tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNicola's New Boss Ch. 04

Nicola's New Boss Ch. 04


The day after her threesome with Richard and Donald Nicola was at work. It was just before nine o'clock so she knew that Richard would be walking in at any moment. She was dreading seeing him, she knew that he would still be livid about her trying to set him up with the police.

Minutes later he appeared in her office, with a face like thunder.

"Hello sir." Cooed Susan.

Richard just smiled at Susan before looking at Nicola with death in his eyes.

"Stand up you." He ordered Nicola.

Terrified Nicola rose to her feet, Richard stepped in front of her and growled at her.

"Bend over your desk in front of me and Susan." He demanded.

Shaking like a leaf Nicola slowly walked around her desk until she was stood in front of Richard and bent over the desk, this coursed her short denim skirt to ride high up her leg. Her pink thong were now clearly visible.

"Susan get over here and slap this bitches arse. Slap it as hard as you can or I swear to god I'll slap you all over this office." Richard barked at Susan.

It had been years since Susan had seen Richard this mad and she knew from previous experience not to disobey him when he was in this kind of mood.

Without saying a word Susan stood up off her chair and walked over to Nicola. She struck her arse with her hand as hard as she possibly could. This made Nicola squeal in pain.

"Did that hurt Nicola?" He asked.

"Yeah." Nicola mumbled.

"Good." He laughed.

"Aaaaaaaaaaargggghhhhhhh." Nicola screamed as Richard this time smacked Nicola's arse as hard as he could, leaving a hand print in the process.

"I'm going to make you wish that you were never born bitch." He barked in her face.

"Please I'm so sorry." Nicola sobbed.

"Get on knees slut and shut the fuck up bitch. I don't want to hear another word leave your mouth." Richard snarled.

Still sobbing Nicola picked herself off the desk and got on her knees in front of Richard. Just as she expected Richard undid his jeans and exposed his semi erect shaft.

"Susan get over over here and make my cock hard, I want to cum in this bitches face." He barked.

Susan raced over to Richard and wrapped her hand around his ever hardening cock. Her hand started to wank his pole at a frantic pace.

Nicola couldn't bear to watch what was going to happen so she closed her eyes firmly. Richard soon saw that her eyes were shut. He gripped her hair and pulled her head back roughly.

"Fucking watch you dirty whore." He barked. Nicola not wanted to make her boss any madder opened her eyes and watched as Susan's hand continued to toss his nob at a blurring speed.

"Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh." Richard groaned, as three blobs of spunk shot out of his bell end and onto her face. The first shot land on her cheek, the second right between the eyes and the third into her long black hair.

"Get off my cock now Susan." Richard instructed.

Susan as always did as she was told and immediately pulled her hand away from his now floppy penis. Richard took hold of it and wiped any excess cum across Nicola's lips. Nicola felt humiliated, her face was covered in cum, her hair had spunk matted in it and now she could taste the dirty gooy substance on her lips.

"Now get get back to work you pair of sluts." Richard ordered, as he put his penis back into his jeans.

Nicola rose to her feet and headed towards the toilets.

"Where are you going? I said get back to work." Richard barked at Nicola.

"To clean myself up." Nicola mumbled.

"No chance bitch. You're keeping that spunk on you all day. Do you understand whore?" He yelled.

Nicola's response was to just nod her head.

"Get to the canteen and get me a sandwich." He ordered Nicola.

"But I've your cum on my face, someone might see me." Nicola said.

Richard walked up to Nicola and shouted at the top of his voice.

"I don't fucking care. Get my sandwich or else."

Once more Nicola could feel the tears building up in her eyes. She turned and left her office headed down the short corridor and to the canteen. In the canteen there was sixteen lorry drivers, most of them she had known for several years and would normally have a chat with.

Nicola flicked her hair over to one side hoping that that it would hide the cum in her hair. She looked at the floor as she entered the canteen, hoping that if she didn't make eye contact none of them would start a conversation with her.

She quickly put her money into the vending machine and selected a sandwich for Richard. She collected her sandwich and went to leave the canteen thinking that she'd got away without anybody noticing her. Just as she left the canteen she saw her Dad walking down the corridor towards her.

She could feel her face begin to burn up with embarrassment.

"Hello princess." He said.

"Sorry Dad I really can't talk I'm really busy." Replied Nicola, as she tried her best to cover her cum covered face.

"Surely you've got a few minutes for your Dad?" He asked.

"Look Dad I said I'm busy." She growled as she continued to walk away from him.

"Ok then." She heard her Dad mutter disappointingly. Nicola hated speaking to her Dad like that, but she knew that if he had a conversation with him he'd see the cum on her face and she had no way of explaining it.

Nicola entered her office once more but couldn't see Richard anywhere.

"Where's Richard?" She asked Nicola.

"He's waiting in his office for you. Be careful, he's sent me home for the day and I haven't seen him this angry for years." Susan replied.

Nicola walked to Richard's office, taking a big breath she knocked on Richard's office door and entered.

"Take a seat." Richard ordered.

Nicola obeyed what Richard had asked her to do and took a seat and passed him his sandwich.

"It's like this Nicola the way that I see it you owe me big time. If anybody else had tried to grass me up to the police they'd be six feet in the ground." He declared.

Nicola was far to scared to reply and just nodded her head in agreement.

"So it's like this you're going to do me two favours. This will be your way of starting to make things up to me. Do you want to know what the favours are?" He asked.

"Yes please." Nicola nervously answered.

"Firstly, my eighteen year old son Micky as just been dumped by his slut of a girlfriend. His friend is having an eigtheenth birthday party, you will be his date and you will do everything that he asks." Richard explained.

"But he's four years younger than me." Nicola argued.

"I really don't give a fuck how much younger than you he is. You owe me remember." He snarled.

"I owe you? Are you having a laugh, the way that you've been treating me and you think that I owe you." Snapped Nicola.

"Nicola people who cross me normally end up dead, ask Susan. Luckily for you I think you're to pretty to die young your Dad on the other hand isn't so pretty." Said Richard.

Nicola could see the anger in Richard's eyes and she didn't doubt for one moment that he'd kill her Dad if she tried to mess with him one more time.

"Ok I'll take your lad out on a date. What's the second favour?" She quizzed, dreading the answer.

"I need your house so after the weekend you'll move out of your house for a few weeks." He replied.

"And move where?" She asked.

"Back home. I'll put your Dad on nights and your sisters always out with her boyfriend so you'll have the house to yourself most of the time." He answered.

"What do you want with my house?" She quizzed.

"That's my business." He barked.

Nicola knew that asking him again would only make him mad so she reluctantly agreed to move back to her Dad's for a few weeks. Nicola left his office and returned to work.

Luckily with Friday being a quiet day a work Nicola didn't see anybody for the rest of the day. That didn't stop her feeling like a cheap whore though everytime she thought about the dry cum in her hair and on her face.

The following day was the that she was taking Micky out, she had recieved a text message from Richard which read. Micky's picking you up at eight o'clock. Make sure that you look beautiful and do as Micky asks you, he will tell me if you don't.

Nicola picked out a dress that she was going to wear for tonight. It was a yellow strapless belted dress. She opted for this dress because it showed off her ample chest and her legs but with the skirt being pleated it wasn't figure hugging.

She put on the dress and a white lace thong, she didn't bother putting on a bra as she didn't wear bras with strapless tops. She stepped into a pair of yellow three inch sandals.

Nicola put her hair in summer curls and pulled one side back with a yellow flower hair clip. She looked at herself in the mirror, she looked gorgeous but not slutty which was just the look that she was looking for as she didn't want to give the teenager the wrong idea.

Nicola sat in her lounge waiting for Micky to arrive, she wasn't really looking forward to the party, it would be full of teenagers and people who she didn't know. She know that she didn't have a choice as she had to keep Richard on side. One thing she was sure of though was that she'd have the eighteen year old wrapped around her finger.

Eight o'clock arrived and Nicola heard a car horn outside her house she knew it would be Micky so she left her house. She saw Micky stood outside a limosine. Nicola was pleasantly surprised by how good looking the lad was. He was about six foot four inches tall, he obviously went weight lifting as he had a very muscular frame, his black hair was gelled in a messy hairstyle and he was dressed really smartly in a shirt, tie and trousers.

As Nicola approached Micky he stared at her large tits and commented.

"I can see what Dad meant about you."

Micky opened the limo door and let Nicola enter the vehicle. As she went to enter it Micky lifted the bottom of her dress so her could see her thong and arse cheeks.

"You've got a great arse girl." Laughed Micky. This coursed Nicola to blush, partly in embarrassment, partly in anger.

Once they both settled in the limo and the driver started to drive them to their destination it became apparent the Micky was completely high on some kind of drug. This made Nicola feel even more uncomfortable than she already did, she wasn't used to being around people on drugs. She had always found them to be very unpredictable.

Not really knowing what to do or say Nicola sat there twissling her hair in her fingers. She decided to make small talk.

"Where is the party?" She enquired nervously.

"At Pinchworth village hall." He replied.

Nicola knew the place, it wasn't too far from her house probably about fifteen minutes drive.

"Are you good friends with the birthday boy?" She asked.

"Not really he's a fucking geek. How many men have fucked you?" He asked.

His response stunned Nicola who didn't know what to say.

"Well how many?" He asked once more.

"What's it to you?" Nicola snapped.

Her reply angered Micky who grabbed hold of her hair and pulled her head down into his crouth, holding her head there. Nicola tried struggle free but Micky was far to strong for her.

"We can do this the easy way or the hard way bitch. My Dad's only a phone call away and we both know that you don't want to upset him. Don't we" He seethed.

Nicola's mouth was covered by the material of his trousers and her answer just came out as a muffle. Micky let go of her head and asked.

"Well how many?"

"J..just a few." Stuttered Nicola.

"My Dad tells me that you're a great fuck even more so than that slut Susan. He grinned.

"You slept with Susan." A stunned Nicola replied.

"Yeah I fucked that bitch like she'd never been fucked before. What a complete slut she is. I hope you're just like her." He smirked as his hand began to rub one of Nicola's tanned legs.

Nicola now felt more uncomfortable than she ever had in her life. She wanted to move the teenagers hand off her leg but she was far too intimitdated of him to try.

After what seemed to be an eternity finally they arrived at Pinchworth village hall. The limo stopped outside the hall. Nicola couldn't wait to get out of the limo and get a bit of space between her and Micky. When she went towards the door Micky grabbed her arm tightly.

"Remember you're here to make me happy, no matter what it takes right." Snarled Micky.

"Yeah I know." Said Nicola.

Nicola got out of the limo first and the group of teenagers that were stood outside the hall turned to admire her. As soon as they saw that she was with Micky they put their faces to the floor.

"What are you lot staring at?" Micky yelled at the group. None of the group said a word. Micky grabbed hold of Nicola's hand and pulled her towards the group.

"I'm fucking talking to you lot. I said what are you looking at?" He growled.

"Nothing." Muttered one of the group.

"Are you saying that my dates ugly?" Barked Micky.

Nicola could tell that the lads were really intimidated by Micky and that he was blantantly bullying them.

"Come on Micky." Said Nicola, trying her best to calm the situation. Micky turned to her, pinched the top of her arm and shouted.

"Who do you think you're fucking talking to bitch?"

"Arrrrrrrrghhhhh, I'm sorry. Please get of me you're hurting me." Nicola cried out in pain. Micky put his mouth to Nicola's ear and whispered.

"That's your one and only warning bitch now get in there and buy me a drink."

Micky let go of Nicola's arm, leaving a large mark where his hand was. Nicola hated to admit it but she was far more scared of Micky than she had been of anybody in her whole life, Richard included. He was nothing but a horrible bully. Nicola left Micky outside with the group of lads.

When she entered the hall she noticed that everybody in the hall turned and stared at her. She ignored everybody and walked straight to the bar and order Micky a pint of lager and herself a gin and tonic. She saw Micky enter the hall a few minutes later, he also ignored everybody, like none of them were good enough to speak to him. He walked up to Nicola.

"Have you ordered my drink?" He asked.

"Yeah the barman's just getting it now." She quickly replied hoping not to annoy him anymore.

The barman put their drinks on the bar and Nicola paid for the drinks. A goofy looking lad with black greasy hair and thick glasses approached Micky and said.

"Thanks for coming Micky."

Not even turning his head Micky answered.


Nicola saw the terror on the lads face after Micky's snappy reply. She figured out that it must be the lads birthday party.

"Happy birthday, it's a great party." Said Nicola, taking pity on the lad.

The lad was obviously shy and not used to having such a gorgeous girl speaking to him as his whole face went bright red.

"I think the geek fancies you." Laughed Micky, mocking the lad.

The poor lad was humiliated and went to walk away but Micky grabbed hold of his arm and put his face right next to his.

"Do you fancy my bird?" He barked at him.

The lad was scared out of his mind, all the colour faded from the lads face and tears began to full his eyes. Before he could answer Micky burst out in laughter.

"What a fucking nob." He grinned before he smacked him across the back of his head making the lads head bolt forward. The poor lad then darted over to the other side of the hall.

Nicola really wanted to tell Micky exactly what she thought of him, but she was far to scared of what he'd do to her to say a word.

Two lads walked into the hall and Micky motioned them over into the toilet.

"Don't you dare move anywhere." He snapped to Nicola.

Micky walked off to the toilet and Nicola remained motionless on the spot wishing the night would end already.

Nicola looked around the hall to see if there was anybody who she vaguely recognised but there was nobody. While she looked was looking around the room she noticed the birthday boy staring at her. Even though this made her feel quite awkward she did feel really sorry for him so she gave him a quick smile and a wave.

He obviously took it the wrong way as he raced over to her.

"W..where is Micky?" He stammered.

"He's just popped to the toilet." Replied Nicola who was beginning to wish that she never acknowleged him now. She was dreading Micky coming out of the toilet and seeing them talking as he'd probably bo ballistic.

"I better go before he comes out of the toilet. I just want to thank you for coming to my party." He blushed. Nicola found his shyness really sweet.

"Not a problem." She replied.

Much to Nicola's horror she saw Micky come storming out of the toilet and towards the two of them.

"Hey you little pervert what the fuck do you think you're doing talking to her?" He yelled.

He tried to respond but he was so terrified that he couldn't get his words out. Micky grabbed hold of him by his throat, choking the poor lad.

"How dare you disrespect me." Micky thundered.

The two lads who Micky went to the toilet with finally pulled Micky off him. As soon as Micky was off him the lad ran off and out of the hall.

"I thought I told you not to move bitch." He growled.

"I didn't move. You're absolutely insane." Barked Nicola.

Nicola talking back to him outraged him and he grabbed hold of her jaw wih one of his massive hands.

"I swear to god if you mouth off at me one more time I'll get my Dad to sort you out and your Sister, Kimberley isn't it? I'll make her life a fucking misery I swear." He growled.

Nicola was scared for her life, with tears in her eyes she replied.

"You know Kimberley?"

"Yeah I've seen her around college. She's a pretty thing, it would be a shame if her looks got messed up wouldn't it?" He grinned.

"I'm so sorry please don't hurt Kimberley." She pleaded.

"I'm glad that you finally understand me. Get me and my boys some fucking drinks in." He barked as his hand left her jaw. To scared to do anything else Nicola turned to the bar and waited to get served.

She felt Micky lift up her dress and expose her arse cheeks and thong.

"Look at that boys." He laughed. Nicola wanted to slap his hand away from her but fearing what he would do she let him continue to expose her bottom to the entire room.

When Micky let go of her dress and Nicola could hear the other one lads saying to Micky.

"Your one lucky lad she's fucking gorgous."

"She's the lucky one. I'm Micky Marshall I could have anybody that I want. Ain't that right?" He grinned as he grabbed one of Nicola's buttocks and gave it a firm squeeze.

"Yeah for sure, I'm really lucky." Nicola played along.

Another hour passed, Nicola hadn't managed to move from the bar and all she could do was stand there and listen to Micky and his two mates. She had never been so bored in her whole life. Every twenty minutes or so they'd head off to the toilet together and come out rubbing their noses. Nicola knew that they must of been snorting something in the toilet but she was too scared to ask anything about it.

"Look who as just walked in." Said one of the lads to Micky.

Nicola looked over and saw a pretty mixed raced girl. By the look on Micky's face it was obvious that it was his ex girlfriend Natalie.

"Fucking slut." He yelled towards Natalie.

Natalie didn't even acknowledge Micky, she just walked passed him without even looking at him.

"Nicola get on that dance floor now. I'll join you in a few moments." Ordered Micky.

Nicola didn't particularly want to dance but it had to be better than standing up the bar listening to Micky and his friends talk about how brilliant he was. Nicola had never met anyone who was so in love with theirselves as Micky was.

Nicola walked onto the dancefloor which was in the middle of the hall and started to dance. She looked over to Micky and saw that he was having an arguement with Natalie.

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