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New Years Eve


It's New Years Eve. Actually, New Years Eve is done and gone, it's New Years Day, early AM. The hats and noisemakers were discarded several hours ago, after all the toasting and hugging and kissing that one sees on New Years tapered off. Now we've gotten back to the serious partying.

This is the first time Sonja and I have been out to celebrate on December 31st in quite a while. In recent years, we've taken to staying home together, sipping Champagne in front of the TV until the ball in Times Square drops, then dashing to the bedroom to start the New Year off with a bang. You know, some good hot sex.

Earlier this year, six months ago, to be precise, Sonja applied for a job in the Marketing Department at one of the cities big financial services firms, and got it. The company puts on this bash every year for all its employees, usually at a big downtown hotel, but this year one of the company bigwigs offered to hold it at his home, and quite the home it is.

Right now it seems more like a night club, a few people are dancing to the loud music, many more are gathered in small groups, some standing, some sitting. Myself, I've been sitting with an attractive twenty-something secretary for the past half hour, she and her boyfriend. Sonja introduced her earlier as one of the people in her 'Friday-go-out-for pizza' group, whispering to me that she thought I might like her. "I think she's quite the flirt, and pretty, too, isn't she?" The boyfriend's passed out on the leather couch the three of us are sprawled out on, and I'm making suggestive remarks which are probably going right over her head, given the booze she's knocked back. She's had as much to drink as he has, but for some reason she's still upright. She's very good looking, with a trim body and small breasts that are artfully packed into a push up bra and being displayed most delightfully. In addition to chatting with this pissed up dolly, I'm keeping my eye on a group of three people standing beside the fireplace about twenty feet away. They are wrapped up in their own little game and aren't paying any attention to me at all.

The male member of the trio is Harry. I can't remember Harry's last name, but that doesn't matter. Harry is a big, burly Irishman. He's wide shouldered and has a ruddy complexion. He's actually a pretty good looking guy, dressed in an expensive suit .

With him is his wife slash partner slash whatever, Marie. I'm not quite sure how to describe Marie. I would have to guess that she is of mixed Chinese and French descent. While she certainly wouldn't win a beauty contest, she's exotic looking and surely has appeal. Her eyes are too far apart, and her lips are too large and full. She wears her hair in a very severe cut, and she has no tits to speak of, just nipples that seem always to be erect. As a total package, she makes my dick throb. I'd love to fuck the hell out of her.

I've met Marie before. She and Sonja work together, after a fashion. Marie works in the company's accounting department and between the two of them, they keep an eye on the Marketing Department's budget. On a couple of occasions, Marie has stopped in at our house to drop off files for Sonja. I find myself fanaticizing about her from time to time. Like I said, I'd love to get in between those slender thighs.

The third in the group by the fireplace is my own sweet bride. If you had to pick two people who looked as different as possible, you'd pick Sonja and Marie for sure. Sonja is a typical Nordic beauty, tall, blonde and lovely. And full figured, you know, that hourglass shape. Her hips are wide and her bum is a work of art. And those breasts... God, I almost lose my mind when she leans over me in bed and presses them against my face.

Anyway, as I said, I'm dividing my time between the sexy young thing at my side, and the group across the room. I've been watch the threesome over there, drinking their Champagne and playing their game, and for the past ten minutes or so, I've been waiting for Harry to get his face slapped. He is stroking my wife's ass, and sooner or later, either she's going to haul off and smack him, or Marie is when she sees what he's doing. A few more minutes have passed and he is still doing it. As a matter of fact, she's now rotating her ass against his hand. It isn't like Sonja to let something like this go on. Based on what's going on right in front of my eyes, however, I have to take back my comment about him getting smacked, unless it's Marie that does it. That's unlikely too, I'm guessing.

The two women have their heads together and they're laughing about something, until Sonja steps back and slips her arm over Harry's shoulder. She is standing beside and almost behind him. She's whispering in his ear and pressing her breast against his arm. I'm so damned curious, I want to know what she's telling him. Without skipping a beat, she has slipped her left hand into his left pants pocket. Now, there are several reasons why a woman might do that. A wife may be reaching for her husband's billfold... or his car keys, maybe. But the only reason my wife could be reaching into Harry's pocket is to cop a feel of his dick. Of this I am absolutely positive. And I am absolutely baffled. I mean, Sonja is not sexually adventuresome outside the bedroom. She's certainly no prude, just the opposite, in bed she's hot, downright sluttish. There's nothing she won't do. I don't know what to think right now, other than wondering how much she's had to drink.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not upset about this. Well, I guess I'm a little jealous, but I'm also curious as hell. And I'm getting aroused watching this little game. Seeing my wife letting her inhibitions down with this big handsome guy is very exciting.

She's been fondling him now for several minutes. I know it's my not imagination, he has a noticeable lump in his trousers. While I watch, Marie turns and looks right at me and then with a bit of a grin, winks at me. I lift my eyebrows to acknowledge her wink and then give her the old "over here" flip of the head. She says something to Sonja who looks at me too, then nods her head. Marie walks across the room and settles on the arm of the sofa. The cute young thing shuts up for a second as Marie speaks, quite loud enough for us both to hear.

"Sonja has been telling us how often you praise her skill as a fellatrix. Harry has decided that he needs to be convinced of her abilities, so we're going upstairs so she can suck him off. Wanna watch?"

"What?" I say.

My young chum's mouth falls open for a second or two before she asks "Really? Can I come too?" Marie just shakes her head no. Aw, shit! I think

"Well? Are you coming?"

It takes a few seconds for my brain to process this information. "Fuck, yes! I wouldn't miss it for the world" I've told Sonja a thousand times over the years how good a cocksucker she is, and how much it would thrill me to watch her give someone one of her incredible blow jobs.

I'm on my feet in a flash, and Marie and I hurry to catch up with Harry and Sonja, who've already headed for the stairway. I'm excited, but also somewhat shaken. Is this something I really want to happen? My mind shifts gears as I admire the loving workmanship that has gone into the construction of the stairway. This is quite a house! I wonder what the bedrooms are like.

The stairs hold my attention for five seconds, tops. Ahead of us, may ten feet ahead, my wife and Harry have reached the landing, and his hand is still on her ass. I can't help but be amazed at what is happening here. We catch up catch up to them by the time they reach the top of the stairs, and I reach out and cup her butt, too. She's giving me a crooked smile, either because she's half pissed on the Champagne or because she's afraid I'm upset, or maybe both.

"You OK?"

"Absolutely. I can't wait to see you do this. You?

"I'm a bit nervous." She licks her lips.


"Oh God, yes. I'm dripping wet."

We've located a guest room that isn't occupied. A few rooms along the hallway had doors closed and locked. I expect that a number of illicit New Years couplings are happening as I speak.

Preliminaries? Na! Don't need foreplay. Everyone's ready. I park myself on a settee beside the bed. Sonja is sitting on the edge of the bed, her dress hiked up so she can spread her legs. Harry's standing up between her knees facing her and Marie has snuggled up beside my wife. Sonya's got Harry's zipper down and is trying to fish his cock out of his pants without success. She finally decides to loosen his belt and his pants drop to the floor. Problem solved. His briefs drop too, and there it is.

"Wow! Nice one, Harry," I say to myself. Sonja's eyes are big saucers. Harry's dick is sticking straight out and it's thick. Not very long, but very thick. It's one of those ones you see on internet porn sites, you know, where the head is actually normally sized but looks small because the shaft is so damn thick. This fucker's gonna stretch her pretty lips.

Sonja is leaning forward, with her eyes closed. She has the tip of Harry's prick resting gently on her outstretched tongue, and she is purring, honest to God, as she moves his cock slowly to the left, then back to the right. She's got a grip on his thighs so he doesn't get carried away. She leans a little further and the head disappears into her mouth. She goes for more cock, and as I knew it would, it's really stretching her mouth. She likes it. I know that because I can hear her moan softly. She always moans when she gets into it. That's when she starts with the stuff that makes you crazy. The slow slide down the shaft, while her tongue does some rapid dancing on your glans. She likes to do it slow, especially when she pulls back. Her lips tighten gradually until she gets to the point where only the head remains in her mouth. It's like she's milking you. I guess creaming is more apt. And no hands for this girl, either. It's all lip and tongue action, and if she doesn't make you come within five minutes, then you should see your doctor. You may be dead and not be aware of the fact.

"Holy Mother of God, girl! What are you doin' to me. You've gotta dump this guy here. I want to marry your mouth." He glances at Marie. "I'm sorry baby, she's that good. You'll want to get some pointers from her after. Not now!"

Sonja breaks her own rule at this point. She never takes my cock out of her mouth until I've blown a big hot load, except when I tell her I want to come on her tits. "Jesus, Harry! You talk too much. How can you focus on what I'm doing if you're talking. Now be quiet and pay attention to my mouth." What a pushy bitch! She slurs her words just a bit, and I know now that she is half pissed.

"Hmmm," she goes as it slides back in. She can take almost all of it, not quite, but it doesn't bother her. She goes back to work on him

The big moment is approaching. Harry is huffing, his face is decidedly redder than it was a minute ago. I hope the big dumb fuck doesn't keel over dead from an aneurysm or something when he blows his load down her throat. I hadn't noticed before, but Marie has her dress up around her thighs and is frigging herself as she watches her guy's fat dong sliding in and out of my sweet wife's hungry mouth.

He is holding his breath, and I can see Sonja's eyes smiling as she simply holds still to let him agonize over that intense first release of semen. An instant later his eyes are blinking rapidly and her throat is working overtime to swallow the slippery scum she's receiving from him.

Harry collapses on the bed. "Holy shit!" he gasps. "Holy shit." Sonja sits and licks her lips like a contented cat, smiling and savoring Harry's taste.

I didn't notice when Marie took her dress off. I guess I've been distracted. Sitting there in bra, panties and black thigh-highs, she looks so fucking hot. My cock, hard from watching my wife blow Harry, twitches in my pants while I look at Marie.

Evidently Marie looks good to Sonja, too. I ask her about sex with another woman sometimes when we fuck, but she always says the idea doesn't turn her on. It appears as if she's been lying to me all this time. She has Marie's bra pulled up and a long, hard nipple in her mouth. Marie has pulled the gusset of her black panties aside and is masturbating, I'm staring at Marie's swollen cunt, which is winking at me as she pummels her clit, and I'm starting to think that if I don't take my hard-on out of my pants, I could have to get my pants dry cleaned next week. So I do.

Sonja has pulled Marie to the edge of the bed and has her face in Marie's lap. I can't see what she's doing but I can hear. She's doing something wet that Marie definitely likes. If I had to guess, I'd say Sonja was eating her very first pussy. I hope she likes it. She puts her hands on Marie's knees and pushes them apart and goes deeper. Harry has recovered and is kissing Marie. Well, kissing and then some. He's got her wrists pinned to the bed above her head with one hand, and is kissing her entire face voraciously, and at the same time is tugging at her big hard nips, pulling the flesh of her chest up into cones that would be her boobs is she had them. Between the two of them they're making her come, big time.

Sonja lifts her face from between Marie's thighs and looks at me, gives me a big shit eating grin, with Marie's pussy juice coating her from her cheekbones on down. "Jesus Christ! That was hot. What did you think?" I can't say anything, just nod and grin just like she is.

Sonja's getting up, I think she's going to give me a sloppy, cunt flavored kiss, but Harry grabs her and eases her back onto the bed. He's got her dress around her waist and the wispy little excuse for panties that she's wearing pulled aside so he can finger fuck her. Now it's Marie's turn and she goes down, down, down on Sonja's blonde fringed twat with zeal. She appears, from where I am, to have two or three slender fingers in Sonja's pussy, and is licking away at her clitty, which is always a real turn on for her. Sonja loves to have her pussy eaten. The fact that it's another horny woman seems to be doing a lot for me, especially the way Sonja is moaning.

Now Harry is on his knees too, having long since lost the rest of his clothes, and Marie is backing away to let him lick my wife's snatch. He doesn't stay there for long, but rises up to stand between her knees. He's whispering something to her, but not so quietly as to hide what he's saying.

"It's time for me to fuck you, don't you think?" She closes her eyes for just a second and then looks at me. This wasn't part of the deal, it was just a blowjob, but I can't seem to say anything, can't even shake my head no. Why? Harry putting it to my wife is the next logical event of the evening. Besides, I can't think of anything I'd rather see at the moment, than my wife being boned by Harry's fat dick. By saying nothing, I've effectively given her my permission to spread her legs for Harry. But then who's to say if I had given my head a brief shake whether that would have made any difference at all. Maybe she had already made the decision, and was asking only for the sake of my ego.

She's smiling that seductive smile of hers, looking into his eyes, silently saying "Yes, fuck me" with her eyes.

Not a word is spoken. He's got an ankle in each hand. She holds her legs straight as he lifts them and spreads them. Her vaginal lips are a dark coral red, swollen with blood. They are very ready to be fucked and it appears that's exactly what's going to happen. She has her eye on his cock as he brings it closer. I notice Marie is staring at it too, and I keep coming back to it as I watch these two horny women. Harry's cock doesn't need guidance, it seems to know where it is going, and homes in quickly on Sonja's slit. His actions are much like hers as she sucked him, slow and deliberate. He's looking at each of us, smiles at Marie, then at me. It's a strange smile, the one for me, not unfriendly at all, but still making the message clear, "I'm going to fuck your wife now, cuckold." I smile back, and say in a surprisingly even voice, "Fuck her good, Harry."

"OK. You've got it." he says.

He's resting between her labia now, not in her yet, but very close. Clear fluid drips from his piss hole and he's licking his lips, savoring the moment before he sinks his thick penis into Sonja's cunt.

She groans, really quite loudly, and he's in. I'm sure her vagina has never been so stuffed. Her eyes are closed and she has her head tipped back, no longer interested in the visual aspect of the assault on her twat, it's all in the feel now. Harry's the same, eyes closed as he slowly pumps her, coming very close to pulling all the way out on each stroke, giving her the full effect of being reopened and refilled each time he pushes easily back in.

This slow and steady fuck has gone on for ten, maybe fifteen minutes now, and the pace is increasing Their thighs slap together loudly as they copulate. Sonja is having little orgasms every few minutes. Harry has taken the neediness, the edge off, by coming in her mouth earlier. He appears to be settling in for the long haul.

He surprises us all when he pulls his cock completely out of Sonja's body a few minutes later and holds out his hand for hers.

He's got her on her feet again, and is lifting her dress over her head. The wet panties are tugged down her legs before he spins her around and unhooks her bra, leaving her wonderfully naked, except for the silk red garter belt and the sexy stockings I had put in a little box under the Christmas tree.

"I just couldn't go any further without having those big titties of yours out to be squeezed." He takes one one of her big jugs in each of his large hands and brings a nipple to his mouth, and then, a minute later, the other.

He turns her toward the dressing table against the adjacent wall and pushes her so she bends at the waist. She's looking over her shoulder at me as she grips the table. She still has her heels on, and in this position, her vagina and asshole are in perfect fucking position, and not much more than four feet directly in front of me. I wonder if he's thinking about slipping it into her asshole. Talk about your wide screen movie, in Technicolor and Pornovsion.

Harry's dick is still sticking straight out. He stands behind Sonja and rubs himself up and down her wet slit before slipping it into her cunt again. She's so wet that they make slurping noises as they screw.

He fucks her steadily for another ten minutes or so. Sonja has her hand on her pussy and is tweaking her clit, groaning each time she comes. Harry is having a great time manipulating her body. He's squeezing her dangling knockers, and occasionally taking a handful of hair so he can pull her back against him hard.

He knows I'm unable to look away and is taking great delight in pulling his fat wiener all the way out of Sonja's cunt to show me how wet she is. He's coated in her lubrication to the point where it's dripping off his balls.

I'm still stroking myself carefully. I don't want to come yet.

I can't last worth shit when I fuck Sonja from behind like Harry's doing. Doggy fucking, she calls it. The stimulation is too great for me, and so it seems for him, too. He's looking a little flushed and I'm sure he's close to his climax when he starts to fuck her harder and faster. He's holding her hips now and is trying to force his cock deeper into her belly.

"Oh Lord, Oh, fuck me gently, Jesus, here it comes. I'm gonna come!. Ohhh, Fuuuuck!

Sonja holds her breath for fifteen or twenty seconds, then comes too.

Harry's stretched out on the other settee and Sonja has flopped on her back on the bed, her legs spread, showing off her red, drooling snatch. They're both still breathing hard. Sonja rises to elbows and looks at me, then crooks her finger. "Come here, lover. You told me once how it would turn you on to eat my pussy when it's full of some stud's come. I want you to do it now, baby. I want to watch you eat my just-fucked cunt." What can I do? I'm so goddamn rangy right now I'll do anything.

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