tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNewlyweds' Nightmare

Newlyweds' Nightmare


Jake and Amber had been engaged for two years and had been planning their wedding since the date was arranged.

Jake was twenty-eight years old, five feet nine inches tall and a handsome and debonair man. Amber was twenty-five years old, five feet six inches tall with long blonde hair.

The day of their wedding was bright and sunny. The weather stayed fine throughout the day. Everything went without a hitch and after the ceremony Jake and Amber Pearson returned to the hotel for the reception.

The reception continued for some time as guests enjoyed the celebrations. It was after midnight when Jake and Amber finally managed to get up to the Honeymoon Suite.

The site that greeted them in the suite was one of disarray. Some gifts were open; some lay broken on the floor.

As Jake and Amber surveyed the scene the door slammed behind them. They turned to see a man standing there armed with a pistol. The bathroom door opened and another guy entered the room. Jake was furious and was about to lunge at the man nearest the door but he raised a pistol to stop Jake in his tracks. Jake demanded to know what the hell was going on.

The assailants both seemed cool and calm. The guy with the pistol was white with short-cropped hair and probably in his early thirties. The guy with the knife was black, dark haired and in his twenties.

The guy with the knife walked over and took hold of Amber by the hair. She screamed and he immediately held the knife to her throat ordering her to shut up. Her screams turned to gentle sobbing. Jake wanted to instinctively punch the assailant. The guy with the pistol anticipated his thoughts.

"Don't do it," he said. With the gun pointing at Jake he had no option but to do as ordered.

Jake begged them to leave his bride. The two attackers openly exchanged conversation. The white assailant was called Sean and he referred to the other attacker as Adrian. Jake and Amber didn't know if these were their real names.

Sean ordered Jake to strip off. Adrian let go of Amber's hair and ordered her to stop crying. She tried to compose herself and her sobbing stopped. Adrian and Sean stood either side of Amber. Jake stood in front of them and started to undress. He slowly stripped above the waist, exposing his well-defined stomach and chest. Jake took off his shoes, socks and trousers. He had muscular legs. Adrian ordered Jake to remove his underwear. Slowly he slid off the garment and stood naked in front of the other three. Despite Jake fearing for his wife's and his own safety his cock was semi-erect. The foreskin of his cock had rolled back exposing his penis tip. His cock had also become a little longer and thicker than in its flaccid state. His pubic hair was neatly trimmed.

Adrian continued to hold the knife close to Amber's throat. Sean calmly walked across the room and picked up a chair and placed it close to the bed. He ordered Jake to sit, which he did. Jake was a strong man but felt weak and helpless. Sean ordered Jake to put his arms behind the chair back. Jake looked across at Amber's tear-stained face and Adrian with the knife and knew he could do nothing. Sean used a variety of clothes to firmly tie Jake's hands behind his back and to the chair. As Sean walked away Jake fought against the binds but they were too tight to even loosen.

Adrian and Sean stood either side of Amber touching and feeling her. Adrian suggested using his knife to rip off the dress but Sean told him not to. Sean told Amber to undress. Both men took part in removing Amber's dress. Underneath Amber wore a bra, suspenders and belt and skimpy knickers, all of which were white in colour. Sean and Adrian commented on what they could see of Amber's sexy half-naked body. Her breasts were size 36C and part of her large aureola's could be seen above the hem of her bra. Her stomach was flat and her legs were shapely. The two men ordered her to slowly remove the suspenders and belt, which she did. The two men made sexual comments as she removed the garments. Amber tried to beg and plead with the men as she felt Adrian's hands unclip her bra. They ignored her comments and Adrian forcefully pulled the bra off her. Her large breasts wobbled. Adrian put the knife down and used his hands to feel her breasts which were not only large but were firm and did not sag. The aureola's were large and pale in colour. Her nipples were darker in colour and Adrian used his fingers and thumbs to tweak her nipples.

Adrian knelt beside Amber and quickly pulled off her knickers and made her step out of them. Adrian took delight in running his fingers through Amber's thick, curly tufts of blonde pubic hair. Adrian commented how Amber was a natural blonde, which everybody in the room could clearly see.

Jake looked as Sean and Adrian leered and ogled Amber's nakedness. Jake pleaded and begged the men to let them go. Adrian and Sean had tired of Jake's voice and decided to gag him. Sean used some of the removed clothing to design a gag.

Adrian then ordered Amber to lie on the bed. Sean and Adrian moved and stood either side of the bed and passed sexual comments on Amber's attractive and sexy body as she now lay on the bed.

Sean put the gun down and removed his shirt. He had strong shoulders and a firm, smooth washboard stomach. He stripped below the waist. His physique was fit and muscular. He didn't remove his underwear at this point but Amber could see the outline of his cock pressing against the material of his underwear. His cock looked big, very big. Sean was also a very attractive man.Amber liked the look of Sean's body and then immediately felt that she should be repulsed by such thoughts.

Sean moved onto the bed and gently pushed Amber's legs apart. She moaned but put up little resistance. Sean allowed his hands to run all over and feel Amber's naked body. He could feel her trembling. He ran his hands up and down her legs before moving his face towards her pussy. As he gently brushed his tongue across her pussy lips he could taste the moisture of her juices. Sean, turned on by the fact that Amber was already moist probed further into her with his tongue. Amber gave an involuntary moan and her body shivered. Sean gently moved his tongue in a continuous circular motion, teasing and stimulating Amber's clit. Sean could now taste a steady flow of Amber's pussy juices.

Amber loved oral and sexual intercourse. Her and Jake had abstained from any form of sexual relationship for a month before their wedding night. Amber felt fear and repulsion of the situation she found herself in but Sean's expert tongue had heightened and brought to the fore her sexual needs, that had been resting over the last few weeks. Sean knew exactly how to turn her on.

Amber's face was flushed and she tried to control her moans of mounting pleasure but couldn't. Sean continued to work his tongue and Amber's pussy juices that were steadily flowing were now gushing. Sean happily allowed her juices to run down his throat. Amber's breaths became shorter and faster and her moaning became louder. Her pent up sexual tension was fully released as Sean continually worked her pussy bringing her to her first screaming climax. Her body shook and spasmed as Sean continued to lick, suck and probe the wetness of Amber's pussy.

Eventually after a longer performance of oral and more sexually satisfying than Amber had ever experienced before, Sean moved and sat next to her on the bed. His face glistened with Amber's pussy juices. He ran his forearm across his chin.

Adrian who had just been watching the proceedings decided he wanted some of the action. He quickly removed his shirt and trousers. He was of stocky build but certainly not fat. He had quite an amount of body hair. Adrian slid down and took off his underwear revealing a thick mass of pubic hair. His cock was fully erect and it must have been about six inches long. Adrian looked at Amber's sexy naked body and began stroking his throbbing cock. He then moved and knelt at the side of the bed, still wanking himself. Amber turned her head away but he ordered her to face him. She slowly turned her head back. Adrian placed one of his hands on the back of her head and demanded he suck her. He forced his cock into her mouth. He tried to force it deep into her mouth but she almost choked and gagged on it.

Adrian had just started sliding his cock in and out of her mouth when he withdrew his cock. He still knelt on the bed but leant over Amber playing with himself. His initial jet of spunk shot over her breasts and onto the bedsheet. He continued masturbating himself until he had eased out his full load. Adrian moved off the bed and stood up. He swore at Amber as if blaming her for his premature ejaculation. He then ordered her to rub his cum over her breasts, which she started to do. As she did this Adrian seemed to lose interest and taking his clothes started to dress. Amber was relieved that he hadn't demanded her to taste his spunk. As Adrian dressed she wiped her cum covered fingers on the bed cover.

Sean who had been watching whilst still sitting on the side of the bed stood up. Amber turned her head to look at him. The outline of his cock could be seen through the material of his underwear. It seemed as stiff and erect as before.

Sean slowly slid down and stepped out of his blue underwear. His cock now swung free. His cock must have been nine or ten inches long, maybe bigger and looked to have a slight curve. Amber had never seen a cock as big as that not even in magazines or on the internet.

Sean just stood at the edge of the bed as Amber ogled his body. She then realised that she was staring and ogling and quickly averted her gaze. Sean just laughed and moved onto the bed. He pushed her legs apart, again Amber offered no resistance. He positioned himself on top of her. Her cum stained erect nipples pushed into his chest and she could feel his fit body rub against her. She could also feel his rock hard cock push against her leg. Sean pushed his mouth against Amber's and kissed her. Initially she didn't respond before the animal instinct in her took over. She then kissed Sean back and their tongues explored each other. She guided her hands to slide over and feel his body.

They kissed and felt each other. Sean couldn't believe Amber was such a willing participant. Amber was in total sexual abandonment. Sean raised himself slightly and Amber could feel his penis tip rest against the opening of her sodden pussy lips. She looked into his eyes with lust and longing.

Sean's throbbing cock slipped easily into Amber's dripping pussy. He slid in a little of his length at a time before easing back and then pushing forward. Amber's moans were louder than before as Sean's cock stretched her pussy more than any other man had before. Sean's cock was not only long but also had a thick circumference. Tears welled in Amber's eyes but she looked at Sean's face urging him to fill her completely. Slowly and gently Sean slid the full length of his cock into Amber's pussy. They started to rock together. Sean was moaning and enjoying the pleasurable, sexual sensations of fucking a beautiful woman. The noise level of Amber's moans and gasps were now louder than ever. As he pumped forward into Amber's pussy once again she ran her hands over his shoulders and she screamed with pure sexual fulfilment. She placed her hands on his buttocks and pushed hard thus impaling on the full length of his cock for several seconds.

They contined to rock together. Amber was starting to feel faint and she was sweating heavily. Amber had never been fucked by a cock as large as Sean's before and sexual intercourse had never lasted so long. Sean's body also glistened with sweat and he was getting closer to ejaculation. Sean's breaths were becoming shorter and he was also moaning. Amber had never experienced so many orgasms and she had lost count the number of times Sean had taken her to climax. Amber was filled with pure lust and felt her body tingle with sexual gratification.

Sean and Amber moaned uncontrollably as they climaxed. Sean withdrew his cock and immediately ejaculated a huge, thick cum load. Spunk from his initial spurt splashed across her face and into her hair. He moved into position over her ready to wank out his remaining cum but Amber grabbed his cock and pulled him towards her. Spunk spurted into her mouth and over her chin as Sean slid his cock into her eager mouth. She greedily sucked his cock almost frantically trying to drain his balls. Sean continued jolting his body forward each time ejaculating more cum which Amber happily tasted and swallowed. Gradually Sean's body jolted less and Amber licked his penis tip and took the last droplets of cum on to her tongue. She then took hold of his cock to feel and caress his length. Sean's cock was stiff and hot as Amber felt it throbbing in her hand. She guided his cock to her mouth, licking and rolling her tongue over his penis tip. Amber eventually released her grip and Sean slowly moved off the bed and stood up.

Sean stood at the side of the bed and Amber could do nothing but to again ogle his attractive, naked body.

Jake thought the men would make a swift exit now that Amber had fooled them into thinking she had enjoyed it. Jake believed in his own mind that Amber was fooling, but was she? Adrian decided to order champagne. Adrian with such arrogance rang down and asked for a bottle of the finest champagne. The receptionist didn't think anything unusual of this request. She thought the voice on the phone was Jake's.

The Duty Manageress said she would take up the champagne, as it would be her last job before clocking off. She went up to the room with the champagne and two glasses. As she knocked on the door Adrian was about to ask for the drink to be left outside but hearing a woman's voice he asked if she could bring it in. The Manageress agreed but as soon as she came into the room Adrian pushed the door closed behind her. Sean, still naked moved to take the tray before the Duty Manageress dropped it.

Adrian now had hold of the gun. Sean calmly opened and poured the champagne while Adrian ogled the Duty Manageress. She was Catherine Oliver a forty-five year old woman who had worked at the hotel for ten years. She was tall with long dark hair and also had a slim figure.

Adrian calmly ordered her to undress. She began to plead with him but he repeated his demand for her to undress. She continued to beg and Sean said perhaps he should strip her. Catherine protested and said that she would undress. She took off her jacket and dropped it on the floor. She unbuttoned and removed her blouse. Despite her slim figure her breasts were reasonably large and her skimpy black bra did not leave much to the imagination. She unzipped and removed her skirt. She now stood embarrassed in front of Adrian wearing only her black bra, knickers and shoes.

He told her to remove everything. She again was about to plead but Adrian waved the gun. She slowly removed her shoes. Her face flushed with embarrassment as she took off her bra to expose her breasts that were well rounded. Her nipples were almost deep red in colour. She slid down her knickers to reveal a thick triangular patch of black pubic hair. Adrian ordered Catherine to put her hands by her side. Sean walked across the room and he and Adrian ogled her naked body.

Adrian looked at the still tied and gagged Jake and ordered Catherine to suck him off. Jake struggled against the binds but he had no chance of escaping them. Adrian forced Catherine at gunpoint to move and stand in front of Jake. Adrian stood behind her. He held the gun in one hand and used his other to roughly squeeze her breasts and pull on her nipples. He lowered his hand and ran it through her pubic hair and pulled harshly at it. Catherine groaned at Adrian's harsh touch. He then stopped and forced Catherine to her knees.

Sean told Amber to get off the bed. He led her across the bedroom and positioned Amber behind the chair and stood behind her. Amber could not see Jake's face but could see Catherine kneeling in front of her husband.

Adrian, still armed with the gun ordered Catherine to remove Jake's gag. When she had done this Adrian ordered Catherine to initially feel Jake. Jake's face was flushed and he puffed out his cheeks as if filling his lungs. The others watched as Catherine slid her hands over Jake's body avoiding his groin area. Despite this Jake's cock had started to stiffen a little despite his attempts to prevent it. Adrian said how Jake must be enjoying it and told Catherine to masturbate Jake. Catherine looked up at Adrian holding the gun and knew she had no choice but to comply. She took hold of Jake's cock and as she played with him it became stiff. His cock was about eight inches long in its now fully erect state.

Sean was telling Amber to watch as he stood behind her. She could feel his cock, now stiff again pushing against her body. He moved slightly to the side of Amber, took hold of her hand and placed it on his cock. She then started to masturbate him.

Adrian ordered Catherine to keep playing with Jake's stiff cock. Pre-cum started to ooze from Jake's penis tip and trickled down his shaft and over Catherine's fingers. Jake started to writhe in the chair and struggle against the binds. He pleaded for things to stop as he was about to ejaculate. This seemed to inspire Adrian who ordered Catherine to now suck Jake off. Adrian pushed Catherine's head down forcing her to suck. Catherine's lips wrapped around Jake's penis tip and she slid his length into her mouth. Adrian demanded she suck it as deep as possible. Catherine had the ability to take the full eight inches of Jake's cock into her mouth and down her throat. The others watched as Catherine sucked. Jake looked down to see Catherine take his cock into her mouth and saw her slide forward and downward easily taking his length. Sean told Amber to keep watching whilst continuing to masturbate him.

As Catherine continued to suck his cock Jake's body spasmed and he was moaning. Catherine gasped as she felt Jake's thick spunk spurt into her mouth. Spunk ran down her throat and spurted along Jake's shaft as she withdrew her mouth. Adrian pushed her head back down and ordered her to suck Jake off completely. As she took his cock back into her mouth he was still spurting out his thick cum load. Catherine felt the warm liquid run down her throat. She tried to suck and swallow as quickly as possible. Some of the cum ran across Jake's trimmed pubic hair and on to his balls. Jake's pent up sexual tension had been released and his cum load was thick and plentiful.

Catherine removed her mouth. Cum dribbled over her lip and chin. Jake's shaft glistened with saliva and spunk. His cock twitched and bobbed as it started to lose some of its stiffness. Adrian demanded Catherine remain where she knelt. He walked across the room and picked up a glass of champagne.

Amber was still masturbating Sean and had watched Catherine suck off her husband. Amber was now made to kneel in front of Sean. Sean positioned himself behind Jake but slightly to the side. Jake could see him out of the corner of his eye.

Sean told Amber to suck him off. With Amber kneeling she stroked Sean's length before taking his throbbing cock into her mouth. As she sucked she pulled on his length with one hand and fondled his balls with the other. Sean was much more vocal now and urged Amber to suck him deeper and said what a great cock sucker she was. Amber continued sucking and fondling Sean's hairless balls for some time. Sean became more and more vocal and announced when he was about to cum. Amber felt his hot cum shoot into her mouth. She gagged but swallowed most of his cum. Sean continued to thrust his body and cock forward. With each thrust more spunk filled Amber's mouth and she continued to swallow. For his second ejaculation that evening his load was full and thick. Eventually the flow of spunk became a trickle. Amber withdrew her mouth, breathing heavily. Sean pushed his still erect cock up to her mouth. She took hold of his cock with her hand and slid it across her cheeks and over her face. Sean's remaining spunk smeared over her. Amber released her grip on Sean's cock and licked his cum from her fingers.

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