tagGay MaleNew Year's Eve

New Year's Eve


The first time I ever did anything with a guy was at my friend Kate's new year's eve party shortly after my 18th birthday. It wasn't a big do; more a friends and family thing with her parents inviting their friends from the village and Kate inviting whichever of her friends were still around and not off at uni, working or travelling the world.

Kate was a couple of years older than me as were most of her friends. I had known her best friend Sarah since primary school, who was now a free spirited twenty year old back for the holidays from university. I also knew a girl from my train to school, Jodie, who was slightly younger than me, and her brother, Steve, who everyone knew as 'Spike' because of his untidy black hair, who was my own age.

Spike looked a bit of an emo kid, because he was naturally pale with very dark hair, but he was into upbeat stuff like ska and punk music and was cheery verging on hyperactive to match. He was quite a bit shorter than me (I was just over six foot, though not lanky), his slight body usually lost in baggy jeans and hooded sweatshirts with his favourite bands' names across the front.

For a small village in the middle of nowhere it was a pretty eventful party. I got there about seven and Jodie was already pretty drunk, trying to keep up with the older students and adults milling around. There was some decent food and I got stuck into a plate of stew, chilling out in a corner with Spike and Sarah and helping them work through a stash of beers.

About nine Kate led us younger people out to her garage, where we had access to a well stocked fridge and a load of old furniture including a pool table, a few sofas and some beanbags. Spike stuck a Reel Big Fish album on the stereo and Sarah broke out the weed and started rolling spliffs. I noticed Jodie hadn't made it in with us, but then Spike challenged me to a fastest pint contest and after that the first passed-round joint of the night found me and I got distracted.

Three quarters of an hour later I needed a piss so I got up from my beanbag (where Spike, the loser of the fastest pint competition was sprawled with a joint glowing in one corner of his mouth) and followed some half-hearted directions from a stoned Sarah to the upstairs loo. Leaving the garage I was in a long stone corridor that ran down one side of Kate's converted farmhouse, a long line of wooden doors to my right leading into other rooms of the house. The sound of adult voices, laughter and music spilled along with cracks of light under the first two, from there they were dark. The back stairs up to the landing with the loo were at the end of the corridor and I ran my fingers along the rough brick to my left as I felt my way through the darkness.

I froze when I heard the moan. It was very soft, definitely a girl's voice, coming from near the end of the corridor. I paused, listening for it again, willing myself not to breath. There it was again; slightly louder this time, with an urgent note to it. A thrill went through me- half fear, half arousal- and I felt my cock thicken in my jeans. I was already light-headed from the weed, and it made me brave. I padded forward, my rubber-soled Converse not making any noise on the stone floor. A bead of sweat left my hairline, slowly running down the side of my face.

The back stairs were deep in shadow, but I could make out a faint green glow coming round the frame of the end-most door opposite them, which was open. As I got closer I heard the moan again. This time I recognized a single word, 'Yes', hissed in a frantic whisper between clenched teeth. I could hear other noises too now... fabric caught and rubbing together, heavy breathing, a repetitive wet, stroking sound. I stuck to the shadows on the left side of the corridor, skulking back into the cover of the darkened stairwell as soon as I could. A few, careful steps up the stairs and I crouched down, able to look in through the door while staying hidden from anyone inside.

I was looking into a small utility room, with shelves cluttered with household junk on both sides and a washer and dryer side by side at the end of it under a high window. One of the glow sticks Kate had hung up in the garage had been hung on the corner of one of the shelves, illuminating the scene in front of me.

Jodie was sat on the dryer, a guy kneeling in front of her. Her top was pulled up almost to her neck, her bra yanked down, and her perky young tits stood straight out, her dark nipples rock hard. Her head was thrown back in drunken ecstasy, her pale legs wide apart and her skirt riding up round her waist as she held her companion's face into her pussy. From where I crouched I could hear the slurping sounds as he ate her, and her whispered moans as she encouraged him.

My cock stiffened immediately, straining at my jeans, and I reached down and started squeezing myself through the denim as I watched Jodie getting off. The guy was licking her up and down very fast, from the base of her pussy up to her clit, and as I watched he brought up a hand and started working his fingers in and out of her. She started panting, biting back louder moans as she started humping herself against his mouth, and as she locked her legs around his head and stiffened in orgasm I could feel pre-cum soaking my boxers.

She sat up on the dryer, pulling the guy up and kissing him hard on the mouth, frantically tearing at his clothes. I pushed my hand down inside my waistband and started tugging on my painfully hard cock as Jodie's lover dropped his jeans and pushed himself into her. I masturbated urgently as she braced her legs against the shelves, her hands clutching his bare arse (which was a pale green from the glow stick) as he pumped in and out of her.

Then he brought her close, one hand on the back of her head, and her chin was resting on his shoulder as she stared right at me. I froze, terrified for a second before I realised she couldn't possibly have seen me- her hair was a mess, half over her face, her eyes were glassy with booze and sex, and she was biting her lip to stifle her moaning.

Too soon I heard the mystery lover grunt and saw his buttock muscles clench, and heard Jodie cry out loud in surprise and pleasure as he came. He sagged against her, and she kissed his neck and ear as they collapsed against the dryer. Then I heard a door open at the end of the corridor, light and noise rolling out to strip away the darkness that hid me. I heard Kate's mum asking if anyone was in the utility room as I scampered up the stairs to the bathroom to jerk off in the sink.


When I got back Sarah informed me that I had to make up for lost time, and I drank a lot of beer and smoked a whole joint to myself in the remaining couple of hours before New Years, though I couldn't get the sight of Jodie getting fucked out of my mind all the time I was chatting shit with her brother. Jodie re-appeared with her mystery guy a few minutes after me- turned out he was the boyfriend of a friend of Kate's- when Jodie found that fact out she kicked off the only proper row of the evening, which ended up in him being told to leave and her passing out and being put to bed upstairs.

When midnight rolled around the adults' bellowing of Auld Lang Syne could be heard over the music, and in our garage we kissed whoever we could grab at the time. Sarah found me, grabbing me by the shirt and giving me an open-mouthed snog, her tongue snaking out between my lips and flicking playfully against mine before she moved off and did the same to Kate. I noticed Spike hadn't kissed anyone, so under the influence of a lot of beer and a fair bit of weed I danced over to him and hugged him, planting a wet kiss on his forehead. He chuckled and shoved me back, but then something flickered in his eyes and he leant in, kissing me full on the mouth. He tasted of beer and cigarettes, but at the same time there was a not-unpleasant sweet taste underneath it.

He pulled back and I stared at him, not sure what to say. He flushed for a second, before grinning and shrugging and shouting 'Happy New Year's!'. I laughed and wrote it off as too much booze, and we settled down for another few beers.


The party wound down about three, when Kate brought down duvets and blankets for all of us. I'd laid claim to the large battered sofa along with Spike, and after losing our jeans and hoodies we top and tailed it under a light cotton sheet before we crashed out. Kate took her boyfriend up to her room, while Sarah snuggled up in a duvet at the foot of our sofa. Everyone else bedded down, and although I could hear the tell tale sighs and moans of at least one couple playing in the darkness I was too drunk to really care and drifted off.

I was woken up a while later by movement close to me, and a soft contact against my stomach. The room was almost totally black, and my eyes took some time to adjust. I felt the fleeting stroking sensation against my stomach again. Fingers- a hand under my T shirt, tracing the thin column of hair that led down from my navel to the waistband of my underwear. The stroke was light, repetitive. Unmistakeably a caress. I could feel another hand now, gently caressing my bare thigh under the sheet. It felt good, and I felt my cock start to respond, thickening and growing in my boxers.

I didn't want to say anything... whoever was giving me this TLC thought I was passed out drunk and I was stoned and horny enough that I wasn't going to correct them... but I wanted to see who was taking advantage of me. I opened my eyes a bit further, confident that the darkness would cover me. A thin band of light bisected the garage from the skylight, and I caught a glimpse of my admirer as they raised their head through it, revealing themselves. It was Spike!

Until that moment I would never have dreamt of doing anything with a guy, but truth was as I lay there trying to drunkenly take it all in I had to admit he was more sensual than a lot of the girls Id been with by the time I was eighteen. His fingers roamed under my shirt, stroking my nipples and chest lightly and getting me very turned on. He must have realised, as the hand that had been rubbing my thigh moved up and I felt him gently caress my stiff cock through the cotton, a single fingernail running from the base to the head and back down again.

I was getting really excited by that point, and I couldn't help my dick jumping a little as he touched it. I closed my eyes and resigned myself to it. He could do what he wanted. I felt him shift as he sat up from where he had been lying beside me, and arranged himself down the end of the sofa beside my ankles. As he did so I felt his cock, fully erect and very heavy in the tight briefs he was wearing, drag along my side. It felt huge, easily much bigger than my own (and without meaning to sound like a tosser I've got nothing to worry about in that department) and I could feel a damp spot at the head where his pre-cum was leaking through the material. I had to stifle a groan.

He withdrew, and I was about to open my eyes to see if he'd lost his nerve, given up on the seduction, when I felt hot breath on the head of my cock through the cotton and an instant later he took my fabric-covered penis into his hot, moist mouth. I couldn't help myself; I groaned quietly, my body stiffening up. I felt Spike draw back as if I'd punched him, leaving my wet cock sitting abandoned in my damp boxers.

I had to convince him I was still unconscious... I held my eyes shut, willing myself to breath deeply, but not overdo it. The alcohol helped- I was still pretty groggy despite how turned on I was. I stretched in my 'sleep', 'accidentally' pushing my hips towards Spike and rubbing back against the sofa so my boxers were pushed down an inch or so. Through the back of the sofa I could feel a repetitive tremor, echoed through Spike's leg where it came into contact with my ankle. He was touching himself, barely breathing just like I had done while I watched his sister getting fucked earlier the previous day.

I knew I'd pulled it off when I felt thumbs hook gently into the elastic of my boxers, tugging them carefully down to below my genitals. As he set it free my hard cock rose up at an angle from my body and I shivered as I felt the cold air against my skin. I knew I had to keep up the pretence of regular breathing but I was too excited.

Then I felt his mouth again, delicately placing soft kisses on the inside of my thighs, the inside of my pelvic bone, on my stomach and then beside the base of my cock, working inwards in a slow spiral. His warm left hand cupped my balls, squeezing me gently, and then I felt the slippery warmth of his tongue on the underside of the base of my shaft, running slowly up to the head.

I was going out of my mind as I felt my friend's tongue sliding around the head of my cock. I could feel warm trickles of saliva escaping his mouth and running down me, but then his right hand was wrapped around me and massaging it into my shaft, jerking me off slowly as he tended to the tip with his tongue. With his left hand he gently increased the pressure and rhythm as he rubbed my balls.

He tenderly kissed the head of my cock, as softly as he'd kissed me earlier at midnight. I gasped as I felt his wet lips slide open around me, and finally I felt Spike's mouth sink down around my erect penis and he started to suck rhythmically. As he caressed my sack with his left hand his right hand slid up and down and around my slippery cock in a circular motion. His soft lips formed a tight 'o' above it and he moved his mouth up and down in time with his hand, his tongue flicking and sliding all over the head.

On each downwards stroke he took a little more of me into his mouth, on each upwards stroke he sucked gently and flicked his tongue around the edges of my cock head. His technique felt amazing, and before long I was panting, lifting my hips to push my dick further into his mouth.

I decided enough was enough. He had to already know I was no longer awake, and I opened my eyes, half sitting up and placing a hand on the back of his head, stroking his hair as he sucked my cock. He hesitated only for a second, then sped up, taking almost my whole six and a half inches down his throat on the downwards stroke, his tongue teasing me and lapping the head as he bobbed up again.

I was too hot so I lost my T-shirt, pulling it off over my head. We were trying to be quiet but my orgasm was approaching and Spike seemed to be concentrating on my cock to the exclusion of all else. With my other hand I stroked his face and his bare shoulder (he seemed to have taken his own shirt off at some point) as he brought me closer and closer. My universe was reduced to my erect penis and the fantastically hot, wet mouth and hand wrapped around it, sliding up and down, faster and faster. It was the greatest blowjob of my life to that point, and the fact I was half tripping only magnified the experience.

I groaned as I felt myself near the point of no return, my right hand tangled in his hair and my left hand running my fingernails along his back as his head increased its speed- if that was possible.

"Spike..." I whispered, the first words I had spoken to him, trying to warn him, but he knew already. My vision had accustomed to the darkness and I could see him looking at me, gazing into my eyes as my pale cock slid in and out of his mouth. He knew I was completely in his control, and his left hand squeezed my balls firmly, his right hand tightening at the base of my dick and sending me over the edge.

I bit back a cry as the first wave of my orgasm hit me, my body spasming and my hips thrusting up into his mouth. He sank down onto my cock as the first eruption of come exploded onto his tongue, his lips wrapped round the base, and I felt his throat close around me as I emptied myself into him in a series of earth shattering torrents.

My body was drenched in sweat and I felt utterly drained, tingles running up and down my arms and legs as Spike gently sucked and licked my diminishing cock as it flopped from his mouth. I stroked his hair, the afterglow buzzing in my ears.

I felt his hard, huge cock nudge against my ankle, and I felt an overwhelming urge to return the favour, though I didn't feel ready to suck him. I reached down, stroking his shoulders and pulling him up towards me. I felt his slim bare torso slide over mine, saw his face close to mine, his eyes wide. I kissed him as he had kissed me at midnight, but took it further; I pushed my tongue between his lips, stroking against his, tasting myself on him.

As we kissed I heard a soft, almost imperceptible whimper, and looked down to my left. Sarah was lying very still, her eyes wide open, but I could see in the darkness one hand was squeezing her right breast and her other hand was moving very quickly between her legs. She was obviously enjoying the show. Everyone else appeared to be still asleep though.

Spike scratched my chest lightly, running his fingernails over my pecs up my neck to run his fingers through my hair. I ran my hands across his narrow shoulders, down over his ribs to stroke across his stomach... I hesitated, but only for a moment, and then I took hold of Spike's cock.

He was probably about seven and a half to eight inches long, almost unbelievable considering his slight build, and thick. He was uncircumcised. I cupped his balls with my left hand, imitating what he'd done to me whilst he sucked me as I wrapped my right hand round his shaft and started jerking him off slowly. His cock was warm, and smooth. He moaned into my mouth as I increased the speed, and he thrust against me. He broke off our kiss for a second.

"I'm close..." he whispered, "I'm so turned on, you-"

I felt his balls tighten and his cock pulsed in my hand. I felt hot splashes of liquid on my stomach and chest as he ground against me... he gasped, panting into my neck as he came and came. I felt it pour out, coating my knuckles and fingers and run down my belly. I brought my hand to my mouth, tasted it. It didn't really taste great, but it didn't taste bad either. Spike collapsed onto me, breathing heavily. It had been an encounter I would remember for a long, long time.

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