Nicki's First Time


(I'd like to thank my Mistress for her help and advice with this story, without her none of this would have been possible...)


As Nick stepped down from the train he smiled to himself and thought " Manchester so much to answer for" -- the Smiths lyric never seemed more appropriate -- he loved Manchester, he loved the city, the old buildings, the new businesses springing up, the atmosphere, the people, so warm, so friendly and so genuine. But most of all, most of all, he loved the escape from his normal, very routine dull life. He loved the freedom and the opportunity that Manchester afforded him to be the woman he craved to be, and of course, he loved Amy... who made it all possible.

Amy was his Mistress, the woman who controlled who he was, what he did and when he did it. She was strict and made him do things that he would never otherwise do. He thought back about their previous meetings, how much he enjoyed them and how much fun they had had. He thought about what was to come that evening and how horny he was. He thought about Amy, her flashing eyes, long dark hair, almost Mediterranean looks and her soft, warm, body, her PVC skirt and those thigh high boots she'd worn the last time they had met. He shook himself, recalling that she would not want him to be thinking about her like that; he had to concentrate on preparing himself for the evening. However, he couldn't stop himself thinking about their previous meetings. In the past six months he'd been paraded half-naked around a hotel with various messages written on his bare torso, he'd had a full face make up applied in public and then been tied to railings in a Manchester shopping mall and left for all to mock him, and most recently he'd been tied up in full female attire as "Nicki" and left sitting in the open doorway for all to see; but he'd never been "out" in public as "Nicki". He didn't know what Amy had planned for him but he was nervous about what might happen.

Nick was in his 40s, reasonably fit, tall, green eyes, dark hair. He was so English on the surface; quiet, reserved, polite and well spoken. But like all men, he had secrets. He had always fantasized about being a woman. He had dressed up in private when the opportunity arose. Unfortunately, it had not arisen very often and until he had met Amy, he'd been very frustrated by that inability. He had experienced the pleasure of being totally feminized only occasionally, but that was a long time ago. Nick was happily married but there was a gap in his life. He craved some excitement; some risk taking and he craved risky sex. His wife could not provide that, she didn't really understand his need for risk, his need to be out of control. She certainly didn't know about his need to dress up in women's clothes. Nick's work was highly pressurized, his boss made intolerable demands on him and his time. Nick was a senior investment banker at a large European Bank and every day made million pound decisions. Both his boss and his wife would be horrified and appalled if they only knew about his fantasies. Nick shuddered to think what the outcome would be if they ever found out.

He wondered what Amy had planned for that evening, she'd said it was going to be a special party -- he felt a mixture of fear and excitement -- how far would she go? What would she make him do? He knew that she had ultimate power over him. He had promised her a long time ago that he would do whatever she asked him to -- besides there were the photographs and she did know his boss's details and his secretaries, and even those of his wife. An icy feeling descended on his stomach and his groin -- "oh well" he thought -- "I'd just better do as I am told!"

He walked across Canal St towards the hotel where he always stayed. The last time he was here, was the first time he'd been fully feminized. He recalled the events of the evening with a smile. Amy had pushed his limits that evening but he had enjoyed it. As a final humiliation, Amy had made him walk down to the lobby late at night as "Nicki", fully made up, wearing his wig and dressed only in a bra, stockings, panties and his "fuck-me" shoes. She, (he thought of himself as "she", when dressed as Nicki) had tottered downstairs into the lobby, she remembered exactly how the conversation went when the man behind the reception desk had called her over:

"Excuse me." he'd said with a smirk, "please remember to dress properly before coming down to the lobby."

Nicki had blanched at the admonition. The man who was in his fifties, fat and sweaty, had come out from behind the counter and had leered at Nicki's clothing. The man actually liked what he saw but the Hotel had rules, and his job was to ensure they were complied with. What he didn't know was that Nicki had been told by Amy to do whatever she was told to by anyone she met and that she was to offer a blow job to anyone who threatened to report her or who looked like they were interested in Nicki's attire. Nicki had been terrified that she would have to do that and now things were looking bad

"I'm sorry ss-sir." Nicki had stammered, she realised she would have to do as Amy had instructed "I'll remember that in future, ummm," she hesitated then almost whispered "Can I make it up to you somehow?"

"What do you mean?" The man had asked, "You just have to wear appropriate clothes like all our guests, Sir." He placed particular emphasis on the last word although he was staring at Nicki's legs

"I don't want to offend anyone, and if the way I'm dressed upsets you, then I should put that right." Nicki had said, she'd wondered where this was going and what the man would do.

"Hmm, well, Let me think -- what can you do for me?" the man had asked, his excitement rising, it had been a really dull evening but now things were looking up and this had possibilities!

"I'll do anything for you." Nicki had said quietly, looking up at him through her wig.

"Oh well in that case, there is one thing you can do" the man had said, suddenly decisive and stepping out from behind the counter, he'd grabbed Nicki's arse and half pushed, half dragged her behind the counter

"Get on your knees bitch!" he had pushed Nicki roughly on to the dirty floor as he pulled open his trousers and got out his thick smelly cock.

"Suck this, and make it good or I will throw you out onto the street you cheap little whore!"

Nicki recalled how she felt at that point. She had no money and no ID on her; she literally just had what she was wearing -- which wasn't very much! So she would have to do whatever this man wanted, luckily there was no one else around at that time of night, but anyone could walk in and discover them. She knew as well that she had to obey her mistress.

Nicki had reeled as she caught the smell of the man's cock, he thrust it at her and she'd opened her mouth obediently. He had shoved it into her mouth and Nicki gagged slightly as his cock hit the back of her throat. The taste was awful at first but as Nicki covered his cock in her saliva and grabbed his shaft, that taste dissipated. Nicki felt his cock grow in her mouth. She had marveled at how naturally she had started to do this. She'd never sucked cock before.

"Oh that's good you bitch, suck it hard go on." the man had groaned and pulled Nicki's head on to his cock.

Nicki remembered her knees slipping on the dirty floor. She had wanted to get this over with, though she could feel her own "cock" responding to the situation she was in. She had used one hand to massage the man's balls and the other round his shaft to keep him from choking her. She had swirled her tongue round his cock and moved backwards and forwards on it quickening her pace. She remembered how quickly she'd felt the man twitch and start to shake.

"Oh god that's good, you filthy whore I'm cumin, I'm cumin!!"

Suddenly the man's cock had shot spunk down Nicki's throat; she had choked on it and had dribbled some out of her mouth and down her chin. She managed to swallow most of it though.

"You dirty bitch, go on lap it all up." the man had grabbed his cock and wiped it round her face, covering it in cum.

"Ha ha, now you look like what you are -- a filthy slut!" the man had laughed as he put his cock back in his trousers and had stood back to admire his work, though he had become nervous and was clearly looking round now worried about being seen. Nicki recalled being slumped on the floor as she had tried to tidy her hair. She had felt both disgusted and proud at what had just happened so quickly. Disgusted at being made to suck this fat smelly guy; but proud that she had done what her mistress had asked. At the time, she had wished her mistress had been able to see it.

"Ok, bitch," he had hissed "that was pretty good, I'll let you stay, now fuck off and don't let me see you dressed like that again in my lobby or you'll know what you will get!" the man lifted Nicki up off her knees and shoved her back out into the foyer. A couple had just arrived in the lobby and they had stood in mute shock as Nicki tottered on her high heels across the foyer, her face was covered in cum and her makeup was smudged. She had scuttled up the stairs before the couple could say or do anything.

Nicki remembered how her torment had not ended there. She had got back to her room, knocked on the door and waited for her mistress to let her back into the room.

"Have you done as you were asked slave?" Amy had demanded through the locked door.

"Yes Mistress, I went down to the Lobby, as you instructed and the Man there told me off for being under- dressed." Nicki had replied

"Hmm -- what did you do then?"

"Mistress, please let me in, someone is coming up the stairs!" Nicki had wailed as she heard the couple open the door to the stair well.

"If you don't answer my question slut, you will stay out there all night."

"Please mistress, I can't tell you, there's someone else out here." Nicki had pressed herself against the door, almost as if she were trying to get through it. She had seen, out of the corner of her eye, the couple walking up the corridor towards her. The man was in his sixties, his wife much younger. They were both eyeing Nicki furtively as they approached her.

The woman had been dressed very sexily in a short black skirt, blouse and high heels; she had stared at Nicki and her disheveled state and whispered something to her partner.

At that moment, Amy had shouted from the other side of the door "Slave, you've got ten seconds to tell me what happened or you can stay out there all night -- do you understand?"

Nicki had glanced fearfully at the couple who had now stopped and were clearly waiting to hear what Nicki said.

The man looked at Nicki and said with a leer on his face "Go on then tell her what happened."

Nicki had realized she had no choice unless she really wanted to be abandoned by her mistress. She knew that Amy would carry out her threat. Amy always did.

"Mistress, the man dragged me behind the counter and made me give him a blow job."

The couple were clearly enjoying Nicki's discomfort as she continued "He came in my mouth and I've got it all over my face." Nicki had bowed her head as she relayed these details. The couple had by now moved on down the hall laughing and whispering to each other.

Amy unlocked the door "You miserable slut, you can't help yourself can you?" she had looked at Nicki coldly -- " Your make up is a mess and you appear to have not cleaned up properly at all -- what will people think of me when they see you like that?"

Amy had paused for a moment, as if lost in thought -- "Get your slutty arse in here and let me think of how you should be punished."

Nick smiled to himself as he recalled those details. As usual, the remembrance of the detail made him horny even though he had been so scared at that time. Amy's punishment had been immediate. She'd tied him to the bed with his legs spread wide apart. She'd then inserted the inflatable butt plug and turned it up to the maximum vibration. She'd then announced

"Well slut, you've sucked your first cock, but you have to understand that you must get permission from me first before you act." Amy had been sat astride him tweaking his nipples hard. "Do you understand that, slut?"

"Yes yes Mistress. I'm sorry." Nicki had whimpered, the stimulation of the evening, the ordeal in the foyer had all been intense and now he'd had to endure this. Nick recalled how Amy's smile had widened, as she knew she was increasing her control over him. She knew that now that Nicki had been created as a cumslut, her ability to control Nick had become almost infinite. Her last act of the evening had been to photograph the evidence on Nicki's face of her cocksucking activity.

He had reached the Hotel by now. He walked into the Foyer. There were two people at the counter, one of whom looked agonizingly familiar. The fat sweaty man looked up and then smiled in recognition

"Hello Sir," he said "back again for some more fun?

Nick did his best to smile and nodded "I believe you have a reservation for me?"

"Yes Sir, we do, I have got all your details here, your address, your credit card." The man smiled -- Nick thought it wasn't a very nice smile. It was the smile of someone who knew he had some power.

"Julie" the man said to the woman sitting next to him "this is the guest I told you about, the one who was so accommodating last time."

Julie looked up for the first time; she was in her forties, slim, attractive with that northern accent that made Nick go weak at the knees.

"Oh yes, I remember" she said, her eyes widening "Well I hope you have a good time again Sir." she smiled at Nick

"Err, yes I will, I hope." Nick just wanted to escape to his room. He got the key and made his way up the stair into his room. He had to text Amy; let her know that he was in his room, and that he was ready for her. His hands were trembling as he typed the message. He always got so excited at this point, when he knew that in the next few hours he would be totally controlled and unable to do anything he wanted to do.

Amy texted back almost immediately - "Slut, u r late, I will be with u soon. Strip off all clothes and stand in window where I can see you from the street when I arrive."

Nick was shocked by text, he wasn't late, and as for what she said, how could he do that! But he knew he had to obey. He hurriedly took off his clothes, and folded them neatly, Amy was very particular about that -- he learned to his cost previously. For that indiscretion, he'd been tied up, blindfolded and force-fed various disgusting items. Amy had not even told him what they were until after he'd swallowed them all. He subsequently learned that they had been various different types of insect, he had nearly been sick when he found out. He sent another text "ready Mistress."

"Gud, now get in window and stand there till u see me wave to u, I will be there in abt 20 mins. When I've waved, u can get down at wait at door for me on your hands and knees."

What! He had to stand in the window for twenty minutes. There was another text.

"And stand with yr feet wide apart, arms outstretched."

He was now fearful; this could get him thrown out of hotel. He always stayed in same room; it had a big window overlooking the canal and the street below. He climbed up as instructed and stood pressed against the cold glass. He was trembling with both fear and excitement.

Hours seemed to pass, a few people on a Double-Decker bus had noticed him, some had laughed, some looked away, some had gestured to other passengers to look at him. Nick felt stupid and humiliated standing like this. Suddenly he saw a petite brunette waving to him. She was doing it so obviously that a number of people looked up to see what she was waving at. Nick got down quickly and thankfully, that wasn't too bad he thought. He went over to the door and got down on his hands and knees as instructed.

In a few minutes there was a knock on the door.

"Let me in Slave." Amy said in a loud voice.

Nick got up to open door and got down quickly on to his hands and knees. Amy stepped into the room. "Hello" she said brightly "stand up and give me a hug." Nick did so and reveled in the close contact. Amy denied him the close contact he craved, it had to be earned and so opportunities like this were rare. She was dressed in her usual provocative way, short black dress which accentuated her breasts, her slim figure and her fit, tanned body. Nick enjoyed the feel of her warm pliant body; he savored the feeling, as he knew it would not last.

"Right Slave," she said in a suddenly strict voice "from now on you are "Nicki", you will do whatever I say without question. Do you understand?"

"Yes mistress."

"Give me your phone and your wallet, now!"

Nicki handed them over, realizing what it meant to lose them.

"And where are your clothes, you slut?" Amy demanded.

"Over here Mistress." Nicki pointed to the neat pile.

Amy laughed, "I see you are learning something at least." She took the clothes and put them with all his other clothes in a bag, which she locked and put by the door.

"You will take these and give them to the hotel porter, later. You won't need them tonight and if you don't perform this evening you won't get them back at all. Do you understand?"

Nicki understood only too well what this meant. Here we go again he thought, he was naked, no clothes, no money, no phone. He simply had to do whatever Amy said if he was going to survive.

"First, slut, I need to do your make up, get over here and sit on the chair."

Nicki moved quickly over to the chair.

"Actually, Slut, bend over the chair with your legs wide apart." Amy smiled a thin smile at Nicki.

Nicki did as she was told wondering what this meant. Pretty quickly she knew, as she felt Amy pull her legs apart roughly.

"Hmm, slut, I think this will keep us both entertained while I do your make up." saying this Amy slipped a lubed butt plug into Nicki's ass.

"Does that feel nice in your pussy, Slut?"

"Yes Mistress, it makes my pussy wet and makes me horny." Nicki knew she had to make it clear how much of a slut she was.

Amy laughed and turned up the control and the butt plug vibrated gently in Nicki's ass. She quickly and deftly began to do Nicki's make up. Nicki could tell that Amy was applying a lot of eye makeup and mascara. Once she had finished she examined Nicki's face carefully - "not too bad." she said "slutty and wanton, take a look slut."

Nicki looked into the mirror proffered by Amy; she saw a rouged face, heavy with purple eyeliner and lots of red "cocksucker" lipstick. She saw a flash out of the corner of her eye as Amy took a close up of her face.

"Thank you Mistress," Nicki whispered, she actually loved having her face made up, it made her feel special, and pampered. Amy smiled and turned up the butt plug to its max. Nicki groaned as waves of pleasure coursed through her.

"Take it out Slut, you can look forward to much more of that later" Amy looked at Nicki. "Do you know what's in store for you tonight?"

"A party, Mistress?" Nicki suggested as she removed the butt plug.

"Oh yes" she said "but it's a special party. You will be restrained so that you won't be able to move. I am going to see how far I can push you, how much cock you can take." Amy said coldly "in your ass as well as your cock-sucking whore mouth."

Nicki looked terrified. "I don't know whether I will be able to do that Mistress." How would she be able to cope?

Amy laughed "But all your choices have been taken away from you darling." she held Nicki's face in her hand, her fingers on one side, her thumb on the other. "I've got all your money, your phone, your clothes and you are going to be tied up so tight you won't be able to move."

Nicki realized it was pointless to protest, Amy was right, she was powerless.

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