tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersNicole Desired Ch. 09

Nicole Desired Ch. 09


Nicole entered the kitchen to find Crissy cheerfully whistling away as she busied herself preparing lunch for Helen and Denise. She had been a wonder to work with lately ever since last Thursday when Nicole had broken Tammy. She was quick, respectful and very attentive to whatever she was asked to do.

Denise's presence had worked wonders on her as well as Nicole's little talk with her at Tammy's breaking. But all in all Crissy was shaping up to be a wonderful maid and Nicole was proud of her.

"Crissy I would like you to know that I am very proud of you. Lately you have been right on spot with your service. Furthermore Mistress Helen as well as Denise, are quite pleased with you."

"Thank you Miss Nicole it is such an honor and pleasure to serve them as it does make me feel so wonderful when I see them with a smile and happy with me."

"Well you keep up the good job hun, everyone has taken a notice of your change and are very pleased. Because you are doing so wonderful we are going to start working with you on niceties. These will add a little special flare to your service, which in turn will please the women all the more. To start with, Denise Loves roses, so go to the vase above the sink take a rose, trim it up nicely then place it on top of the plate you serve to Denise. Trust me she will love it."

Like a giddy little schoolgirl Crissy hurried to the sink and followed Nicole's instructions.

It was easy to see that there was definitely love blooming between Crissy and Denise. It made Nicole think about herself and Linda. She had been so busy lately with getting Tammy started on basic maid duties she was wiped out at night. Luckily Linda had been gone these last couple of days getting everything straightened away legally with her house and the money trust. Nicole missed her tremendously and hated it when she was gone but she understood it was for their benefit. Once they were married they would be residing at Linda's home although they would always have their rooms at the estate whenever they chose to use them.

Happy that all was running smoothly Nicole advised Crissy that she was going over to Linda's house to continue decorating as well as overseeing the workmen as they remolded the house.

Nicole hated the idea that Linda would be gone another two weeks as she was so lonely without her. Because of the duties she had concerning Tammy's training she was unable to go with Linda. They had spent a wonderful night before Linda left and decided that when she returned they would be married. Nicole knew she had her work cut out for her. Crissy was coming along excellent and Tammy was slowly falling in line.

Helen had decided that for an engagement present she would have Linda's house remodeled and expanded with a few additions. She added a fully stocked playroom as well as a few extra rooms for company and future servants. She had also hired landscapers to connect Linda's house and property to the estate through a network of garden paths filled with roses, which were Nicole's favorite flower.

Nicole had gone out and bought all new furniture as well as linens and utensils that would be needed around the kitchen and the house. The house was going to be beautiful when she was done decorating and she knew Linda was going to love it.

------- *** -------

Helen and Denise sat in the patio garden laughing and talking about what Denise planed to do now that she was finished with school.

Helen asked if she wanted to try her hand at the rat race or would she accept a position with the Perklum Corporation . Helen's company offered legal as well as financial and accounting services to very affluent clients many of who practiced an alternative lifestyle and occasionally engaged in somewhat shady dealings. The deals were never illegal but rather tended at times to walk a thin line between legal and illegal.

Many of her clients had house staffs consisting of submissive servants yet of all her many clients none had anyone like Nicole. A fair number of clients had made quite generous offers to Helen if she would marry grant them Nicole's hand in marriage. Helen in her charming and disarming way simply would laugh and then inform them that they had nowhere near enough money to even begin to think about purchasing a precious gem such as Nicole. Others had asked if Helen had ever thought about starting a business where she could contract out Nicole to others to train their staff. Everyone that showed up at Helen's estate was always astounded by the service that had been provided all from a staff of one.

Recently Helen had talked with Linda about the idea of opening a training academy for their special brand of servant.

Crissy stepped into the garden with the lunch she had prepared for the two women. She set their plates as well as a fresh drink in front of the two women then politely asked if there was anything else she might get for them.

"That will be fine for now Crissy thank you."

With a smile she curtsied and then like Nicole had taught her she disappeared without bringing any attention to her leaving.

Crissy had only been gone for about two minutes when she heard the tinkle of the bell summoning her. Quickly she made her way back to the garden and with a tender and caring voice she asked if there was something she might do for the women.

Denise looked at her then looked down at her plate.

"Did you put this rose here Crissy?"

With a little tremble in her voice she replied that she had.

"Get you tight little ass over here."

Crissy immediately stepped closer to her mistress as Denise stood up looked her in the eye and put a big smile on her face.

"That was so sweet of you Crissy I just love roses."

Denise leaned forward and began to kiss Crissy and in no time at all the kiss began to rapidly turn into more than just a quick thank you.

Helen cleared her throat to get Denise's attention.

"Sorry mother got a bit carried away."

"That is quite alright but I need to get an answer from you."

Denise looked at Crissy then patted her on the bottom.

"We will continue this a little later sweetie go finish your duties now."

Crissy once again disappeared from the garden back into the house.

"Well mother I thought about it and decided I don't want to work for some firm that is nothing but the old boys club. I am way too intelligent to be some hot little cutie that gets coffee. I will accept the position you offered me with open arms."

With that Denise was now the president of the financial division of the company.

"It will be nice working from the house as I have been away for so long. Besides I missed so much fun with Nicole and now she is to be married shortly. I am finally going to start spending time with Crissy as the sweet creature always makes my panties wet. Working for the company will allow me the time and opportunity to become reacquainted with Crissy now that she has assumed her proper position.

"Well you have been gone for quite awhile and unfortunately you did miss a lot of Nicole coming into her own."

"I really don't know how I will ever survive around here without her."

"Mother she is just going to be living next door. Their house will be only a quick five minute walk through the gardens."

"I know but it is just not the same as living here. I have come to rely on her to run my household and never have to worry about anything. Well at least the house and grounds will be bustling with cute little servants very soon."

"Mother, what have you got planned?'

"I haven't told anyone but we have decided to open a training academe and that is why Linda's business is taking so long. She is getting all the legal matters handled in order to open the academy, which is meant to be a surprise for Nicole." "It will be nice to have a household of servants to keep me company. You keep Crissy busy and Wendy has her little cock to play with. Tammy is entertaining but soon she may be attached to Susan. Though between you and I Susan has changed a lot lately. She didn't make Nicole's party and has been hard to get a hold of. She also doesn't ever visit anymore, which is just not like Susan."

"I don't like that man she is shacking up with as he comes across to me as one who does not know his place."

"I haven't told anyone but Nicole but I decided to hire a private investigator to check up on Susan for me."

Denise inquired into the reasons why Helen had hired the detective.

"Well it is just that since Susan has been away from the estate she has seemed to change."

"How so mother, what have you discovered?"

"I don't have anything right now except my feelings and intuition. Susan has been acting like she has no mind of her own. I called her before Nicole's party to tell her about some of the arrangements but that jackass she is living with answered and told me that she would not be able to come to the phone. He said that he would have her call me later then hung up on me. She did return the call although it was on the day of the party and even then she simply left a message with Nicole.

"I know that did sound a little fishy."

"To top things off, I stopped by to see her a few days ago. Alex answered the door and told me she was not there but he would let her know I stopped by. I don't know what it is but things just didn't seem right and I know that bastard was just giving me the brush off. So that is when I was convinced that I needed a detective to look into things for me."

With those words Crissy showed up with fresh drinks for the two women. Placing them on the table in front of each she picked up the dishes and cleared off the table. Flashing a big smile to Denise she asked if there was anything she might get for either of the ladies. Denise just grinned placed her hand on Crissy's pretty ass and replied.

"Well actually yes honey, you can take care of those dishes and then take your pretty ass up to my bedroom. I believe Mistress Helen can run the household for the time you are away."

"Yes ma'am."

In an instant Crissy was gone and assuredly doing exactly what Denise had told her.

"You don't mind do you mother?"

"Heck no, you go and enjoy yourself. Nicole has done such a wonderful job with Crissy that she is almost as outstanding as Nicole is when it comes to keeping the house up. Besides for the few things that need to be done there is still Tammy. I have wanted to do some work with Tammy but just haven't found the time lately."

"Work, is that what you call it these days Mother?"

Denise winked at Helen, which got a huge smile from her.

"I hope you enjoy your work then mother."

"Assuredly I will as I always do and by the way you enjoy yourself as well hun."

Denise headed off to her room where she was going to have a few wonderful hours with her darling Crissy.

Helen sat back in her chair thinking on what she had told Denise about Susan. She had not come right out and informed her that she recognized Alex from a party she had attended last year. She had hired the detective and soon she would know what the hell Susan was doing with this Dominate male.

------- *** -------

Crissy knocked at the large wooden door of Denise's bedroom. Hearing a command to enter she opened it and stepped inside closing the door behind her. Denise was standing there like a dream, her shimmering auburn hair was no longer up but instead it cascaded across her shoulders accenting the creamy white skin that was exposed. She was wearing a red leather corset complete with matching panties black stockings and red thigh high leather boots. The boots had spiked heels along with a gold chain that decorated them at the ankle. In Denise's hand was black leather riding crop, which just happened to be her favorite toy. Her lips were colored with blood red lipstick and her eyes had a wonderful smoky hue to them. Denise ordered Crissy to come closer as she wanted to get a good look at her little slut.

Since Denise had come home Crissy had been totally infatuated with her and was very excited that her future would entail marrying Denise and living as her wife. She saw how happy Nicole and Linda were and she longed to share that same type of loving relationship with Denise. When Denise had first arrived she had been friendly but Crissy had not been able to read if Denise actually liked and cared for her or if she was just acting as she was expected to. Over the past few days she had gotten to know Denise like never before. She was strict and she did enjoy turning Crissy's ass red as well as lashing her cock with a thin cord. Most of all she loved to fuck Crissy till her poor ass was soar. When she had worn that end of Crissy out she would make her lie down so she could ride her face for hours.

The wonderful thing was that when she was done she would always take Crissy into the shower and wash her, dry her off, and then place her in bed, where they would cuddle and fall asleep in each other's arms. Nothing had been said but Crissy now knew as well as everyone else that Denise loved her.

Denise took hold of Crissy and shackled her to the chains that hung from Denise's bedposts. This spread her arms and legs wide stretching her body and making it taunt. She took a key and unlocked Crissy's cock cage and removed it.

"There we go sexy, this way I can tease those pretty little balls as well as that cute little cock."

She picked up a ballgag off the dresser and pushing it in Crissy's mouth she buckled it at the back of her head. She liked to hear Crissy moan and cry but she enjoyed seeing the little bitch helpless and gagged even more.

Denise ran her crop down the cleft of Crissy's tight little ass tracing a path directly across her sweet little puckered hole. Crissy loved how Denise liked to tease before she got down to business. Denise would tease and taunt her to the point where if not gagged she would be openly begging for Denise to use her. This never failed to soak her mistress's panties, which she knew would later be replacing the ball gag as Denise loved to have Crissy clean all the pussy juice out of her panties while she tormented the sweet girl. This was something Denise had learned to enjoy when she use to play with Nicole.

Lifting the crop Denise slashed down with it making a loud crack as the leather crop connected with Crissy's ass. Denise watched as a pretty, rose colored imprint began to appear across her lover's ass. The imprint looked delicious and she planned on creating a lot more of them before the night was finished.

Denise dragged the tip of the crop along the imprint moving it downward till she was lightly tapping Crissy's tiny balls.

This was one of her favorite spots to torment as she knew it would not take much before Denise would need to remove her panties like she always did because they would be soaked from several orgasms. There was just nothing like cropping those sweet little balls while she listened to Crissy's muffled whimpers and basked in her orgasms.

"Here it comes sweetie one of my favorite parts."

Denise smiled as she drew the crop back about 6 inches and then quickly brought it forward slapping the testicles and causing Crissy's whole body to attempt to lurch forward.

Damn she loved this, she thought as she let loose with two more strikes that had Crissy moaning through the gag. Denise felt her juices start to flow and she went wild slapping the balls repeatedly over and over. Crissy was attempted to shift and squirm but the shackles held her tightly in place.

Her orgasm over Denise stood up and removed the ballgag from Crissy's mouth. Whimpering and in tears Crissy thanked Denise for the pleasure of serving such a beautiful mistress

"You are just so delicious Crissy I could just eat you right up. I have a present for you now open up."

Crissy opened her mouth and Denise proceeded to stuff her soaked panties into the girl's mouth. As the cute maid proceeded to suck and lick every last drop of pussy juice from the delicious panties, Denise walked behind her once again. She proceeded to swat her tender ass nonstop for 10 minutes while Crissy cleaned the panties.

She enjoyed how her lover diligently worked on her panties not making a sound. The only tell tale sign of the punishment was the bright red imprints that covered the tender white ass along with the tears that fell across Crissy's cheeks.

Denise unshackled the sweet girl and told her to present herself.

Immediately Crissy climbed upon the bed positioning herself on all fours then arched her back and lifted her cute little ass into the air.

A second later Denise was sliding up behind Crissy grasping her curvaceous hips. Slamming her pelvis forward Denise rammed the dildo she had strapped on right into Crissy's pink hole. Crissy true to form held her place waiting till she felt Denise's soft body slap up against her hot ass. Knowing Denise had sunk the full length of the dildo into her ass she began to grind her hips as she rocked forward then back again.

Denise always like it when Crissy was this excited do to the fact that she could just sit there and the cunt would fuck herself on and off the dildo till she was told to stop. That of course would be after her ass was soar and Denise had enjoyed at least three to four more orgasms.

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