tagSci-Fi & FantasyNia's Jump into D & D Ch. 04

Nia's Jump into D & D Ch. 04


Nia sat down on the couch, with Rhiannon plopping herself down next to her.

“So, Nia, tell me what happened in your little trance.” Rhiannon put her arm around Nia, resting Nia’s head on her shoulder.

“Rhee, I think that I have finally found someone. But you wouldn’t believe me if I told you.” Nia almost sobbed.

“Nia, honey, who is it that has you so ripped up like this?” Rhee nudged her to sit up.

“Rhee, it’s Ridley. If I go back, I want you to go with me. I think I may know of a way to get back there without the trance.” She sat back up so Rhee would stop elbowing her.

“Honey, that job has you to stressed.” Rhee thought that Nia was nuts.

“I’m not crazy. If you don’t believe me, then fine. I’ll just go back alone. I won’t need you to go with me. I just thought that you might like to get out of here for a while, possibly get some. But see if I help you get a guy anymore. I’m sick of it when you berate me like that.” Nia was pissed off; Rhee could tell. But Nia wasn’t about to take her roommate’s criticism like that. She just got off the couch, went to her room and slammed the door. Rhee came trotting after her, knocking on her door.

“Nia, honey, it’s not that I think you’re crazy, because I don’t. It’s just that…well, it’s kinda hard to believe.” Rhee leaned against the wall by her door.

“Rhee, I really love him.”

“I can tell.”

“Rhee, he’s so…”

“He’s so what?”

“Well, he’s a good kisser.” Oops!

“Hah. You kissed him. Did you guys…you know?” Busted!

“If you’re asking if we slept together, no we didn’t. You’d be able to tell if we did. I’d be acting a hell of a lot different than this.”

“Honey, open the door.”

Nia didn’t answer. Rhee turned the knob. ‘That’s funny. She never leaves her door unlocked.’ Rhee thought. She stepped inside Nia’s room, the scent of pizza and perfume tickling her nose. She called out Nia’s name, Nia answering back from the closet. Nia had a full-length body mirror in there. What the duo didn’t know is that it is the portal to Ridley’s world. Nia opened the closet, moving a lot of the clothes out of the way. Rhee stepped into the full closet, not believing what she was seeing in the mirror. In the mirror were Ridley, Norda, and Empress Savina. Savina pointed to Rhee.

“Who is that, Nia?”

“That is Rhiannon, Empress.” She looked over her shoulder at Rhee, then back at the mirror.

“When are you coming back, Nia?” Ridley put his hand against the mirror.

“I don’t know, Ridley.” Nia put her hand against the mirror where his hand was.

That’s when a surprise hit. Ridley linked hands with Nia through the mirror. Nia could see the smile on Ridley’s face as he stepped through the mirror. He pulled her into his embrace.

“Don’t ever disappear on me like that again.” He was scolding her.

“I won’t, Ridley, not if I can help it.” She just hugged him.

“Get a room, you two.” Rhee was being sarcastic again.

“Rhee, shut up.” Nia snapped at Rhee.

“Will you come back with me?” Ridley stepped back.

“Yes, Ridley, I will go back.”

“But what about me, Nia?”

“You too, Rhee, you too.”

Ridley stepped back through the mirror, and they waited for Nia and Rhiannon to pack. Nia and Rhiannon prepared themselves for stepping through the mirror. Then they stepped through. Rhiannon couldn’t believe what she was seeing, such a beautiful place. Ridley, Savina, and Norda were there to greet them. Nia dropped her pack on a bench, preparing herself for Ridley’s embrace. It was warm and gentle like before, but also filled with longing. Savina greeted Rhiannon with open arms, though Rhee was still a little shocked that she was actually there. They spent the rest of the day talking, but Ridley and Nia snuck away from the group. To be alone. He took her to the spot where they first kissed.

“Do you remember?” He stood behind her with his arms around her waist.

“Remember what?” She turned around in his embrace.

“The kiss.”

“How could I forget that?”

They separated when she saw Norda, Savina, and Rhiannon riding up.

“Empress?” She held Savina’s horse still as the Empress dismounted.

“I just wanted to see the view from here.” Savina pointed to Izmer.

The group stared at the castle in the distance.



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