New Slave Ch. 01


"Well then, let's begin this first test. It's quite simple, if you want to pass this round you just can't be the loser. There are eight of you, but only seven will get to proceed. If you don't pass, then you're out and you must leave this place, never to return again."

Had Rose heard that right? If she gets last place in whatever this task is, she's free to leave? Oh joyous day! Being that she had no clue what all this was anyway, she would just have to put up with this task, fail it and leave. Even if the task was something ridiculous she didn't care, because not doing it would surely make her fail meaning her ticket to freedom.

"You will be asked to do many things in your service to the Great Marquis, but only those with some experience will be accepted to become experts in courses here and we only want those who are serious and willing to go that extra...inch," said Examiner, saying the last word with a little giggle.

"Up!" she commanded to her latex covered pet. The wo/man stood up straight as the Examiner bent over and unzipped a zipper that surrounded the creature's crotch. She reached in and pulled out a small mound of metal and flesh. At first Rose could not tell what she was seeing, but after a second she could make out the shape which caused a new cold sweat to start developing on her brow.

The Examiner had pulled out (now clearly) the man's penis which was locked inside a restraint. The man's balls were squeezed through a small ring, whether they were forced through the small ring or the ring had clamped around his ball sack was unclear, but it looked uncomfortable to be sure. A small padlock was attached to the plastic mechanism that contained the man's tiny shaft and glans. Without a key, it was clear that the mechanism could not be opened. The man's penis began to grow and push against the restraints. The creature let out a grunt that was muffled by the leather mask.

"Quiet or I'll beat you again," said the Examiner.

She pulled a key out of her top and began to unlock the mechanism.

"Let this be a lesson to you. This is a GIMP, he has no name. He is not allowed to take off his suit, because it is now his skin. He must hope that I remember to let him potty because he is no longer allowed to speak or do anything without my telling him. There are many GIMPs here that must do our bidding and the reason why there are GIMPs are because they are being punished for doing the most heinous of crimes, which I will not get into here. Once you're a GIMP you're always a GIMP until death do you part. So don't fall into that trap. Understood?"

Everyone, including Rose answered unanimously with a "Yes, Examiner." Now was definitely not the time to mess up which made Rose rethink whether or not she wanted purposely fail.

The Examiner removed the lock with a click and the man's penis was free, his balls still contained within the ring. The GIMP's penis had begun to swell making the small purple lines from its session with the contraption dissipate. The Examiner reached down and started tugging on its balls sharply to accelerate its growth which it responded to with vigor. After another thirty seconds the GIMP's cock stood straight up at an impressing length and sizeable girth.

"You don't fucking cum. You don't deserve to cum you piece of shit," Examiner spitted at the GIMP knowing full well he couldn't respond, at least with something intelligible.

"Go get the mask, if you would," The Examiner whispered to the Steward. He nodded and bobbed out of the room.

The Examiner turned to face the candidates.

"The first task is simple. If you ever wish to please someone, male or female, your mouth, tongue and throat are going to be your greatest tools. They simulate a vagina or asshole and can please any part of the human body with ease, if used correctly. Your asses, cocks and pussies are for them to enjoy as they like. However, your mouths and throats are yours to control directly, although if they wanted to fuck your fucking mouths you better believe they fucking could, understood?"

Another chorus of 'Yes Examiner'.

"This first test is easy for those with experience," continued Examiner.

"Raise your hand if you have ever sucked cock before."

Everyone except Rose raised their hand. To be honest, although she was looking forward to a boyfriend, emphasis on 'was', she had never even seen a naked boy in real life. It was pathetic she knew, but that's what she was hoping to correct on this trip.

Before the Examiner could see her she moved on.

"I thought so. Well you're going to have a chance right now. The GIMP is going to have a bit of a reward, not that he should. I am going to pass out eight different colored lipsticks. Each one will be assigned to one of you where you will apply it and wait for further instructions. Pick one, go."

She reached into her bottomless corset once more and tossed the eight different colors which represented all the colors of the rainbow. The candidates scrambled for a color each picking one, leaving a single turquoise one left for Rose. She applied it to her lips while the others took their time in making sure it was perfect.

She could only imagine what she was going to have to do with lipstick and a nine inch cock. She wasn't stupid after all, but now her survival instincts had started to kick in. There were only two possibilities here, win or lose. In order to leave she had to participate, but lose. There was no certain possibility that losing would make her a GIMP as they said she could leave if she lost, but maybe losing on purpose might. The others there seemed to want to be here at least, and since she would go last she would just have to barely lose. Having never sucked a penis before it probably wouldn't be too difficult to lose to people who adamantly liked doing it.

The plan was set then to lose, but to attempt whatever it was required of them.

Everyone had applied their lipsticks, and to Rose's surprise the boys' lipsticks were better applied than her own. Perhaps it was just nerves, not that she was trying to have her lipstick look good or compete with the others.

The Steward re-entered the room having finished his task. In his hand was a gas mask, not unlike those Rose had seen in history books, with a tube connected to the part that filtered air and another similar tube not attached to anything.

"The test is simple. Who can go down the furthest on the GIMPs cock without throwing up all over the Marquis's beautiful carpet. If you throw-up you lose, if you go down the least, you also lose. Go down on his dick as deep as you can go. If you know you can't go down deeper that's when you mash your lips together on his cock and leave your mark, that is how we will measure your capabilities. No teeth, he may be a dirty GIMP, but I don't want a mess. It's straightforward, but if you have questions ask them now."

The Examiner looked around the room, and without thinking Rose uttered the question that she immediately regretted.

"If we lose, we're really allowed to go free?"

This caused a toothy grin from the Examiner, the Steward, and maybe even the GIMP.

"Of course, but not before the Loser's Prize."

Before Rose could ask what the loser's prize was, the Examiner indulged.

"It would be so terrible if we had you come out all this way, auditioned, went through these grueling tests and then left empty handed. So we came up with a solution to our dilemma. The losers get a sort of consolation prize. Let me demonstrate."

She waved her hands at the Steward who presented her with the tube that was not attached to the gas mask. The Examiner reached over to the GIMP and popped off a disc that was connected to his mouth revealing a small breathing hole. Through the hole you could hear the ragged breaths that escaped from the tortured creature. She pushed the tube into the hole until it clicked.

"Unzip me," she commanded the GIMP.

From this angle, Rose could see that the GIMP's eye mask had tiny holes perforating the entirety of it, which probably allowed him to see small details or shapes, but nothing more. The Examiner turned away from the candidates and placed her hands on her hips as the GIMP crouched down, his throbbing erection bobbing up and down, and unzipped the zipper to her latex bottom.

"Ottoman!" the harsh mistress commanded to the GIMP once more and he bowed down to his hands and knees. The mistress sat down on the GIMP like a piece of furniture, still facing away from the candidates hiding her exposed front.

"Nose!" she commanded once more and the GIMP obeyed by plugging his nose with his free hand while balancing his body with the other, still maintaining a seat for the harsh Examiner.

From this angle, Rose could see the GIMP's bobbing erection descend between his legs, his balls tight from the cool atmosphere and just a small glimpse of his perfectly shaved taint leading up to his anus which was blocked by his suit.

"Now the lucky loser who fails at this competition will receive the same treatment, but a much larger dose from all the winners."

The sadistic woman took the other end of the tube and placed it against her front which was still hidden from Rose's sight.

Examiner started to moan as a clear white liquid moved through the tube and pushed its way through towards the GIMPs mask. The sound was almost mesmerising as it hit the tube, like someone hushing others in a library for speaking too loudly.

Rose could only look on as she watched what was clearly the Examiner's piss fill the tube. She realized now that there was no easy way out and felt her drop heart along with her hope.

The GIMP made muffled screams as the first bit of urine made it into his mask. His hand never moved from his nose meaning he would drown unless he let go, pulled out the tube...or swallowed. He chose the latter as his neck muscles made the sickly noise of gulping down every drop that came his way.

The Examiner's piss continued through its tunnel for several more seconds. Its durity would explain its color. She probably drank several bottles of water before arriving just to illustrate the point.

The GIMP stopped his screaming and dedicated his time to drinking the piss before he suffocated. Rose watched the last bit of urine get sucked into the mask before the Examiner let him let go of his nose.

The GIMP gasped for breath as she stood up and zipped up her front.

"Feel better?" laughed the Steward.

"Absolutely," she replied. "So, who feels like losing?"


The terror up to this point had seemed like a mole hill compared to the mountain that Rose now faced. The GIMP had just finished his task of drinking his mistress's urine and Rose could not tell the state of the GIMP due to the mask that covered his face, but he dutifully stayed in the same position as he was ordered, waiting for further instruction.

Examiner turned to face the group once more, her shame covered by her black shielded panties. She kept a small smirk on her face that revealed her sick satisfaction, her sadism. Yet the other candidates did not reveal their true feelings if they had any. All seemed to be frozen in time, keeping their emotions in check. Rose was not quite as skilled as her counterparts with sheer terror stretched upon her pale freckled face.

The moment reminded her of horror movies of young ladies traveling throughout Europe and the fantastical part about it, the parts that could not possibly happen, only the sick authors of the world could create to strike terror in the heart of the young American public. Yet here she was. There was no fantasy about it. She was in a horror film plain and simple.

"To reiterate, those who go down the deepest win, while the loser receives this wonderful consolation prize," continued the sadistic Examiner.

"Back!" shouted the Examiner and the GIMP dutifully obeyed returning to her side standing up right at attention, his cock bobbing up and down as if agreeing with her.

It astonished Rose how quickly someone could go from torture back to nonchalant. Had he enjoyed drinking his master's piss? Perhaps this was so common in his life it was just a small bump in a very long and bumpy road.

"There is a special prize involved with this activity, for those who wish to go beyond. Of course, there will be someone who gets first place and I believe that go-getter should be rewarded, so pay attention."

If the prize was getting to leave Rose would gladly choke on a cock to win her independence, the founding fathers did far more for it. It's not like she hadn't imagined sucking a cock before, that was on her to-do list while she was here. At least it was...

The Examiner pulled out a sheet of paper adorned with a variety of smiley face stickers from her bodices and showed them to the candidates.

"These are your taint markers. You take one off, put the smiley face down on your tongue and attempt to put it on the back of the GIMPs balls. It's simple, just put his cock in your mouth and down your throat without using your tongue, if you reach the base, move your tongue forward and lift up and press against the back of his balls. It should stick and prove you are a cock-sucking whore."

The idea seemed simple enough, so it was a good thing that it wasn't a goal that Rose wanted to do any time soon.

"Just as there is a special prize for losing, which sounds delicious to me. There is also a special prize for winning and an extra special prize for the sticker holder. If you end up getting first, your prize is immunity for the next round."

Fat chance she wanted that.

"That means even if you come dead last in the next competition, you will still be saved and move on to round three, no punishment...oops, I mean consolation prize. However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't try because this rule will apply until the last round meaning you could be immune for the entirety of the competition. For the sticker prize, that is to be revealed only if someone achieves it."

All these words meant nothing to Rose, all she had to do was lose, and drink everyone's urine...which was not an option. The other option was to not lose and continue on with the competition and then lose and probably suffer an even worse fate.

Rose's heart had not stopped beating since this started and she felt alert and fatigued at the same time. Should she just bolt for the door? What would happen if she attempted to escape? Why was this even happening, how was this not rape? Did the police in the village know about this place or perhaps they were paid off. Why were these candidates subjecting themselves to this. Was it all voluntary? Who in their right mind would choose to do this on their own whim.

Her thoughts were interrupted as the Examiner made new commands.

"Come now, let's not waste time, here is the new order for cock-sucking. I want you to kneel on your knees, mouths opened, tongues out and looking at me in the eyes. Put your arms behind your back and grab your elbows. Do not move from that position until I instruct you. I want you to organize from darkest to lightest. You have ten seconds and then I start whipping ass."

Once more, a flurry of movement happened as the candidates moved quickly and assumed the assigned position while Rose stayed still, shell-shocked. The good thing was because of her pale skin, she didn't need to move as others moved around her. Rhodes bumped into her as he positioned himself to her side and under his breath whispered "move".

Something about his voice, a normal human quality jumpstarted her system. It was an ally's voice, someone that might care for her well-being that made her move, not the command of the devilish Examiner.

On instinct, Rose's body moved and assumed the position, her little pink tongue already beginning to dry as it hung over her pale lips that had since been drained from fear.

The candidates had successfully lined up from darkest to lightest starting with the two African candidates, then the darker skinned Japanese duo, the Germans and finally the Americans, at least Rose thought Rhodes was American.

Each one stood on their knees motionless ready to give up their mouths to their Examiner. The vibe in the room was dead silent. Only the heavy breathing of the GIMP could be heard either from the excitement of getting his cock swallowed or lack of air through the mask. The Steward looked up and down the line. He nodded his head in approvement. His gaze fell upon Rose and he began to chuckle covering his face habitually, obviously a tick.

"Look at the one at the end. I'm looking down the line seeing perfectly obedient faces and then hit that one, she looks so comedic in comparison. Take a chill pill, you're about to suck cock, I thought you liked that."

The Examiner looked down towards Rose's end of the line and let out a snort.

"You won't make it far candidate. Why are you even here? I could tell ever since you came here you were totally unprepared. Do you even want to be here?"

Was this a way out? Did she want her to answer. Rose figuratively kept her mouth shut, afraid of what would happen should she open it, figuratively as it was already in the open position.

The Examiner continued to stare at her raising her eyebrows. After a few seconds, she started to glare.

"You had better fucking answer me and be honest or I will whip your ass until it bleeds," she said through clenched teeth.

This was her chance, the time she had been waiting for. Maybe this was her ticket out before the competition began. She wouldn't have to drink the candidate's urine, she wouldn't have to suck the GIMPs cock. She could leave, attend a few months of therapy and finally forget about this god forsaken place. Even if it meant getting a few smacks across the bum it was worth it to voice her thoughts.

"Yes ma'am. I'm not supposed to be here. I actually signed up to come here for language learning. I'm in totally the wrong place and I promise not to say anything if you just let me go, please! I don't know what any of this is, I just walked into the wrong place at the wrong time."

Rose obviously struck a chord as the Steward stared speechless at her along with the Examiner. The Examiner still gazing at Rose walked over, never breaking eye contact and bent down until she was eye level with Rose.

"What did you say?" the Examiner asked with great intense unblinking eyes.

"Ma'am, I was just saying that I'm not supposed to be here, this is all a mistake."

The Examiner stood up to her full height, further augmented by her shoes and spread her legs about a foot apart from each other.

"Put your head between my legs," ordered the Examiner.

A confused Rose looked up at the Examiner. Had her words fallen on deaf ears? Did they fully know she wasn't supposed to be here?

"Now!" screamed the Examiner and Rose complied and moved forward between the woman's legs which immediately clamped down on her pale frail neck and squeezed tightly, slightly cutting off her air supply.

Rose gave small coughs from the shock of the movement.

"Shut up, you little cunt. You listen to me here. I don't care why you're here, if it's a mistake or not. While anyone, and I mean anyone in here with the exception of the Marquis, calls me anything but my proper title they will suffer consequences. I am not a "Ma'am" just as you are not anything. You are a candidate, the lowest of the low here. You must prove yourself to receive any respect. You have shown me disrespect and you have invoked my wrath."

The riding crop came down and made a satisfying "thwock". The most excruciating pain Rose had ever experienced in her life shot up from her ass cheek through her spine and finally into her brain as she let out a howl. Rose pushed back with her hands on the Examiner's legs, but her thick thighs kept her firmly in place and squeezed a bit more on her neck making it even more difficult to move.

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