tagIncest/TabooNew View Ch. 03

New View Ch. 03


First off, I have to thank my wonderful editor, LizHaze, for being my guide on this amazing journey. Her skill has been sublime, her advice sagely. I have no idea what New View would have been without her. And, frankly, I don't want to know. It's a scary thought people. Very scary. And I want to thank all the readers who have been following the story and living the drama. I appreciate all the emails, all the comments, all the votes, and all the support! New View was the first story I ever posted online, and the reception from all of you gave me the desire to keep going. So, without further ado, the oft asked for, long awaited, New View Chapter 3! ---Shaide


I was laying on the couch, my pants on the floor, my panties hanging off one of my ankles, two fingers shoved into my pussy, fantasizing about my bastard half-brother, with my best friend standing over me in absolute and utter shock as I moaned out his name while cumming. I wonder if they make a Hallmark card for this.


"No. Go wash your hands. Then we'll talk."

Fuck, I thought as I pulled on my sweatpants and walked to the bathroom. Could this get any worse? "And don't lick your fucking fingers," she yelled.

I washed my hands, unable to focus my thoughts into any kind of coherent excuse. All I could think was 'Fuck.' I had gotten my orgasm, but Sharron had ruined it for me, leaving me in a frustrated state of mind. And now, somehow, I was supposed to explain my Jason fantasy. How was that fair?

'Sharron, I was just celebrating setting up one of Jason's friends so he would think she had a drug habit using Terri's drugs—who, by the way, I owe a favor to now—by fantasizing about Jason when you walked in. It's cool though, right?' I looked at myself in the mirror. My hair was a mess, my face was flushed, and my orgasm was ruined. 'Yeah, that's going to work.'

I wished I had time to go change clothes. Sharron not only had moral integrity over me, she was lording her nice people-can-see-me outfit over my head as well. And I knew she wasn't going to wait for me to change. I turned around and stared at the door, bracing myself for the storm waiting for me in the living room. And today had started out so well.

The room was dead quiet as I sat down on the couch. Awkwardly quiet. "So..."

"So... Jason," she asked. Thankfully she had shaken herself out of shock while I was gone. Sadly, that didn't do anything to lessen my embarrassment. I could feel my cheeks heating up.

"Um... Yeah. Jason Statham. You know, the guy from Transporter."

"Don't treat me like I'm stupid. You hate bald guys." I sighed. Sharron wasn't about to accept any of my lame excuses. "You were watching his house the other night, weren't you?"

"Yeah," I said lamely. I couldn't even look her in the eyes. God, what must she be thinking of me? Some sick little girl lusting after her brother.

"Okay, what's going on? You don't even like Jason. Or, at least, you didn't. So why am I walking in on you fingering yourself and saying his name?"

"'Cause you didn't knock," I said.

"Katie." I looked up and into her eyes. Yeah, she was serious.

"Fine, but I need a drink if I'm going through all of this."

After taking a hard swig from the wine bottle, I poured both of us a glass and went and sat down. I had already told Sharron about what had happened with Van. But that had been bare bone facts, just enough so she could understand. Now, I told her the whole truth. How it felt, how I felt, how Jason had treated me, how he forgave me. I told her everything. I even told her about the whole Lala set up.

Like I said, everything. Well, almost everything. I didn't tell her about kissing Jason. I think one shock a day was enough for both of us.

Sharron's eyes were full of friendship and love. She came and sat beside me and wrapped her hand in mine. "You really shouldn't have done that to Lala," she said. "You don't know Jason. He'll never forgive her."

"So? She was a bitch, Sharron. She would have made his life a living hell."

"And you just took away one of his best friends. Trust me, Jason can handle himself."

"Because you know him so well," I said sarcastically.

"Because I know more about Jason than you do," she said. "I love you, Katie. You're my best friend and what I'm about to say is going to hurt. But you're a horrible sister."

I wish I could have been hurt or shocked, but it was just too true. I knew I hadn't been the best sister to Jason, and I didn't have any excuse for it. At least, not one I was willing to accept anymore. Pre-incident Katie would have just blamed my dad. I'd have said I was only following his lead.

But Jason wouldn't have. He didn't make excuses about his uncle or my dad. He rescued me and forgave me and he loved me. After all I had done, he loved me. So I wasn't about to hide behind any lame excuses in order to run from the truth.

"You don't know what Jason is capable of," she continued. "Van got off lucky, and he knows it."

"What do you mean?"

"Come on, just look at Terri. Everyone knows he deals, but he never gets arrested. How's he got that kind of pull?"

"I don't know? I never thought about it." And there was the fact that Terri was terrified of Jason finding out he sold me drugs.

"Because no one wants to cross Jason. He's got enough money to make anyone's life a living hell, and nothing holding him back if someone pisses him off."

"Jason wouldn't..."

"Pfft. Please. Van probably would have gone pro. Now... What's he supposed to do, huh? He's not smart enough to take over his dad's company. Hell, I'll bet that three years after he inherits he'll be dead broke."

I sat there and looked at her, just looked at her. This wasn't the sweet quiet Jason I was used to. She was talking about someone who could ruin lives without batting an eye. Granted, it was Van's life, so I wouldn't be blinking much either. But Jason wasn't that cold-hearted.

"You remember in fourth grade, when Deidre Willis was picking on you?"


"What happened to her?"

"She moved away."

"Come on." Sharron said. She took me into my room and started typing on my laptop. "See."

It was a story about Willis Inc. being bought out by Artemis LLC. "So."

"K, Artemis is Jason's grandparents' company. Jason inherited it years ago. It's a huge chemical company. So why are they buying out a real estate company? And as soon as they bought them out, the company lets go of their founding CEO, with no benefits. No golden parachute. Nothing."

"And you think Jason made that happen."


"Sharron, come on."

"It's not the last time he did it. Mrs. Richardson in high school."

"What about her?" She was the cheerleading coach at our old school.

"She suddenly bought a brand new house after you made head cheerleader."

"Hey! I earned that!"

"Yeah, after you got it. You were good, but not that good. Plus, look at your scholarship!" She pointed to the wall where I had the award letter framed.

"What about it?"

"Orb scholarship. A scholarship you never even applied for? Come on. It's 'Bro' spelled backwards!"

I looked at it again. Oh shit! She was right! "Well, so what? He looks after his family! That doesn't mean he's a monster or anything!"

"Look, if you want to chase after Jason, then fine. I mean, there's nothing I can really do about it. I could tell your dad, but we're too close for me to backstab you like that. But you need to get over your hero worship and forbidden fruit issues. Jason's not some cuddly little puppy."

I just looked at her. I didn't have anything to say to that.

She stood up and started to leave. "Oh, and leave Lala alone."

I looked at her, hurt in my eyes. "You're supposed to be on my side! Why are you defending Lala?"

She sighed and sat back down. "Because Jason's mom was a drug addict. If he really thinks she brought drugs to his place... Well, I bet by the time we get back in class, she'll be in rehab. Your brother doesn't like to lose things that belong to him. Cars, companies, friends."


After I made her promise not to tell Hailey, Sharron went home. I spent the night in my room staring out of my window at Jason's place, trying to picture him as some maniacal Mr. Burns character sitting back at his desk and plotting the downfall of anyone who picked on his big sister.

And Lala had said something about Jason being possessive as well. I just couldn't see it though. A person like that wouldn't have tolerated me picking on him for years. He'd have fought back, lashed out. Daddy would be in the unemployment line and we'd be living on the street if Jason was that vindictive.

I watched as the lights turned off throughout his house, all except for one room. I had long suspected that was Jason's room.

No, I thought to myself, he's not that person. Jason was just a quiet boy who like books and fast motorcycles. He couldn't be the person Sharron was trying to make him out to be. Sure, he might have some issues, but, after living his life, who wouldn't?

I watched as a silhouette moved past the window. I leaned back in my desk chair. I had never thought of Jason as all that domineering. I wondered what that Jason would be like as a lover.

I could find out. I could go over there right now and find out just how possessive my little brother could be. I wouldn't be able to climb up to his window, but I could throw a couple of rocks at his window to get his attention.

Those green eyes would look out of his window and see me in his backyard, in his territory, and they'd disappear, only to reappear as he came out of the back door. He'd take one look at me... No, he would have already made his decision about me as he came down stairs. When the door opened, all I would see in him was his impeccable will.

He didn't say anything, he didn't need to. He walked to me. Quickly taking me in his arms and throwing his mouth onto mine. My eyes were open as he kissed me. Green to green, he stared into my soul and claimed me for himself. I could feel my nipples hardening against his chest as he pulled me into him. If I had wanted to run, it was too late now. But I didn't want to run. I had willingly walked into the lion's den. I closed my eyes and surrendered to him.

I could smell the fresh cut grass in the air, feel it prickling my skin as he laid me down on the ground. His mouth found mine again, and his hand slid into my pants. Finding my clit, he began playing and circling it. His tongue twisted and turned in my mouth. I opened my eyes. I needed to breathe. I tried to pull back, but he wouldn't let up. He just kept kissing me, pushing me deeper and deeper.

His hand stopped and he pulled back. I took a few deep breaths and found him looking into my eyes. He held them for a few seconds until he knew he had my undivided attention. His finger flickered over my clit. Once, twice. I shuddered as the sudden bursts of pleasure ran through my body.

"Mine," he said softly. Almost whispering as he stared into me.

His finger flicked over my clit again, and again I trembled as I felt it go through me, through my tummy, and up my spine. "Mine," he said again, his eyes still locked with mine.

I knew what he wanted then. He didn't just want to claim me, he wanted me to surrender. To give in.

I looked into his eyes. Green to green.

"Yours," I said, my voice shuddering.

He smiled and came down to kiss me. His finger suddenly started up again, twisting me and flicking me higher and higher into pleasure. His hand kept going, faster and faster, but his tongue still moved lazily around inside my mouth. I couldn't focus anymore, couldn't hold out. I came right there inside my panties, laid out in his back yard, moaning my pleasure into his mouth.

It didn't do anything but make me hotter. I needed him. I needed him now.

Jason didn't miss a beat. He turned me over onto my stomach and lifted my ass into the air. I could feel the cool summer breeze on my naked bottom as he pulled my sweat pants and soaked panties down just enough to expose me to him. I looked around, hoping not to see any lights in any windows. I wasn't just exposed to Jason, anyone could be watching.

But Jason didn't care. I jumped as I felt his cock suddenly press against my entrance, opening me, sliding straight into me down to the base. His hand gripped my hips and he began slamming himself into me.

I wondered what the neighbors would think. The little slut next door had her face in the grass and was getting dicked down in the backyard by her bastard half-brother.

I moaned as he slammed back into me. I felt every inch and centimeter of his rod thrust in and out of my pussy. Hard and fast. Taking me, owning me. I could hear his hard breathing as he fought to keep up his pace, as he demanded every ounce of pleasure he could pound out of my pussy. His hands dug into my hips as he pulled and pushed me down his cock. His balls slapped against my clit as he sawed himself deeper and harder into me.

And I loved it. I had my hands full of grass and dirt, the only thing I could reach, as I held on for dear life while he rammed in and out of my pussy. I was half out of my mind with pleasure, moaning loud enough for the whole neighborhood to hear, and not giving a damn about it.

I wasn't even a person to him anymore. I was just a piece of ass. A fuck hole that he was using to get his nuts off. And he did. I felt him as he shoved his cock into me one more time. He pulled me onto him hard, his fingers digging painfully into my ass. He wanted to be as deep as possible. Then I felt his cock shoot off inside me, his seed splashing against my walls, permanently marking me as his lover, his property.

He flipped me over onto my back and slid up my body until his cock was at my lips. I opened my mouth and took him in, tasting the mixture of his cum and my juices. He looked down at me, straight into my eyes, straight into my soul.


Sitting in my desk chair, I had to fight to catch every breath I could as I came down from my orgasm. The silhouette in what I hoped was Jason's room disappeared as the light turned off.

I was sitting in a wet spot of my own juices, knowing I should feel ashamed of myself, yet still not caring. I knew it then. I knew deep down in the bottom of my soul that I loved him. I loved Jason. I loved my little bastard half-brother. I loved him unconditionally and eternally. No matter what, Jason could never do any wrong in my eyes. Even if he started doing spirit fingers and decided he liked Justin Bieber.

I loved him. I fell asleep chanting to myself, "I love you, Jason. I love you, Jason. I love you, Jason. I love you..."


I actually avoided Jason for the rest of the break. And would you believe it, Sharron was right. When classes started again on Monday, rumors were running rampant around the yard about the star softball pitcher going to rehab in the middle of the year.

"Did you hear... I heard... You won't believe it..." God, I never noticed how much people around here gossiped. I had heard about Lala eight different times before I even heard the whole story. Apparently, she had confessed to her dad that she had a problem and needed help. At least, that was the story I finally heard from Hailey. I smiled to myself as she told it.

Jason's mood could only be judged as nonchalant, like always. I only had two morning classes that Monday, but I stayed for lunch anyway. When Terri walked by, I shuddered, remembering the favor I owed him.

Sharron, thankfully, acted like she never caught me fingering myself. She wasn't about to let a little thing like incest come between our friendship. And Hailey was none the wiser.

The other hangers-on just smiled and nodded as we talked the lunch hour away. They added a few extra details to the story. Lala was enrolled in a six month rehab program. Six months of not having to worry about that scheming little bitch being around my brother. Ahhhh...

"So are your parents back in town yet?" Hailey asked.

"Yeah, they came back last night. Daddy took today off work to rest up." Jet lag.

Daddy always crashed out after a long flight. He didn't say anything about the missing whiskey. He actually approved of my drinking it. According to him, most law cases are settled over a glass of whiskey long before they ever get to a court of law. Mom didn't say anything about the missing wine. "A young lady should know all about wine," I once heard her say. And no one cared at all about the beer.

Daddy came home, and, like always, crashed down onto the couch and fell asleep. Mom at least had the decency to ask about my week.

"Well, Mom, we had our sexy sleepover, I lusted after my half-brother, got caught masturbating about him by my best friend, who, while not approving, doesn't really condemn me for it. How was your week?"

I laughed to myself as I pulled into the driveway. That would have been a really interesting conversation.

Mom, after having convinced Dad about the comforts of a bed, had taken over the couch and the TV.

"Hey, Mom."

"Hey, honey. How was your day?"

I loved it when she wasn't really paying attention. "Little cool, little crazy. I had my baby, he took over the world and now every restaurant is Taco Bell."

"That's good honey. And 'Demolition Man' was a great movie."

I smiled as I walked to my room. She won this round.

I admit to being a little disappointed though. I was going through Jason withdrawals. I really wished I hadn't spent the last few days avoiding him. It wasn't a problem when I knew I could go down there to him whenever I wanted, but now that Daddy was home...

I sighed. "Things were so much easier with them out of town."

"Not happy to have us back?" Mom asked, surprising me from my doorway.

"What?! No!!! No! I'm glad you're back!" Cover! Cover!!!

"Sure you are," she smiled as she continued walking down the hall.

I sat down and looked out the window. It had been three nights since I had that little fantasy. Three days without any Jason time. The world was shifting away from its Katie-Jason centric view and I didn't like it. I wanted my Jason time!

And he needed me now. He was short one best friend and he needed me to fill that void. I looked at my backpack and had a bright idea. I reached into the pocket and grabbed my cellphone. "Hello."

"Hey, Jason!"


"Yep. How's life?"

"Pretty good. You?"

"Not bad," I said, smiling. "I was sorry to hear about Lala. I know you were close to her."

"Were you?"

"Of course."

"Were you sorry when you planted the drugs in her car?"

"What?" What! How the hell did he know?!?! "What do you mean?"

"Katie, please, just respect that I know."

I knew that I had reached a fork in the road. I could either accept it or try to weasel my way out of it. But Jason didn't weasel. He did. He choked out Van, he bought out companies, and he defended his friends and family. He didn't weasel.

"Fine. But she was a snake."

He laughed. "I know."

He laughed. He actually laughed. He laughed at the fact that I had gotten a girl sent away for half a year! Maybe there was something to what Sharron was saying. "Still, I'm sorry you lost a good friend."

"It's okay. Maybe she'll learn something while she's gone."

"How did you know?"

"It doesn't really matter, does it?"

"Kind of."

He laughed again. I loved his laugh. It was deep and free and beautiful. "Well, let's just say a friend told me."

"Was it Sharron?" As scared as Sharron had been of Jason, I wouldn't have put it past her. Plus, she had told him about my striptease with her mom!

"Sharron knew?"

Damn it! "No! Well, kind of. After the fact anyway."

I wished I could have seen his face to help gauge his reaction, but I could hear his smile. "No, Sharron didn't tell me. I don't have lab with her until Wednesday."

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