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New Years Party Peril


Non consensual sex is for fantasy only. The following story contains non consensual sex. Do not read it if non consensual fantasy sex offends you. Comments are welcome.

For Alice. It was fun while it lasted.


New Years Eve, 1984. Debbie Dwight was eighteen years old and ready to go to her first all adult party to see in the new year. She sat on the edge of her bed, waiting to hear her boyfriend arrive and pick her up. The mirror in the corner of her room beckoned to her and she rose and checked out her reflection one last time.

Debbie had great hair. It was long and thick, mid brown, though close up and depending on how the light hit it you could see auburn and blonde and shades in between. Her long ponytail hung to her lower back. She had big, innocent looking brown eyes and a smooth, light olive complexion. Debbie smiled at her reflection, knowing she looked good. She turned this way and that, appraising her appearance.

She wore a fitted white blouse her boyfriend, Peter had bought her. Debbie had always been self conscious of her large breasts. She had developed early and quickly and by her late teens had acquired a full set of classically feminine curves. Her nickname became Double D because of her initials and her cup size. She hated the nickname and cringed at it but found it was impossible to rid herself of it, so like with most things, she took the path of least resistance and quietly accepted it.

The bra she wore underneath the blouse barely showed through, yet it was possible to make out the patterns in the lace. Like most of her bras this one supported the weight and softness of Debbie's tits and pushed up her ample cleavage. She was a little hesitant about showing so much of it but Peter had told her to wear this blouse. At least she felt comfortable with this bra and she couldn't see the bumps of her nipples through it.

Debbie tuned again, looking down at her rounded rump and the way it looked in her denim skirt. The skirt ended above her knees and she looked good in it. Her tanned legs and smooth, muscular calves showed beneath the skirt and she wore white runners and ankle socks. The party was going to be a barbecue at a friend of her boyfriend's house and the night promised to be quite warm in the outer suburbs of Sydney.

She gave a little start at the sound of the car horn in the driveway and she hustled to get her bag and go. Peter didn't like it when she kept him waiting. She said a quick goodbye to her mother and stepdad, telling them she'd be very late home and not to worry or wait up for her. 'Happy New Year!' she shouted over her shoulder as she went out the front door.

Peter greeted her and she got in the car and buckled the sash of the seatbelt across her chest. Peter leaned over and kissed her, though not as warmly as he had before. They'd been arguing a lot recently and it seemed anything she did pissed him off. As their kiss broke he brushed a hand against her breast and squeezed it briefly. 'You look good,' he said as he started the car and backed out of the driveway. 'Should be a good night. It's a real nice house. Big deck out the back that looks towards the city. Get's a great view of the fireworks.' He seemed happy enough to her. She thought perhaps a bit of celebration would perk up their relationship. Debbie smiled and told him she was looking forward to it.

About twenty minutes later they pulled up and parked down the street from the party house. It sounded like the party was underway and the voices and music grew steadily louder as they approached. They entered the front yard and Peter called greetings to people as they made their way to the front door. He was a few years older than Debbie and she hadn't met all his friends in the three months they'd been going out although there were some familiar faces. Some of the guys looked a little rough to her but she was relieved to see other women of varying ages in the crowd. She planned to detach herself from Peter and mingle with some women. Let him have a good time and get drunk with his buddies and blow off some steam. She might even make some new girlfriends.

There was a short hallway that led to the living room. The hallway was crowded and Peter held Debbie's hand and they threaded through the press of bodies. Debbie gasped and jumped as a hand quickly snaked up her inner thighs and pinched her on the cunt. Someone had goosed her! She turned her head looking for the culprit but nobody gave anything away and it was so noisy and Peter was practically dragging her. Debbie decided to let it go. Nothing she could do about it anyway. As they made their way into the living room she felt a hand brushing against her ass a couple of times but they could have been accidental due to the crowded conditions.

People were gathered around getting drinks from a large ice filled tub in the centre of the room and Debbie caught the aroma of cannabis smoke wafting and mingling with the smells of sweat and alcohol. Raunchy music was blasting the room and people shouted into each other's ears to be heard. Peter handed her a beer and then led her towards the back of the house. She could feel the mild throbbing in the soft pink flesh beneath her purple satin panties. Although they didn't match her bra she wore them because they were comfortable and covered her sex while not showing too visible panty lines.

The sudden rough attention her cunt had received had served to dampen the crotch quite quickly and Debbie thought she could still feel the fingers gripping and briefly twisting the plump, coral pink lips that peeked slightly from her cushiony outer labia. Her clit was engorged just below the triangular mat of silky dark brown curls. She had been trimming her pussy before she met Peter, but he told her he liked it more natural so she had let it grow. Now the whole area was swathed in a humid, tingling warmth.

Now she could feel her nipples stiffening, but hoped the bra would continue to conceal them. Debbie hated how her body reacted to unwanted sexual advances. Her old perv of a boss, Jack, had copped a few sly feels of her tits since she'd started her part time job. He was always careful to make it look like an accident and he stayed away from her when his wife was around, but Debbie knew when she was being felt up. She always felt annoyed with him, or with any man who touched her without permission, but it always made her nipples stiffen and ache deliciously, and that would lead to her pussy clenching and flexing and producing its slick juices. She tried to put it out of her mind. Tried to forget how she'd masturbated to delicious climax after each and every time she'd been groped or "accidentally" touched by a guy.

Peter led her out onto the deck where it was less crowded. He started talking to a group of his friends but they all basically ignored her. Debbie knew men all around her were checking her out. Some discreetly but others were being more blatant about it. She felt a little uncomfortable and went to go find some women to talk to but whenever she tried to leave Peter's side he would pull her back. She was getting a little annoyed at it because they weren't talking to her or including her in the conversation but he still wouldn't let her go. She pouted and drank her beer while looking around. It really was a nice house, she noticed. The barbecue smelled good too. She tried to relax and just go with it. At least her annoyance had distracted her mind from the warm pulsing in her cunt.

At last he spoke to her. 'Go get us some more beers,' he said. She made her way back into the house and grabbed a six pack from the ice tub. A couple more hands touched her ass on the way out but she wasn't goosed again and she happily handed out the beers when she got back to Peter and his group. He drank his quickly and stood with an arm around her waist. She contentedly leaned into him and he tossed his empty can over the rail of the deck and putting both hands on her hips, he got behind her and hugged her from behind, his arms around her belly. He swayed lightly from side to side as he continued chatting with his friends. Debbie thought it was kind of nice. He was being gently affectionate towards her in front of his friends. She smiled and relaxed.

Then his arms uncrossed and his hands were flat against her sides, gently rubbing her over the lower ribs and down to her hips. The group of guys were still talking but now their eyes followed Peter's hands. Now he slowly rubbed up her ribcage again and then towards the front. Debbie couldn't believe when she felt his hands move over her tits from underneath. He briefly cupped them and raised them a little then let their heavy weight drop as his hands continued upwards to her collarbones.

She squirmed against him and chided him 'Peter! Not here! God!' she pleaded, turning her face to his. He was looking into her cleavage and was now working at her top buttons. He pulled the first three off and unbuttoned the rest while her small hands scrabbled at his and she whispered desperately 'No, no, no,' to him.

Peter's friends, and others in the vicinity looked on as Debbie stood trying to re-button her blouse. Now it was Peter's hands scrabbling after hers, but he soon caught them and held them down by her waist. Debbie squirmed in his grip and pleaded with him to let her cover up. The onlookers enjoyed the sight of her big, bra encased tits swaying under the blouse that barely covered them. She wanted to hide from everyone while she covered up.

While not model thin or muscularly toned, Debbie's midriff was pleasant to look at. Satiny soft pale skin, softly rounded but definitely not a gut and merging perfectly with her fleshy hips. Like most women, Debbie wasn't happy with her fleshy curves, but there was no red-blooded male who wouldn't get hard looking at her.

She noticed the lumps in the jeans of some of the guys and began to panic a little. 'Please, Peter, not here. Please. We'll go somewhere quiet if you want. Please?' she begged. Without saying anything he pulled her by one wrist off into the house. She staggered bouncily behind him, unsuccessfully trying to hold her blouse closed with one hand. Her head whipped around and she noticed a few of the guys following.

Peter led her down another corridor off the kitchen and they found a bedroom. There was a double bed, a small chest of drawers, a closet and a white wicker sofa with plump white cushions under the window which looked out at the side passage of the house. She tried to close the door as he bundled her into the room but her hand missed it and Peter was pulling her into him.

He began kissing her deeply, his hands wandered her body and her eyes flashed nervously all over. She was aware of movement at the doorway. People were looking in as they passed by on the way to the bathroom and a few hung at the threshold, though nobody else entered. Debbie managed to break the kiss momentarily to breathlessly whisper 'The door...' before her lips were sealed with his again. He ignored her words and now his hands worked at the catch of her bra. With a snap of his practiced fingers it was undone and her heavy tits sagged visibly in the loosened cups.

He began to move forwards, one hand in the small of her back, the other slipping under the loose bra cups to heft and grope the heavy, fleshy globes. Debbie squealed into Peter's mouth as the back of her legs hit the edge of the bed. She had stopped but Peter kept pressing forwards and she fell awkwardly onto her ass and then was pressed forwards by Peter's body. Both his hands now clutched at her tits and pulled at her loosened clothing. He soon had her topless, the bra and blouse tossed to the floor. Debbie cringed and tried to hide her naked outsized tits from the horny onlookers.

At least they were momentarily hidden when Peter pushed all the way forwards. She felt them crush between their chests. He was grunting and groaning in her ear as he worked at the catch and zip on her denim skirt. She pleaded in breathless whispers for him to please shut the door, almost crying at the embarrassment he was causing her. He ignored her.

He slid the skirt from her legs and although she sat up and tried to cover her tits with her small hands, he kept pushing her onto her back. Every time she was shoved down her hands left her tits to push herself up again. Cheers erupted from the doorway every time her delicious tits were bared and they jostled around on her chest. She struggled to get off the bed, thinking she could hide from the onlookers on the side furthest from the door, but she couldn't move far or fast enough. She couldn't cover herself with the bedclothes either, so now she was naked but for a pair of purple satin panties.

Peter wrestled her into position until her feet were towards the door and lay on top of her, kissing her passionately, almost violently, then he hooked one finger through the crotch of her panties and pulled down hard. Once again she squealed into his mouth as her cunt was bared to any who wanted to look. She kicked and squirmed and tried to close her legs but now Peter was between them.

He clamped one hand over her mouth and pressed all his weight on it so her head sunk into the mattress. With his other hand he quickly extricated his cock and quickly sank his hips back towards hers. She felt the firm, hot head of his cock probing once, twice, until he lined it up and then rammed it forwards to the hilt with one savage thrust. Debbie screamed shrilly behind the clamping hand, mortified her boyfriend would fuck her like this in front of people.

Now that he was inside her he lessened the pressure on her head and he sank his whole weight onto her while he pulled his jeans further down until he could kick them off. All the while Debbie was pleading with him to shut the door. His only response was to manhandle her so that now they were facing side on to the door. Peter filled his hands with her soft tits and squeezed hard as he began fucking into her cunt.

At least her body had had time to prepare for his penetration and her fluids had already slightly lubricated the tight sleeve Peter was now reaming. He sometimes liked to catch her unawares and shove his cock into her dry. It was always uncomfortable for her and chafed, almost a burning sensation until her cunt began to lubricate. She told him she didn't like when he did that but although he always apologized, he still did it once in a while, always stating it was her tits that made him crazy with lust.

Debbie blinked her watering eyes and glanced at the doorway. A crowd had gathered there now and she saw men leering and cheering, shouting encouragement and lewd comments. A couple of women walked past and looked in, laughed loudly and wandered away. Debbie saw some other women walk past and look at her with disdain. They frowned and shook their heads before leaving the scene to those who appreciated it.

Peter was fucking her harder now. Long, deep thrusting strokes with his hips crashing into hers. He let go of one of her tits and a cheer went up from the doorway as it flopped around wildly on her chest. Debbie blushed and tried to face away from the mob. He lay on top of her and kept up the pounding into her cunt. He nuzzled his chin stubble into the nape of her neck and grunted as he fucked her and squeezed her exposed left tit with his right hand. Her right tit was under his chest and he rolled his weight back and forth over it as he humped his hips rapidly.

Debbie wanted to face away from the audience but now Peter's head was in the way. She could only look up at the ceiling, but there was always movement in her peripheral vision and she couldn't block out the fact she was being screwed hard in front of people. Tears welled in her eyes until she closed them, the tears rolled down into her hair.

Suddenly Peter pulled his cock out of her and before she could get her breath he was lifting and moving her onto her knees and elbows. Her right side was now facing the door. He swiftly got behind her and reinserted his prick into her gaping, glistening pink cunt. She knew he liked it this way and maybe he would cum quickly, but then she wondered if he would be the only one. The noises the guys watching were making sounded almost feral. A shiver ran up her spine and her whole body shuddered at the thought of strangers using her one after the other. At least in this position she could bury her face in the mattress and pray Peter would finish quickly and take her home.

The watchers at the door got a good view of Debbie's right tit being folded and wobbled and brushed against the bed as Peter fucked her harder and harder. She squealed and squeaked into the mattress as he savagely hammered her to cheers and applause. Peter was grunting loudly and sweating profusely. He was getting close.

Now he kept her impaled on his cock but maneuvered her until she was facing the doorway. Debbie kept her eyes closed and winced as Peter grabbed a fistful of ponytail and yanked back hard. She could barely keep her fingertips on the bed. Peter jackhammered into her and caused her tits to jiggle and jostle and crash around. There was a moment of relative quietness that burst into lewd cheers and mirth. The doorway was now completely crowded with spectators.

In her mind Debbie was screaming to herself that this wasn't actually happening. It couldn't be happening. Soon she would wake up, safe and alone and deliciously damp and tingly. She wanted so much to believe that. Her mind was slammed back to reality when Peter gripped her left tit in his left hand and squeezed hard. He liked to do that when he was cumming, she'd learnt. It wouldn't be long now.

He gripped her left nipple and pulled and twisted on it while he yanked back on her ponytail. She was aware of his balls slapping against her clit. Her pretty face was screwed up at the ache in her left nipple until he went back to grabbing her tit in his fist. The painfully distended nipple was now being pushed deep into the soft titflesh by peters palm as he clutched desperately to it. Her right tit bounced and flopped and her body shuddered as he relentlessly rammed Debbie's cunt.

Peter growled 'Awwhhhh yeahhhhhhh,' as his balls contracted and he buried his cock deeply into Debbie's fuckhole. The cheers and applause and whistles grew to a crescendo and faded only when it was clear Peter was done cumming. He let her tit drop and rested on top of her for a few deep breaths. Then he pushed off her and got off the bed. Debbie curled up and slid and wriggled off the far side of the bed, panting and kneeling to hide her body from the crowd. She was relieved when they started to disperse, though a few lingered and wouldn't leave.

Debbie covered herself as best she could with a pillow snatched from the bed and scrambled to find her clothes. She picked up the skirt and blouse but her underwear was nowhere to be seen. She felt like crying but knew he hated it when she cried. She took a deep breath and asked if it would be ok if they left and went home now.

'What? No. Don't be stupid. We just got here,' he replied. 'Please?' she said, 'I can't face these people now. I really wanna go. Please? How about we go back to your place and spend new year's alone?' Debbie hugged him and pressed her face into his chest. 'Have you seen my panties and bra? I can't find them,' she whispered.

She'd put on her blouse and skirt to hide her nakedness from the guys who lingered at the doorway and they'd soon melted away back into the party. The music was even louder now and Peter made her repeat herself. She leaned into his ear and said 'I can't find my underwear. Do you know where it is?'

'Nah. Don't worry about it. C'mon, I'm thirsty now,' he said. Peter grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her towards the door. She protested and frantically tried to look under the bed while she was evicted from the room. Mortified and only too aware how her breasts looked when braless under clothes, she was pulled back into the party. They stopped at the drinks tub and Peter picked up a six pack and handed Debbie a premixed drink. Nervously she took it and took a drink.

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