tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNicola's New Boss Ch. 01

Nicola's New Boss Ch. 01


Nicola Di Marco grow up in a rough estate called Tanglewood, there were youths on every steet corner and crime was rife. Most people who grow up on the estate ended up in prison or on drugs. Throughout her whole childhood Nicola couldn't wait to leave Tanglewood, she hated the place and she really didn't fit in.

Nicola was one of two daughters. Her Mum died when Nicola was five years old, so her Dad had to bring the two daughters up alone. Being a single parent meant financially things were very tight, meaning Nicola didn't have expensive stuff like her friends did, but Nicola knew that her Dad had always tried his best for her and her sister.

Nicola though, hated not having the best things that money could buy. So Nicola vowed she was going to make a success out of her life so she could afford the best things in life. Nicola decided to study hard, and she went to university and gained a diploma in business management.

Now at the age of twenty two, Nicola had achieved everything she wanted in life. She lived in a three bedroom terraced house in a posh estate called Ossett, which was on the outskirts of the city. The mortgage payments on her house were high, but Nicola didn't mind that money got a little tight sometimes because generally she had the life she had always dreamed of.

Nicola worked as a personal assistant for a forty eight year old man called John Simpson, who owned a local haulage firm, John's Haulage. Nicola and John had a very good working relationship, and John not having any kids himself treated Nicola like a daughter.

Nicola had worked at John's Haulage for two years and she really enjoyed her job. The pay was very good and she enjoyed the fact that she could get dressed up for work everyday, Nicola loved getting dressed up in her nice expensive clothes. Nicola knew that she was a very attractive girl and would love nothing more than cock teasing all of the lorry drivers at work. If she was being completely honest the fact that she knew she could fuck any of them turn her on. She loved that she had all the lorry drivers eating out of her hand.

Nicola had been on holiday for the last three weeks with some of her mates, she had a great time plenty of sun and sea.

As she pulled into the car park at work, she wondered if anything interesting had happened to the place while she had been away.

She entered her office and checked her e mails, they were all just business stuff. As Nicola sat there catching up with her work, her boss entered her office.

"Did you have a good holiday Nicola?" He asked.

"Yes thanks, it was brilliant." She replied.

"That's good then, I'll need to see you in my office later on when you get caught up with your work." John said.

Three hours later Nicola was caught up with her work, so she went to see John in his office.

"You wanted to see me." She asked.

"Yes I did take a seat." He said.

Nicola sat down. John explained to Nicola that because his wife Ann was really ill, she had suffered a nervous breakdown. He had decided to sell his business so that he could look after his wife of twenty three years.

Nicola was stunned by what John had just told her, she couldn't imagine not working for him. She asked if there had been any offers yet. John explained that he was thinking over an offer from Richard Marshall, who owned a much bigger haulage firm, and that they were having a meeting later which he wanted Nicola to attend.

Nicola had met Richard Marshall a few times, he was a stocky bloke with a shaven head, he was in his late thirties and fairly tall. Richard was always dressed in jeans and a shirt with no tie. Nicola had always found that strange, she thought that all business men should wear suits. He had an aura around him, everyone seemed to bow to his every command. Nicola however thought he was a sleaze, at one business meeting Nicola was sure that he had grabbed her arse but she couldn't be sure as there was a crowd of people there.

John told Nicola that Richard had assured him that nobody would be losing their jobs if the deal went through.

Nicola left John's office and even though she had been assured that her job was safe she was still a little worried, she really did need this job to keep her house and her lifestyle that she had worked so hard for.

Later on John phoned Nicola and told her that he and Richard were ready to start their meeting and asked her to come into this meeting.

As soon as Nicola entered the office she could feel Richard undressing her with his eyes.

"Nicola, we meet again." Said Richard.

Richard stood up and kissed Nicola on her cheek, while he placed one of his hands on her bum. What a creep, Nicola thought to herself.

"Your Italian aren't you Nicola?" Asked Richard.

"My Dad's Italian, I'm only half Italian, why's that?" Asked Nicola.

"I've always wondered, that's all." Said Richard.

The meeting went on for just over two hours by the end of the meeting John had agreed to sell his haulage firm to Richard. As Nicola went to leave the office Richard said.

"I'm looking forward to working closely with you Nicola."

Nicola just gave him a fake smile and left the office. That night Nicola got hardly any sleep she was just tossing and turning all night long. She was genuinely worried about her job, even though John said her job was safe she really didn't trust Richard, he gave her the creeps.

Nicola arrived at work the next day, and John told Nicola in private how sad he was that he had to sell the business. Nicola could see how sad he was he looked close to tears. Nicola gave John a hug, telling him he was doing the right thing, he had to look after his wife. "Family should come first no matter what." She told him.

John told all of his workers about him selling up, and that he would be leaving the company in the next few weeks. All his workers looked stunned but most were relieved that such a well known business man like Richard Marshall was taking over the company.

Nicola would see Richard around John's Haulage more and more over the next few days. Every chance that he got he would touch Nicola sometimes holding her hips as he went past her, other times his hand would glide across Nicola's bum, making it appear to be an accident. These little incidents were making Nicola feel uncomfortable. She wanted to say something to John but she knew that he had to much on his mind and it wouldn't be fair of her to say anything to him.

John's last day soon arrived, Nicola was very upset when she saw him leave the gates for the last time. John had been like a Dad to her for the last couple of years.

The next day Nicola turned up for work as normal this is going to be weird, she thought to herself as she entered her office. There was now an extra desk in her office which had an attractive woman, who looked in her mid twenties sat at it. She was smartly dressed in a short black skirt and a tight plain white t shirt.

She had blonde shoulder length hair, her skin was mildly tanned and she the most beautiful blue eyes Nicola had ever seen.

"You must be Nicola, I'm Susan." Said the woman.

"Hi, pleased to meet you Susan." Smiled Nicola.

Susan went on to explain that she was thirty one years old and that she had been Richard's personal assistant for the last ten years.

Susan could see the look of horror in Nicola's eyes, so she assured her that there would be enough work for the both of them.

Richard then called Susan into his office. Nicola just carried on with her work. As much as Nicola liked Susan she did make her feel a little insecure about her job, was Richard that busy that he need two personal assistants? Nicola pondered to herself despite what Susan had told her.

Susan came out of Richard's office about fifteen minutes later, she looked a little flustered.

"Are you ok Susan?" Quizzed Nicola.

"Yeah I'm fine thanks, Richard was just going over a few things with me nothing too important." She responded.

Nicola thought nothing more of it and carried on with her work. A couple of minutes later Richard gave Nicola a document, he asked her to photocopy it for him. He wanted one hundred copies.

Nicola took the document to the photocopier, which was in a narrow corridor on its own. Nicola stood there waiting for the photocopies in her own dream world. Suddenly she felt a hand come from behind her, and grab her pussy through her trousers giving it a gently squeeze. Stunned Nicola just stood there, frozen for a few seconds. Realizing the hand wasn't moving Nicola grabbed the hand and removed it away from her pussy, Nicola spun around to see who it was. It was Richard Marshall.

"What the fuck do you think your doing." Nicola raged at him.

"Don't try telling me you didn't want me to." Smirked Richard as he walked off.

Nicola grabbed the photocopies and walked back to her desk and sat down, she was visibly shaken.

"What's up?" Asked Susan.

"I was just doing them photocopies for Richard and he came up behind me and touched me between my legs." Said Nicola, who was still fuming.

"I wondered how long it would take him don't worry about it. It's best you just forget about it, trust me." Said Susan, trying to calm Nicola down.

"No I won't just forget it." Screamed Nicola.

Nicola got up from her seat and stormed into Richard's office, not even knocking.

"You got those photocopies for me?" Asked Richard.

"Fuck your photocopies how dare you touch me like that, you fucking pervert." Screeched Nicola.

"Do you want to keep your job?" Asked Richard, in a calm voice.

"Well yes, but." Nicola started to reply, but Richard interupted.

"Well sit down and calm down." He said.

Nicola wasn't sure why but for some reason she did as he said and sat down.

"Nicola, your a very attractive girl and I like groping attractive girls so what's the problem?" He asked.

"What's the problem. Your the fucking problem." Snapped back Nicola.

"Look if you want to keep your job here you will let me grope you when I want it's as simple as that." He grinned.

"Fine I quit then." She replied.

"Fine, but you will work your fortnights notice, then you never work as an personal assistant anywhere again, I promise you that." He smiled.

"John will give me a reference I won't need one from you." Nicola snapped.

"Look Nicola, I admire your fight, really I do but trust me you will not get another job within two hundred miles of this place. You won't have the money to pay for that nice house of yours and you can't sell it, not with house prices the way that they are." He said.

"We will see." Barked Nicola.

Nicola then stood up and left his office. She told Susan that she was taking half a day holiday and left her workplace.

Nicola got home and phoned up several places that were looking for people in her line of work. Richard was right everytime she said her name they said the job had been taken. Richard had obviously spread the word about her and nobody would give her a job.

Nicola decided that even though she was so proud of herself for making her life a success, she would rather move back to Tanglewood with her family and work in some dead end job than give in to her slimy boss.

The following day as soon as Nicola arrived at work she headed straight to Richard's office. She couldn't believe what she saw, Susan was on her knees sucking her bosses cock. What a tart, Nicola thought. Richard saw Nicola standing there.

"Best stop now Susan, we've got company. Come back and finish me off as soon as Nicola's gone." Richard said to Susan.

Susan got to her feet and walked out the office, smiling at Nicola as she walked passed her. Richard put his cock back into his jeans.

"Did you find a new job?" Smirked Richard.

"Fuck off you know I didn't. I don't know what you said to them but it doesn't matter anyway, I'd sooner be poor than let you touch me." Barked Nicola, she got up to walk out.

"Tell your Dad I hope he enjoys his time in prison." Laughed Richard.

"What are you on about?" Questioned Nicola.

"You'll see, soon enough." He smiled.

Nicola went back into her office. Susan got up and went straight into Richard's office, to finish off what she started earlier. Susan returned their the office ten minutes later.

"Have you got no self respect?" Nicola asked her.

"You've got no idea. Trust me by the end of the week he will have you as well." Susan replied.

"No way I'm nothing like that." Hissed Nicola.

Four hours had now passed and you could cut the atmosphere with a knife, the two of them only spoke when work required them to. Nicola's phone rang, it was Kimberley, her sister, who was crying.

"What's up?" Asked Nicola.

"Dad's been arrested the police found a load of cocaine in his car." Sobbed Kimberley.

"Don't worry I'll sort this." Said Nicola.

Nicola once more stormed into Richard's office without knocking.

"You fucking bastard, what have you done to my Dad? Why are you doing this to me?" Yelled Nicola.

"Don't worry your Dad will only get a caution, so what's the problem?" Smiled Richard.

"Your such an arsehole. I hate you and I'm still quitting." Screamed Nicola.

"That's fine quit if you want. Tomorrow your Dad will get sacked and then he'll get beaten up." He said.

"Don't talk so stupid. I quit and i'm not serving my notice take me to court if you want, I really don't care there's no way I'll work for you for a moment longer." Fumed Nicola.

Nicola turned around and walked out of the office and went home.

At ten o'clock the following day Nicola was woken up by a phone call, it was Kimberley.

"What's up?" Answered Nicola.

"Dad's been sacked and on his way home he got beaten up by two men." Sobbed Kimberley.

"Is he alright?" Nicola asked.

"Yeah, just cuts and bruises mainly." Replied Kimberley.

"I'll be around soon, I've just got some business to take care of." Said Nicola.

Nicola was fuming, she'd never been so angry in her life. She got out of bed and put on the first clothes that she saw, a black wooly jumper and a pair of tight blue jeans. She drove straight to the haulage yard and went into to Richard Marshall's office slamming the door behind her.

"What's my Dad ever done to you?" Shouted Nicola.

"It's like this Nicola I always get what I want and I want you. Today was just the beginning. If you don't give me what i want, tomorrow your Dad and your sister will be in hospital. It's up to you?" Said Richard.

"But I don't understand why you are doing this to me and my family. We have never hurt anyone." Said Nicola, as she slowly started to cry.

"I thought i made it quite clear why I'm doing this. I want you that's why. I bought this place so I could get you and what I want I get. You will end up fucking me or like I said, your family will be eating their food in hospital." He grinned.

"But please." She sobbed.

"Look I own this city, every drug dealer works for me, all the prostitutes are pimped by me, hell half the police force work for me. So unless do as I say when I say, your family will get beaten up everytime they leave their house. What happened to your Dad was just a warning. Do we have an agreement?" He asked.

Realizing that Richard was telling the truth, and that she had no choice, Nicola nodded her head. Crying she quietly replied.

"Yes I understand anything you want."

"Good I'm glad you've finally come around to my way of thinking. Now stand up." He said.

Nicola obeyed to what he said, getting up off her chair.

"Now Nicola I'd like you to strip for me." He demanded.

Nicola just stood there not knowing what to do. She really didn't want to undress in front of him but she knew what would happen if she didn't.

"NOW" Richard barked.

This was the only warning that Nicola needed, she pulled off her shoes that she was wearing, followed by her black wooly jumper, next she unzipped her jeans and slid them down her tanned legs before stepping out of them. Nicola now stood in front of her boss in just her light pink bra and matching thong.

"And the rest." Smiled Richard.

Knowing objecting was pointless, she unhooked her bra allowing it to fall to the floor and pulled down her thongs. As she bent over and pulled down her thong, Richard couldn't help but stare at her huge tits as they dangled down.

Nicola was now stood completely naked in front of Richard, her hands were covering her breasts though.

"Put your hand by your side." He ordered.

Nicola who was now crying her eyes out once more did as she was ordered slowly dropping her hands by her side. Her body began to shake as she felt the cold breeze of the air conditioner blew onto her naked body. As she stood trembling completely naked in front of her boss. Richard stood there and admired the five foot four inches of pure beauty. His eyes started at her feet working their way up her toned legs, up to her pussy, her black pubic hair was neatly trimmed in a tiny strip.

"Tonight you will shave your cunt bald for me got that?" Richard commanded.

Nicola hated the word cunt, she found it so vulgar.

"Yes, yes I understand." Sobbed Nicola, who had never been so humiliated in her life, she was hating every minute of this ordeal.

His eyes wondered up her toned stomach, by the athletic shape of Nicola's body it was obvious that she kept herself fit and in shape. His eyes were now fixed on her enormous tits, which were nice and pert, not to mention beautifully tanned. She must of sunbathed topless on holiday, Richard thought. Nicola's nipples were slightly larger than most womens, but her body was perfect.

"What bra size are you? Your tits are wonderful." He asked.

"Thirty four D." She sobbed.

"Thirty four D Susan's only a thirty two B." Richard said.

He then moved his eyes up to her face, she had lovely big lips. They must be great for sucking cock, he thought. He then stared into her beautiful hazel coloured eyes.

Richard walked up to Nicola and ran his hand down her long black hair which went just below her tits. He couldn't help but run his fingertip over her nipple on the way past it. Nicola shuddered as his fingertip touched her nipple.

"You truly are a perfect specimen of the female species. Now stand in the middle of my office." He told her.

Nicola once more obeyed, she turned around and walked into the middle of the office. Richard couldn't take his eyes off her butt cheeks as she walked, they were gorgeous.

Richard leaned back on his desk and picked up his phone.

"Susan get in here I need some relieve." He said.

Richard unbuckled his belt and unzipped his jeans, and they fell to his ankles. Nicola couldn't help but look at his already hard cock she had to admit that it was a good size, about nine and a half inches long and fairly wide.

Susan entered the office and walked past Nicola.

"My you are excited sir." Said Susan, as she wrapped her fingers around his rock hard shaft, wanking it slowly.

"What do you expect look at how hot Nicola is." He said.

Susan turned her head so that she was facing Nicola.

"You are right she's hot." Susan cooed.

This made Nicola's cheeks blush.

Susan dropped to her knees and grabbed the base of his cock in her hand, she then put the whole shaft in her mouth as she sucked up and down on his nine and a half inch pole. Richard let out a moan as Susan's warm mouth continued to suck on his cock.

"You like this don't you?" Teased Susan, as she tickled the tip of his glistening cock with her tongue.

"Yeah, I love it baby." Panted Richard, who looked up at Nicola while he said it.

Nicola couldn't believe what she was witnessing, but she had to admit that watching a sexy woman like Susan sucking a big cock had started to turn her on.

Susan licked all the way down his large veiny cock, taking one of his pubic hair covered balls into her mouth and sucked on it hard, while her hand pumped his cock for all it was worth.

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