tagRomanceNi Ai (That Love) Ch. 02

Ni Ai (That Love) Ch. 02

byLady Wysteria©

He walked slowly towards her. Each step he made joined in the rhythm of the thumping in her chest. He wore his hair in an adorably rumpled messy way, running his fingers through them nonchalantly as he neared her. She noticed his shirt unbuttoned three holes down and slightly open at the collarbone, giving her a good view of the protruding muscles on his shoulders. His right hand was on the pocket of his trousers, which hung almost loosely over him. But she could have sworn that she can discern a bulge growing from his crotch.

She merely stood frozen at the sight of him, her mouth slightly agape. He stopped a few feet away, a naughty grin playing off his lips. When he looked at her, he let his eyes linger and roam all over her body.

She bit her lip--hard. And tasted her blood, but didn't flinch from the pain. As he continued to look at her, gazing through the infinite blues of her eyes, into her soul as though he almost knew what she has been thinking. She felt a deep throbbing somewhere between her thighs, and the slick, yummy trickling sensation of hot wet in her bikini.

He took three more steps towards her, now merely inches away. That smile on his lips, his brown eyes that shone with such fierce passion never leaving hers, has gotten her even more aroused. And it was when she felt his soft caress on her waist--skin again skin--that she gasped realizing suddenly that she was completely naked.

He smirked before leaning down to let his lips this time, float on her neck, to her silky shoulders, her collarbone, slightly dipping his tongue on the gap between. And down to her breasts, merely flicking his tongue on her hard nipples as his exploring hands made their way to the small of her back and further lower to squeeze her pert little behind tightly. As his searching lips surfaced and found their way to hers to suck gently on the wound she made, she felt her own wetness drip profusely down her shaking legs.

He was too much and she could only moan in pleasure.

"Erika..." He was whispering and moaning her name repeatedly. Torn between the sweet sensations he was giving her and the breathy, longing manner he called out to her, she could only smile at the state of bliss she happily found herself.

"Oh Bryce... Bryce, please don't stop..."


Until her phone alarm went off that is...


My eyes snapped open as I almost jumped out of bed.


I don't know whether I should be disappointed because it had only been a dream, or the fact that I was left hanging in my aroused senses *even* in my dream. It was too cruel.

Dragging myself out of bed, I made my way to the bathroom to douse my face with cold water, in an attempt to snap me awake. It had only been a dream, but it felt so fucking real... so almost as if Bryce had actually been there with me and lavished me with his sweet ministrations.

"Damnit." This time I said it aloud, unconsciously as I grip onto the edge of the lavatory. Why couldn't I just stop thinking about him? What's up? Suddenly I find myself so hot for him whether or not he's around, which was mostly the former. But still, only I wouldn't dare to satisfy my lustful needs on my own, especially when I realized other feelings were involved: stronger than my lust and will. It just didn't feel right.

But it was damn hell getting a lot more frustrating the more I hold back and deprive myself. I couldn't as well expect *him* to satisfy them. Though we both know how our attraction to each other build up lots of tension, most especially at close range. Just like the week before when he picked me up after class, when we found ourselves stranded in an empty building on a rainy late afternoon. I could still taste his lips and feel them suck on mine gently, and how his tongue engaged in a naughty play with my own. If it were only a second longer, he could've torn open my blouse...

Ugh. Damnit. Why couldn't I just stop?!

I almost ripped my nightclothes off as I stepped into the shower. Letting the cold-water wake up my nerves and senses, I tried as hard not to think about Bryce again.

"Wake up girl, NOT happening."


Legs spread in a fetal position, one hand in firm grip of a rock, I breathed in deeply as I sought my focus to find a stable hold to position myself onto the inclined wall. Sweat was trickling down from my forehead, to my neck, down to my arms and legs. I loved the adrenalin rush and the feeling of as if holding on for dear life, at the edge, with heart pounding due to the excitement of it all.

Another grip on the nearby rock, I twisted my body and crossed my legs to continue with the traverse. Almost there. Both mind and body were working in unison, pushing me closer to my limits. I can sense my arms almost giving up on me, feeling them numb every minute that pass by as I held on. My control had been more powerful apparently, as I let out a triumphant yelp when I gripped onto the final rock at the edge.

I loosened my grip on the rocks and let myself fall onto the mattress, smiling proudly to myself with such an accomplishment.

"Nice." Looking up, I found the handsome, tanned face of Josh, my climbing buddy grinning from ear to ear down at me. I felt myself blush as he held out a hand to help me up, although I was hoping it was hardly obvious from my already flushed face. I took his arm eagerly and sought a liking to the feel of his muscled arms when he lifted me up from the matt.

"Thanks." I could only smile silly in front of him, "That was one helluva work-out."

I noticed then Josh was looking intently, as though contemplating on me. Feeling another blush creeping up my cheeks, I nudged him playfully.

"You seem more intense lately," Josh noted in a sudden serious tone, still looking at me, "You okay Erika?" He sounded so concerned that I just couldn't help giggling. I realized I've been venting out my frustrations with Bryce on sport climbing, no doubt about it. Probably that was the release I needed after all. No worrying about having to fantasize about him afterwards now is there? I was almost beside myself with relief.

"Erika?" Josh seemed confused at the weird look I probably had. So I chuckled softly again and patted him on the shoulder assuring him I was fine. "I just needed to let out some repressed emotions, that's all," I explained casually.

I knew he didn't buy it. Josh gave me a raised brow, before softening up again and letting the matter go.

"Well, if you say so," he shrugged chuckling.

I didn't know if it was just me or Josh really looked cute in that grey cut-offs? Although I'd been well aware that he is handsome and has a nice tight ass, I never really paid attention to Josh before since I've always been busy fantasizing about Bryce. But since I was in such a state of confusion and limbo with Bryce, I realized that Josh was a pretty good diversion. A little crush wouldn't hurt would it? At least he was another male species that could make me forget about Bryce even for a while, and those growing feelings for him.

Damn. I kicked myself at that naughty thought. How could I think of Josh that way? He's such a nice guy.

I must have muttered it aloud because Josh looked at me again with a concerned look in his dark brown eyes.

"Are you sure you're alright?"

This is crazy. I'm feeling as if he were Bryce; asking me if I was okay, if I wasn't drenched with rain...

I took my towel from the nearby bench and gave Josh a thumbs-up sign. I just had to smile to hide the blush from my cheeks.

"I'm fine, Josh, really." With a wave, I jogged out of the climbing arena. I didn't give him a chance to press on the matter further. I wasn't in the mood for talking about it either anyway. Well obviously, I'm not over forgetting Bryce. I'm not even sure when I will be. My mind was in turmoil as I entered the empty locker room.

Since no one else was there, considering it was well into the lunch hour, I took the liberty of letting my sweaty clothes fall onto the floor as I padded into the shower room bare naked.

I turned on the hot water and watched the steam rise up to the glass doors, creating an opaque silhouette. I felt another burning feeling welling inside of me, thinking about Bryce, forgetting him, and then back into fantasizing about him again...

There's no sense in hurrying, my class isn't until 3 o'clock. Maybe just this once I'd satisfy the need I've been depriving myself of for months...

I let the hot water cascade down my body and involuntarily graze my fingers on my neck down to my full breasts, feeling my hard nipples under my soft touch. And without as much thought, I tweaked at them and gasped at the fervent sensation.

"Aahhh..." It felt so good.

The warm water was now running down my thighs and legs. I wanted so much more to know what else would make me feel that good as my fingers creep down to my throbbing clit, rubbing against them back and forth. I was wet. But not from the water.

One hand held on to the tiled wall as I prodded deeper into my sex, opening my legs apart iinstinctively, inserting one, and then twisting in two fingers stroking into my wet pussy. I moaned at the friction of my own touch, each second craving for more. Jerking my fingers in and out faster and faster each time, I threw my head back as I moaned in pleasure.

Bryce. Closing my eyes, I allowed the images and feelings surge through me with every thrust of my fingers.

I was nearing my climax when I heard a breathed out whisper, "Erika."

Josh was standing just a few feet away from me, griping hard on the shower door, sweat running down his flushed face. I must have forgotten to lock the door when I came in and was nearly too preoccupied that I didn't notice him come in.

He was looking at me, but I couldn't read his expression through the blur of the hot steam. Under normal circumstances, I probably would have freaked and jumped out of the shower and never show my face again to Josh. But this wasn't normal circumstances. And Josh had already thrown his clothes off and was stepping naked into the shower with me.

And he didn't forget to lock the door. His gaze never left mine still as I looked back at him, my eyes lowered down and finding the glorious sight of his erect cock. I licked my lips when I gaze back again at him. His eyes were of intense brown as he scooped me up into his strong arms and pushed me back onto the tiled wall, his mouth claiming mine in a passionate kiss.

I wrapped my arms around Josh's neck pulling him down to me as I responded intensely to his kiss. His tongue snaked into my mouth as his hands slid down my back. I pushed myself up to him and pressed my breasts onto his chest. Josh groaned at the feel of my nipples tease his chest. His mouth left mine suddenly and trailed wet kisses on my neck with his tongue. Moving further down, merely nipping at my nipples, his hot mouth made their way further south.

Josh bent down to his knees and effortlessly lifted my leg up and threw them up his shoulder, and with his fingers begged me to open up to him. I gripped onto his hair as he dipped his mouth to lavish on my clit, flicking his tongue teasing it. I moaned and rocked my hips implusively. He inserted two long fingers inside my still wet pussy and jerking them in and out, as he continued the onslaught of my most sensitive area. My whole body was shivering from the sensations and I could hear myself whimpering at his touch.

"Oh...oh fuck..." My head was about to burst, I felt as though I might just go insane as Josh thrust in faster with his fingers and his tongue. My whole body writhed sporadically as I felt my climax neared. I heard Josh moan in pleasure when my body shivered as cum came surging out of my pussy. His mouth never left my lips until I milked him with every drop.

I pushed myself off Josh and lavished his mouth even before he could stand up. He let me taste what was left of my own sweetness, and he half-moan half-chuckle from my aggressive move. He took me into his arms and held me tight to him, our tongues once again twisted in fiery passion.

When I sat in front of him, I 'accidentally' brushed my clit on his hard cock. A groan came off his throat when he felt my wetness still there. It was now my turn to smile wickedly between our kiss. Rolling my hips back and forth, I continue to rub his cock with my pussy. Josh was now moaning loud when I broke it off and I looked hotly at him. His eyes shown intensely as he begged for more friction. I kissed him hard one last time before positioning myself on all fours; my ass shimmied in front of him.

Excitedly Josh took my hips and licked my pussy lips again before kneeling down behind me.

"Ride me hard," I begged him. Josh gladly obliged and thrust his hard cock into my wet pussy. I heard him moan aloud in pleasure as he entered me and I could only whimper in response. He was thrusting slowly at first, feeling me inside him. But it was too much suspense for me as his cock rubbed onto my clit. I willed my pelvic muscles grip him hard and Josh moaned all the louder. He took it as a sign that I had wanted more.

He pumped into me faster and faster, deeper and deeper as my hips swayed back and forth rhythmically against his. I felt his balls slap against my ass with his every thrust. I knew I was lost as my body writhed under Josh's grip. I felt another surge of orgasm run wildly into my body as Josh continued to thrust faster and deeper. I moaned in the sheer nerve-wracking pleasure when I felt Josh stiffen and ultimately shot his warm cum inside me. I screamed as my own climax came soon afterwards.

Steam was still rising and the warm water ran through our bodies as we lay there on the shower floor, exhausted. He took himself out of me and held me close to him. Josh and I didn't say a word, we simply laid there watching the steam and letting the water wash us out.

THIS was the release I needed.


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