tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNew Secretary: New Beginning

New Secretary: New Beginning


New Secretary – Marie Gets New Status

If you have been reading the previous stories about my new very personal assistant Marie, you'll know that she has turned out to be a great addition to the company and a incredible influence on me. I had become unnervingly dependent on her. She had organized a "bonding retreat" for my key people and their VPAs that ended up as a continuing sex fest of amazing proportion, and has taken our relationship beyond my original plans for her. I never realized how emotionally important she had become to me.


Not long after the conference I had this feeling that things were going too well. It had happened so many times in my life – in business and with women. It never seemed to last long enough. Sometime, somehow, you had to pay. Robert Heinlein called it TINSTAAFL (there is no such thing as a free lunch). I carried this foreboding for weeks – kind of like the other great science fiction classic Star Wars: "I have a bad feeling about this." It was affecting everything. Even the staff began to wonder if something was wrong with me. Marie kept trying to see if she could get me out of my funk.

Then it happened – the thing I had quietly feared. We had just left one of our clients, Marie had done her thing and she was sitting close to me in the car. Her dress was still unbuttoned up most of her legs and she was showing them off to anyone who could see into the car. We stopped at a light between two vans. When the light changed to green and the vans didn't move, I beeped a reminder to the drivers.

Five large guys came out of one van and seven from the other and walked up to the car. When I locked all the doors, one of them on Marie's side smashed in the window, opened the door and pulled Marie from the car. When I started to get out to help her one of the others cold cocked me unconscious.

When I woke up, we were in an alley. I was sitting up against a wall and tied up. I heard Marie screaming and making gurgling noises. As my eyes cleared I got a glimpse of what was going on. They had torn her clothes off. She was on her back spread eagled on an old mattress lying on the ground. Each one of her legs and arms were spread out and back and cruelly held by one of them. She was open and exposed about as far as they could make her and she was obviously in some pain from it. One guy had his dick in her mouth and was pumping in and out mercilessly. I could hear her choking. Another one was pummeling her pussy for all he was worth. The others were cheering them on. I looked around and I just knew they were all going to take a turn.

It occurred to me in my fog that had they let her do it voluntarily, she might have been able to control the situation for them and herself. She might have even enjoyed the total depravity of the sex. This was a lot different. Rape was a lot different. Brutally treating her body as they were was different. It turned out to be much worse.

As they continued, when one came in her, another would take his place punishing her harder with each change. Marie would occasionally struggle and they would kick her in the side to stop. The last time they kicked her in the head and she blanked out. She just lay there and they did what they were going to do. They flipped her over on top of one of the fat ones. He stuffed his dick in her now gapping and cum filled pussy and another kneeled in between her legs from behind. Without any hesitation, he drove his big cock into her ass. There wasn't any lubrication to ease the way so Marie awoke and screamed in pain from the tearing onslaught. When they finished, two more replaced them as well and a third stuffed her mouth. That prick held her nose until she choked for air and passed out again. It didn't stop him from forcing his dick down her throat and cumming. She was coughing and gasping for air and they laughed.

For what seemed like hours, they each cruelly squeezed her tits, pinched and pulled her nipples, fucked her pussy, mouth or ass, two or three at a time. Every so often I would pass out and be awakened by Marie screaming. Each one had at least four shots at her. Her body was covered with cum. Bruises were forming everywhere. A couple of times I thought I smelled burning flesh and feared what they must be doing. They just laughed and cheered louder as she screamed in pain.

When they finally stopped she looked like a discarded rag doll that had been thrown from a moving car and run over by a truck. As they left the alley, the last one came over to me and kicked me in the ribs. I was sure I heard them break. The pain kept me awake long enough to struggle to get up to help Marie but between my ribs and the rope I couldn't manage it.

When Marie finally came to, she somehow managed to crawl over to me and untied me so I could help her. I was gripped by pain and couldn't breathe very well. I figured they had punctured a lung, but that didn't matter. What I saw they had done to Marie was horrifying and I gasped in horror. I was filled with rage and the desire for retribution but tending to her was first. We held on to each other long enough to stand and stumbled out of the alley. There was the car, totally trashed – everything in it stolen or burned. I reached in my pocket. Amazingly my cell still worked, and I called for help.

The ambulance took us to the nearest hospital. They went to work on Marie in the ambulance on the way. She was in pretty bad shape. She had two black eyes that had by that time swollen totally shut, a bruised and puffy face from the punches which cracked her left cheek bone, several of her ribs were broken and she had a pretty bad head concussion from the kicking, she had bruises all over her body and had bleeding rips in her throat, vagina and anus. Her nipples and labia had been badly abused and they had been burned with what looked like a cigarette. She must of endured incredible agony. They wouldn't let me stay with her at all. She was heavily sedated and in a great deal of pain even so. They were surprised she had survived. They said she would be in the hospital for at least four weeks in recovery. Mentally her recovery was another story.

I was luckier. I had a small concussion and three broken ribs. Luckily, the ribs had not punctured anything and just needed to be reset in place.

The following morning Tom, Jeff and Rachel came by along with the police. I told them all what happened. The police asked me to help identify the guys as best as I could and I agreed to try. I picked two from a mug book they had brought along. I memorized their names. When the police left, Rachel asked me who they were and I told her. She wrote them down and left.

"Where is she going?" I asked Tom.

"Rachel is half Italian and she said her mother's father had been looking for an excuse to do those guys for a long time. They have been terrorizing the city. Those two names will be all he needs to find the rest."

"I'm not sure I want to take the matter in my own hands even though I have a thirst for revenge. I have had time to think and I really am in no position or condition to go after them."

"Jack – you aren't and you don't want to know. Leave it at that."

I was released the third day. Marie was still heavily sedated. I talked with the hospital psychologist about what to expect and she helped me form a plan for after her release. It was involved and complicated so I ignored work. I went to the hospital every day and sat in her room and held her hand. Sometimes she might have known I was there but most of the time she was out of it – at least for the first week. I had plenty of time to stare at her and consider where we had come and how. I tried hard to let my emotions slowly vent, but I couldn't help what I was feeling.

Over the next three weeks she physically got better. I watched her progress, helped her with her physical therapy as much as I could and generally tried to be there for her. At one point she told me to go back to work that there wasn't anything I cold do. I told her she wasn't my boss, I was hers, and that's the way it was. Truth is I was feeling very guilty. I was the one that had ultimately put her in harms way. I was also a little lost without her. I missed her – a lot. I conceded, that for me, things about Marie had changed.

The day before she was released, I was reading the newspaper when I saw this little piece about what appeared to be a gangland hit. The article said a known, twelve-member gang of Columbian origin with a penchant for brutality, especially toward women, where found killed and mutilated in an alley not far from where our attack had been. The reporter said that their genitals had all been cut off and stuffed in their mouths. Rachel's grandfather had found them and he had done what he promised he would do.

When I picked up Marie at the hospital I told her I wanted her to take some time off. Rachel and Madeline were going to spend alternate days until she could fend for herself. I would come by at night to look after her. She refused it all and said she wanted to go to her mothers for a couple of days.

A week later she called and asked to come into work. She said she needed it – the idleness was driving her mad. I had mixed feelings but, knowing how determined she was, I agreed to a limited schedule. That first day everyone came around to welcome her back – especially Tom, Jeff, Madeline and Rachel. I didn't press her for work. Later that day she came into my office.

"Jack I have heard you are considering shutting down the VPA program."

"Yes I am – I can't put any of you in harms way any longer."

"You can't do it Jack. These women all know what happened to me was a fluke. It could have happened walking on Bourbon Street or in Little Havana or on the way home. They all understand that part of their jobs with their boss is the outside sex and that has some inherent risk. It is part of why they want the job – it's exciting. It is too important a part of the company to just end it. Besides our customers are finally responding to their efforts. If we shut it down it will mean those bastards won."

"I haven't made my decision Marie."

She came up close to me and wrapped her arms around me. She looked up at me and I looked into her pleading eyes. "Then let me try to convince you to my point of view."

"I know you feel strongly about the program, but it's still my responsibility. Besides, are you sure that "convincing me" is a good idea right now."

"I'm physically healed now, and Jack I need to know – I need to know I can still feel like I did. I need to know that I can still feel the immense pleasure of making love. You are the only one who I can trust. Besides, I have a basis for comparison."

'Are you sure you are ready for that? I know you are strong – God knows any other person would be a vegetable after going through what you did."

"I can only find out one way, Jack, and right now with only one person."

"Then lets go away for a while. The company house in Jamaica is open and we can spend a couple of weeks down there – just the two of us. What do you say- it'll be good for both of us. I have some thinking to do myself and the quiet would be good. Besides Nia and Ian have agreed to work for us."

"OK" Was all she said. But one major thing changed. She came home with me. We didn't make love that night. We just slept in each other's arms for the first time since the attack. She cried herself to sleep.

On the third evening we were in Jamaica I was sitting on the master bedroom's balcony overlooking the ocean enjoying the evening air on my naked skin. Because of its privacy and the temperature we hadn't been wearing clothes too often and that night was no exception. Marie came outside and was equally without clothes. I never tired of looking at her – with or without clothes on. She seemed to have recovered totally – at least outwardly – and fortunately there would be no scarring. We hadn't done any lovemaking since we arrived – and I wasn't going to push it. I knew she needed some time and space and I was willing to give it to her. I took it very slow and I know she appreciated it. Being near to each other, sleeping with my arms around her was having its healing effect.

Her hair was still wet from a shower and she was carrying a couple of beers. Quietly she sat down next to me on the deck and handed me a bottle. We stared at the ocean for a while – quietly enjoying the breeze, the sunset and the smell of ocean – each in our own thoughts.

"Jack, I need to talk to you about something."

"Sure – anything. What do you need?"

"Hear me out. Please – without interruption. The lease on my apartment is up for renewal. I haven't been sleeping there very much, even before the attack. I have been staying with you or at the company apartment so it is really nothing more than a big closet. I can renew the lease, move into the company apartment full time if you think that would be OK or, if you want me to, move in with you. I want you to know there is no obligation, no promises required, no commitments from you other than letting me occupy space and I will take care of the place – either one. I just can't see paying that kind of rent for nothing. I'll even pay rent to you."

I was very quiet. I had to think about what she wasn't saying. I looked at her for a long time watching her face as it shifted from warm to anxious.

"What's wrong Jack? Did I ask for something I shouldn't have?"

"You have asked a hard question for me, not because of any reason other than I think it's more important to you than you are letting on. I know it is for me. I have this problem that I'm trying to work out. I was sitting out here trying to think it through. I do my best work in the dark."

"You do your best work in bed, Jack. The rest is commentary."

"Thanks, the feeling is mutual." She smiled warmly at me and her face was all lit up from the comment. She was almost back to herself I thought. And then, as if I had made a decision, I changed the topic and asked, "Can I ask you a personal question?"

"Of course you can. You can ask me to do anything – you know that."

"It's not like that here and now, OK? " She nodded agreement with a puzzled look on her face. I quickly continued. "When I watch you have sex, you are in a zone – almost as if you are in the middle of a fantasy. What are you thinking about at that moment?"

"Now Jack, there are some secrets a girl has to keep!" she teased.

"I mean it, I am curious – maybe more that curious. You've made a request of me that, for me at least, is serious and requires some thought. Is that something I really don't want to know?"

"Jack, I have no secrets from you. God knows you know me better than anyone in the world. We spend almost every waking moment, and a whole bunch of sleeping ones, together, we work together and play together, we have been through some terrible times together and I thank you for your incredible support. And you certainly know my body and all its special secrets – and I'm not complaining one bit. What possible reason could you have for wanting to know that?"

"Are you aware what your balance on the loan is now?" I said from left field.

"No Jack, I don't. I trust you completely. I know you won't cheat me."

"You have paid off, between your forty-five special $1,000 assignments and your share of the bonus pool, which you said you wanted to apply to it, almost $73,000. At this rate you will be done when our yearend bonus comes through. What do you plan to do afterwards?"

Now it was her turn to stare at me – searching for answers to what I was asking her and I wasn't saying. "Now I think I'm getting a sense of your problem, Jack. I know the answer to your question, but now I have a problem. The risk to me in telling you the answer is enormous."

"Marie, you know I could never, nor would I ever, do anything to hurt you."

"Yes you could, Jack, in one thing and one thing only."

"And that is?"

"If you don't know..." she never finished the sentence but continued to look at me with her eyes – searching for something. "Sometimes you are a little obtuse."

She paused for a while, looking deeply into my eyes, considering her options and me.

"Well, OK Jack, you asked the question. I'll take the chance in answering you fully. One of two things is going to happen when I do and that is the risk – things will change. I will have to leave you and the company at the end of our contract, or you will have to ask me to stay with you permanently. The decision will be yours because I might have made a terrible mistake in judgment."

"I am a little confused because now you're being a little oblique, but I trust you with everything, you know that - and I am sure whatever it is we can work out. We always seem to get it right."

"True – and with you I wouldn't want it any other way. So OK here goes. The answer to your question - what I am thinking of at those times - is you. I am thinking about making love with you. We have gone from fucking each other as part of my contract with you, to "having sex together" for fun and mutual enjoyment, to "making incredibly passionate love". I love you Jack, I have for a very long time – almost from our first meeting. I just knew it was you – the one that I was made for. If you don't feel the same, I can live with it as it is, but sooner or later, I will have to end my stay here. It wouldn't be healthy for me under those conditions – knowing you didn't feel the same."

"I know you might find this hard to understand only because you don't know all that much about me before we met. I know, and I think at this point you can't not know, that I care deeply about you, more deeply than any woman I have ever known. Having never just knew I "loved" someone, I am not sure what that feels like. But if the depth of what I feel for you is love, then I'm madly in love with you. I know one thing for sure - I don't feel complete anymore without you around. When I was in the hospital I had a lot of time to think about it, especially when I thought I might lose you. But we have the 'business' arrangement that I can't push through."

"But Jack .."

"Shhhh – just listen for a minute. What I am going to do is release you from your obligations to the company and to me. I'll arrange it with legal to pay off the loan for you myself if I have to. The bonus is yours to keep. You have certainly earned it. You are free to go and do whatever you like. Having said what you said and I said now, if you chose to leave the company I'll understand."

With fear in her face and tears in her eyes she answered "Jack, there is no place in the world I want to be except next to you all day and all night. Please don't push me away. Please!"

"Marie, I'm not pushing – I'm pulling. I have to know for sure where we are. There is much to tell you about me and my past - but not now."

"Know this then – and trust this on everything I am for you and we have together. My love for you is real, my devotion to you is real, and my desire for you is real. I love you with every cell in my body. When we make love I know there could never be anyone who could bring that much passion from me but you – because I love you so much. And there was no one in the world that I want to give that much of myself to other than you – because I love you so hard."

"Do you have any idea how much I want you to stay?"

"Yes Jack, I know because I know how much I want to stay."

"Then stay with me – live with me – as my wife."

"Oh Jack" and she hugged me for a long time, crying softly against my chest. Then with a start she wiped away her tears and looked up at me "Can I still to be your VPA?"

"Only if that is what you want."

"Of course I want to stay part of your work life, but if I am your wife, will my special work requirements as your VPA make you jealous or feel that I am unfaithful. I need to know that up front Jack. This is a major shift."

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