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"Mmmmmmmm....that was quick!" Donna chuckled, "I suppose that's the joys of youth." Her hand soon began stroking it and I turned my head until I was sucking on her raspberry nipples. At this stage I ran my hand across her soft belly and stroked her hairless pubic area then began tugging and teasing her long piss-flaps. She was absolutely fucking soaking and sticky.....I had no idea women could really get this turned on.

I slid a finger in but it hardly touched the sides; then a second which made her shuffle for comfort and drop her head until she was sucking my dick again. I had nothing to lose and she was obviously gagging for it so I eased another two fingers into her sopping cunt. She hardly seemed to notice apart from spreading her legs for me. The harder and deeper I jammed my fingers the harder she sucked my cock – a win-win situation! My thumb accidentally touched her clit as I shoved my hand in past the second knuckle making her tense a little.

I grabbed her hair with my free hand and began bucking my hips until my cock was at the back of her throat again and my hand jabbed into her cunt as my thumb rubbed her clit. Donna began trembling so I repeated my name calling. 'Dirty fucker', 'old tart', 'MILF', 'cocksucker' and then by accident I mumbled, "You're even better at sucking cock than that slapper of a fucking daughter."

I thought Donna was having a fit and might bite my cock off as she went crazy!

"She couldn't get enough of my cock last night," I continued and Donna began rubbing her clit against my thumb, "I thought she was going to suck me off in front of everybody at the party." Donna now had my cock deep down her throat. "Then in the car she stripped naked and sucked me off twice....swallowing both loads of fucking spunk....then she fucked herself for me.....and any fucker else who wanted to watch!"

"Aaaaagguuugghhh!" She gurgled and screamed as a very intense orgasm racked her body into submission.

"Fucking hell!" She panted as she flopped onto her back, "that was...fucking great!" Her chest inflated and deflated before my eyes as she gasped for air. "Oh God! Oh shit!" She mumbled as sweat ran down the crease of her chest.

Eventually she turned her head to face me. "Did she really suck you off last night?"

I grinned and nodded.

"And?" Donna looked straight into my eyes, "Did she do...that other thing?"

"Finger herself?" I asked with a new air of confidence.

She nodded.


"I can't think who she takes after." Donna giggled as she put her arm around me and pulled me to her. Eventually she whispered, "Let's take a shower."

The bedroom was en-suite and the shower was probably bigger than my bedroom.

I nervously climbed in and Donna turned the water on. It was so powerful I thought it was going to take my skin off. She took a bottle of shampoo from the rack and massaged it into her luscious hair which made her tits wobble and therefore my cock twitch back into life. I shampooed and rinsed my own hair than began rubbing liquid soap into her tits then down between her legs. Still washing her hair she lifted a leg and rested her foot on the seat in the corner. Now that her cunt was all soapy I repeated my fingering until I had four fingers in her again. Donna closed her eyes and tried as best se could to hold onto the shower wall as the water naturally rinsed her hair. I made no attempt to rub her clit this time but tried to force my thumb up her chuff as well. It took some twisting but I managed it. Donna was moaning and groaning as I fisted her well used cunt.

This was better than anything that I'd ever fantacised about in the last 3 years. My wrist and cock were soon aching and I just had to fuck her. I pulled my hand out wit a 'plop' and stepped forward.

"No sweetie," Donna panted, "from behind. Do my from behind." She turned away from me and stood spread-eagled.....tits and hands pressed against the tiled wall and legs wide open.

I held her hips and slid my cock into her crack. It easily slid up her stretched cunt. There was hardly any grip but I wrapped my arms around her belly with her tits hanging over as I began banging away like a German Shepard dog.

"Fuck me....fuck me harder!" Donna kept squealing and I did. After a couple of minutes I slipped and we parted. I grabbed her again and shoved my cock straight back between her legs. Only this time I found some resistance but gave it one hard push and I was in.

"Oh oh dirty bastard.....that's my arse!" Donna grunted as my cock bottomed out inside her. I grabbed her by the tits and resumed banging away...only this time pummeling her arse hole.

"OOHYA! Yes yes!" She grunted as she pressed her arse back to meet my thrusts.

"I'm fucking her arse! I'm fucking her arse!" was all I could think of as I battered her hole and tried to pull her tits off her chest.

Without any warning my balls suddenly tightened and shot after shot of hot spunk quickly filled her cavity. I clung to her like a limpet for a few seconds as I recovered my senses and unceremoniously pulled my cock out f her arse. Donna slumped crying to the floor of the shower.

I stepped back and a wave of panic came over me when I saw her tears and heard her snuffling.

"Are you ok?" I whispered.

Dr Babb turned her soaking tousled head to face me.

"OK?" she winked, "that was the best fuck that I've ever had!"

I arrogantly smiled my approval

As soon as I'd dried and dressed Donna chased me away as Poppy would be home soon after visiting her horse at the stables and they were then meeting her husband at the Golf Club for lunch.

On the Friday lunchtime Mrs. Syal called in again. She was looking hotter and sexier each time she visited. This time she was wearing tight black leather trousers and bought another pair of shoes and a matching handbag. She only had a couple of bags but pouted her big red lips and asked Nick if I could carry them to her car again.

He winked at me and said it would be ok. On the way to the car she told me that she had moved into a new apartment and asked if she paid me would I help her move some boxes and furniture around the following day.

I told her I was working until 5 but I could help on the evening. She agreed to pick me up from outside the shop. But that and my continuing affair with Dr. Babb and her daughter are 'another story'.

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