Next Time Ch. 03


When we arrived back at the house, Heather took me by the hand and we went upstairs to the master bathroom to freshen up. As soon as the door was closed behind us, she took me in her arms and began kissing me.

"Maria, that was so sexy, watching you suck Michael's cock. Did you like it?" I smiled and shyly nodded.

"He wants you Maria. He wants to keep you for himself."

"But," I started to cry, "I have a life, I'm married."

"Shhhh," she hugged me close, "We'll worry about all of that tomorrow. Tonight, we have our men to take care of. There is nothing more important that taking care of your man."

Heather helped me with my makeup, then fixed her own. She lightly kissed me once, then said, "Are you ready?" I nodded, tears still stinging my eyes.

She took my hand and led me downstairs. Our men were in the rec room. Mr. Richards was racking up a set of pool balls while Michael examined the assorted cues for weight and straightness. Their eyes brightened as we entered the room. Heather went to Mr. Richards and I to Michael.

"Hello ladies, we were just getting ready to play some eight ball. Care to join us?" I kissed Michael and said, "Sure." Then I eyed the tray of martinis that they had made up. I took a drink, handed it Michael and then took another for myself. We played against Heather and Richard and due to my ineptitude, quickly lost.

"I have an idea," Michael said, starting to rack the balls again, "Let's play guys against girls. The losers have to obey the winners for the rest of the evening." Heather and I both quickly agreed, knowing that even if we were winning, we would find a way to lose.

Sure enough, Heather got on a roll and was about to clear the table, when she scratched. Michael sunk a couple of balls before missing. It was my turn. Michael stood close behind me as I bent over to line up my shot. I could feel his cock pressing into my ass. I moaned and wiggled my ass against him, then took my shot. I sunk the eight ball, losing the game for us.

Heather came to stand beside me. "What can we do for you?"

Mr. Richards and Michael settled on the sofa. "First, please refresh our drinks." Heather and I gathered their glasses and made a new batch of martinis. When I set Michael's drink on the table, I bent over, allowing my dress to ride up my thighs. Michael didn't miss the opportunity and quickly slid his hand to the top of my stockings, teasing the bottom of my ass.

"Now, I think you girls should put on a show for us," Mr. Richards said, leaning back and taking a sip on his drink.

Heather turned to me and held my hands. We faced each other, bodies slightly touching. Her perfume filled my senses and either from the alcohol or her closeness, I felt myself swoon. Before tonight, I couldn't even imagine using the word swoon. Heather wrapped her arms around me, holding me up and pulling me closer. She softly kissed my lips. I felt her tongue flick out of her mouth, looking for access into mine.

I parted my lips and soon we were passionately making out in front of our men. Heather, always in charge, at least of me, led me to the pool table. The men both stood and helped us onto the table. We began to kiss again, our hands roamed each other's body. Whenever my hand neared her pussy, she stopped me and refocused my attention elsewhere.

She slipped the straps of my dress off my shoulder and started planting kisses down my chest. She removed my bra and I covered myself, ashamed of my obvious lack of female endowment. Heather pulled my hands away, and whispered, "You're beautiful." I relaxed a bit as Heather began to suck and lightly bite my nipples.

My hands had moved to her shoulders and slipped the straps off as well. Her bra was bursting and I could see her hard nipples poking through the material. I fumbled with the clasp in back and after a few tries, felt it release. Her beautiful tits fell out in my face. Her pick nipples stood erect and I immediately noticed that she had no tan lines. Heather took my head in her hands and guided my mouth to her right nipple. I sucked it into my mouth, savoring the slightly salty taste mixing with her perfume.

I switched back and forth between her nipples. Heather's head fell back and she let out a long low moan. With Heather preoccupied, I slipped my hand down her silky body. I pulled up her dress until my hand rested on her panty covered crotch. I almost pulled my hand away when I realized that instead of a pussy, she had a cock. A cock that felt very large and very eager to be released.

I looked up at Heather and found her smiling back at me. "You asked me how I met my husband and I told you I was a sales rep just like you. Well, I was just like you."

I smiled and immediately felt a sense of contentment and security, knowing that this gorgeous woman in front of me had gone through exactly what I was going through now. Heather appeared to understand this completely. I looked back up at her. She nodded and placed her hand on my head, gently urging me forward. I kissed all over her panty covered cock, then ran my tongue along the border of the panties and her inner thigh. Her body jumped as I made contact with her skin.

Our men were now standing naked beside the pool table, cocks in hand, but I was in my own little world. I had found a soul mate and I wanted to show her how I felt. I used both hands to ease her panties down. Her cock literally jumped out at me and I was surprised to see that it was larger than either of the other two cocks I had had that night.

I nuzzled her cleanly shaven balls, inhaling her scent. I gently bathed each ball with my tongue, eliciting another moan from her. My hand, as if under it's own free will, reached up and slowly stroked her long, thick cock. I took each ball in my mouth and then sucked both of them in at once. My mouth was full of her scrotum and I loved the feeling of the soft skin being massaged by my hot mouth. She obviously felt the same as she began to buck her hips, forcing my hand up and down her cock.

I carefully removed my mouth from her sac and began to slowly work my way up her stiff rod. My tongue was plastered to the underside of her cock, but when I reached the tip, I paused, just gently licking her and watching as her cock throbbed and jumped against my touch. I suddenly love the feeling of control I had. I controlled her pleasure and I reveled in prolonging it for as long as possible.

Still gently licking, I reached down and began to lightly touch her just beneath her balls, moving my fingers in circles ever closer to her hole. When my middle finger was finally resting a top her opening, I noticed that she was already lubed, obviously well prepared for the the night held. As I slowly inserted myself into her, I simultaneously slid my mouth over the tip of her cock. I began a slow rhythm, inserting my finger as my mouth stretched to accommodate her girth.

"Please..." she gasped, "Use another finger in me." I slid another finger next to the first and penetrated as deeply as I could. I felt something solid and the scream that emanated from her told me that I had found her prostate. I keep my fingers in her, rubbing her gland as I began to bob my head up and down, faster and faster. Her body tensed, then relaxed, then tensed again. She held my head on her cock and with an intense shudder, she unloaded herself into my mouth. I kept the pressure on her prostate, milking every ounce of cum from her. I slowly my sucking, just keeping her softening cock in my mouth.

When I was positive she was finished, I moved back up and held her face in my hands. Looking deeply in her eyes, I lowered my mouth to hers. We met in a deep kiss, sharing and savoring her cum until it was gone. We lay on the pool table side by side, still lost in our own world, until I heard a throat clearing. We both looked up at our men.

"That was the sexiest thing that I have ever seen," said Michael, reaching for my hand. He maneuvered me until my ass was resting on the edge of the table. I lifted my legs for him and he quickly pulled my panties off. Kneeling down, his stiff coarse towards urgently began to invade my ass. He pushed himself into me and licked all along my rim. I was moaning like a little sissy at this point. Precum had begun to pool on my stomach.

Michael stood and lifted my legs to his shoulders. He positioned his engorged cock at the entrance to my little hole and with one swift motion, buried himself inside me. I screamed and immediately began to cry from the pain, but he didn't stop. He pulled back out and slammed himself into me just as forcefully. I couldn't understand why this man, who had been so sweet to me, was suddenly completely disregarding the fact that I was in pain.

I felt a movement beside me and there was Heather, my angel. She kissed me and whispered to me. "Don't be scared. Michael is a good man, but sometimes men have these urges and being nice and gentle just doesn't satisfy them. Let him fuck you, let him use you. You're here for his pleasure. Remember, you're just a sissy and your first boyfriend is one of the most powerful men in the country."

I felt myself relax at her words and concentrated on relaxing my ass to give my man complete access. I began to push back a bit each time he thrusted into me. Soon I was meeting him halfway, my pain forgotten and just the lovely feeling of fullness and the extra stab of pleasure each time he bottomed out in me.

I looked to my side and saw that Heather was now in the same position, with Mr. Richards cock buried deep inside her. My hand reached for hers and we held each other as our men used us. I felt Michael's cock grow and without warning his cum bathed my insides. He kept his cock moving in and out, using his cum as lubricant, until he started to soften. He collapsed on top of me, his cock still held by my anal ring. He kissed me deeply.

"That was the most amazing fuck I've ever had," he gasped. I loved the feeling of his weight on me, pinning me down, making me his. We looked to our side and saw that Mr. Richards was almost there, pumping Heather's ass faster and faster. Heather's cock was hard again. Mr. Richards buried himself deep and with a long moan began to cum. At the same moment, Heather's cock erupted, showering her, Michael and me with her cum.

Michael slid off me and to my astonishment, took my cock in his mouth. I had been building up all day. He took me all the way down his throat several times, then pulled off and began stroking me. On the fifth stroke, I tensed. Michael aimed my cock at Heather's tits and I erupted all over them. After taking a few moments to recover, I turned to my side and began to lick my juices off her. When I had cleaned her completely, I leaned in for another kiss. This time we shared my cum until it was gone.

Mr. Richards kissed me on the cheek. "Maria, you were wonderful tonight. I can't thank you enough."

"I'm glad I could help, Mr. Richards."

"We have a problem though. I don't see how it will be possible for you to return to your old life. First of all, the Congressman has expressed interest in having you available to him at any time."

"Mr. Richards. I have a job. I have a wife. How will I explain this to them?"

"Maria, my dear, Heather was once in the same position you are now facing. We won't force you to do anything you don't want to do. But you know as I know, your true nature has been exposed this weekend and things like this don't easily go back in the closet. If you choose to leave, you will have your contract, which I assume will be very lucrative for you. If you stay, I can promise you that every dream you've ever had will come true. I will transform you as I transformed Heather. You and she definitely share a special bond and you will have all the time you need to explore and expand that bond."

I nodded, unsure of what to say.

"The Congressman is going back to the city tonight. Why don't you and Heather go to bed and talk about it. Sleep on it. You can give me your answer in the morning."

He kissed me once again. Heather rose, took my hand, and led me to her bed.

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