tagGay MaleNew World Ch. 02

New World Ch. 02


It was about a week later when I decided to have another go, that first time was enough to have made me jack off 2-3 times a night remembering it. I definitely wanted 'Curly' to come back, I absolutely wanted to get fucked by that monster cock again, only this time without the wear and tear of the other 2. So I called and made the arrangements, he'd be over the following night. I was excited, so excited in fact that I had to jack off before I could get my jogging pants off. Or grab any lube. Or think about anything else. I just HAD to release. So I stood over the toilet and worked myself off till I came to a body jerking finish. I was surprised at the amount considering the fact I had had sex the previous night with a woman I had been 'hooking up' with (to use the modern vernacular for such things) for the past few weeks. The sex had been wild; open and free, both of us just letting go and experiencing whatever the fuck it was that made it feel good without any of the emotional connecting or baggage attached. Wasn't perfect in any way shape or form but for right now it's what I wanted.

I can admit to being a little gun-shy about getting serious. I've been fucked over in the past. I've been hurt. I've been turned into a self-pitying mass of self doubt by more than one female whom I had thought could or would have become more than what they ended up being. I'm emotional, like the other 99% of the human population out there (that last 1% being the mental cases that sat in their padded rooms shitting on themselves as they watched the purple men float around the room) and it's those emotions that gave me my greatest strength but also fucked me to the point that for the last 6 months or so I wanted nothing more than to just feel nothing but pleasure with near complete disregard for those around me. I was coming around to normal again but it was a long walk back.

One of the advantages of working from home is that I can do my job and look however I wanted, and today I just didn't feel like getting dressed. So I ate breakfast, confirmed what time 'Curly' was coming over and made a dent in some of the work I had to complete. About an hour or so before he got here I took a shower and did a little personal grooming. I shaved off the hair on my ass. It was as smooth as the proverbial baby's bottom, trimmed up everywhere else and got everything ready. I heard a car pull up and watched as 'Curly' walked to the door. You had to admire a person who was prompt for his job. But then again if your job was fucking someone for money I guess anyone would be prompt if not early. I answered the door, just wearing my underwear and he just smiled as he walked in. Asked me if I was ready and for an answer I pulled my underwear off and bent over to show my freshly groomed self. With a chuckle he said that that answered his question.

I wanted this one to be a bit different, I wasn't as nervous as last time, hell I was nervous but it wasn't from fear, it was because I was excited. But this time I wanted to practice more on sucking. I just got off thinking about it last time about how it felt and how wild it was when I took that load in my mouth. Before he had his pants off I was already slipping my mouth around that huge cock. For the next 10 minutes I used everything I had ever had done to me, every technique I had seen in porn, everything I had enjoyed from the previous night and went with it. I closed my eyes this time, relying on my other senses to tell the story to my brain. The texture of his skin as I held onto his thighs, the way his cock felt in my mouth. The scent of him. The sounds that we both were making. A mental image that I could pull back at some later time to re-live again. And I would re-live it again.

I pulled myself off and hopped on the bed. I could hear him squeezing out the lube and slicking himself and the condom up and then felt as he poured it on my ass. I made a mental note to warm it up next time. He got in behind me and started to feed it right off the bat. No working me up or opening me just popping the head in and slowly lengthening the strokes. By the time I felt him all the way inside me I went from limp to iron bar. Within 5 minutes I was dripping pre-cum like a leaky faucet and within 7 had shot a massive load onto the bed and was begging for him to keep it up. For the next hour he fucked me, making me cum twice more and after that just had my body humming as a constant orgasmic feeling had me floating like an out of body experience, looking down on the action. The only time he stopped was when I needed more lube. I was making more noises than my date had the night before, I was begging for him to work my ass. And he did. He told me he was going to cum and pounded into me hard as he released. I collapsed on the bed, covered in sweat, his and mine, and after I gathered my thoughts I went and got a couple towels so we could clean up a bit.

I got to talk to him a bit, learned about him. He started doing this job about 3 years earlier when he got divorced. The pay was good, the benefits were great and at least for the next few years this is what he was happy doing. He asked me why I was using the service and after explaining that I just wanted to experience something new and do things now so that later I wouldn't have regrets (not adding any info about my past relationships and how wonderful they turned out). He understood that, it was why he originally started himself. He didn't want to get into porn and all the drama that caused. Fucking for money in the privacy of someone's home was one thing but fucking on screen for the world to see...well that was a bit much. Although I will admit that I've thought about it. Not realistically of course but the idea has floated past in my thoughts on more than one occasion.

I asked him how hard it was to get hired for this job, what someone had to do to join up. He explained that it wasn't hard, anybody with a phone could do it but through a service it was safer, both for the health checks and for the fact that if he didn't check in that someone would call the police and report it. He gave me a card to call if I was that interested and after we spoke about the job a little more he asked me if I'd like to meet up sometime outside of the business end of it. I told him I had the number.

I knew I wouldn't call him, it would be too personal for me. But still as I watched him drive off I couldn't help but wonder if I could actually form a relationship like that with another guy. I honestly didn't know. I didn't think it could get to the point that I wanted too with a woman but still the way life had been I didn't completely rule it out. How's that old saying go? "The sign of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome."

Like last time my ass was sore, but unlike last time it wasn't so painful that I couldn't walk. I felt good in fact, my body was still humming from the feelings, my prostate felt like it was the size of a lemon and my asshole was loose enough that I could probably stick my hand in it and my balls ached where I had cum so much and so hard but beyond that I was great. In fact after a nice nap I would call my 'hook up' partner to see if we could meet up for a late dinner. Who knows, with luck I'd be doing to her what I had just had done to me. Hopefully with her enjoying it just as much as well.

After waking up from my nap and realizing that my dick had been up for a longtime before I finally came around I was looking forward to meeting up with, oh lets call her "Tammy". After getting my brains fucked out for a bit over an hour, having 3 insanely powerful orgasms my body still wanted more sex. My ass was a bit tender but still incredibly sensitive and my balls still had a bit of ache to them but my body just NEEDED more. I was sexed up and relief was needed. And I truly didn't care where the relief came from. I booted up my computer and started looking thru the porn pages I liked to visit. Women of all shapes and sizes, all colors and ethnicities played out across my screen. I went and got the lube from my bed stand, making a mental note to buy more, and came back ready to ease some of the tension I was feeling.

Like always I went to the ass shots, just asses everywhere, and beautiful assholes laid bare for my eyes to mentally fuck like my hand was fucking my dick. I could almost taste them, the saltiness of their skin, the texture of the hole as my tongue swirled around them, the way I wanted to slid inside of them and let go with abandon. At that thought I did let go, a surprisingly HUGE multi jet of cum, considering how much I had already came that day, all over my desk. My legs stiffened and my ass bounced off the chair as I gasped out-loud.

I was panting and twitching as I kept stroking my now supersensitive cock head, jerking each time my hand squeezed it. That was an amazing orgasm. I hadn't had one that strongly just from jacking off in years, possibly ever. As I came down off my high I looked at the mess I had made and stopped myself before I cleaned it. What the hell, I had swallowed a strangers load what's wrong with my own. So I licked it up, every speck of my cum off the desk top. My taste was different than 'Larry's' was. A little more tangy and not as thick, which I assumed was because it just hadn't had time to build up after the earlier orgasms. Grabbing some paper towels to finish the job I went and washed off the lube and fixed something to eat. I had things to think about, mainly what the hell was happening to my already high sex drive, and I always thought better on a full stomach, and what the hell did I really want in my life now.

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