tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNext Door Neighbor Ch. 1

Next Door Neighbor Ch. 1


David knew Suzy was a tease the first time he saw her. He was in the process of moving in to the house next door to her family when he noticed the movers gawking out the second floor windows whenever they could get a chance. He went over and saw that they were ogling Suzy as she sunbathed next to her pool.

On the day he moved in, she was lying out in a string bikini that was way too small for her. When he first looked, her chair was turned away from his house and pointed towards her pool. Later, though, he looked and saw that now her chair was facing towards his house. She knew that she was being watched and was clearly enjoying it; she had even undone the strings on her bikini. About the only things left covered on her breasts were her nipples.

When the movers left, they grinned at him and told him to enjoy the view. After closing the door, David raced back up the stairs to ogle his next door neighbor, but she went inside soon after the movers left. It was not until the next day when he met his neighbors that he realized how she was only a teenager. He felt guilty and conflicted about his desires. And so when he noticed her sunbathing a week later, he made himself not look. He knew it was wrong, but the entire time he was working in his garage he was thinking of her just a hundred feet away in that little scrap of a bathing suit. That was the one and only time he was able to restrain himself when she was out by the pool.

When he met her again at a neighborhood party, he saw that she knew what kind of hold she had on him. She seemed to spend the entire party walking by him brushing her breasts against his arm. Once she bent over to pick something up right in front of him and paused briefly to let him look down her loose blouse to see that she was not wearing any bra. Fortunately, no one else noticed, but his dick was hard for the rest of the party.

He was obsessed with her, but he thought that there was nothing he could do about it, except stare at her when she deigned to sunbathe for him. He worked mostly from home and he always made a point of being in his bedroom when she came home from school. Most days he was disappointed, but every so often she would reward him and string him along.

This went on like this until Suzy was eighteen. David's infatuation only seemed to grow and he at times was afraid of where his thoughts took him. Then, all of a sudden, the gods smiled down on him and offered him the chance he was looking for. At first, he did not realize that is what Suzy's new neighbors brought with them, but then he saw their daughter, Angela. Or more accurately, he soon saw how Suzy looked at Angela and vice versa.

They were soon best friends and nearly inseparable. To David's delight, sometimes they would lay out by the pool. Angela was the same age as Suzy. She was also very tall; just not quite the six feet Suzy had become. Angela was also not as curvy as Suzy, but she still had a nice figure. She complemented it with very long brunette hair, a dark complexion and a face that was actually more beautiful than Suzy's. At first, Angela's suits were one-pieces that showed very little. Soon though, she was wearing some of Suzy's old suits and driving David nuts as well.

Then, he saw them kiss once while they were in the pool cooling off after school one day. It was not a chaste kiss or a friendly peck on the cheek. It was an open mouth kiss with tongue. He knew then that they were more than just simple friends and he saw his opening.

He quickly went out and bought film recording equipment. Then, one day when they came home from school he sneaked over and tried Suzy's front door. Fortunately, in their teenage rush they had left the door unlocked. He opened it and stepped in listening for them. He soon heard footsteps upstairs and he went towards the sound. He stopped outside Suzy's bedroom door and listened for a moment to the two girls' giggles.

He wanted nothing more than to rush right in, but he restrained himself and went to the room next to hers. He waited with his ear pressed against the wall, but they both had become fairly quiet and he could not hear much of anything. About an hour later after they had gone and he was sure he had enough time, he went into the bedroom and quickly set up two separate cameras - one in the vent and the other on top of a bookcase amidst a lot of junk.

All that was left then was the waiting. Everyday he checked his feeds, but he had to wait four entire days before he got what he wanted. These were the longest four days of his life, but it was more than worth it. It was a Friday afternoon when they came into the bedroom and started kissing one another while lying on the bed. They each took off their shirts and eventually bras as well. They played with and sucked on each other's magnificent breasts. Then, they took turns giving oral sex. Suzy was a screamer and you knew when she had her orgasm, but Angela was much controlled. She seemed to enjoy what was being done to her, but not fully able to let herself go. David was pretty she had not cum.

He wanted to rush over right then and there, but he knew he needed to be more careful than that. Later, when the two girls out to the pool, David sneaked back over and retrieved his equipment. Then, he made a couple copies of what he had recorded and the following Monday the two girls had a package waiting for them went they arrived at Suzy's house. They went inside and opened it. There was a VHS tape with a note taped to it that read in big block letters, "PLAY THE TAPE."

The moment the tape started playing Suzy gasped, "That's my room!" After that short outburst, the two girls watched in shocked silence for the next five minutes. Then, the phone started to ring startling them, but instead of answering it they just looked at each other. After the caller hung up when the answering machine picked up, the phone started to ring again and this time Suzy, filled with dread, went over to answer it.

"Did you watch the tape?"

Suzy could do nothing except give a little sob.

"I'll take that as a yes, you little tease. Do you know who this is?"

"Yes," she managed to squeak out.

"Good. Both of you come on over and see me now."

With that, Suzy heard the phone line click. She looked over at Angela and told her who it was who had taped them. When she said that they were to go over to David's house, Angela said that there was no way she was going over there. Even though Suzy did not want to go either, she knew deep down that they had no choice. Their parents would just flip if they saw that tape. They would try to tear the two apart. And the girls would certainly not be allowed to room together at college next year as they were planning on doing. So she went to work on Angela and about fifteen minutes later they were knocking on David's front door.

"Come in girls," he leered at the eighteen year-old girls.

"So what do you think of my tape," David asked after they had entered. When he got no response, he went on, "Here's the deal. You are going to do what I say when I say it or else everyone you know sees this tape."

"No! Please don't show anybody the tape," Angela cried out. Suzy did not say anything, but David could see her eyes tear up when he made his threat. He was already thoroughly enjoying this.

"All right then. Let's be very clear as to what is happening here. We are making a trade. You will from now on do what I say when I say it. I expect full obedience and in return I will agree not to show your parents and friends the little tape I made. Do we understand each other?"

The girls were only able to nod their heads to show understanding. Both now had tears running down their cheeks. Neither was looking at him as began again.

"I have only a few rules. The first is that from now on when you get home from school I expect you to come right over here after dropping off your stuff. The second rule is that when I give an order I expect it to be obeyed immediately. The final rule is there will be no back talk. If any of these rules is broken, I will have to punish you. Of course, I don't want to have to do that, but I will. Are we clear?"

After getting no response, David said in a much more forceful voice, "Are we clear?"

Both girls nodded their heads in assent, but David wanted a little more.

"Say out loud that you belong to me."

"What?!" Suzy exclaimed.

"You heard me. Say it or everyone sees what you two have been up to."

Angela most likely would have bolted right then and there, but she was stopped dead in her tracks when she heard Suzy say, "We belong to you."

Angela could not believe her best friend in the whole world had just said that. Then, she noticed that the two of them were looking at her waiting.

"I... I... belong to you."

"Very well done. That wasn't too hard. All right then, let's get started. Take off your shoes, girls and come into the kitchen."

With that, David left the room and went to the kitchen. When the girls came in, they saw him holding two drinks out for them. He motioned for them to drink up. The girls sniffed the drinks and smelled the alcohol. Both had drunk alcohol at parties before but this was quite different. But realizing they had no choices they proceeded to gulp down the drinks. Unbeknownst to them, it was not just alcohol they were consuming. In order to get a little better control of the situation, David had added Viagra and Ecstasy to the drink. He was sure that without it the girls would at some point balk at going any further.

While he let the drinks work their magic, he stood and looked over the girls intently. They had both stopped crying and simply stood there looking at the kitchen floor. They were in their private school uniforms, which consisted of a button-down dress shirt and pleated skirt. David had also gone to a private school and the girls there had worn the same type of uniform. He loved it immeasurably. He saw that both wore skirts that were more than likely shorter than school regulation. Each skirt stopped more than a couple of inches above the knee leaving miles of tanned and toned legs visible to everyone who wanted a look. Teases, he thought to himself.

"Ok. Now we have to deal with your punishment," David said, finally breaking the silence. "When I called you, it took you more than fifteen minutes to get your tight little asses over here. As I said, I expect all of my commands to be obeyed instantly."

"But you hadn't told us that," Suzy protested weekly. She could not believe that she had already sunk down to the point of arguing about when his rules had taken affect. She already had conceded him the only important argument that he was in complete control of them.

"True," he answered. "I guess it would be unjust of me to punish for that. But you did just talk back to me. For that, I will have to punish one of you."

With that, he went over to Angela who eyes were already looking kind of glassy. He lifted her chin in his hand and made her look him directly in the eye. Then, he grabbed her arms and led her to the kitchen counter and had her put her hands on it. Then he pulled her legs back until she was partially bent over and using her hands to keep herself upright. During the entire time, she had made no sound, but she did gasp when she heard what he said next.

"Suzy, you will administer a spanking to Angela," he said looking directly at Suzy. Before Angela could protest or move, he put his hand on the small of her back and said, "Quiet! Or do you want me to give the spanking."

He looked at Suzy again and motioned her over. He removed his hand and after a short pause, Suzy spanked the round ass of her friend. It was quite a weak slap, but Angela jerked a little and began crying again.

"Hold it. If that is the best you can do, then maybe I need to demonstrate on you what a proper spanking is like. Of course, my spankings are always given to bare asses."

Suzy looked at him and knew that he was not joking around, so she gave her best friend another slap on the ass. This one was quite hard, but she could see that David was not satisfied. The next one made her hand hurt and Angela cry out, but it was not enough.

"Fine. I guess I'll have to show you."

David made a move towards Suzy, but she stopped him by applying another swat to Angela's ass. This seemed to satisfy David enough and he stood and watched as she proceeded to spank the proffered ass repeatedly. Then, she felt his hand grab her arm and pull her away. When she saw that it was over, Angela slumped to the ground sobbing.

David let her cry for awhile before lifting her back to her feet and leading both girls into the den. He had cleared out most of the furniture that had previously been in the room. Now pretty much all that was left was a sofa, a video camera, and a Sybian machine. The girls did not know what exactly it was for, but he certainly did which is why he had rush ordered it as soon as he came up with his little plan. All the girls noticed was the video camera and what it represented.

"Here is what we are going to do. Angela, you are going to climb on to this little contraption of mine. And Suzy and I are going to sit over her on the sofa. Since this is your first time, I'll be nice enough to let you leave your clothes on."

He motioned to the Sybian, but at first Angela did not move. Of course, when David started for her, she quickly got in gear and squatted down over the machine.

"What you going to do is set right here," David said touching a spot on the machine. "Just be glad I have not brought out the more penetrating attachments."

Angela shuddered at what that meant and sat down. She was able to rest most of her weight on her knees. Her skirt spread out a little covering the top of the Sybian. She had to lean forward because her left ass cheek still stung a lot from earlier.

"You are going to love this," David said as he put the video camera in focus. "Now with your skirt on I can't tell if you are really sitting all the way down. But if for one moment I think you are not, the skirt comes off."

With that he went over to the couch where Suzy was already sitting and sat to her left. He reached down and lifted the Sybian controls with his left hand and Suzy's legs with his right. Surprisingly, Suzy made no noise as he swung her legs on top of his.

"First thing, Angela, is I am going to ask you a few questions," David stated after he situated himself. After a pause, he asked, "Are you a lesbian?"

Angela shook her head, but kept looking down at the floor.

"I need you to sit up and look at the camera."

"But it hurts," she whispered in reply.

"Oh yes. Of course it does. Then just lift your head and pull back your hair. And don't just shake your head, state your answer." After she did this, he asked her the same question again.


"But what about what I saw you and Suzy doing in her bedroom?"

"We were just fooling around."

"So you like boys?"


"You like Suzy too, right?"


"Is what I filmed about as far as you two have gone?"


"Have you been... shall we say 'penetrated'?"


"How about an orgasm. You ever had one?"

"I'm not sure."

"Then I would say you haven't. Now lets begin with the main course."

He turned the Sybian on to its lowest setting and was rewarded with a little squeal from Angela. She lifted herself up off the machine and sat up on her knees.

"Sit back down!"

She meekly did as he requested and leaned forward resting on her elbows. Part of her felt like crying again, but soon the sensations she was feeling in her pussy was beginning to overpower her. While David watched this, he took off Suzy's socks and began to massage her feet. Suzy also did not want to enjoy this, but after the drink, it felt so sensual. He rubbed and pressed certain points on her feet. Soon, her pussy was also radiating pleasure and she could not believe the heat that seemed to be coming from between her legs. She closed her eyes and tried to imagine herself someplace far away.

After David turned up the setting a couple of notches, Angela began to moan in earnest. When Angela began moaning, Suzy could not help herself and looked over at her friend. What she saw amazed her: her friend who had always been the more demure one was starting to grind her hips on the machine. Suzy could not believe it - Angela was really turned on by what David was doing to her. In fact, she was quickly approaching her first orgasm.

"Ohhhhh, Jeeeeeeez," Angela moaned. "Aaahhhhh."

Then something in Angela's mind realized what was about to happen and she panicked. She quickly got back up on her knees and off the machine and tried to regain control of her senses. She was disoriented and still breathing hard when she noticed that the Sybian was now off. She looked up and saw David towering above her.

"What did I tell you?!"

"I... I..." she stammered out still flustered.

"You will learn to obey me. Now stand up." After she did, he then ordered, "Take off you skirt."

Angela was scared now and complied meekly. Soon, she was standing in her panties in front of this man she had not even spoken to before today. David also undid the bottom two buttons on her white dress shirt. He lifted the bottom flaps of her shirt a little and saw her panties were soaked through with her juices.

"Look at you. Don't try and tell me you weren't enjoying it. Stick your fingers in you panties."

Angela did as he said and a little groan escaped her lips as her fingertips lightly brushed her pubic hair. She was so embarrassed when David pulled her hand back out and she saw her wet fingers. She could only watch as David put each finger into his mouth and suck it clean.

"I was going to reward you after your very first orgasm and let you trade off with Suzy, but now you are on for the rest of our time today. Now sit back down and if you get off again, you lose more clothing and get a real spanking."

By the time David retook his seat, Angela was back down on the Sybian. In no time at all after it came back on, she was back moaning with all her heart. But this time when she approached her orgasm David cut back on the speed of her stimulator.

"Unnnhhhh," she grunted in protest. David left the machine on low for a couple of minutes then revved in back up.

"Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck!" Angela yelled out.

Then he did it again when she got close once more. This time she even yelled out "Nooooo!"

The teenage girl, who was not a willing participant and who had never experienced an orgasm before, wanted nothing else at that moment than to have one. But David would not let her. Also, while he was torturing Angela with his left hand, he was massaging Suzy with his right. His right hand had now reached the bottom of her thighs where her little skirt ended. But now he wanted both hands free for Suzy.

He leaned over and whispered in Suzy's ear, "You see what I am doing? You take over and if she orgasms before I give permission I am going to be forced to punish you."

After handing the controls off to Suzy, he went work on both of her thighs. He worked his strong, powerful hands up and down her thighs kneading the toned flesh. Her legs simply amazed him. They were athletic and tight without being too muscular and there was not a hint of wasted flesh in them. He would start his hands at the top of her knees and then go down until his hands were completely lost underneath the skirt. He had not yet reached that little area right where the legs meet the rest of the body, but each time he would move his hands just a little closer.

Suzy knew she should be protesting more, but it felt too good. And she had to watch Angela closely or else she might be punished. By now her nipples had become erect. Then, suddenly she felt a twinge in her clit. And when her clit began to tingle her labia began to swell and she knew she was drenching her panties. She feared that David would find out as he moved his hands closer and closer to her cunt.

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