tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNick and Em: College Car Park Fuck

Nick and Em: College Car Park Fuck


Emma and Nick

Evening Classes Can Be Fun

Em was an attractive young woman, who had recently separated from her husband, and was intent on doing all of the things she felt she has missed out on in her early twenties, although she came across as very sweet and acted all innocent when people first met her - she had a wild side that often took people by surprise. She had had quite enough of being the proper wife, and now just wanted to have some fun. With her pretty face, extremely kissable lips, pale blue eyes, shoulder length blond hair, curvaceous body and long shapely legs, she was never going to have a problem finding people to have fun with, if she wanted it.

She had enrolled in a creative writing class at the local college as a way of meeting new people and making new friends. The class was every Thursday night and, although she enjoyed writing stories and discussing them with the class, there was something else that kept her wanting to go back to the class each week.

The tutor, Nick, who took the class.

He was a tall man in his early thirties with piercing blue eyes, funny and intelligent but also quite shy and easily embarrassed. Em had discovered that she absolutely loved to tease him, and flirted with him at every opportunity, making suggestive comments in an innocent way that left him tongue tied and red faced in front of the class. This week she decided, she was tired of flirting and wanted to take things further.

So that Thursday, after a sunny warm day, she dressed to kill - putting on a very short, flowery, summer dress that clung tight around her bottom and showed off her attractive medium sized breasts, and her high heeled open toed sandals. The short dress, which barely covered her ass and the high heels, showed off her magnificent 36 inch legs with smooth toned thighs and round calf muscles wonderfully. She was made up to perfection, her lips sparkled with lip gloss, and her finger and toenails were painted a deep red. She felt like a million dollars, sexy and relaxed, and could not wait for the class to start. The college tutor had no idea what he was in for!

Em was one of the first to arrive at the classroom, as the sun slowly set on a warm late summers evening. The classroom was laid out with desks in a horseshoe around Nick's desk, and she made sure she sat at the desk directly opposite his so he would get a fantastic view of her legs under the table. She said hello to the tutor, smiling sexily as she mentioned how HOT it had been that day, how she had been sunbathing with hardly anything on in her garden that afternoon, and how HARD it had been to get dressed and come to college that evening. It was not so much what she said but the way that she said it, and if Nick had not already been hot under the collar when she walked into the room, he certainly was by the time the last of his students arrived and the class began.

Everyone took turns to read out the piece of work they had done for last week's homework assignment, but Em was hardly listening, she was just doing her best to maintain eye contact with Nick and keep him looking at her. It was obvious that he was having a hard time looking anywhere else but at her, and she smiled sweetly every time his eyes strayed downwards to check out her breasts or her her legs under the table. He might be too shy to say anything, but it was quite obvious that he wanted her.

When it was her turn to talk about her own work, and she knew she had Nicks full attention, she uncrossed her legs and parted them in a way that let him see the creamy white skin of her inner thighs. No one else in the class had the view that her tutor now had, they couldn't see what was going on underneath the desk but from the way that Nick shifted uncomfortably in his seat it was obvious that he could see everything she wanted him too, and it was having exactly the effect she wanted.

As she read through her assignment, which she had based upon the childhood experience of going horse riding as a girl, she slowly spread her thighs further apart, until she was sure that Nick could now see that she was not wearing any panties under that short summer dress. Nick did his best to avoid giving the class any clue as to what was going on, but couldn't stop his eyes practically popping out of his head when he saw a peach of a hairless pussy between her parted thighs.

Em knew she had him, and she could feel herself getting wetter with arousal as she thought about the next stage of her plan, and what she wanted to do to her tutor after the class had finished. If any of the other students had not been so focused on their work, they would have noticed that her nipples where now poking through the light material of her dress, but they were all concentrating on the lesson and didn't even notice when she dropped her left hand into her lap and out of view. Out of view to everyone except the tutor at the front of the class that is, who could see her hand disappear up under the hem of her short dress and begin to slowly stroke her pussy.

Nick, glad that he was sat behind his own desk, seemed quite eager to get the class wrapped up after that, and handed out the next week's assignments in something of a hurry.

After the class, Em made sure she was the last of the students to leave by asking for some advice on the end of year project. As the rest of the students filed out of the room, chatting about the next assignment, she stood up and walked to the front of the class, the stiletto hears of her shoes clicking on the tiled floor, and sat on the corner of Nick's desk. The tutor looked at her almost like a startled rabbit; Em thought that if he hadn't been so worried about standing up and showing off the bulge he must have in his pants, he probably would have run away

"I really love to come...to your class Nick, I find it so stimulating!"

"Well, err, thank you Emma, and, ah, may I say you look very nice this evening, that's ah, a very nice dress!"

Em giggled happily and leaned over to touch him on the shoulder giving him an eye full of her breasts as she did so "Thank you Nick, that's so sweet!" she beamed and gently stroked her hand down from his shoulder until her palm was resting lightly on his chest.

"I really enjoyed teasing you tonight, you know that?"

"Err, ah..."

"I loved the way you were looking at me,"

"Yes, ah, look sorry about..."

"Don't be sorry" she sang to him "Like I said I Loved it, I loved the way the rest of the class had no idea what you were looking at too" Em added with a wink "Please would you walk me to my car?"

"Ahh, certainly, my pleasure!"

Nick stood up awkwardly, clearly self conscious about his aroused state, Em stood up at the same time and stepped close to him - in her heels she was almost as tall as he was and her breasts with their hard nipples pressed into his chest. The hand that had been on his chest slowly slid down, until she brushed her finger tips lightly against the lump in his pants.

"Thank you ever so much Nick, I want you take good care of me she said with a wink.

All Nick could do was gulp.

The college was quiet and dark; it seemed that they must be the last people to leave the building as Nick escorted her, arm in arm, down the corridor to the steps to the floodlit car park at the rear of the building.

"I have an idea for my end of year project I'd like to tell you about Nick, it's a story about a woman who goes on a voyage of self discovery and discovers things about herself she never thought possible before...!"

"Sounds promising Em, which one is your car?" Nick answered as they walked down the stairs and out the double doors into the warm air of a summer night. It was 10pm and had just gone dark.

"It's that one underneath the flood lights" she pointed at one of the half a dozen cars left in the large car park and they set off towards it "Oh it's very promising! She learns that she is bored with her safe ordinary life and wants to do wild things she never imagined herself doing before. She discovers that she likes to make wild, passionate love to strange men..."

Nick stopped and turned to look at her, his mouth hanging open in surprise, but his arousal now clearly overcoming his nervousness.

"...and that she particularly likes to do it outside, in places where there might even be people around to see her!"

There was a sparkle in both their eyes as they stared at each other for a long moment.

"I've been flirting with you for weeks now Nick! Don't you want to fuck me?"

"Here? Now?" he stuttered.

"Right here!" Em smiled "Right now!"


But Em wasn't listening any-more; she was already sinking to her knees in front of him and reaching up to undo his belt. Nick had been hard as a rock back in the classroom, her display had definitely not gone unnoticed but he had got himself back under control a little as they walked out of the building. But as Em pulled his trousers and shorts down in one smooth movement he sprang quickly back to full attention right in front of her face, a large drop of pre-cum on the head of his cock testament to just how horny she had got this big shy man.

Em wasted no time at all and wrapped her lips around the head of his cock, sucking on it greedily and moaning in obvious pleasure as she did so.

For a moment, Nick froze the rest of his body as stiff as his cock. But it did not take long for the pleasure of what Em was doing to him with her mouth, lips and tongue to take over any other thought that was in his head and he relaxed, sighed and gently took hold of her head in his hands.

Emma was just getting started; Nick had no idea how long they stood like that under the floodlights of the college car park, the dark sky overhead and the slow rumble of traffic from the main road in front of the building in the background. She sucked him long and sucked him deep, him in a still stunned silence, her purring around the cock in her mouth in soft satisfaction. Em absolutely loved to do excitingly dirty things in public places, and her juices were practically flowing out of her wet pussy and soaking her thighs under her short dress. Nick could not believe his luck as his Amazonian lover sucked the entire length of his shaft into her mouth, and gently squeezed his balls with one hand.

Then she stopped, left his hard dick twitching in the cooling evening air and stood up in front of him. She shrugged her shoulders allowing her dress to fall to the floor so she stood there, completely naked except for her high stiletto heels. She took his hand, and then turned away from him, leading him towards her car, Nick could not take his eyes off her full buttocks and long long legs as she looked back over her shoulder and said to him "I want you to fuck me now Nick, fuck me really hard!"

All nervousness now forgotten, Nick followed her lead. When they reached her car Nick spun her around to face him, held her close so his hard cock was resting between her thighs and kissed her deeply. He could not really believe he was doing this and knew he could so easily get fired if he was caught fucking one of his students in the car park behind the college. And in that instant he really didn't care. He gently pushed her back until she was sat on the bonnet of the car, her bum right on the edge, he high heels hanging in the air, then she laid back and caressed her hands up her body to her chest, were she cupped her tits in her hands and began tweaking her nipples in anticipation of what was to come. Nick put his hands on the smooth creamy flesh of her naked thighs and parted them gently.

He thought it was his turn to kneel down and did so, leaning forwards to kiss the moist outer lips of her pussy with their light blonde curls and deliciously feminine taste. He was about to spread her lips apart with his fingers, and begin slowly licking away at her clit when she moaned,

"Oh Nick I love having my pussy eaten, I really do. But I asked you to fuck me. Really hard. Will you fuck me baby?"

Nick just growled, leapt to his feet and brought the swollen head of his cock up to touch her pussy, where his lips had been only a moment before.

"Oh God I'm going to get fired for this!" was what Nick thought to himself, it was as if he were possessed by a demon though, and what came out of his mouth was a question "You want me to fuck you honey?"

"Oh baby I want you to fuck me so hard!" came Emma's immediate reply. But Nick took his time now, slowly stroking the head of his cock up and down the length of Ems already very wet pussy, spreading her hot pink lips apart and coating his cock with her slippery juices.

"You want me to fuck you here at the college on the bonnet of your car?"

"Oh yes I love it!"

"You know there are security cameras covering this whole area?"

Nick, I hope there's a guy sat in a little room somewhere wanking himself off right now as he watches us. Please fuck me, please!"

And the second time Em said please, Nick thrust forwards with his hips and pushed the throbbing head of his raging hard-on into Emma's, sopping wet pussy. She was so hot inside, compared to the cool night air, that it felt as if she was on fire.

"Ohhhh don't hold back baby I am so ready for you!" she moaned, laying flat on her back with her legs spread wide, nipples erect, one hand squeezing her right breast, the other now reaching down to gently strum away on her clit, her eyes locked onto Nicks, smiling up at him with an expression of pure lust. The wild passion of the girl in front of him had awakened something in Nick that was nothing like his normal self, he practically roared as he pressed into her with one long unstoppable thrust, and buried himself up to the balls deep in her beautifully welcoming pussy.

Now it was Emma's turn to roar, and she let out a moan of pure satisfaction as Nick's big hard cock filled her hungry snatch.

Still taking his time Nick slowly withdrew, Em's muscles squeezing him gently as if they did not want his cock to leave, until only his gland remained within her.

"You are so hot Em, it's a wonder I don't burst into flames!" he said before pushing his full length back into her just as slowly and as steadily as he had pulled out.

"Oh baby," she replied as he filled her again "I'd go up with you!" and wrapped her long, lovely legs around her lovers hips, pulling him deeply into her. Nick leaned forwards, taking most of his weight on his arms, and kissing her on the left breast, sucking hard on the nipple for a while as he lay there with his length embedded in her hot sex. Emma held his head and ran her fingers through his hair, now feeling the growing heat of his cock within her. They shared a long passionate kiss in that position, tongues sensuously sliding back and forth between their mouths, before Nick stood up over her again and finally started giving her what she wanted.

He pulled out slowly but pushed back in a little more quickly than before, his cock perfectly lubricated with the abundant juices flowing out of Ems pussy. And that's how he began to build up the tempo of his fucking, each stroke a little faster than the last, each stroke a little more powerful than the last, increasing the pace steadily over who knows how many minutes. Em began to moan with every deeply penetrating thrust, she had already had some fairly wild outdoor encounters in her time, so maybe it was the time she had already spent fantasizing about just this very moment with her seemingly sweet and innocent writing tutor, or maybe it was the heat of the summer day that had just ended, but whatever it was her pussy felt like it had gone into overdrive!

Em had no idea how long it was before Nick built up to his full head of steam, but by the time he did she had her legs wrapped around his back and was crying for him to "Fuck Me Baby!" every time he pulled out of her for a moment. Normally Nick might not have been able to last so long with such a wild and passionate woman, but the whole scene was so over-stimulating it was like he was coked-up, and he got the feeling he would be able to pound his hard cock into this wonderful girl until the sun came up to find them both, still naked and fucking in the car park.

Ems cries eventually merged into one long wail of pleasure with which she let rip as she came, hard, on Nicks cock and squirted a waterfall of her hot, fragrant juices around the edges of Nicks embedded shaft. Nick gazed down at her, transfixed, as she lay there panting.

"Oh baby, darling, that was so good! So good!"

"I'm not done yet honey!"

Emma looked up at him and smiled happily. "Would you like to fuck me doggy style now?" she asked, in a way that was wanton and coy at the same time.

Nick helped her to her feet, embracing and kissing her hungrily as he held her, his shirt was open and her dress was half way across the car park with his trousers, Nick couldn't believe he was naked, with a naked woman in the car park of the place where he worked, but that didn't do anything to cool his still rock hard cock which pressed into her belly as they kissed. She turned away from him now to face the car, but he still held her close, hands on her hips, erect dick pressing between the cheeks' of her arse, kissing her all up and down her neck and naked shoulders, telling her how fucking sexy she was and grinding against her ass. Then she bent over, put her hands down on the bonnet of her car. Spread her legs apart and stuck her bum out for him, then she looked back at him over her shoulder and said "Take me from behind Nick, just fuck me as hard as you can, I need it!"

Nick took a chance and gently pushed the slippery bell end against the small puckered opening of Em's arse and gave it a little tickle to see how she would respond. She moaned and said "No baby, please, in my pussy!" so Nick changed tack and slid right into her hot fuck-hole. He really slammed it home this time, he was raring to go and needed to fuck to forget how crazy what he was doing actually was, so he started fucking her fast and hard and began to build up the pace from there.

Now Nick and Em had not realized, or had been way to preoccupied to notice, or just hadn't fucking cared that there were still other cars in the car park. Which meant there were still people in the building, who had not yet left for the night. While Nick was pounding his engorged cock into his new lover's juicy wet snatch, his colleague Miss Agusto was dismissing her Spanish class which had overrun and they were all heading towards the car park.

Outside, Nick and Em were like a moaning, grunting, sweating, writhing, gasping, swearing, wailing, pumping, pounding machine. He had hold of her hips and she was leaning forwards so her tits were pressed against the car, which was slippery for her own juices so her nipples slid back and forth across the paint work every-time Nick pushed into her. She was in heaven, absolute bliss as Nick pounded her towards another climax, his free-swinging balls slapping her pussy, his hands gripping her hips and pulling her back on him hard, he was going so deep into her now from this position he just couldn't believe it.

"Tell me what you want honey" he grunted, the pleasure of each stroke becoming more and more intense with every thrust.

"Fuck me baby!"

"You want me to fuck you?"

"Oh yeah fuck me baby please"

"How do you want me to fuck you?"

"Oh yeah fuck me hard, fuck me hard yeah fuck me hard!"

"Your pussy is so sweet Em, feels so good to pound my hard dick into you!"

"Oh yeah baby fuck me, fuck my dirty cunt, make me come, please baby make me cuuuUUUUMMMM!"

Which is what Miss Agusto's Spanish class heard as they exited the building late on that Thursday night after their evening class, the sounds of mad passionate fucking and Emma wailing "Please baby make me cuuuuuUUUUUUM!" at the top of her voice across the car park. The Spanish teacher blushed, as did most of the members of her group, most of whom tutted at "Bloody kids!" and went off to their cars. Miss Agusto and one of her male students were both parked over on the same side of the car park as all the noises of wild fucking were coming from, so they had no choice but to head over.

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