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Nia: There Be a Mage


Sam's squeak of surprise gets me moving to the door of the jet fast gun out. I look out to see Twitch coming with four guys behind her. I recognize one, a somewhat annoying FBI agent assigned to the new branch. The one next to him I don't know but is wearing the same black suit. The other two guys are carrying big cases, I look at Sam she looks back and shrugs.

We get out of the doorway when Twitch's daughters come through. Twitch stops at the steps up looking a little unsure the four men come on board and drop their luggage. After a moment of looking at the steps and testing one Twitch comes up and looks around. She pads toward the back then comes back looking around and letting out a breath, her daughters take that as a command and land on her.

"Nia I figured you would get on one of those jumbo jets to go home." Twitch says lying down, trying to look calm instead of nervous.

Once you get to know her you realize Twitch has very expressive eyes. Anger and fear are easy to pick out, nervous is harder but once you figure it out you can't miss it.

"I got a private jet, not really mine but on loan from the FCI branch of the FBI. Constance and Ben are in the bedroom, new coffins with a TV in it, Constance laughed herself to the floor when we looked for them." Twitch laughs and shakes her head. "Twitch once we are airborne you are free to go up to the cockpit and watch us fly. We talked to the crew already, our stewardess is busy getting the food, she left half an hour ago." Twitch looks up surprise in her face and lets out a breath.

"That is unexpected, and welcome. I've never flown high enough to see clouds from the top. You two never try, the air gets thinner the closer you get." There are two yes moms from them as I move toward our unexpected passengers.

"Falco what the hell are you doing here and who are the rest of these guys?" Field Agent Falco looks up at me and sighs.

"We are assigned as your backup the upstart over there is my partner and fresh from training, Field Agent Benjamin Franco. These two back here are the other half of your team minotaurs both, one is called Linus the other is Charlie." I giggle, I can't help it I always loved the Charlie Brown specials.

"Well all we need now is Snoopy and Lucy. Falco I think your Snoopy.' He smiles and chuckles.

"I always liked Snoopy." I sigh and think of calling him Lucy instead.

"I'm not Lucy." Field Agent Franco says holding up his hands.

"Nope he's Ben-Ben." Twitch says getting me to laugh.

"My husbands name is Benjamin, Ben for short, Twitch's farm owner is named Ben so when we are there we call them both Ben-Ben." I say turning when the stewardess comes back finally pulling up packages from a cart.

In all four packages get on the plane, Sam and I trade a look. I walk closer to her as she gets the packages set into the kitchen.

"I don't think we are going to eat that much." She looks up and smiles.

"Some of these are packages of blood, they are flash frozen all I need to do is toss them in the microwave and any vampires aboard have food. I have an assortment of alcohol and OJ for you. Salads, sandwich materials, and of course steaks and roasts in case anyone decides they want to eat a meal. The food will be fine on the jet for a week, the blood until I thaw it or a year whichever comes first." I smile at her rather impressed.

"Well then I guess I want an OJ and when are we taking off?"

"Soon as I get this packed away and the door shut. I'll give you your OJ before I shut the door. Oh Twitch if you would please move into the recessed portion of the floor, it is there for when we take off and land to keep you from breaking the jet." Twitch laughs and gets up to move into it.

I go and sit across from Sam wishing there were two seats a side. Sam smiles at me then gets up and leans across me to lower the window covers on the ones I can see easily. Before she sits she gives me a kiss getting us some hoots from behind us. I twist to look to see Ben-Ben and the minotaurs smiling at me. Snoopy is looking bored and tired.

"Snoopy you're slipping, Sam kissed me and you didn't say a thing." He sighs and looks up.

"I got yelled at by the director, called my wife even. Not doing that again she's pissed already we're moving to Phoenix."

"Damn and here I was thinking I was rid of you." Sam giggles and I get my OJ.

"Now, one chance for a drink before we leave I'll do food in the air." The stewardess says after shutting the door.

"Prissy and Dissy would like some water." Twitch says getting a confused look from the stewardess.

"I knew there was something we forgot. I'll give you a bowl of water and refill when it's low or spills. Small bowl apologies on that I'll be sure and get a big one in Phoenix."

With a bowl of water for Twitch's daughters, they come out smaller than you would expect considering how big Twitch is, the engines roar to life. I squeak as we move to the runway and take off. Twitch is looking over at me giggling then sends her daughters over. Prissy and Dissy buzz me playing games of don't touch Nia, this gets me to calm down I'm not looking out the windows by Sam I'm watching them.

When we level out the stewardess comes back leaving the door open for Twitch. Twitch gets up and walks that way the new card stuck in her wing flashing as she goes into the cockpit. Sam gets up and follows her squeezing past the stewardess busily making up a salad and sandwiches.

"I never would have believed it if I didn't just watch it, the mighty Nia afraid of flying." I turn around to look at Falco.

"I'm not afraid of flying I'm afraid of heights. I gotta have one flaw otherwise I'd be to perfect."

"Some think you have two flaws, married to a vampire sits way up there on the hate list of many surprisingly well funded groups." Ben-Ben says getting a sigh out of me and a shaking head from Falco.

"Ben-Ben they only have a price on my head for right now, I've called Europe they won't touch it. No one here will touch it I've asked. They will drop it just as soon as I remind them I'm called perfection for a reason. Don't forget your not in class anymore this is the real world where I'm top dog." Ben-Ben opens his mouth to say something until Falco touches his arm and shakes his head.

"Don't argue with Nia, the military uses some of her suspected sniping jobs as tests for their snipers. No one can do as well as she did, some of them are called impossible."

I squeak when the jet rolls to the right and left, Sam in the cockpit is laughing. Twitch seems to be enjoying herself. I get up and head that way wondering how our stewardess did not even bounce off the other side. I find out when I reach her, she has a strap around her holding her there I call her a cheater and head into the cockpit.

"What was that?" Sam looks at me, Twitch is to busy with her front paws on two chairs behind the pilots.

"Twitch wanted to see what turning would be like up this high. She's calling the experience incredible." I sigh and shake my head.

"Nia this is amazing, I wish the jet moved better this is more like gliding than flying that I remember." Twitch says peering out at the clouds.

"I wonder if the military would modify one of their fighter jets to let Twitch ride on it." I say with a sigh, Twitch is lost in her own world of remembered flying and seeing clouds.

"They would not, Twitch is to large to fit in any of the current models. Even attaching a clear bubble to the underside would deteriorate the flight capabilities to much. I've heard talk they are working on a prop plane sturdy enough to support a dragon. There was talk of trying to make a plane a dragon could control themselves, that one is on the back burner until cockatrice are approved or not." The pilot says turning to look at us with a smile on his face.

"The FDA is saying good things on cockatrice they are looking into all of them to see if there are any medical uses in them. I lost four more the day after I laid the twins, they want to do physical testing, see how well they can see and so forth. They didn't explain it all to me. My sister has a male for us to take along in case there is a large pack of cockatrice. No farms in easy walking distance of there so dragons are unknown to any there." Twitch says finally looking back her eyes excited with an undercurrent of worry.

"Great don't worry Twitch I have a semi auto Barrett now, Sam is getting my AK and we got those four back there. Not taking Ben and Constance, the gang was last seen leaving for the area with enough time to be there for an hour before it got dark. Wasn't vampires and we need to be active during the day." Twitch nods and turns back to the clouds.

I catch a glimpse of the earth so far down there and sit fast on the floor, Twitch doesn't look the pilot does along with Sam. I get pulled back up looking down getting a giggle out of Sam. Feeling silly for almost yelling about the ground so far below us I head back to my chair. Our stewardess hands me a plate with a sandwich and salad on it. Feeling happy to be not overfed for once I sit and eat watching the light disappear outside. Ben comes up next to me and touches my arm, chuckling when I jump.

"Could you go see Constance, she wants to try something with you. I think the fame has gone to her head." I look at Ben and sigh, he just points with a grin.

"Is it sexual?" Ben shakes his head so I get up and drag Ben-Ben with me.

He's trembling at the door I look him up and down then take his gun away and toss it to Falco. Inside it is dark, barely any light showing, I can make out the two coffins. With him pressing in to my back we move farther in calling to Constance. We both jump when the coffin lid bangs open with Constance coming out hissing and coming toward us. Ben-Ben turns and runs I turn to watch him go, Constance leans against me and laughs.

"I guess that answers my question." I turn to look at her, she looks up and giggles.

"What was that?"

"A small movie company has asked me to help with their script they are going to use real vampires. Rather on the hokey side but that at least works, more impressive with fangs and the eyes going I suppose. They want to make it funny and scary funny they got if a little simple at times. There will be some scary I suppose, were you scared at all?" I shake my head.

"I knew you were going to try something, I had no idea what so I was a little startled but I do know you."

"Scared him so yeah that works, who was that?" I giggle and point to the faces peering in the doorway.

"The runner was Ben-Ben, new agent assigned to us, Falco you luckily don't know. Married so don't try, the other two faces there are Linus and Charlie. I got a squad, two agents and two minotaurs."

"I know Linus I helped him hunt down a criminal. So did you pick out a Lucy and Snoopy?" I giggle and nod at Constance.

"Falco is Snoopy, we don't have a Lucy."

"You should get a Lucy, if nothing else so you can do the football bit." There is a groan from the doorway.

Constance shoos them away and shuts the door. She comes back to me smiling and looking unsure.

"I really like Consuela, I want to feed on her as well as pleasure her I just don't know." I take Constance to the bed and sit us down.

"Consuela wants to be fed on she just wants to wait until you more than like her. Course if she wrecked my car I'll kill her, otherwise once you tell her you love her your sucking blood." Constance sighs and looks down.

"That's the problem she's human she will grow old and die just like you will. I don't want that to happen to Consuela, she doesn't want to be a vampire. I don't think I could go through that again." I pull Constance to me and hold her.

"Life is a bitch and then you die." Constance giggles then hits me on the leg. "A very smart person once said that life is full of hardships, things keep knocking you down, living means you get right back up and keep going."

"That helps a little it's just I have a phobia, your afraid of heights, I'm afraid of death. That's why I didn't stay in the daylight and let it finish me. I'm afraid that my preacher was wrong and there is no heaven just dead and that's it end of movie. I know I died once, I've turned people and you very die. I just don't remember anything you close your eyes and then open them again with fangs."

"Everybody is afraid of something your fear is more rational than mine. Ben is afraid of sharing my blood." Constance looks at me and smiles before shaking her head.

"Close your eyes."

I smile back and do turning my head to the side. Constance giggles and moves me on the bed so I am laying there. I giggle when she pulls my panties off me running her hands up and down my legs. She settles between my legs and licks at me sending shivers down my back. I can't help but moan and move for her, Constance knows what she is doing. Her tongue moves over me with long practice sending an orgasm flying at me.

Crashing over with a moan I move against her face trying to get more pleasure. Constance changes whispering to keep my eyes shut as she runs my clit between her fangs. She kisses and pokes at me all the way up my body I'm shivering in delight and fighting the urge to look. Constance is pockmarked with burnt flesh her left hand is still there I can feel it touching at my breasts as she sucks on my nipples. I am so close to an orgasm when she moves up me for my neck, I moan when I'm teased with her fangs just poking at me with kisses.

Constance sinks her fangs into me and I have one humdinger of an orgasm. My hips are rising up and down begging for a cock to be inserted. Toes curling, hands clenching in the comforter atop the bed, Constance sucks on me prolonging my orgasm. I think I yelled my pleasure Constance is giggling against my neck sucking on me. I curl up in a ball on my side when she pulls free of me I'm trembling when Constance puts two hands on me.

"Are you scared?" The fear in her voice makes me open my eyes and look up at her.

"Worn out, you know how I am big orgasm or two and I need a nap." Constance smiles at me and moves me up to a pillow.

I wake up to Sam and an alarm I look around to see sunlight streaming in. I groan and roll over to hit Sam a little harder than I meant to. Giggling Sam pulls me up and holds up a short dress for me, I shake my head and head for the dresser.

"Sam why is it daytime?" I'm going through my drawers pulling things out and tossing them to the side, Consuela rearranged my drawers in the move.

"We had landed and you hadn't woken up yet, it was decided you would stay asleep until it was time to go looking. Twitch took a nice long nap herself, we are having breakfast and going."

I sigh as I pull out my leather pants skin tight is not good to wear in Phoenix until after Halloween but screw it. I want to be able to move in case it is cockatrice and the male can't hold them back. Sam doesn't say anything while I pull my pants on, get out a nice armless vest and pull on soft leather boots. She squeaks when I put my harness on, I pull out my mini Uzis and get those attached then put the Colt up on my chest and the downsized Desert Eagle goes to my waist.

I set the shotgun and the belt of ammo on the bed then go searching for my Barrett. It takes a little looking Consuela tucked the case for it in the closet. Sam watches wide eyed as I load three clips with the impossibly big bullets. I tuck these into the belt of ammo for the shotgun now strung around my middle and head for the kitchen.

Linus and Charlie look up and go back to their breakfast. Falco and Ben-Ben keep staring at me, I can't decide if they are staring at my breasts or the shotgun and Barrett. I sit down at the table until Twitch yells at me to sit with her. I get up and go into the living room just off the kitchen and sit on the sofa where Twitch is watching TV.

"Nia I like TV, this is really interesting. Consuela turned it on said it's cartoons for the kids that go to school." I look at what is on, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and laugh as Consuela hands me a plate of food.

"School hasn't started yet so they just air whatever they got. Constance had me get cable, every channel so there really should be something good on." I smile at Consuela as she turns and heads back into the kitchen.

"Twitch, haven't you ever watched TV before?" Twitch shakes her head.

"Ben and Marie do not own a TV they have radio's everywhere and a computer. Well two computers so the kids have something to do besides ride me. Farm is a lot of work, even a chicken farm, when it comes time for planting season I help, I churn the dirt these claws are good at it. Only a personal planting of course I'd hate to do a professional farm, would take three or four dragons and that's only for one acre."

"Well I guess we can scratch that one off the list of dragon job possibilities." Twitch laughs, Sam giggles. "Twitch, how far can a dragon move in a day?" Twitch let's out a breath.

"Depends on why they are moving, just going for a walk it's about fifteen miles an hour, patrol the outskirts so to speak, I do that on occasion. It's good to clear your head and forget what went wrong or what someone said. A female in heat will get the males to move at close to thirty miles an hour my last mate came from about two hundred miles north I had gone into heat in the morning. Next time I think I'll just get the male in the farm we were near, much closer than any of them." I sigh and look down.

"Damn, then it's possible it is a dragon still, there is a farm about ninety miles from where the gang went poof." Twitch let's out her breath and shakes her head.

"My sister is there, the male she got to come was her last mate he is just the next farm over. They would know about a dragon that size near to them and my sister lords her longer body over me. There are farms farther north of there." I shake my head.

"Those are corn and cotton farms, only personal stocks of chicken except one that is just chicken, no cockatrice. Whatever did this came a long way, perhaps it is not a dragon. Could cockatrice lure people away far enough to not be found by a cursory search?"

"No, they are like chickens, very on the stupid side. You can walk within fifty feet of one and not know it unless it notices you. They are very aggressive unless it is even to lower numbers. I can herd them because dragons are their natural predators, our scales are thick enough it takes a while to do anything but hurt. Generally the wild cockatrices move in small numbers, not enough to eat otherwise. We are taking a male just in case they flocked, they are known to do that when threatened." Sam leans forward to look at Twitch.

"Threatened by what? We just established dragons don't go there on a regular basis." Twitch lets out a breath.

"That's the big question something had to happen to those men. Unless they heard cockatrice fighting or saw one and chased to a flock, they ran into something. I doubt it was dragon or cockatrice, either would leave blood and pieces." Falco comes over taking an interest in the conversation.

"Possible they did, there was not much of a search. The police searched about a mile around and flew over with helicopters. The common thinking was they just skinned out to hide somewhere and would come back. Some of the families put up a fuss but didn't try terribly hard."

"Are we getting more backup?" Falco looks down and shakes his head.

"The local police are more than willing to just drop this in our lap. All we got is a promise to run cooked food up to us in the afternoon." I sigh and get up.

"Doesn't help us much, we could just stay up there overnight and let Ben and Constance run food up to us. We won't but it's a better option then the cops are giving us. Well Twitch here's to hoping you can find enough cockatrice for six dragons." Twitch lets out a breath and stands up.

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