Nicky and I had been engaged for 2 years, and our relationship was superb. We owned a lovely house together, both had good jobs that paid well, and both had a company car. Life was perfect. I should tell you a bit about Nicky. She’s 27 to my 21, 5’6, shoulder length brown hair, Blue/green eyes with a fantastic 36e-28-32 figure. She’s extremely intelligent and has a great sense of humour, but she is sort of a prude. She doesn’t like to show off too much flesh in public and wouldn’t normally do any sexual fantasies outside of the bedroom, but I still love her.

Nicky had started an evening class at the local night school, doing a computer course to aid her job and hopefully get her the promotion she rightfully deserves. She had been going for some months with me picking her up each night after her class. I would sit in the foyer area outside the block she was in and wait for her to finish. I would get to admire all of the other ladies who pass whilst I waited for her and I would always have a laugh and a joke with her friends as they all left, and we would then head back to our cars.

As we walked back to our cars on this particular night, we where walking past one of the other teaching blocks when we could hear a man talking quite loudly and sounding very annoyed. As we turned the corner we could see the man, and Nicky recognised him as a guy called Mark who was in her computer class, whom she talked to occasionally and he seemed a nice guy. He was on his mobile phone as we approached and we managed to over hear him say that they had let him down. He finished on the phone as we got to him and Nicky asked him if everything was o.k. He turned to us and apologised for his shouting, and told us that he runs a photography class here each Thursday after the computer class and that he had arranged a live shoot for his class, who had all paid money towards the hire of a model, but the model had failed to arrive. Mark had been on the phone to the model agency when we arrived and they had told him that the model knew where to be and at what time but must have forgotten. Mark looked really worried, as he had a class of angry photographers who wanted there money back but he had already paid the agency for the model, and didn’t have enough money to pay them back. He then turned to Nicky and asked her if she would do it as a really big favour to him and he would do anything for her in return. Nicky looked at me as if to ask for my approval, so I gave her a nod and said to do it if she felt comfortable with it. She asked Mark what sort of photography it was, and would she have to be nude. Mark said that it was supposed to be nude but that he wouldn’t mind if she stayed clothed, or did lingerie pictures. Nicky reluctantly agreed, saying that she would stay fully clothed at first and see how she felt later as to going down to her underwear.

We went into the room and saw that it was set up with a bed and a sofa next to each other and about 15 cameras all lined up in front. Nicky tried to turn and leave but I stopped her and reassured her that everything would be alright and to just let her hair down and enjoy it, and to let it go as far as she was prepared to go, as she could stop at any time. Nicky tentatively agreed and slowly walked in front of the cameras and turned to face them. The cameras immediately started to click and each of the men started to talk her through various poses and which way to face and turn her head. After about five minutes of the session, Nicky had started to get into it more and was feeling a lot more comfortable. Her confidence grew even more when each of the men started to compliment her on her good looks and how she made a natural model, and must have been a professional model before hand. After about 5 more minutes, mark asked Nicky if she would remove her suit jacket, and without hesitation she did. Underneath she was wearing a cream coloured blouse and her white bra was clearly visible under it. Her breasts looked amazing and a few of the men gave wolf whistles as she started to pose again. Her confidence was growing by the second and as the men started to coax her into undoing a few buttons on her blouse she had no objections and opened the top couple. Without prompting she started to undo a third, then a fourth and fifth until the blouse was completely open and she removed it completely. Her amazing cleavage was now on display and I know I wasn’t the only person in the room with a raging hard-on.

As the session continued she started to flirt more and sensing this, Mark took the opportunity to ask her to bend over and start to lift her skirt and to unzip the skirt and let it fall to the floor, all of which she did, very slowly and seductively. She was now bending over the side of the bed and pushing her breasts together and pouting at the camera. She really was beginning to enjoy herself and I’m sure that that would show in the pictures. Mark was now asking her to drop one of the straps of her bra off her shoulder, and then he got her to drop the other strap, and with only a small glint of hesitation got her to remove her bra completely. She now stood topless, facing me and looking right into my eyes with a grin of satisfaction on her face, enjoying all the attention she was getting. Mark then conducted her through various poses with Nicky pushing her breasts together and bending over, the usual sort of soft porn poses.

This continued for a further 5 minutes until there was a knock at the door to the room and Mark went to see who it was. He returned about a minute later and explained that the original model had turned up, and must have got the time mixed up. If Nicky had no objections then both of them could do a shoot together as the other model had already been paid. Thoughts of a lesbian photo shoot raced through my mind and my cock, and when Nicky looked at me for reassurance I nodded and gave her a massive smile. She looked at mark and agreed to the shoot. Mark went to fetch the model and walked back into the room with a 6’6 black man in his early thirties, who was built like the proverbial brick shit house. He was huge, and I was in such shock that I felt paralysed and couldn’t speak to object. Mark introduced the model as Justin and Justin then went over to Nicky and kissed her on the back of the hand, turned and went over to the sofa and started to remove his clothes. Nicky started to protest to Mark that she didn’t feel comfortable and that she didn’t want to continue, but she trailed off at the end of her sentence as Justin turned back around and started to walk towards her completely naked and with a cock hanging between his legs that must have been 12” inches long even though it was soft. Nicky’s eyes widened at the sight of it and she couldn’t stop staring at it. I felt like I was in a trance, I couldn’t move or speak and I couldn’t believe that Nicky had stopped protesting.

Justin led Nicky back over to the bed and they both climbed onto the bed and Justin was kneeling behind Nicky with his arms around her waist. The cameras started to click again and Mark coaxed them through various poses, even getting Nicky onto her hands and knees in the doggie position with Justin behind her with his hands on her hips to cover the strap of her thong, so that it looked like he was about to fuck her. Whilst in this position, Mark went over to Justin and whispered in his ear, then returned behind the camera. Seconds later Justin bent down, pulled Nicky’s thong to one side and started licking her pussy from behind. Nicky’s head shot up in protest but before the words could come out she was moaning in approval of what Justin was doing to her with his tongue. Justin pushed her over onto her back and spread her legs and removed her thong, letting the cameras get a fantastic view of her well-trimmed pussy. He then leaned over her from the side and started to lick her pussy again so that the cameras had a better view. He was also reaching around and opening up her lips and started to slide one of his big black fingers into her pussy, making her orgasm instantly. My head was spinning like I had been drugged and the only part of my body that felt like it wanted to work was my cock, which was the hardest it had ever been. I looked around the room and noticed most of the men had their cocks out wanking, so I did the same, quickly coming in a little pool on the floor, but not loosing my hard-on.

Justin then lifted himself up and started rubbing the end of his massive cock along Nicky’s slit, and we all watched in awe as it grew another two or three inches. He then started to slowly insert the end into Nicky’s willing pussy. Nicky just moaned out in pleasure and started to push backwards trying to get more of his big cock inside of her. He gradually eased forwards, inching his whole length inside of her, splitting her in two, then began thrusting making her cum continuously. Justin then, without removing his cock, turned Nicky over and started fucking her doggie style. He slowly worked her to another orgasm, and just as she was on the brink of exploding on his cock, he slipped his middle finger into the puckered ring of her ass, causing the biggest cum of her life. Justin relentlessly fucked her silly for a good 15 minutes, until he finally pulled out and started to push the bell end of his cock into her ass. Nicky made no hesitation even though she had never let me do it as she said it always hurt when I fingered her ass, but Justin’s cock was now about 6 inches in and Nicky had a massive grin on her face as she came again. Justin started to roll over onto his back, pulling Nicky with him, and never removing his cock from her ass, and Nicky was then on top, riding his monster of a cock and she appeared to be about to pass out. Just then I noticed Mark walk over to the couple, completely naked and climb onto the bed, slowly slipping his cock into Nicky’s pussy. He didn’t last long, shooting his spunk into Nicky’s unprotected womb after less than a minute. He was quickly replaced by one of the other photographers. Over the next hour, all of the photographers took their turn in Nicky’s pussy whilst Justin was still in her ass. When only Justin was left fucking her, I decided to add my load to her sloppy fanny, but just as I was about to insert my cock, I saw Justin exploding inside of her bowels and Nicky came again from the intensity of the whole situation. This caused me to loose my load on her tits before I even got to fuck her.

Nicky is now a regular model for the group and gets a royal fucking from Justin every week. I haven’t been allowed to fuck her since as she says that after having Justin’s Monster cock, she can never go back to anything smaller. Nicky has also just found out that she is pregnant, but who the father is we may never know

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