tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersNicole Desired Ch. 02

Nicole Desired Ch. 02


It had been a full year since Nicole was introduced to the world of female superiority and life had been working out wonderfully. Nicole had been a quick learner and excelled as both a woman and a servant. She had excelled at her positions so wonderfully that it did not take long for her to become a very respected and sought after submissive. Men adored her woman envied her and dominants desired to have her.

Helen could not ask for a better servant nor could she ask for a sweeter more loving and caring creature as a daughter. She was very proud of Nicole and enjoyed her company immensely and even more so now that Denise had returned back to school and Susan had moved to the city. Although Denise still regularly stopped by the estate every chance she could get away from school. It seemed that Susan on the other hand for some reason had kept in touch very little as of lately.

To the east of the estate grounds lived a young woman named Linda along with her brother Tom. They had inherited the property and home from their mother when their parents had passed away. Everything was put in trust under Linda's name with the stipulation that she would make sure that her brother was taken care of and provided for.

Helen had Know the woman for several years and over time had become very good friends with her. Most of the time she would pop over and spend some time chit chatting with Linda in her kitchen or the two of them would head out to the local coffee shop in town then later enjoy the day as they browsed around the wonderful shops and emporiums.

------- *** -------

It was a pleasant summer morning as the sun beamed through the kitchen window. Linda sat at the breakfast table drinking a cup of coffee while Tom her younger brother was sleeping late as usual. He was always sleeping or just lying around the house and he never helped his sister with the house upkeep like he use to do when they were younger. Linda longed for the days when he would tag around on her heels and want to help her do everything. Tom had always been interested in what she was doing and wanted to join in. Now it seemed like pulling teeth to get him to do anything including pick up after himself.

She had mentioned all this in her frequent talks with her neighbor Helen, and actually admitted that she missed the Tom of old and wished for the polite, courteous and helpful sweetheart he had once been. Helen had made mention of a way that she could have her wish if she was really interested.

Linda had said she was definitely interested and would do whatever it took if Helen could help her.

Hearing a knock on the kitchen door Linda quickly answered it. Helen had said she would stop by today to explain everything she had been talking about regarding Tom. Linda invited Helen to sit and poured her a cup of coffee then offered her a scone to go with it. As the two sipped their coffee they talked about the problem at hand, which was mainly Tom and how Linda wished he had actually been born a girl as she would definitely enjoy another woman around the house. Helen just listened to Linda pour her heart out, and realized Linda was indeed at her wits end with her lazy brother.

Helen suggested they relocate to her estate as it would offer more privacy in which to discuss the actions they were about to take. She also had something there she wanted to show Linda. They finished up their coffee and then headed next door to Helen's.

The two women sat in the sitting room and mad themselves comfortable. Helen asked if she could get Linda a cup of coffee to repay her hospitality and Linda accepted. Helen picked up a little silver bell from the coffee table and rang it. In no time at all a young lady appeared at the doorway and Helen instructed her to serve the two women coffee. Linda was envious Helen had household servants as she would love to have one or two herself. Evidently Helen had hired new servants because the last information she had heard was that Helen had let all her house servants go a year ago. The maid reappeared with the coffee along with a couple of pastries and began to serve the women. Linda looked the maid over with more than a casual eye as she believed the maid was very attractive and had a very sumptuous body. Her bottom was beautifully rounded and accented by the cutest little ruffled panties. She wore black seamed stockings that attached to frilly lace garters at her upper thighs. The maid's hips flared outward leaving a sexy flat abdomen between them. Linda imagined how delightful it would be to view this beauty in all her glory. As Linda's gaze lifted she noticed the ample bosom and she wondered if the nipples were just as sweet as the rest looked.

Linda's panties dampened and she was becoming very turned on by this lovely creature. Linda continued to lift her gaze to the maid's demure face, it was very pretty and something was familiar about it as well. It was then that Linda realized that this beautiful girl in front of her was none other than Helen's son Darryl. But he sure was not her son anymore and he or she was gorgeous.

"Oh my Helen this is your son Darryl isn't it?"

"Correction Linda this was my son Darryl but it is now my daughter Nicole."

Helen then began to explain everything that had been happening with Nicole and how she had come to be this beautiful female before them. Helen explained how Nicole had been trained to serve the women of the estate as a maid, cook, housekeeper, or in any other way demanded of her. As they talked Linda had a lot of questions and found Helen was very frank about answering them. There were a few questions Linda wanted to ask but she didn't want to over step her bounds with them.

"You look as if you have some other questions. Please rest assured Linda nothing is off limits so feel free to ask away."

"It is just that I was wondering, I mean you said she had been trained to service women in every way. Does that also include sexually as well?"

"As a matter of fact it does and I must say that she excels at the art of pleasing women."

"But what about her cock Helen, what did you do to handle that problem?"

Helen just laughed and then she called Nicole back into the room. As Nicole stood in front of the two women Helen ordered her to lift her skirt and pull down her panties so Miss Linda could see her cute clit.

Without hesitation Nicole did as she was told and in a second her ruffled panties were down and her caged cock was in full view for the women to inspect.

"Oh how wonderful, I think that is just darling."

"It is so tiny and cute not really a cock at all any more is it sweetie?"

"No ma'am it is not, it is my clit and only there to remind me of my position as well as for the amusement of my mistresses."

Linda began to giggle and asked the woman to come closer so she could have a better look. As Nicole complied with her order Linda had all kinds of nasty ideas running through her head.

"Nicole turn around I would like to see that pretty little bottom of yours as well."

The maid complied presenting her delicious bottom for Linda's inspection. Linda noticed that her bottom was a bit red and immediately she began to smile. She knew what caused this sort of redness and it thrilled her to no end. She always fantasized about spanking some pretty girl's bottom and now five inches in front of her, was a delightful ass nice and red.

"I see that your bottom has been spanked recently, have you been a bad girl?" Linda said as she began to giggle a little.

"No ma'am, the women of the house enjoy seeing my bottom turn red so I am happy to have them spank me whenever they get the urge to."

Helen ordered Nicole to pull her panties back up and go back to her work.

"I must say she sure looks beautiful I find myself quite attracted to her and wouldn't mind sampling her delectable talents myself," Linda announced.

"That is no problem dear, you may have a little fun with her a bit later but what we really need to talk about is how to start your brother Tom down the same path that Nicole traveled down."

"In time Nicole will be married off to Wendy my niece. My daughter Denise will marry and take ownership of Chris my sister's stepson. And what I had planned if you agree is to train Tom to become Susan's wife and maid while we search for a suitable servant for you and your estate."

Linda thought for a few minutes and decided it was a great idea. That way she could have a sister just as she had always wanted and Tom would finally fulfill a useful role in life instead of ending up a drunken bum and dying in an alley like their father had. In between all these thoughts Linda could not get the striking picture of Nicole out of her mind. She wanted that gorgeous woman desperately. She had fantasies running through her head of Nicole draped over her lap as she enjoyed the sweet creature squirming and whimpering as she paddled that beautiful ass.

Helens voice snapped Linda from her thoughts and back to reality.

"So Linda what do you think?"

"I think it is a wonderful idea, how do we start?"

Helen explained about the powder form of the hormones used on Nicole which could be introduced into Tom's food. Helen explained that the powder form was slow working and would take about a year before Tom would be ready to move into training. Helen also explained that there was a liquid form of the treatment that had been perfected thanks to Nicole's help, which accomplished in several weeks what took the powder a year to do. Linda would have to find a way to give him fairly large doses each day. The daily dose was 12 ounces per day taken orally. Helen explained that along with the 12 ounces of treatment Linda would still need to add another medication to his food that would rewire Tom's thought process. Helen explained the change would develop rapidly and would present itself in minor aspects at first then become larger in scope as time passes. Tom would develop a strong attraction to feminine attire and would develop desires to engage in sexual activity he finds distasteful but for some reason craves such as sucking cock.

"How will that ever happen he has never shown those leanings before?" Linda asked.

"Simple," replied Helen.

"That is what the second medication is designed to do. Though the boys still understand that they should not have the desire to suck cock they are unable to fight an overwhelming craving to do it. Once they have sucked their first cock all resistance is shattered and they become resigned to their future as a feminized servant and play toy."

"After that they will suck cock whenever and for however long they are told to do it. The whole time they will know it is humiliating for them to do what they are doing but they just won't be able to help themselves."

"You mean to tell me that Nicole will suck cock whenever you tell her."

"Well Nicole is a bit different than Tom. You see Nicole has always wanted to be feminine and considers it an honor to be female so the ideas and the acts are not repulsive to her like they are to the others. She has never been given the second medication as there was no need to change her thought patterns they were already completely female and embraced the idea of transformation from the first moment it was introduced to her. Granted she prefers women sexually but she will perform with males if that is required of her. She loves nothing more than to please and perform for her mistresses' pleasure."

"Ok I am sold, how do I proceed?" "Take this liquid and add it along with this powder to Tom's food and drink. Remember to make sure that he consumes 12 ounces of liquid and a full packet of the powder each day."

"Well that shouldn't be a hard as the lazy slug never fixes his own food anyway."

"Once you start it should take about five days to take affect then the progression will rapidly increase. To gage Tom's progression leave a pair of sexy panties out along with some other pretty lingerie. Make sure it is in a place where he can see it. Fold it and set it so you know if it has been touched, then wait. When he starts to feel the effects of the treatment he will start to explore and won't be able to resist the panties. Once this happens let me know and we will set the trap that will enslave him forever as your sister. At that time we will then start taking him to my doctor who will start giving him the injection form of the hormone In a matter of no time at all his body will have physically changed completely to that of a female. That is all except for his penis and testicles. Just like Nicole's they will shrink to a cute little size. He will be able to get an erection but he will no longer be able to ejaculate."

As they finished their drinks Helen suggested that they adjourn to the play room so they might enjoy themselves a little.

The two women walked down a hall and then descended the stairs and entered a room that took Linda's breath away.

Linda had only imagined a mistress's sanctuary like this in her wettest dreams. There were all sorts of tables, benches and bondage devices through out the whole room. Along the wall there was a table filled with cuffs, gags, binders, blindfolds as well as other types of bondage devices. The second table was filled with whips and paddles as well as riding crops, nipple clamps and other assorted tools of punishment. But it was the third table that grabbed Linda's eye, as it was filled with all sizes and shapes of vibrators and strapon dildos. She had always fantasized about using a strapon to fuck a lover or partner and now there existed a definite possibility that her fantasy might come true. The play room had a door that exited directly out to the back garden and just before the exit was a room that Helen explained was the cage room, which they used for unruly slaves when she threw parties at the estate.

Helen looked at her watch and realized that it was much later then she had thought. She informed Linda that she had to step out for a bit to visit her sister Carole and check on her nephew's progress. He was to be trapped into panties for life next Saturday and Nicole's coming out party. Helen apologized for not having more time but invited Linda to feel free to enjoy herself as Nicole would be only too happy to assist her in way she could. She further explained that Wendy would be home in a few hours and she was welcome to stay for dinner if she wanted to.

Picking up a small bell off the table she rang it. Just as before in a matter of seconds Nicole appeared

Helen turned to Nicole and spoke calmly.

"You are to entertain Miss Linda while I am gone. I am sure there won't be any problems will there?"

"No ma'am, I will be very happy to fulfill all her wishes."

"I am sure you will sweetie."

Helen smiled as she playfully gave a light swat to Nicole's bottom that elicited a cute giggle from her.

Heading out the door Helen called out to Linda.

"Enjoy yourself dear."

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