tagMatureNext Door Neighbors Ch. 3

Next Door Neighbors Ch. 3


It was uncomfortable to drive, my ass was so sore. I waited until I was sure Jerry had left for work and went home and ran a hot bath, my body needed to soak. I lay there in the tub until the water began to cool and then got out, my ass felt a little better and at least I could almost walk normally again.

As I went to the bedroom, the phone rang, it was Tom. "Not coming over?" he asked, almost like a child inquiring about they're playmate. "If you don't mind Tom, I think I'll just go to bed, not feeling too hot," I said back to him. He sounded very disappointed, but said he understood and we hung up and I lay on the bed trying to rationalize everything I had done and been forced to do these last few days. I had to concede that I had enjoyed it all for the most part, but wondered about myself as I replayed it in my mind. I got some aloe-vera gel and rolled onto my stomach and squirted some on my hand and started to apply it to my sore ass, I jumped as it hit my poor, sore anus.

It began to feel better as I massaged it in and before I knew it, I was getting excited by the touch. The pain quickly left my mind as my fingers suddenly penetrated my rectum and began to fuck it. I pushed my thumb around and rubbed my clit as my fingers reamed my ass, my mind was in overdrive as orgasms rocked my body and I felt my juices coating my thumb. I buried my head in the pillow as I screamed over and over again as my orgasms went through me. As my orgasms subsided, I felt a warm glow all over my body and felt my hard nipples pressing into the bedspread and was aware of even the lightest breeze on my skin.

I drifted off to sleep with my hand still pressed against my crotch and didn't wake up until I heard Jerry speak. "Well Sam, looks like you had a wild night," he startled me and I jumped. "From the looks of the puddle between your legs, I'd say you had one hell of a night," and I looked up to see him smiling at me. He never said anymore, just lightly slapped my ass cheek and went to take his shower. I was so embarrassed, but yet mystified, it didn't even seem to turn him on, or off for that matter. I changed the bed and went down for something to drink and when I came back up to dress, he was asleep, as usual.

I thought about poor Tom, how I had left him to his own relief last night and went over to see him. I walked up to the back door, it was open, and went in. I heard moans from the upstairs and figured he was jacking off to another of his pornos, and decided to help him out. As I neared his bedroom, I could tell that it wasn't a porno after all and slowly peeked in. I was captivated by the sight before me as Tom was pile driving this woman's ass.

From what I could tell, she was about my age and had very nice ass cheeks, her breasts were large as they drug the bed when Tom fucked her. Her eyes were closed and Tom was unable to see me. How I wished that was me, as I saw his furious action. Soon, I saw his ass cheeks tighten and he moaned loud and I knew he was filling her ass, so I sneaked back downstairs. On my way out, I noticed a portfolio open on the kitchen table, with a presentation on insurance. He was fucking a saleslady!! That would have been interesting to see them go from selling insurance to ass fucking. As I went back into the house, it was hard to get the scene out of my mind, recalling Tom filling her ass. .

A few days later, I happened upon Tom in the back yard and all I could see was from his chest up as he was behind some hedge. I recognized that look on his face and decided to see what was going on. As I slipped closer, I was shocked to see Kara, sucking her uncle's cock in his back yard! I looked around to make sure no one saw me and knelt next to the hedge and peeked through it to watch her at work.

I gingerly parted some of the branches of the hedge so as to see the whole picture and got really turned on watching her suck her uncle's cock. I could see her nice tits exposed where Tom had been playing with them before his niece feasted on his cock and their hard nipples caused me to get hard. I held the branches back with one hand and my other was pushed beneath my shorts to my clit, where I fingered it furiously.

Kara was taking all of her uncle's cock in her mouth and it was exciting seeing his balls slap her chin and I inserted a finger into my wet pussy as another flicked my clit, this was so fucking hot!! I saw Tom's mouth distort and I knew he was coming and I bit my lip as I joined him, watching some of his cum drool out of the corner's of Kara's mouth. If I hadn't been kneeling, I probably would have fallen over with the orgasm that ripped through me. Kara stood up, licking her lips and looked around to see if anyone was around and then led her uncle to the picnic table and shed her pants and panties and laid back on it's top. She had stroked Tom's cock during the move and it was hard again and she drew it between her legs and into her waiting snatch.

Kara rubbed her uncle's cock up and down her slit before pulling it into her and Tom began to ram her with his meat and she rolled her eyes back as he filled her pussy with his hard cock. My fingers had never stopped working on my aching pussy the whole time and soon, I got off once again and was forced to bite my lip again. Tom's hands roughly kneaded Kara's tits as his cock plunged into her and soon Kara, raised her legs off the table and squealed out her orgasm and Tom's ass cheeks tensed up and he filled her young box with another of his free flowing orgasms, the man had stamina!

They got up and Kara pulled her clothes back on and Tom pulled his pants back up and I stood up and yelled, "Surprise!!!" They could have died right there. Then they both tried to convince me that they were just hanging out in the back yard, but when I told them I had seen the whole thing, they hung their heads in shame.

"Why don't we go inside and talk about it?" I said and they headed for the back door. When they got inside, I spun Kara around and plunged my tongue into her mouth and tasted Tom's cum on her tongue. She kissed me back and her hands went to massage my tits through my shirt, and I went for her perky tits and rubbed her nipples hard. Tom stood back and couldn't believe what was happening.

As we broke our kiss, we shucked our clothes and she lay down on the floor and we 69d each other. I was so elated when I discovered that all of Tom's cum had not escaped her sweet snatch and I hungrily drove my tongue inside of her, trying to collect what was left. I caught Tom out of the corner of my eye, sitting in a kitchen chair stroking his cock, while his niece and I ate each other out. Kara and I both orgasmed and then we took Tom by the hand and led him upstairs to his bedroom.

We removed his clothes and sat him down in a chair and shared his cock, alternating between which one of us got his shaft and which one got his balls. The sight of two women in their 20's sucking his cock, and one of them his niece, was too much and his cum erupted from his cock. It sprayed both of our faces and tits and we cleaned his shaft and then turned and licked his cum off of each other.

I told Tom that I need him in my ass, and Kara and I resumed our 69 on the bed and he eased up behind me and slowly pushed his cock into my ass and fucked me as I sucked Kara's twat and she sucked mine, with an occasional lick of Tom's balls as he assaulted my ass. Tom's cock felt like a baseball bat inside my hot ass as he pumped and my orgasm grew and I exploded, screaming into Kara's cunt as I did.

Kara reached around and massaged Tom's balls as he fucked my ass and he unloaded in my ass with a fury and Kara licked his cum off his cock as he pulled it out. Tom sat back and watched the show and stroked his cock and when it was hard again, Kara and I traded places and Tom assaulted Kara's pussy. I tried to talk her into taking it in her ass, but she wouldn't agree.

Tom pumped his niece's pussy as I licked her clit and Kara loved it and ate me furiously as she was rammed from behind by her uncle. Soon, he tensed and shot his load in her, this sent her over the edge and she came also. I came as Tom's cum flowed out of Kara's pussy and into my waiting mouth, then I cleaned her out and licked his cock off as he withdrew. We all sat on the bed afterwards enjoying our new partnership and made plans to resume after Jerry left for work. It was a hell of a night and this turned out to be one hell of a neighborhood.

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