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Next Time You're Mine


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There was a noise, a persistent thump, thump, thump, which was driving me crazy. I tried to snuggle down under my quilt and bury my head my pillow. I was tired, but most of all I craved the refuge of sleep so that I could return to my dream.

As I drifted off again, I found myself back dancing in the club. There were flashing lights, pounding music, and the intoxicating scent of hot, sweaty, gyrating bodies, as well as the unmistakable smell of sex.

My new black clubbing dress was much too short and far too revealing to be decent, but I loved it. The halter-top was secured by a bow behind my neck and the front plunged daringly, barely covering my tiny, pointed breasts, to a point below my navel. It was backless and exposed everything from my shoulders to the swell of my butt and the start the cleft between the cheeks of my arse. From the side, if I wasn't careful, my braless breasts were clearly visible. That night I'd been making sure that I wasn't careful quite a lot.

As I danced I sensed movement close behind me and felt someone's warm hands on my shoulders. I didn't need to turn around to know that it was a woman - I could smell her perfume and feel the swell of her soft breasts against my back as she pulled me close and wrapped her arms around me. There was a rush of sweet, hot breath on my skin as she kissed the back of my neck. Immersed in the music I danced on, enjoying the touch of the anonymous stranger who slipped one hand inside my dress, gently caressing my aching breast.

A young couple dancing nearby watched us. The girl was about twenty, attractive with long dark hair and a great body. She was wearing tight black jeans that accentuated her fantastic butt and a shiny, silver metallic top that was nicely filled by her firm round breasts. She had some very sexy dance moves and I was aroused watching her. In different circumstances, I would have been very interested but tonight was not the night. The guy she was with was tall and slim with curly dark hair, and in spite of my preference for girls, I found him mildly attractive.

After checking to see they were still watching, I took the woman's hand from my breast and guided it under my skirt. She didn't need any encouragement to slide her fingers inside my damp panties and seek out my bald pussy. In sync with the beat of the music, I alternately ground my butt into her groin and then rubbed my smooth, slick pussy lips against her delightfully sticky fingers.

Most of the people dancing nearby were watching me as I reached behind my neck and slipped the knot that secured the halter top allowing it to fall to my waist, proudly exposing my tiny breasts.

I could tell from the bulge in the guy's pants that he was aroused by my blatant exhibitionism. I was excited and it made me wet to know that I could make him horny so easily. His girlfriend hissed the word "slut" and dragged him off to the other side of the dance floor. Maybe she was right, but I smiled, knowing that he would be fantasising about fucking me next time he plunged his cock into her sweet cunt.

I went to the bar and someone put a drink in my hand. I brought the glass to my lips and let the cool, refreshing liquid trickle down my throat. It was delicious and I drained every drop. Before I put the empty glass down on the bar, my head began to swim.

Suddenly I was in a car travelling along a well-lit and busy road. I was sitting in the back between a man and a woman. They were both in their late thirties or early forties and well dressed. He was wearing a dinner suit with a red bow tie; she was dressed in a black, full-length evening gown. He was dark and handsome; she was slim and attractive with shoulder-length, blond hair.

Everything in my dream seemed to be in black and white with varying shades of grey, except for his red bow tie and her eyes that were bright blue. I was naked except for my shoes and jewellery. I don't remember how, but somewhere between the club and the car I'd become separated from my dress and panties.

Snippets of their conversation filtered through the haze and penetrated my consciousness. The woman spoke with an English accent, her voice cultured, educated, and precise. I was sure I'd heard her voice somewhere before.

She was talking to the man as though I wasn't there.

"Isn't she all I said she'd be?

He smiled and put his hand on my leg, sliding it up my thigh towards my sex. The woman pushed his hand away.

"Enough of that you naughty boy," she scolded. "You know she isn't for you."

He looked disappointed and didn't take his eyes off my breasts as he folded his hands in his lap, trying to hide his obvious erection.

His face was disturbingly familiar. I was sure I'd never met him but somehow I knew his face, or perhaps it was his arrogant smirk that I recognised. I thought I might have seen him on television or perhaps in the papers.

A subtle movement in his lap caught my attention. He was discreetly fondling his cock through his expensive suit pants. The woman noticed too and pulled his hands away.

"Not yet! Be patient," she said. "If you are good I'll take care of you later. I promise."

The car stopped at an intersection and as we waited for the lights to change, a motor bike pulled along side. It was a big bike with a loud throbbing motor, the noise of which reverberated through my body, sending tiny pulses of pleasure shooting to my sex. The blond woman lowered the window and put her hand between my legs, gently forcing them apart so the rider and his female pillion passenger could see my smooth, bald cunt. I was very wet.

The lights changed to green and we sped along the highway with the bike alongside. The woman next to me put her hand under my chin then lifted my face and kissed me. I was staring straight into the blank, anonymous helmeted faces of the couple on the bike. When I felt the woman's fingers enter me I nearly came.

The car turned suddenly at an intersection and the bike and my admiring audience vanished. Alone with her again, the woman put up the window and brought her fingers to my mouth. I licked them clean for her, savouring the sweet taste of my own juices.

I felt movement next to me and turning saw that the man had opened his trousers and was masturbating. The woman reached across, angrily slapped his hand away, and grabbed his cock. From the agonised expression on his face, it was obvious that it hurt a lot.

"What did I tell you?" she asked threateningly. "Try that again and there will be no pussy for you for a week."

She squeezed his straining erection, making its huge, purple head bulge obscenely. He winced and tears appeared in his eyes. Satisfied, she smiled as he obediently put his aching penis back in his trousers and zipped up the fly.

The car stopped and I was walking, or rather, I was half carried, half dragged across a small bridge to an equally tiny room.

My dream began to fade. I was cold and the annoying noise was back. "Thump, thump, thump, thump, thump...." It droned on, and on, and on, the tempo never varying. I tried to pull up my quilt but found that I couldn't move my arms.

"Look! She's awake." It was a woman's voice, but not the same one as in my dream. There was definitely an Australian accent this time.

I tried to raise my head but it simply refused to cooperate and my eyes felt like they were glued shut.

There was a man's voice. "Yes look, she's trying to open her eyes. Don't stop now."

The voices sounded hollow as though they were coming from the bottom of a deep mine shaft. I could hear and understand the words but none of it made any sense. I tried to speak, "Don't stop what?" I wanted to ask but the words that emerged from my mouth were garbled and unintelligible.

"It's okay Catherine. Don't worry, you're okay. Everything is alright." It sounded like the woman with the English accent from my dream.

There was a cool, soothing hand on my forehead and something warm brushed my cheek. It wasn't unpleasant but I flinched at the unexpected contact.

"It's okay Honey, just relax. You're going to be okay." The English accent was unmistakable this time.

I tried to sit up but found that I still couldn't move my arms. When I tried to move other parts of my body, I realised that it was refusing to obey even the simplest commands my brain was sending.

I was scared. Unanswered questions tumbled over one another in my head. "Where was I? Was I in hospital? Had I been in an accident? How badly was I hurt? Oh my God, was I paralysed? Please not that! What the hell had happened to me?"

There was a hand on the back of my head and I felt something cold and hard against my lips. My mouth filled with cool liquid, some of which spilled and dribbled down my chin.

"Here drink this. It will make you feel better." I swallowed and almost immediately, my head began to clear.

I was aware of a pleasant tingling sensation in my loins that must have been brought on by my erotic dream. I wanted to touch myself and automatically I tried to put my hand between my legs, but couldn't.

The darkness that enveloped me began to lift and gradually the black became grey that slowly faded to a dirty muddy colour and finally became brilliant white that scorched my eyes.

There was a voice by my side. "Hi Catherine, it's nice to have you back with us."

It was the English accent again and I turned my head in the direction of the voice.

My vision had returned enough to see that she was tall - or at least standing over me she appeared that way - with shoulder length blonde hair that gently framed her attractive face. She had a gorgeous smile and beautiful, piercing blue eyes. I found it strange that she was wearing the same black, full-length evening dress as the woman in my dream.

"I...I...I know you, don't I?" I managed.

"Of course you do darling," she replied.

I tried to remember her name but my brain was still foggy and the persistent tingling in my loins was making it hard to concentrate.

It took all my strength but I managed to raise my head a little. The room was quite small with a low ceiling and wherever I was, I knew that I certainly wasn't in a hospital. The walls were lined with timber panelling and there was a row of small windows along two of the sides. It appeared to be dark outside.

As I became more aware of my surroundings, I realised that I was in the centre of the room lying on what appeared to be a small bed - or rather it was more like a narrow bench. There were wide, black Velcro straps around my wrists fastening them to the bench by my sides. I was naked and my legs were raised so that my knees were drawn up almost up to my chest and my ankles were fastened, about shoulder width apart, by similar straps, to a bar that was suspended from the ceiling.

There were other people in the room; two women standing by the foot of the bench I was lying on and a man standing at the back of the room. He was in shadow and I couldn't see him clearly but I think he was quite a bit younger than the others.

Turning my head, I saw the figure of another man standing nearby. He was wearing a red bow tie but otherwise he was naked. There was something very peculiar about his stance and it took me a several seconds to realise that he was tied, spreadeagled, to some fastenings in the wall. His penis was hard and erect; its huge, purple head was swollen and shiny. It seemed to be pointing straight at me.

The sensation between my legs was more obvious now and I recognised the early signs of an approaching orgasm. I didn't need to be able to see what was happening to know what was causing the fire in my loins - it was a feeling that was very familiar, but I still strained to raise my head to confirm what I already knew. Someone was expertly tonguing my now throbbing cunt.

I looked at the blonde woman standing next to me searching for answers but she simply smiled and bent to kiss me softly on the cheek. Her face was frustratingly familiar but I still couldn't recall her name.

"Please?" I moaned, not sure if I was asking her to help me remember who she was or imploring the person whose face was between my legs for more.

"Think Catherine. It will come to you. The drug I spiked your drink with at the club sometimes affects short term memory, but don't worry it will pass."

At the words "drug", "drink" and "club", I felt stab of alarm - they were from my dream and only existed in my head. How could this woman know anything about that?

I tried concentrate but the raging wave of pleasure that was spreading from my cunt through my whole body was demanding all my attention and I knew I wasn't far from an orgasm. I was straining against by bonds but they held secure. Instinctively I arched my back and pushed my hips forward, trying to thrust my cunt towards the mouth, lips and tongue that were tormenting me. I could move a little but it wasn't enough. I moaned in frustration.

Something touched my breast and I opened my eyes to see one of the other women, an attractive brunette with green eyes, standing at my side gently caressing my tiny mound. She had taken off her dress and her other hand was inside her expensive French knickers. Her eyes sparkled with anticipation and excitement as she took my nipple between a finger and thumb and rolled it back and forth sending bolts of pleasure shooting down to join the ones radiating from my sex.

Behind her, I could see that the third woman had moved and was now standing next to the man who was secured to the wall. She was naked; slowly, and carefully she was pumping his straining cock, watching as it dribbled pre-cum.

"Careful Jen," the blonde woman at my side warned. "He mustn't be allowed to come. He has been a very naughty boy tonight and needs to be taught a lesson."

The man was obviously on the verge of having an orgasm and his eyes rolled back in his head as Jen squeezed the base of his penis, cruelly cutting off the surge of semen that threatened to explode from his aching balls. He moaned and his body slumped so he was hanging limp and motionless by his arms, apparently unconscious, from the bonds that secured him to the wall.

I gasped as the brunette took my nipple between her warm, moist lips and sucked, drawing out a long, low, animal-like growl from deep inside my throat. She lifted her head and smiled, obviously pleased with her work. "I think she's ready Laura."

Laura! Of course, that was it; the face the smile but most of all the eyes I knew I had seen them before - how could I forget. I had met her a few weeks ago at my neighbour Claire's and I guessed that the naked man chained to the wall was John, the politician husband she'd mentioned. No wonder he looked familiar; his campaign posters had been everywhere for weeks leading up to the Federal Government elections the previous weekend. I was amused and wondered what his colleagues and supporters would think if they only could see him now.

Before I could say anything, Laura turned to the person servicing my cunt, and placing her hand on the person's shoulder said, "That's enough."

The tongue made one last lap of my aching slit and then the smiling face of a girl appeared between my open legs. She was in her early twenties, attractive, and her lips were wet and shiny with my juices. I didn't recognise her immediately because her long dark hair and make up were dishevelled and she was naked. The last time I saw her she was wearing tight, black jeans and a silver metallic top, and she was dancing with her boyfriend at the club in my dream.

"Laura, please." I looked at her, pleading, I think asking her to make the girl continue.

She looked at me and smiled. "So you do remember me - that's nice. I was beginning to think you had forgotten."

My cunt was throbbing and I realised that as much as my bonds would allow, my hips were thrusting rhythmically, searching desperately for something for my cunt to use to release the pent up desire trapped inside; there was nothing there for me to rub against and I whimpered in frustration.

Laura smiled at my plight and turned to the dark-haired girl. "Looks like Catherine needs your services again Megan. Maybe you'd like to finish her off with this?"

Megan turned to take the strap-on dildo that Laura was holding for her. There was a cruel glint in her eye as she held it aloft like a trophy for me to see.

"Oh yes Laura. I've been waiting all night to fuck this little slut. I'm going to show her exactly what happens when she flirts with my man."

I eyed the monster she was strapping to her hips with trepidation and instinctively tried to close my legs, but my bonds held them secure and wide open. Making sure the base was nestled snugly against her sex, Megan moved between my open legs and prepared to assault me with the huge cock.

I took a deep breath as she pressed the tip against my labia. My mind was screaming, "No!" but my voracious cunt betrayed me, and my slick pussy lips parted welcoming the intruder. As the bulbous head made its way inside me, I trembled and moaned in anticipation and fear. I'd never taken anything so big and I looked up at the girl silently, pleading with her to be gentle.

Her eyes were open and she watched with an expression of rapt fascination as the monster forced its way into me, stretching my labia to their limit, pushing firmly against the yielding, elastic walls of my tiny vagina. She slid it deeper and deeper until I thought I couldn't possibly take any more then with one huge, final thrust she drove its entire length deep inside me.

It took a moment or two for the sensation of pain to travel from my loins to my brain and in those few seconds, everything seemed to stop. Nobody moved or made a sound; it seemed like they were all waiting. Then suddenly the silence was shattered by the most horrifying scream I have ever heard. It was the sound of someone in agony and I was chilled to the core when I realised that the tortured scream was coming from me.

Laura cradled my head in her arms and pressed her lips against mine, thrusting her tongue into my mouth to muffle my scream as Megan rammed the huge cock into me again.

Pinned to the bench by the massive phallus, I waited helplessly while Megan paused briefly then slowly withdrew the cock until just the tip was nestled between the folds of my labia. I held my breath, preparing for the next painful assault.

Through my tears I saw Megan smile she as pushed, forcing the tip into me again, followed by the seemingly never-ending shaft until she'd buried whole length in me to the hilt. It had slid in easier this time but I still felt like I was being ripped cruelly apart.

"That's it. You can do it baby." Laura urged.

I wanted to say, "No! Please stop. Please, no more!" but the words wouldn't come. All I could do was moan.

Again, Megan drove the cock into me, wrenching another scream from my tortured body.

I looked pleadingly to Laura for help. I wanted to beg her to stop the pain but the words that formed in my throat were snatched away by screams as my cunt was plundered again and again with never ending savagery.

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