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Nice Neighbors Ch. 02

byLauries Husband©

(Please read Chapter 1 if you haven't already. This multi-chapter story could be listed in several different groups. It contains group sex, bisexual and gay contact, incest, BDSM and other fetishes. If this offends you, please stop now. If it doesn't, I hope you enjoy. And a special thanks to Julie, my kinky muse, for her wonderful inspiration and support.)


The telephone was ringing at the other end, each brrrrinnngggg raising the caller's anxiety level. "Where are you, Evan?" she thought to herself. "Pick up, bro! Be there, bitch!" Brrrrin --

"Hey, little sis," Evan Bell caught her name on his phone before he accepted the call. He had just returned to his office after a lunch-time run around the cross-country course in the woods bordering the Stone College campus. She could hear his heavy breathing and it made her heart beat just a little faster. "Just got back -- gotta shower before my next class. What's up, sweetheart?"

Katie had walked into an empty house -- mother and father both out for the afternoon. She grabbed a bottle of ice water from the refrigerator and climbed the stairs to her room on the second floor. Not bothering to shut her door, she stripped down to her panties and put on a 'wife beater' T-shirt before stretching out on her bed and making the call.

She pictured her older brother standing in the shower, beads of hot water rolling down his slim, athletic physique. He was about 6'2" starting with sun-lightened sandy blond hair and his smooth flesh didn't get much darker. His sports and exercise regimen has kept his body harder and more fit at twenty-five than he was at eighteen. And while Katie's sexual preference was almost always female, she could not deny the desire she felt for him whenever they were together -- ever since that first time five years before.


It's not that they were particularly close growing up -- five years is quite a spread between an older boy and his younger sister. She wasn't even out of middle school before he started college and moved into a dorm. But as Katie grew older, her brother always found enough time to show her how interested he was in her life and how completely supportive of her he was whether at home or when he was at school and they spoke on the phone.

The real change in their relationship came during Christmas vacation her senior year in high school. One evening while their parents were out finishing the holiday shopping, Evan took a thin joint his roommate had given him down to the den. He figured he could smoke it by the fireplace while watching TV. He hadn't figured on his little sister coming in. But after a few hesitant exchanges, Katie accepted his offer to smoke it together.

That was the night she first told anyone her secret and Evan was feeling a little overwhelmed by the trust she placed in him. He pledged in turn that he would always be honest with her. Her eyes, glazed over from the pot, caught her brother's and put him to the test immediately. "Tell me the first thing you thought about when I told you there's a girl in my class I want to date." Her smile dared him to say anything other than the truth.

"Oh, my little Katie-baby is growing up," he smiled warmly at his little sister. "Are you sure you want to know? Your big brother is a man, not a boy like your high school friends." She waited for his answer. "I'm sorry, Katie...I didn't mean to..." He lifted her chin until she was looking directly into his eyes. "I thought about you with another girl -- I pictured you and one of your friends, naked...kissing." He felt his cock starting to grow and he couldn't go on.

"Oh my God, Ev," she cried out to him, "that is so hot!" Her eyes dropped pointedly to the tent in the front of his pants. "Geez, bro," she nodded towards his lap, "is that, you know, my fault?" The teenager hard a hard time getting the words out of her mouth. Her friends had all talked about their boyfriends' dicks, but Katie had never really seen one up close and personal. Between the pot, her confession and Evan's pledge to tell the truth, Katie was willing to let the evening take her where it would.

There was no way any words would get past his lips, but he was able to nod his answer. She felt free, liberated in her brother's loving presence. She smiled at him and he felt she had never been more beautiful. "That's silly, Evan. How can you get excited thinking about me? You've never even seen me, you know, not really."

She leaned back, her hands behind her on the thick carpet, one leg bent and drawn up at the knee. She was wearing a fleece hoody over a T-shirt, sweatpants and white gym socks. She spread her feet on the carpet and followed her brother's eyes as he shifted his focus to the junction between her legs. "And God, I mean just a year ago I was just a fat little kid." Her last murmur brought a frown to both their faces.

He looked into her eyes and saw her uncertainty. "No, Babygirl...you were just a little too young, your body hadn't started to change yet..." his voice cracked a little as she started to smile, "but you've always been beautiful to me." His grin returned big time. "Now, you're hot and sexy, too."

"Do you want to, Evan? Do you want to see your baby sister all naked and exposed? Will it make you hard?" Almost twenty-three years old and all he could do was grunt and groan trying to answer her taboo suggestion. "Will you show me yours too, Ev? Please?"

It was the "please" that brought Evan back from the edge -- back far enough to take control of his hormone-driven teenage sister. A deep breath and a sip of eggnog gave him both the composure and the moisture he needed to speak again.

"Yes, if that's what you want, my beautiful Katie-baby, but only if you agree to your older brother's rules."

His answer only turned her on more. Her pulse quickened and her face flushed red and warm. She felt how damp her plain white cotton bikini panties were under her sweatpants and that only embarrassed her more. In a rush of awareness, Katie realized that she started reacting totally submissively as soon as Evan took command. She had never felt that way before, not in front of a real, live person. She liked it -- a lot! She let go of her inhibitions, putting all her trust into her older brother.

She nodded. "Please tell me your rules, Evan." Her flesh caught fire when she saw the glow in his eyes behind his smile.

"Listen carefully, my sister, there are only two rules." Evan couldn't believe his long-time fantasies about his sexy baby sister might finally be coming true. "When I call you 'Katie-baby' you are mine. Heart and soul, mind and body -- you belong to me. You will do whatever I ask of you...whatever I tell you to do... immediately and without question."

The sound of her heart beating and the ringing in her ears almost prevented her from hearing the last words he spoke. She had spent many late nights getting herself off after re-reading her favorite passages from "Slaves of Gor" and fantasizing about what it would be like to serve someone like that. She nodded her head.

"Rule number two is even easier, Katie-baby."

As soon as the words left his mouth, Katie Bell, high school senior, melted into a warm pool of love and devotion. She had never wanted to kiss or be kissed by anyone more than she wanted her brother that very moment.

"The very first time you break rule number one, I stop calling you by your special name -- forever." His eyes had switched from a deep, loving warmth to a very cold and distant chill almost instantaneously. Her heart stopped and a million thoughts swept through her mind at the same time. But she fought her momentary confusion by concentrating on the years of love and support Evan had already given her.

"I agree, Evan." The words poured out once she let herself start. "I agree to everything, brother." She brought herself back up straight until they were both kneeling on the thick carpeting, facing each other in front of the fireplace. She moved even closer and put her hands behind his neck, pulling his face next to her own. She raised her self just a bit to put her mouth next to his ear. "I have always been yours." She brought her mouth to his, her full, soft lips molding themselves to his as they kissed like lovers for the first time.

She agreed and they grew closer than most siblings ever do. Evan took control immediately and the semi-naïve, eighteen year-old high school girl couldn't believe the sensations that overwhelmed her when her college-age brother looked silently at her for the longest minute of all time before he told her to strip for him. Her face flushed a deep crimson and her flesh tingled all over making her sweet pink nipples swell against her thin cotton bra. She moaned as she felt her tiny pink pussy start leaking clear, sweet girl-juice into her panties. She had fantasized about a moment like this for years and she just couldn't wait another minute to expose herself to her brother's hungry eyes. It took every ounce of self-control she had not to rip the clothes she was wearing right off her curvy teenage body. Instead, she forced her hands and fingers to move slowly and deliberately.

First unzipping and then shedding her hoody, she kept glancing at her brother with lust-filled eyes, her focus shifting from his face to his crotch. She loved seeing his trouser-tent twitch as she stood before him and began removing her sweatpants.

Evan groaned as his baby sister hooked her thumbs into the waistband and slid the comfy, gray pants down her pale, smooth legs. When she stood up again, her panty-covered, virgin sex was only inches away from his face and she knew the cotton had to be almost transparent from soaking up all her sexy secretions. Total embarrassment flooded through her again as the scent of her fresh, young cunt permeated the air, knowing her brother could smell it and tell how excited she was.

From his knees, Evan scanned upwards until his eyes locked on Katie's. He barely whispered the words but he knew she heard him by the way her legs trembled and her knees began to shake. "Don't move, Katie-baby."

He moved his arms around her hips until she felt his hands, fingers spread wide, grip the full, round, muscular cheeks of her sexy curved ass. More gently than she could have imagined, her older brother pulled her forward until the tip of his nose lightly grazed the damp cotton. He felt the tremor roll through her as she fought to stand still. When he sensed she felt in control, the handsome, athletic, dreamy older brother (whom all her friends said they'd fuck in a heartbeat), drew her even closer and ever so slowly and delicately he romantically kissed her panty-clad cunt, his tongue curling over and around her dark hair-covered mound before he backed away.

"Sweet," he said softly as he looked up at her, her face a kaleidoscope of thoughts and emotions. "Kneel down again." She dropped to her knees, quick to please and anxious to continue what had been started. "Keep going, Katie-baby." His voice was getting harder again as his eyes burned through the thin cotton top, scalding her breasts and reminding her of promises made to each other and to themselves.

Her fingers dropped to the hem of her T-shirt and she started to lift, revealing her firm, slightly rounded tummy and the flair of her hips. Her young emerging womanhood was constantly changing the shape of her body -- some days more than others -- but that night she was pleased with what she exposed and knew her brother would be as well. She watched his eyes tracking her progress -- his covered cock growing as it signaled every increase in Evan's pleasure. As soon as she pulled the shirt over her head, leaving herself in bra, panties and cotton socks, she heard his voice again.

"Hands above your head, my beautiful baby sister...leave them there." The complete control her brother possessed enthralled the hormone-driven teenager. Waves of electric excitement rolled over her flesh, tightening her pink nipples and teasing her swollen clit. She felt her tight little pussy throb in time with her heartbeat -- so close to climax without really being touched -- as she held her arms straight above her head. Evan moved even closer to his sister, only inches separating them as they knelt on the floor in front of the fireplace. Careful not to touch her burning skin, he slid his arms around her back where his fingers found the thin back strap and clasp of her bra. Pinching the material released the tiny hooks but her raised arms held the garment in place, the cups loose against her budding adolescent breasts. Again, carefully avoiding skin-to-skin contact, he brought his hands back around to her front where he gingerly held the soft, white cotton cups up against her, momentarily preserving her modesty.

"Hands down now, Katie-baby." He heard the quick gasp and knew instantly that she was every bit as excited and anxious about this as he was. Her long arms started their journey downward, drawing the shoulder straps of the bra to her upper arms. Evan took each of her hands in his as he scooted back to give her more room. As he drew her arms lower, the straps followed until the only reason the cups hadn't fallen was they were held in place, caught on her hard, rubbery nipples.

"My baby sister really is a naughty girl," he murmured as his eyes moved from the tops of her creamy, white tits up to her adorable face, eyes glazed and cheeks flushed with excitement. "You want to show your big brother your cute teenage tits, don't you Katie?"

"Uh huh," she whispered so softly he barely could hear her. Her eyes were locked on the front of his pants, watching a dark spot grow at the end of his obvious erection.

"I know you do, little girl. You know how I know, Katie-baby?" His voice changed and she looked up at his face, a deadly sexy smile playing across his lips. She dropped her chin, coyly shook her head playing the innocent flirt. Evan was having none of it -- he was in control and he needed her to understand that.

"I can smell you, baby girl -- I can smell your cunt." His voice was flat and firm leaving no doubt in her mind that he was serious about everything he said earlier.

No sooner were the words past his lips when the electrical storm started raging across her beautiful, round and firm teenage body. Her face burned with a sudden shame -- she felt so humiliated, all naked and exposed. She had never felt so vulnerable in her life. Yet unbelievably, she felt those emotions drive wave after wave of desire through her soaking pussy as she dripped into the cotton panties. And within seconds, her loss of control allowed the cups still covering her to escape the hold of her extended nipples and fall about her waist.

"Oh, Katie, my love," Evan was breathless with wonder and adoration, "you are..your breasts...my God, they're just perfect."

Her eyes rolled back and her body started to arc, her young, emerging tits pushed up and out as if waiting to be inspected while Katie watched the light show on the back of her eyelids and her orgasm flowed over and through her ultra-sensitive flesh. When the erotic waves subsided enough, the awe-struck teen opened her eyes and looked at her older brother, not believing the expression on his face.

"They're hardly perfect, Ev...they're too small and my nipples are too light but mostly..."

His expression changed immediately -- she felt like lightning bolts were shooting out of his eyes. "Stop right now!" His voice never changed volume, but she understood exactly what was going on and shut her mouth immediately.

"It's only because I didn't specifically tell you not to speak that I am not walking away from you now, Katie." He held his hand up to silence her before she could apologize. "I will next time, baby sister, so be careful." Then, like magic, his expression changed back to what is had been only a moment earlier, full of love, lust and wonder.

"Perfect," he muttered again before speaking directly to her. "Stand up, Katie-baby," he tapped the carpet between his knees, "right here." She hopped up immediately, her foot kicking her bra away as it fell to the floor. "Turn around." His voice was getting heavy again, throatier, full of want and need. "Stand still, darling, while your big brother strips your plain white, little girl panties off your tight round ass."

It seemed like neither of them breathed at all as Evan brought his trembling fingers to his younger sister's hips. He knew how bad they were being, but the tall, handsome college student was no stranger to forbidden relationships. And from the waves of lust-riddled heat rising off her perfectly rounded, firm and fit teenage ass, he guessed his baby sister wasn't opposed to a little incestuous play, either. But, he sighed to himself, she's just too young. Maybe, his smile returning just a little as he rethought his position, too young to touch -- but not too young to play with until her next birthday. His fingers found the narrow strips resting on the sexy little curve of her maturing hips, pulled them away from her steamy flesh, and peeled them down her beautifully trim and fit legs. She stepped out of them without a word, kicking them over by her discarded bra. The highly aroused high schooler felt the warmth of her brother's breath as she stood with her back to him, her apple-shaped ass just inches from his face as she wondered why he hadn't touched her yet and wanting him to with all her heart.

"Spread your legs." His voice sounded low and gravelly, his breathing uneven as he watched her move her legs outside his knees. "Jesus, Katie," he could barely speak as he tried to keep himself from cumming in his pants, "I can see all of you -- everything." Once again the twin feelings of shame and humiliation started to dominate the young girl's erotic persona, driving her towards a place she'd only glimpsed at before.

"Pull your cheeks apart for me."

She moaned from a deep, dark place inside herself as she brought her hands behind her and spread her fingers over each perfect cheek. She pulled as slowly and sensuously as she could, picturing her crack spreading before her brother's eyes, exposing her most private, dirty place to his dominating and demanding eyes. When she felt his moist, warm breath directly on her dusky, puckered ring, she knew their relationship had been changed forever. Still, though, he had yet to touch her and her anxiety was growing along with all her other conflicting feelings and strange emotions.

"Bend over, little girl -- touch your hands to the ground."

She gasped at his command, waves of electrical energy flowing through her, sparking every nerve ending in her body. She dropped from her waist, legs still straight and spread slightly more than shoulder width until her palms rested on the plush carpeting. She had to make herself breathe as she pictured her brother's view from behind. The shame and humiliation brought by such personal exposure returned from just minutes earlier, but at ten times the intensity. The high school cutie had never had dreams or fantasies as intense as this! She heard him laugh softly and her body reacted immediately, girl-juice leaking out of her tiny, pink slit making her feel even more ashamed and excited.

"Oh fuck, Katie-baby! Mmmm...little sister, I can see your cherry."

He sounded so masterful and dominant and she loved the thought of pleasing him any way he might require. Katie's mind was finding a new, dark place where she could turn her utter degradation into sublime pleasure as her brother's nasty, naughty words turned her on more and more.

Evan glanced down at the front of his pants and saw the dark spot starting to expand. He knew he couldn't stay like this much longer before exploding in his boxers. He backed away and stood behind his sister.

"Geez, Katie, even your asshole is cute." She started trembling, her legs unsteady. "Unh uh...no no...stand up RIGHT NOW, little girl." Katie pulled herself up, slowly bringing her legs together. "No cumming without permission when we're together. Understood?" Katie turned to face her brother and nodded.

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