tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNicka's Ambien Dream

Nicka's Ambien Dream


Nicka took one of my Ambiens in order to get a good night's sleep. Work has been stressing her out. She began getting into a pattern of waking up in the middle of the night unable to fall back asleep.

Nicka is gorgeous. She is 110 pounds, dark black hair with cords of curls that drop to the middle of her skinny tanned torso. She has gravity defying tits with cinnamon colored nipples that stand thick and erect. Her rounded ass curves beautifully. Her pussy is waxed and completely bald with small lips that hide in her folds. Her stomach defined by six-pack abs. She has beautiful full lips the color of moist cherries that look amazing around my swollen cock.

Nicka is a lightweight. Usually, if she has three glasses of wine she will pass out. When she does it's easy to slip my fingers down her panties and molest her bald pussy. But if I get into it too much, she'll wake up. Tonight, she's had two glasses of wine and an Ambien. After an hour I know she is in a very deep sleep.

Lately I've been fantasizing about taking her in her sleep. To be more exact, I've been fantasizing about her going into a deep sound sleep and having one of my friends take her and have his way while Nicka is completely unaware that she is being raped.

Tonight she isn't waking up. I shake her and call her name but my beautiful shy wife doesn't respond. She is wearing her white robe and boy short panties. She is on her side with her knees pulled up to her breasts. I position myself behind her. I begin pulling her panties down and I'm surprised to find absolutely no resistance. Boldly, I pull her panties down completely exposing her lovely ass. She still doesn't wake up. I pull her panties all the way down her legs and over her feet. I then remove her robe leaving her completely naked on our bed.

My heart is pounding. I wonder if she'll wake up. I wet my fingers and begin caressing her pussy and ass hole. My saliva makes a slick trail. I push two fingers inside her pussy. The combination of saliva and the penetration actually begins to get her pussy wet. I finger fuck her for a few minutes and her pussy feels as wet as it does when we're having relations. I get on my hands and knees above her. My cock is rock hard and I begin to rub the head around her moist pussy. I rock slowly and thrust little by little and feel my cock head begin to get into her tight little snatch. I look down at her sleeping face and there is no sign that anything that I am doing is registering. Her face looks angelic and calm. Her breathing is deep and restful. I kiss her sleeping lips, darting my tongue inside her mouth with no response from her. My mind is racing.

Nicka is the woman all of my friends have a crush on. My older brother constantly flirts with her. Everyone has a thing for her not only because she is incredibly beautiful but because she doesn't have a bitchy bone in her body. As I am taking her and feeling the pressure build in my balls I begin to formulate a plan on how someone will be able to come across her sleeping beautiful body and have the opportunity to have their way with her.

I feel the orgasm build but before I lose control, I pull out. Her ass looks lovely. We have only had anal twice. Once when we were first dating. During those magical days in the beginning when a guy has more chances of getting away with the impossible.

The second time was when she kept a promise made in jest. A few weeks after we had anal for the first time, I attempted again and she said, " no way."

Nicka said, "You are the only guy that I have had anal with but I can't do it again. It hurts too much."

I persisted and we made a light-hearted deal. If and when I propose to her, she'll let me take her ass. A year later, I knew that she was the most amazing woman I would ever meet and I proposed. She said yes to my proposal and a couple of months later she followed through even though I didn't really expect her too.

Tonight, I want to see how deeply asleep she is. I take a finger and push it inside her ass. She still doesn't move. I push two in and work it in and out of her. I feel like cumming all over her lovely ass. I remove my fingers and push the head of my dick into her tight asshole. It's slick and my fingers loosened her just enough for my cock head to push inside. I thrust little by little and am shocked that I am sliding in. Again I kiss her and continue to thrust in and out of her while imagining that some day soon a friend will be fucking her just like I am now.

I can't last. The excitement of what I'm doing and what I'm planning on having done to her is too much. I thrust in and out of Nicka hard and my cock feels electric when suddenly and violently ropes of cum burst out of my penis deeply into her hot ass. I pump until my cock spurts the last drops of cum. I pull my dick out of her slick asshole and my fresh jizz globs out and runs down the crack of her buttocks. My heart is going through my chest. I clean my lovely wife and put her panties back on.

The next morning, I believe I'm busted. But to my surprise, Nicka wakes up smiling and kisses me. She goes to the bathroom and does her business. When she comes out she complains that she is having stomach issues. I ask her how she slept and she smiles sincerely with the brightest and most innocent eyes.

Nicka says, "I slept great. I really needed a good night's sleep."

I'm in the clear. I can't believe my evil luck. But I'm afraid that this has created a perverse desire to have her be taken often without her awareness.

My older brother is planning on staying with us in a couple of weeks. His stay may be my opportunity to see how harmless his flirtation with Nicka really is.

Please stay tuned.

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