tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersNicole Desired Ch. 01

Nicole Desired Ch. 01


Helen and her two daughters enjoyed themselves as the private lingerie fashion show introduced them to the latest fashions. Helen had always shopped at Lydia's lingerie as there was no better place to find exquisitely sexy lingerie.

At the end of the show the women handed the head clerk the order sheets they had filled out. The orders were retrieved by the sales clerks then wrapped and carried out to Helen's car. The three women spent the rest of the morning shopping for clothes and finally ended up at their favorite shoe boutique.

"I think that we should stick with high heels and I prefer spiked heels as they always give the most feminine appearance," stated Helen.

The women selected a number of shoes with spiked heels that ranged from two inches to five inches in height then hade them packaged up and carried to the car.

On the way back to the estate the women stopped at an adult novelty store where Helen purchased a few items that she was going to need and then the three women excitedly hurried home to view their purchases. Upon arrival at the estate the woman headed into the house as Helen had informed them that their brother Darryl would bring the packages in from the car.

Darryl was not actually their brother nor was he actually Helens son. Darryl was the adopted child of Helen's youngest sister and her husband. Helen had taken the boy in and raised the child after her sister and brother in law had been killed in a car accident when Darryl was still a baby.

Helen called Darryl and asked if he would be a dear and retrieve the women's packages from the car. Darryl was a bit confused at this request because usually packages were delivered or the head grounds keeper would have one of the grounds workers carry in the packages. Darryl did not dwell on the matter as he was quite happy to retrieve the packages for Helen.

Darryl made five different trips to the car in order to retrieved all the packages and place them in the sitting room. Having retrieved all the packages he headed out of the room.

"Where are you going?" Helen asked.

"I was going back to the sun room to finish reading a magazine article I was in the middle of."

"Let me guess, the newest edition of fashion weekly? It seems you just can't seem to acquire enough information on the latest female trends can you?"

His sisters started giggling when he began to blush.

"I need to talk to you so stay here for now."

Darryl sat down in a chair and began to wonder what his mother wanted to talk about.

"You did keep your appointment with Doctor Myers today, didn't you?"

"Yes mom, I went to the appointment just like I do every week. I don't know why I need all these vitamin shots I am perfectly healthy. Actually I think the shots are making me a little ill."

"Why do you say that?"

"My body has been sore since I started them and it seems I have gained weight so that my clothes don't fit like they use to."

"I wonder how your sister's panties have been fitting lately?"

Denise and Susan began to laugh out loud.

"What color panties are you wearing today you little sissy," Denise blurted out.

"Now Denise, control yourself," scolded Helen.

"Well Darryl you were asked a question, what color are they?" inquired Helen.

"I don't know what you are talking about has everyone gone crazy?"

"Well only one way to find out, I want you to lower your trousers right now!"

"MOM! My sisters are here."

"I don't care do as I say and lower your trousers!"

Darryl started to blush again as he began to lower his trousers. Suddenly Denise jumped up and yanked his trousers down leaving Darryl standing there in pink silk bikini panties.

"You look so cute sweetie and I was right, the panties are fitting you much better than they did. Take a seat dear we need to talk."

Darryl bent down to pull up his trousers.

"No need for that we wouldn't want to hide such pretty panties with those ugly trousers. Besides you might as well get use to your panties showing" "What do you mean?" "It is simple from now on you are not going to be the only one admiring how pretty they look on you."

"why are you doing this mother?"

"Well sweetie the answer to that question is that I came home from work early about six months ago. You must have really been enjoying yourself because you didn't hear me come in. I was walking down the hall I noticed your door had been left open a little. I decided to look in on you and you can imagine how shocked I was when I looked in and saw you dressed in your sister's bra and panties admiring yourself in the mirror. Do the words I was supposed to be a pretty girl sound familiar? They should because you were whispering them as you admired yourself in the mirror."

Darryl kept his eyes on the floor blushing as his mother continued to speak.

"Although I practice a female superiority lifestyle and have raised your sisters in that tradition I attempted to keep from exposing you to that lifestyle directly. After discovering you the way I did I decided to search your room and I found your magazines on exuding femininity and becoming a woman. It was then that I decided to contact Doctor Myers about putting you on a feminization program."

As Helen continued explaining how she had suspected there was something different about him, Darryl began to remember when he first felt the overwhelming need for femininity. It had started when he was very young, he had not even started puberty when he felt the undeniable belief that somehow someone had made a mistake and he had been given a boy's body instead of a girl's. As the years passed he could no longer resist the need to slip a pair of his sister's silky little dainties, up his legs and over his bottom. They had felt so soft and sweet as they caressed his body. Darryl had finally found a way to feel normal like other girls and he quickly fell in love with the feeling. He didn't know why he only seemed to feel normal when wearing girl's clothing but he did. He started by sneaking a pair or panties or two from his sisters. They had so many pairs he was sure they would never miss a few. He continued to borrow his sister's panties and bras throughout the years making sure that he put them in the wash when they were soiled and would borrow them again once they had been washed. Last year's 4th of July celebration at his Aunt Carole's house propelled him either farther into his desire to be a female. Everyone was outside as he slipped into the house to go to the bathroom. When he entered the bathroom he noticed the clothes hamper was full, and he could just make out what looked like a pair of white nylon panties. He investigated and indeed there were a filmy pair of white bikinis with a cute little red rose embroidered on the front. He immediately stuffed them into his pocket, and continued to look through the hamper. After about 5 min he realized that no one would miss him and he could do a little exploring. Darryl headed out of the bathroom moving swiftly to his cousin's bedroom. The panties he had found were definitely hers and he knew that he would find many more pairs in her dresser drawers.

His cousin Wendy was 22 and had a body, which was slim yet rather curvy in all the right places. Darryl was a year her junior and had developed a crush on her when he was younger. His cousin thought his crush for her was cute so she let him tag along with her and his sister Denise who was a year senior to Wendy.

Sliding the top-drawer open he found himself in heaven as the drawer was overflowing with panties of different styles and materials.

Several pairs caught his attention and he quickly slipped them into his pocket. Having lost track of time he snapped to his senses when he heard the back screen door slam followed by the voices of his sister and cousin. Racing back to the bathroom he quickly closed the door behind him. As the girls passed the bathroom he heard them talking about changing into bikinis and going swimming. Darryl was suddenly startled by a knock on the door. "Hurry up in there Darryl I need to go potty before I change to go swiming," announced Denise. "I'll be out in one second," replied Darryl. Adjusting the panties so his pockets didn't bulge out he exited the bathroom. Later Darryl enjoyed a heavenly night as he basked in the caress of the panties and proceeded to pleasure himself multiple times. Suddenly Helens voice snapped him out of his day dream.

"Darryl have you heard what I have been saying? I guarantee you will listen from now on! Take off your shirt and socks and toss them to Susan. Girls you know what to do!"

Denise went into the kitchen and returned with a big box of garbage bags. She held a bag open for her sister as Susan tossed the shirt and socks in it.

"Hey what are you doing those are my clothes?"

"Don't worry Darryl or rather I guess I should call you by your new name Nicole."

"Do as we discussed girls, I want you to clean out every stitch of clothing in his room. I don't want you to miss even a sock, as Nicole will have no further use for them."

Denise and Susan hurried up the stairs and into the east wing of the estate where Darryl's bedroom was located. Gathering up all his clothing in the garbage bags they had the grounds man take each bag and toss it in the estates main refuse container.

Everything was happening so quickly Darryl was a bit confused and slightly worried. After bagging all the clothes Denise and Susan returned to the living room sporting huge smiles on their face.

Helen suddenly addressed Darryl sternly.

"Take those panties off right now they don't belong to you and you can't just go around stealing other girl's panties."

"Mom I can't Denise and Susan are here!"

"Just do as you are told, besides girls always help each other get dressed and undressed."

"I am a boy not a girl, why are you doing this?"

Darryl's assertion that he was a boy had been very weak as he knew the words were a lie.

"Darling every part of you is screaming out for this because you need what is about to happen, so stop all you're fussing. Now get your ass over here and stand with your legs shoulder width apart."

Startled at the sternness in Helen's voice, he quickly slid off the panties and stepped in front of her standing as she had demanded.

Helen reached into a bag and retrieved a small box. Smiling she told him that from now on he was to be referred to as Nicole and would no longer be her son. Smiling, she removed a surgical steel tube from the box and made sure Nicole got a good look at it. The tube had what looked like an opening along the length of it with a small keyhole at one end that locked the tube closed. Taking hold of Nicole's soft cock Helen spoke with a stern voice.

"Since you are now a girl you will never again have a use for this so we might as well lock it away so it doesn't get you in trouble."

Opening the tube she slid it over Nicole's flaccid cock. The tube encased the entire length of Nicole's penis so that all that could be seen was the pinkish red mushroom shaped head. Turning the tiny key in the lock Helen effectively locked Nicole's cock into chastity. "There we go," announced Helen.

"You will have no further use for that pathetic cock and will be wearing the chastity tube from this point on and I have the only keys.

Helen slowly inspected Nicole's body marveling at the progress the injections Doctor Myers had been administering had achieved already. The treatment was experimental but the doctor had assured her that it would work.

Nicole's bottom had filled out perfectly curving gently outward from the small of her back. She was becoming a very beautiful girl even if she had not noticed it. Her skin was very soft to the touch and had a radiant glow to it. Her eyes were crowned with long thick lashes while her lips were plump and inviting giving her a very demure yet alluring look.

Nicole's body hair was very soft and almost completely invisible unlike the coarse dark hair that covered most males. Her hips protruded just enough to add the perfect sway to her walk and once she got use to heals that marvelous ass of hers would be driving people wild.

As she raised her gaze to Nicole's chest she could see how well the breasts were forming. Nicole was already between a 34b and a 34C cup and they were beautifully formed with light pink areolas that had tips the size of a pencil eraser. Helen had to stifle back a giggle as she tried to imagine how he had kept them hidden from all his friends. She imagined that Nicole had been thankful for very lose fitting shirts and baggy pants. Nicole's newly formed body served to assure Helen that she had embarked on the right path with Darryl. He had never once complained or made a negative comment about his growing breasts, hips, or bottom. Nicole would have no further need for baggy clothing as she would learn to be proud of her beautiful curves.

"Well Nicole this is how it is!" announced Helen.

"Now how did you put it, oh yes you seem to be gaining weight."

Helen could not hold back a slight laugh as she pondered over what she was about to say.

"Well sweetie to say you were simply gaining weight would not be a fully correct statement. Rather it would be more accurate to say your body has shifted the areas where you now carry and store your weight. Those injections you have been receiving from Doctor Myers shut down your main testosterone production and has replaced it with estrogen. This has effectively encouraged your body to shift into that of a typical female cycle. The fat in your body is distributing itself mainly in your breasts, your bottom and your hips giving you the perfect female form. You are going to have the body of a model when the treatment is finished and you are done developing. You may not realize it yet but you are quite stunning already. It is so exciting that you will be a physically full grown woman in almost every way in several more weeks. I say almost every way because you will still have a little extra between your legs but no worries because it will never get in the way."

Helen turned her attention to Susan for a second. "Susan get that powder pink corset with the white trim and the matching panties. Also don't forget the white lace top stockings that have the seams up the back."

Nicole began to cry and plead.

"Please mother, don't do this to me I will behave. I promise I won't ever wear panties again."

The exact instant he made that tearful promise, he knew he could never keep it. He was drawn like a moth to a flame when it came to the trappings of the female gender.

When Susan brought the items over and he caught a glimpse of the corset, a cute smile crept across his face.

Helen was watching his reaction and loved what she saw in his eyes. There was an intense desire and longing that could not be denied. At that moment Helen realized that if she and the two girls left the room, Nicole would still end up in the lingerie they had purchased for her and nothing could prevent it.

"I KNEW IT!" Helen remarked. "You like them don't you Nicole?"

It was at that moment standing there in the main sitting room that Darryl died and in his place stood a blossoming girl named Nicole.

"Oh mother, everything is so beautiful and I can't wait to try it on."

Helen smiled gleefully at Nicole.

"That is much better than all that crying you were doing now let's get you dressed."

Nicole stood still with arms out as Denise took the corset and wrapped her new sister's body with it. She worked each of the laces through the eye openings in the back so that each end of the laces were of equal length. Helen instructed Nicole to move over to the stairs banister and take firm hold of it.

"Denise is going to tighten the corset and you will need to help by holding still."

"Yes ma'am I will do my very best."

"I am sure that you will sweetie."

"Now Denise make sure you get it good and tight."

Denise smiled as she gripped the laces then with all her strength she pulled on the laces. They inched through the eyelets pulling the garment tighter and tighter till she felt she could not pull anymore. Denise then cinched the laces and tied them off.

"Mother it is a bit hard to breathe with this so tight."

"Good that is how it should be, in time you will learn how to breathe more like a lady with smaller breaths as well as the corset will start training your body into the perfect waist and hip shape. You will be thankful for the corsets and cinchers, as they will shape your body correctly and permanently, so when you don't wear them you will still have that perfect shape.Now turn around darling so we can get a good look at you."

As Nicole turned around all three women gasped as they realized just how truly wonderful the doctors shots had worked. The bra cups of the corset were filled completely and Nicole showed cleavage that the three other women were envious of.

"Mother she is exquisite her breasts are bigger than either mine or Susan's and her hips and bottom, well I think I am just a bit jealous."

Nicole had a smile on her face that traveled from ear to ear. She felt so happy at the things the women were saying and truly felt as if she was finally allowed to be whom she truly was inside.

"May I look at myself in the mirror mother?"

"Not yet dear we still have some things to help you put on. Now don't pout Hun you will have plenty of time to admire your clothing as you will be dressed like this for the rest of your life.

"Yes ma'am."

"Good girl, now let Sue slide those matching panties up your legs."

"By the way Sue, make sure you tuck that pathetic cock of hers between her legs we wouldn't want any unsightly bulges in her panties."

Sue had Nicole step into the leg holes of the panties and slowly slid them up her legs. Grasping the ring on the chastity case she tugged the cock back and finished sliding the panties up to Nicole's hips.

"Perfect fit," announced Sue. The Panties were powder pink nylon with the frilliest lace trimming around the leg openings and along the top band.

"Don't forget her stockings and make sure her seams are straight," Commented Helen. Sue slid each stocking up, attaching the garter clasps of the corset to the lace band at the top of each. When she had finished, Helen told Nicole to step back a few steps so the women could get a good look at her.

"Yes indeed replied Helen, you are going to be a very pretty woman." Denise looked over the beautiful feminent frame standing before her and smiled.

"You are going to make such a beautiful maid and plaything."

Helen quickly cut her off.

"Now Denise you are giving away all our little surprises too early. Behave yourself or you can sit down and we will finish doing the rest."

"Please mother I won't let any more slip, I so want to help."

Helen told Nicole to have a seat, and explained that she must always remember to sit like a lady.

"The corset will keep your posture perfect, but just because you are only in your lingerie doesn't mean you don't still have to be aware of how you sit. Keep your knees together ladies don't show off there gifts to just anyone. Second tilt your legs a bit to the right and place your hands lightly in your lap."

Nicole did as she was instructed and sat eloquently in the chair.

"Very nice, now listen closely to what I am about to tell you as I will not repeat it again and there are consequences for forgetting."

Helen began to inform Nicole of the new rules of the estate.

"From this moment on you will serve the three of us as our maid. You will do whatever you are told without question. You will be responsible for keeping the house clean that includes all the bedrooms. You will make sure any soiled clothes are picked up and put in the appropriate hamper. Twice a week you will do the laundry and you will iron, fold and put away the clothes in whoever's closet or dresser they belong. You will rise early and prepare breakfast each morning. You will also prepare lunch and dinner for those of us that are present. Of course you will be serving the meals to us and you may eat after we are finished. It will be your job to answer the door and to act appropriately when you do so."

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