tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersNicole Desired Ch. 04

Nicole Desired Ch. 04


Helen met with Carole in a cute little coffee shop they had discovered many years ago after Carole's husband had died. They had been coming here regularly ever since. Everyone at the place knew both of the women and treated them like royalty when they came in. Helen had helped the owner out when she was having trouble with her husband who was over possessive and attempted to control every aspect of her life. After a little time with Helen and Nicole things had changed and now he was the nice polite househusband who worshipped his wife.

Helen started the conversation asking Carole how things were coming along.

"Well Helen I think that the timing is perfect as all signs show he is ready." "That is indeed good news to hear," Helen replied.

"I walked into the house and he was so engrossed in looking at himself in the bra and panties that he never even noticed me watching him. So I slipped back out of the house and then made enough noise to let him know I was home. Heck he didn't even bother to try and put the lingerie back he just tossed his clothes on over them. I could see the outline of the bra straps through his shirt and with the shorts he had on he showed off the most darling panty lines."

Carole told Helen all about the preparations she had made to put the final trap into motion. She had told Chris, that they were going to attend a very special party that his Aunt Helen was throwing. She further explained it was to celebrate a special event for his cousin. Chris was anxious to find out all about the party but all she would tell him was it was a very special day and she expected him to be on his very best behavior.

Helen and Carole discussed the final aspects of Chris's trap, which would be sprung on Saturday and then they moved the conversation on to the guest list for the party.

Janet the coffee shop owner stopped by their table and they asked her to have a cup with them and chat a little. Pouring a cup she took a seat at the table and proceeded to gab with the two other women.

Helen told her all about the party and said that it would be an honor if Janet would attend the party as well as bring her cute little servant of a husband. She said it was going to be a very entertaining party and that Janet would be sure to enjoy herself.

Janet said she would be happy to attend and that she would bring her husband along as well. The three women continued to talk for another hour and then Helen and Carole left to make sure the rest of the party arrangements were all set up.

As Nicole contently slept on Linda's soft breasts her mind swirled around her upcoming party and how far she had come from her first introduction to her present life. Nicole had worked hard to learn everything she needed to learn to become the perfect woman. She walked and moved among the general public and nobody ever had the slightest idea that she was anything but a very sexy woman.

Denise Loved to take Nicole out and tease all the boys at the college she attended. She would make Nicole wear a sexy mini skirt and one of her more transparent blouses. Then Denise would make sure she was wearing her laciest bra, panties and garter belt. She would have Nicole sit down on a bench causing her skirt to rise and show off the tops of her stockings where they clipped to her garters. Then as Denise sat at a different bench she would make Nicole open her legs just a little to allow a small peek at her pretty panties by anyone who sat on the bench across from her.

Denise Laughed at how the boys would fight over a seat on the bench and it always excited Denise when one of the boys got up enough nerve to approach Nicole. She had told her that if this happened she was to flirt with the boy and get his phone number.

Nicole always went home with at least three numbers every time that Denise played this game with her. Denise told her that maybe one day she would have Nicole take one of the boys to the parking lot and give him a blowjob in the car. Nicole wasn't crazy about that idea of servicing strangers but she would do whatever she was told to do without complaint.

Yes indeed she had come a long way and the party on Saturday was to celebrate Nicole's wonderful achievements. Helen had always instilled in Nicole the idea that good behavior and hard work always had its rewards. For Nicole these rewards would be that she would be put in a position of authority over both Chris and Tom as they were trained. It would be her duty to oversee the two as they preformed their duties as a maid and servant. Nicole would be like a head housekeeper to the other two.

Nicole awoke first and quietly laid upon Linda's breasts as her thoughts shifted to the wonderful interaction that had just transpired between Linda and her. Linda had ignited a feeling inside of Nicole that nobody had ever come close to before. She could not exactly put her finger on the strange feeling but she believed she was falling in love with Linda. She fantasized about what it might be like to belong to Linda but unfortunately her life had already been decided. She was to marry and become the property of Wendy and it did not seem to matter what she wanted at all. She cared for Wendy and at one time liked her quite a bit. However, lately she felt like she was more of a bother to Wendy most of the time. Wendy enjoyed her servitude as well as enjoyed using and punishing her yet Nicole no longer felt anything that resembled love or caring from Wendy. Nicole often cried herself to sleep as she thought about how her life was going to be so very lonely. Yes, sure Wendy would be there to control her and use her but Nicole hungered intensely to be loved as well.

Nicole felt the sadness more than ever now that she had felt a special bond with the beautiful woman she now laid in the arms of. Linda had enjoyed Nicole and loved hearing her cry but yet there was a soft caring in her. Even while she had been administering the tortures she did Nicole had felt something coming from inside Linda that made her ache to be all hers.

Linda awoke to see Nicole cuddled in her arms and it brought a smile to her gentle face. She had enjoyed her time as the sweet girl was not only a dream to play with but she was a beautiful and loving soul as well. Her mind was going a mile a minute as she looked down on the ravishing creature snuggling in her arms. She realized that in her arms was everything she had ever wanted in life. She didn't need to search for an acceptable servant, lover, and play toy as the one she desired was gently sleeping on her breasts. She was amazed that in such a short time she had fallen in love with this divine creature and it was now eating at her that soon she would be married off to another. Linda wondered if Nicole loved Wendy or if she was just following orders. She was sure she had seen that tell tale look not of simply lust but rather something much deeper in Nicole's beautiful green eyes.

Nicole tilted her head and looked up into Linda's eyes with tenderness and longing. Linda had not been mistaken there it was looking deep into her soul. Those beautiful eyes were filled with love and wanting and they were just begging for Linda to reach out and take what she had to offer.

The two turned their heads as they heard someone coming down the stairs and opening the door. Wendy stepped into the room and greeted Linda with a big smile. She told Nicole to go make some lunch for the two women, and she could serve it in the dining room.

Nicole got up put her bra, panties and dress back on, then scooted off to the kitchen to make lunch for the two women.

It took a lot of control, for Nicole not to show disappointment when Wendy had shown up and sent her to make lunch. But she was practiced at doing what she was told and would never question orders given her. She had progressed much too far to allow that sort of backsliding now and besides it made no difference as her die was cast. She would be the property of Wendy for the rest of her life so she had better get use to it.

Linda got dressed, and then Wendy and she headed to the dining room for lunch and a little chit chat.

Once the lunch was served Wendy dismissed Nicole and told her that she had purchased some new clothes and they needed to be put away immediately. Nicole quickly headed off to take care of Wendy's clothes. "So Linda I see Helen has finally got things started for you is there any thing that I might help you with dear."

"Yes she has and I am so very grateful for her assistance. I think this is going to be the best thing in the world for both myself and Tom."

"I do have one question I would like to ask if you don't mind."

"No problem hun, ask away and I will be happy to answer if I can."

"Do each of you women love the girls that are to become your partners or is it just simply for practical purposes?" asked Linda.

"Well Denise has always been infatuated with Chris and interested in becoming much closer with him. Chris has always been effeminate and Denise has always liked that sort of person. So I would say that relationship will involve love. A while back Susan commented about feeling an attraction for your brother. However, Helen has not seen or spoken to Susan lately and frankly I believe she is a bit worried about her."

"What about yourself and Nicole?"

"Well I have always been partial to her but as for saying I love her I don't know about that. It is more that she has been trained to be the perfect servant for me, she will serve me in any way and in turn I will make sure she is cared for. I like submissive lovers but I lean more towards preferring a submissive male as my lover. But that is ok because with Nicole it makes no difference as I can take any lover I choose to without worrying about what she thinks about it."

This answer really hit Linda hard as she realized that Wendy didn't really love Nicole heck she really didn't care anything about her feelings at all. She saw the sweet dear simply as a toy to abuse and a servant to wait on her. It made her sad to think that a sweet soul like Nicole was going to spend the rest of her life void of any love. Her life would simply consist of punishment, discipline, and service because that is what's expected of her.

Wendy asked Linda if she would like to stay for dinner or perhaps join in having a little fun later tonight about 10 pm. She had a boyfriend coming over who had a wonderful cock and Nicole would be around as well if needed.

Linda declined the dinner invitation as she wanted to get Tom started on his treatment. However, she explained that she would be interested in having a little fun later.

------- *** -------

Tom woke up about noon and lumbered from his bed into the bathroom to wash the night's sleep from his face. He tossed on some sweats and went down to get something to eat. He called out for Linda but received no answer and when he stepped into the kitchen he saw that she was not there and had not made him anything to eat. He grumbled to himself about her being a bitch and expecting him to starve as he rummaged through the cupboards finding a couple boxes of toaster pastries. He took the box and grabbed a carton of milk from the refrigerator then headed to the living room where he promptly plopped his ass down on the couch and turned the television on.

Linda came walking into the house about 4:30. She had a huge smile on her face, and she was whistling loudly as she entered the kitchen through the back door.

"Where the hell you been? You know I had to make my own breakfast."

"You didn't make anything to eat I see the toaster pastry wrappers all over the place. Besides you know that you were not up until lunch time. You know it would not hurt you if you got up early and actually looked for a job."

Linda didn't wait for an answer because she no longer cared. She had found him a job and she was going to love helping to train him. She just wanted to tie him up and take a strap to that ass till he was bawling his eyes out. She was tired of being taken advantage of by him and she was going to enjoy the payback.

Linda continued to whistle as she went to work starting to prepare supper. She was making pork chops with fresh green beans, cornbread and of course mashed potatoes complete with a special seasoning compliments of Helen as well as a nice big glass of ice tea with a little extra kick to it.

As the two sat at the table and ate their dinner Linda smiled as she watched Tom eat. She could clearly picture Tom dressed in a cute little outfit like the one Nicole had been wearing when she met her today. Of course he would never look as fantastic as Nicole but then as far as she was concerned neither did most natural women. She had to stifle a giggle as she imagined him in the ruffled panties and the cute little cock cage with his ass beet red from a good spanking.

Finally she would be able to relax and enjoy her life, no longer waiting on and taking care of her little brother as she had promised her mother. He would be taken care of for the rest of his life, as well as learn some manners.

Her mother had been a smart woman and had made a lot of money. She made sure to put it in a trust where her drunken husband could not get his hands on and squander it away after she passed. The Trust was in Linda's name and had come of age a few years ago. She would never have to worry about working as she was very well off and always would be.

Once her lazy brother was trained and taken care of she would finally be free to enjoy her life.

She finished up her dinner then set to washing the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen as her brother plopped his ass back in front of the television and began playing video games. She knew he would be playing the damn games late into the night never even realizing she was gone.

------- *** -------

Ten O'clock had arrived quickly and Linda now found herself lightly knocking on Helen's front door. The front door opened and there standing before was the sexiest woman she had ever met. She wore a black silk dress that came down to mid thigh and had a cute little flare to the hem. The material flowed and moved as if it was liquid elegance. She wore a set of four inch pumps with an exquisite pattern of rhinestones on both the toe and heel. She had long sleek legs that were wrapped in the sheerest of silk stockings. Linda could tell she wore a shelf bra as those sweet nipples she had enjoyed earlier seemed to poke out through the fabric as if they had just felt a cold breeze. The only thing was that it was 70 degrees out and there was no breeze blowing. As she looked into that delicate face she was greeted with the biggest smile she could imagine.

"Welcome Miss Linda, I am very happy you decided to stop by tonight." Linda could see in Nicole's soft eyes that the greeting had not just been a mere formality. Nicole had let her emotional guard slip momentarily and Linda had picked up on instantly.

Regaining her composure Nicole let Linda in shutting the door behind her. She then led Linda through the hallway and into the back end of the house.

Linda was smiling now as Nicole escorted her through the estate. Linda wanted desperately to take hold of Nicole's exquisite bottom pull her in close and taste those sensuous lips. She had not kissed Nicole earlier and now she found herself regretting that fact.

They arrived at a set of wooden doors that had a very erotic scene carved upon them. Nicole opened the doors and Linda smiled as she saw the room. It was decorated in an Arabian motif with pillows strewn all around looking very inviting. Sheer silk curtains hung from the walls and windows and a set of double doors opened onto a balcony and allowed the evening air to drift in. A square table about two feet high sat in the center of all the pillows and upon the table were all sorts of fruits and sweets.

Wendy was seated on the far side of the pillows where she was using a bunch of grapes to tease a handsome man who she had attached to a leash. Linda guessed this was Wendy's lover, as she seemed to be a lot more caring and considerate with this man than she had been with Nicole.

Nicole announced Linda Arrival to Wendy who stood to greet her guest and share an embrace.

"Thank you Nicole, I forgot to tell you I will need you to remain here at the estate tonight instead of going out. You will need to be available if we call for you other than that just find something to keep yourself busy.

"I am sorry I didn't mean to interrupt your evening out on the town Nicole."

Wendy quickly interrupted.

"Nonsense you did not interrupt anything as I invited you over and just forgot to inform her she would be needed. She will deal with it as she knows it is her job to wait on and keep us happy."

"You may go now Nicole we will call if we need you."

"Yes ma'am" replied Nicole.

Then to Linda's disappointment she backed out of the room closing the door as she disappeared.

"Welcome to our little Arabian fantasy we often use his room to entertain in a much more relaxed atmosphere. I would also like to introduce you to my cute little submissive hunk Craig. Isn't he just divine and look at that beautiful cock. I just love him to death and can't get enough of him."

Wendy took hold of a leash that was attached to the collar he wore and told him to stand so Linda could inspect him. Craig did as he was ordered and Linda visually inspected him agreeing that he was handsome and did have a nice size cock. However, Linda's mind was back at the door with Nicole and this man in front of her did nothing to excite her.

"He is a wonderful lover and it is so much fun to dominate the hot little hunk."

With that Wendy grasped his cock in her hand and with the other hand she began to slap his cock hard. She was laughing as she slapped the cock and caused the man to wince in pain and attempt to pull away. Wendy just let go of his cock and yanked on the leash telling him to get on all fours. Craig slowly complied and then Wendy straddled him like a horse. She slapped him on the ass and told him to take her back to the pillows. Craig crawled back to their place in the pillows while Wendy rode on his back and kept digging her spiked heels into him like spurs. When they arrived at the pillows she heard Wendy say don't worry honey I promise if you're a good boy I will make sure that whore takes care of you and gobbles as many loads as you want to pump down her throat.

Linda at first stiffened and was ready to fight till she realized Wendy wasn't referring to her but rather had been referring to Nicole. She felt a twinge of sorrow for the lovely woman but it was out of her hands. Linda sat down and they began to chat about her brother Tom, as well as Wendy's brother Chris. All the time they were talking Wendy Had Craig's face in her cunt gently licking away as she ran her fingers though his hair.

"So has Helen told you about the party this Saturday for Nicole?"

"No she didn't as she had to leave to meet your mother. What is the party for?" "Well Nicole has come to a point where she is to be welcomed into the society of women. She has in a way graduated and will be put in charge of the training for Chris and Tom. Once she gets the other two on their way in the training then I guess it will be time to wed her and take possession of her full time."

"Well you must be excited Wendy, Nicole seems to be a sweet young thing and will make a wonderful wife."

Wendy just nodded her head and mumbled something about yeah big deal.

"You don't sound all that excited Wendy is something wrong?"

Wendy just looked at her with a puzzling look, and then began to speak. As she did she pulled Craig's head up and told him to take a break and lay down. He rose up and moved over a bit, then lay down on his back next to Wendy. He made sure that if she wanted to grab his cock or balls, she could easily do so.

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