tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNick Watches Di Ch. 09

Nick Watches Di Ch. 09


It was Friday evening as Di arrived home from work. Nick had been out of town on business for the week and she didn't expect him home for another week. She was extremely horny, not having had sex all week. She entered the bedroom to begin undressing. She stood looking in the mirror at herself in short silky dress and nylon clad legs. It was making her even hotter, especially thinking about the effect she had had on the men, and some of the women at work. In one motion she slid the dress over her head and stood there in only the stockings and high heeled pumps. She'd not worn any underwear at all that day. Her pussy lips were pouting, as if they resented the fact that no cock had parted them for the whole week. As she watched herself in the mirror, Di ran her hand over her cunt letting a finger slightly penetrate her slit, or slot, actually, for she was starting to gape quite openly.

"Oh, god, that feels good" she thought and she laid back on the bed still gazing in the mirror, the mirror having been strategically placed so Di and Nick could watch as they fucked.

Soon the juices were heavily flowing from the stroking and fingering, soaking Di's pussy and anus. But she needed more. Reaching into her nightstand she retrieved a large, double-headed dildo and a vibrator. She rubbed the dildo all over her pussy until it was totally covered with her juices and extremely slippery. She then slowly began inserting one end into her anus. With it nearly halfway in she began inserting the other end into her cunt. With both ends deeply imbedded she began to rock it in and out of both orifices.

Di began fantasizing about being "sandwiched" with two cocks fucking her ass and pussy. She thought of Lisa and Al's wedding night when Nick and Al "sandwiched" Lisa and Di sucked her tits and messaged her clit. It was making her extremely hot.

Then, just on the verge of cumming, the doorbell rang.

"Damn," thought Di, removing the slippery dildo from her slimy, wet pussy, "now who can that be, just when it was feeling so good?"

Rising in only stockings and high heels, which in her haste to achieve gratification she had failed to remove, she hastily put on a short robe that still revealed bare thigh above her stockings. With her wetness still oozing from her pussy and wetting her thighs down to her stockings, she hurried to the front door and opened it to find Nick's black friend, Adrian, and another black man on the porch.

"Hi, Di." said Adrian, more or less pushing his way into the house. "I hear Nick is out of town".

"Well, yes, Adrian, that's true. Did you wish to see him?" she asked.

"Naw, we came to see you, Di. I figure he's been out of town so long you must be horney as hell. And having seen you in action I brought my buddy along in case I couldn't give you enough satisfaction alone. I figured it would take both of us to do the job".

"Now wait a minute, Adrian. Is this some sort of a joke?" asked Di, starting to get angry.

"It ain't no joke, baby. I know how hot you are. You need more fuckin' then poor Nick can give even when he's here. And he ain't here", Adrian said as he took Di by the arm and started dragging her toward the bedroom.

"Now stop this, Adrian. This has gone far enough" Di said as she was roughly pushed onto the bed, her short robe flying open, revealing bare pussy between nylon clad legs.

"Oh, man, look at that sweet pussy" said Adrian's friend as he dropped his pants and started stroking his big black cock.

Adrian was now holding Di down with only one hand. Strangely, she didn't seem to be struggling that hard. With his other hand he was starting to rub her cunt and thighs.

"Oh, man, don't tell me you don't need cock. Your pussy is soaked. And what's this slimy dildo doing here?"

"Adrian, I'm asking you, if you're Nick's friend you'll stop this now, before it gets out of hand".

"Sure, I'm his friend and I'm here to get my friend's wife some satisfaction since he can't".

With that, Adrian's friend slid his big prick into Di's strangely gaping slit as Adrian held her legs widely apart. With the friend now holding her down as he pumped away, Adrian slipped out of his clothes, exposing that big black snake that Di had fantasized about on so many occasions.

"This is intolerable, Adrian. You really mean to go through with this don't you, you bastard?"

"Relax, honey, and we'll take good care of you", he said as he grabbed Di's head and shoved his dick in her mouth.

"Now wait a minute, dammit" Di gasped angrily when she was finally able to get Adrian's cock out of her mouth. "Now just wait a damn minute. Get this guy off of me".

Startled at this outburst and somewhat fearfull that maybe Di would begin screaming rape, the men complied.

Now that she saw that she was in control, Di relaxed. Actually that big, black cock had felt quite good in her pussy.

"Now Adrian", she directed in a totally different tone of voice, "you get on your back. That's it. I'll straddle you like this and slide down on your cock like this. Ah, yes that's it. Feels good. Now tell your friend to get on top and slip is slippery dick up my ass. That's it, yess, ah, yes!"

Relieved, the men gladly complied.

Di was now in ecstasy, getting the real thing like Lisa got on her wedding night. The attempt with her double dildo felt good but there was nothing like the real thing.

"God, this feels good. The only thing missing is a cock to suck. Why didn't you bring another guy with you, dammit?" Di asked, thinking that would put her one up on Lisa.

"Hey, my brother is at my house. He can be here in five minutes," said Adrian.

Di reached to the nightstand, grabbed the phone, and handed it to Adrian.

"The door's unlocked. Tell him to just come on in when he gets here".

Di extricated herself while the call was made.

"Now, while we wait for your brother, your friend can eat my pussy and I'll suck your cock, Adrian. I dream a lot about sucking on this".

Adrian's friend eagerly buried his face in Di's muff while she, just as eagerly, swallowed Adrian's big, black dick.

Di managed to orgasm several times while waiting for Adrian's brother but was careful not to let the guys cum. She had dreamed of having three men in her at once and didn't want to ruin the chance by letting either of them cum too soon.

Meanwhile, Tyrel had arrived and entered the house as instructed. He found his way to the bedroom, thinking all the while that his brother was putting the shuck on him. Sure, come on over and get laid, he'd been told. Expecting the worst he slowly pushed the door open. He couldn't believe what he was seeing; a beautiful older white woman in nylon stockings and high heels sucking his brothers cock as his brother's friend lapped her pussy as if out of his mind. She was slowly jerking on his straining hard on.

At the end of very strong orgasm, Di opened her eyes to the sight of a very muscular and handsome young black man. He couldn't have been over twenty.

"Meet my younger brother, Tyrel, Di".

"Oh my, yes, I'm very pleased to meet you, Tyrel. Just get those clothes off so I can see all of you, honey".

With that, Tyrel stripped and as he pulled his shorts down a large, magnificent cock sprang free.

"Oh my god", sighed Di, "come on and get back into position you guys" she told Adrian and his friend.

Adrian and his friend returned to the original position, filling pussy and anus.

"Now Tyrel, you just kneel right here in front of me and I'll give that lovely cock some tender loving care".

"Yes, Mam" he replied respectfully.

With the three men fucking her Di was building up to an intense orgasm but couldn't quite cum as she had already cum so many times that evening. Then Tyrell, being young and randy, couldn't hold out any longer. He pumped a large spurt of cum into Di's throat. That was all she needed. She began to cum herself. She swallowed the load and took Tyrell's cock from her mouth and began jacking it with her hand, pumping more jism from it into her face. Her other hand was frantically stroking her swollen clit. This was enough to make the others start to cum.

"Pull out of me. I want you to come on my tits" moaned Di.

With that they both pulled out and Di rolled over on her back so they could spurt their loads on her tits. Di's orgasm was so strong her empty pussy actually sucked in air from the contractions. It sounded as if she were farting as the air was expelled. And young Tyrel just kept on cumming as she jacked off his cock, shooting large streams of cum from Di's head all the way down to the neatly trimmed hairs of her pussy.

It was too much for young Tyrel. Without missing a beat or softening at all, he moved between Di's legs and more then adequately filled her sucking, clutching pussy. The contractions reignited his libido and he began arduously fucking Di. She was in heaven and hoped it would never stop.

This experience was so fantastic for all of them, including Di, that they just couldn't quit. The men remained with Di for several hours, taking turns fucking her, eating her, and getting sucked off by her. They kept getting hard by watching each other fuck her.

Eventually exhausted, the men had to quit. As they left, Di asked Adrian, "You won't tell Nick about this when gets back will you? He might get mad".

"Hell, Di, don't sweat it. You don't think I'd come over here and rape you do you? Nick asked me to come over here and do whatever I had to do make sure you were happy".

She was happy. That meant that she could tell Nick all about it down to the smallest detail when he got back. Thinking about telling him and the affect it would have on him was beginning to re-excite her. She reached for her vibrator.

Just then the phone rang. It was Nick.

"Hi, honey. How was your evening?", he asked.

"Oh my god, Nicky, I was gang raped", she replied breathlessly.

"I know, Honey. Adrian had his cell phone on the whole time. I heard everything. Let me get comfortable and you can tell me all about how it felt," he said, stroking his hardening cock.

"Well, it was like this" she replied, starting deep, slow strokes with the big, vibrating dildo.

They were lucky Nick could charge the long, ensuing phone call to his expense account.

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