim.

Terri sat up and moved over in front of Kim and said, "Sorry you missed our little session, maybe I can make it up to you."

Terri then leaned in and kissed Kim right above her pussy and then moved her tongue down the length of her slit and then back up settling on her clit. Kim placed her hand on the top of the young girls head to steady herself and draped her leg over the girls shoulder trying to get her pussy up tighter up against the girls tongue. Kim was having a hard time staying steady and looked like she might fall over and finally broke away from Terri and moved over and sat on the couch opening her legs wide and inviting Terri to move back in on her pussy. Terri crawled over and clamped her mouth back on Kims' pussy and continued to lick her clit while alternately sticking her tongue into her open pussy and then suck on the lips as well. I was sitting up by then and was watching Terri as she ate Kims' pussy. Julie sat up and moved over between my legs with her back to me and was watching the show as well. I wrapped my arms around her and cupped her tits and twisted her nipples as we both watched her best friend and her mother. Soon Kim was bucking her hips up hard against Terri's tongue and was cumming hard and her pussy juice was covering Terri's face.

Terri pulled back and looked up at Kim and said, "Feel better now, not sad at being left out of our session with Curtis?"

Kim stood up and pulled Terri up and kissed her deeply tasting herself on the girls lips, and said, "I feel so much better now, thank you very much."

Julie and I also stood up and moved over to Kim and Terri and we all started to hug each other and kiss each other. Somehow after a minute or so I ended up in the middle surrounded by the three naked women as they all hugged and kissed me. I stood basking in their loving embrace thinking to myself, "I am in heaven, it can't get any better than this!!!"

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