tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersNicole Desired Ch. 11

Nicole Desired Ch. 11


Helen, Carole, and Denise sat at the dining table along with a very quiet Craig. He got away with acting up with Wendy but he knew these women were something entirely different. They would not tolerate anything from him and he knew it. So as they chit chatted with each other he patiently sat there waiting and hoping that Wendy would show up soon. He knew the women did not particularly like him sitting at a table with them like he was an equal. They considered him a pathetic male slave who in their eyes was not even equal to their servants. Fortunately Wendy allowed him to have many privileges and out of respect for her, they did not question those privileges as long as he remembered his place with them.

Wendy entered the room pretending to be out of breath.

"Oh wonderful I did not miss dinner, I do so like mint lamb and Crissy does such a wonderful job preparing it."

Helen looked at Wendy with a puzzled look. She had overheard Nicole talking to Crissy on the phone yesterday. They had been talking about a surprise Nicole wanted to give her by making her favorite dinner. Nicole was also going to use the time to teach Crissy how to make the dinner as well. Nicole prepared her lamb with a special spice rub and then slow roasted it she never used a mint glaze. At that moment the kitchen door opened and Crissy stepped into the dining room carrying a large silver tray.

"Ladies dinner is served," announced Crissy.

She placed the tray upon the table and removed the cover to reveal a beautiful leg of lamb. Helen noticed that Wendy had been correct and indeed they would be having Crissy's mint lamb. Something important must have come up that caused Nicole to be unable to prepare dinner. What a shame she thought as she had not seen Nicole in a few days and as always missed her beautiful presence.

Crissy had just served Helen when the entrance bell to the front door sounded.

Helen looked up at Crissy.

"Continue to serve my dear as Tammy will get the door."

"Yes ma'am."

She continued to serve the ladies one at a time then after they had been served she waited upon Craig.

Tammy opened the door and was greeted by Linda who was wearing her usual smile. When she had realized it was Tammy answering the door she became giddy.

"Well look at you, such a pretty little girl you are. Helen was right you make a wonderful girl. I see that you have also been learning to be a proper servant how delightful."

Linda entered the door and announced she would show herself to the dining room as she knew it was dinnertime and she wanted to surprise everyone.

Helen waited patiently for Tammy to announce who had been at the door as she had been taught. Suddenly the door was opened and in stepped Linda.


"What are you doing here? We were not expecting you till late tomorrow at the earliest."

Helen stood up and rushed over to give Linda a big hug.

"I knew something big must had come up to keep Nicole from making my favorite meal and now I know what that big thing was. Where is that sweet dear I have missed her these last few days and want to see her pretty face."

Linda gave Helen a puzzled look.

"Isn't Nicole here? I drove by the house but it was locked up and Nicole's car was gone so I just figured she had been out and then came over to visit with you for dinner."

"Why no dear, I have not seen her in a few days. I overheard Crissy and her on the phone yesterday talking about her coming by and making my favorite meal but she never showed."

Helen looked over at Crissy.

"Dear did Nicole say anything to you yesterday?"

"I had expected her to show up earlier but she never did. That is not like Miss Nicole as she would have called and made sure I had plenty of warning if something was going to keep her away. You know how big of a stickler she can be when it comes to serving you Ma'am."

"Yes I do and this just seems very odd."

Just then a light went off in Helen's head, she had thought Wendy had come in through the kitchen and that is how she knew that they were having mint lamb. But that was impossible, as Wendy had come through the sitting room door which meant she had entered through either one of the rear patio entrances or through the garage breezeway. Her eyes turned to Wendy and observed her eating her meal as if she was trying to hide something.

"Wendy, I know you have information about what is going on here. You had better spill what you know right this second if you know what is good for you."

"I don't know anything Aunt Helen."

"You are lying young lady, I have seen that look far too many times to be fooled by it," announced Carole.

"Now you tell your aunt and Linda what you know right this minute."

Wendy pretended to struggle as if she did not want to say anything but it was quite the opposite. She had relished the idea of telling Linda that Nicole had left and then watch as the bitch's heart was completely devastated. This was going to be good and she was going to savor every second.

"Well I promised that I wouldn't say anything till she was long gone."

"Gone! What the hell do you mean gone?" yelled Linda.

"You see she approached me and thanked me for being such a wonderful friend to her. Then she told me that she had to leave town before you got back. She said that she had been seriously thinking over her life and had decided that she couldn't live a lie anymore just to make her mother and others happy. She explained to me that although she felt very close to you she had been pretending to be in love with you. She said that she did not believe she could spend the rest of her life serving someone else never having any say so in her life. I thought she was just experiencing a case of cold feet before the wedding so I tried to talk her out of it but she was determined. She said it had never been clearer and that while Linda had been away she realized she wanted her freedom. She begged me to help her as she considered me like a sister and had nobody else to turn to. She asked if I knew anyone who would be interested in buying her car as she needed cash to leave. I told her about a friend of mine named Megan who might be interested."

"You what! Are you crazy? What the hell did you do something like that for?" screamed Carole.

Wendy watched Linda's as her face turned pale and she become a bit dizzy. The anguish and confusion running through Linda's head clearly showed in her expression and Wendy was enjoying it immensely.

Linda sat in a chair and just shook her head. This could not be true as she knew Nicole loved her she had seen it in the girl's eyes every time she looked at her. No way had she made a mistake like that and besides all of the women of the estate could not have been fooled. This just didn't make sense she was sure Nicole truly loved her.

"She gave me this letter to give to you Linda." announced Wendy.

As Linda read the letter tears streamed from her eyes till she could no longer read it anymore.

Helen took the letter and read it herself in total disbelief as this just was not like the beautiful girl she called her daughter.

"Something must have happened because I know that she would not have written this unless she believed it would protect us somehow," stated Helen.

"I know she loved me and she would never leave unless she had no other choice. I am going to go back to the house and check to see what she took with her or if she might have left something that might tell us where she went." "I will go with you Linda," Helen replied.

Wendy's heart almost stopped when she heard that. Damn she had been so smug with herself she forgot all about clothes and a suitcase. She had better make sure Nicole disappeared tonight just to be safe.

Linda and Helen hurried over to Linda's house as they were sure that something was wrong. They both knew that Nicole would never leave Linda no matter what Wendy had said.

Once Helen and Linda had left the house Wendy left the dining room and briefly then announced that she and Craig would head to town and see if she might be at the bus station. Heading out to the garage they jumped into Wendy's Mercedes and headed toward town.

------- *** -------

Wendy and Craig pulled up to the front of Megan's house and parked. She had filled Craig in on what had happened to Nicole and how they planned on getting rid of her as they drove to Megan's house.

"It's about time that little bitch was put back in her place. She thinks she can just ignore me because your fucking aunt dotes on her."

"I know Craig honey, she has treated you very bad and to show you I love you and enjoy you as my little sex slave. I am going to let you fuck that hot little ass of hers till you fill it up with every drop of cum you can squeeze out of that sweet cock of yours."

Craig acted like a child who had just been given a pony for his birthday. He was anxious to get hold of that tight ass of Nicole's as he had fantasized about it for quite awhile but Helen had made it clear to Wendy when she first brought him home that he was not allowed to fuck Nicole until after they had married. Unfortunately the marriage never happened and Nicole's tight ass was off limits. As the two walked through the house and started down the stairs they could hear the activity coming from the playroom. Entering into the room they saw Barb laughing as she enjoyed herself by swinging a set of weights that had been attached to nipple clamps. Wendy could see slight trickles of blood dripping across the tortured nipples and onto the floor. It was then that she noticed the jaws of the clamp had wicked teeth, which pierced the flesh as they clamped down.

"I am glad to see the two of you have been enjoying yourselves. I like your sweet little nipple clamps Barb."

"Why thank you Wendy. Unfortunately I do not think our little slut shares your opinion of them"

It was clear to anyone watching that Nicole was in tremendous pain. Wendy was amazed that the bitch was not screaming through the gag. That is was when Megan who had been positioned between Nicole's thighs spoke up.

"I think our poor little slut has screamed herself hoarse as well as cried herself out of tears."

Wendy could see her shaking as convulsions of pain wracked through the bitch's body.

"You girls have been doing quite a number on this slut and I think she now understands her fate."

Walking around to her head Wendy grabbed her hair and lifted causing the girl to look at her.

"So are we having a good time bitch? I just thought you would like to know that your cherished Linda came home early. She wanted to surprise you but it seems she was the one who got the surprise. It was so delicious to watch the disbelief and then the hurt on her face as I told her all about how you never really loved her and had decided you needed to take off so you wouldn't have to marry her. It just ripped her heart right out. Now my little whore you are truly alone and have nobody who cares."

Wendy broke out in laughter and was soon joined by Craig.

"If it isn't little miss you are never going to fuck me. I guess never must be here because I am going to fill that little ass of yours with cum as I fuck the hell out of you bitch." Craig snarled.

Megan called Wendy to come see her handy work.

As Wendy looked between Nicole's legs she saw that the cage had been remove and now sat on the table. What seemed to resemble a piece of raw meet hung lifeless between Nicole's legs. Megan had been torturing Nicole's tiny cock and balls for hours. They had been bleeding and were lacerated in a couple of spots. Wendy saw what seemed to be a number of large hatpins sticking out of each testicle and blood had covered the pins and what was left of the testicles. Wendy had to swallow the lump in her throat as she looked at the mess between Nicole's legs. She had wanted to get some revenge and she knew that they had promised the pimps that Nicole would no longer have any use of her cock and balls when they picked her up. However, she had not honestly expected things to look this bad. Wendy had never realized just how cruel Megan had become after her divorce and Barb actually was really no better, as she enjoyed torturing Nicole as much as Megan.

Oh well Wendy thought to herself, the bitch never should have crossed me. Then she put compassion out of her mind and prepared for her final assault before Nicole was handed over to the pimps.

"Ok girls it is Craig's turn to have a little fun and then I have a present to give the bitch. After that we need to get rid of her as her lover has come home early and I think no matter what story I told her she will be searching for this hot piece of tail."

"Megan call up your friends and tell them to get over here with the money and they can have her tonight."

Megan and Barb left the room and went upstairs to call their friends as well as to get something to eat. They had been working on the bitch all evening and they were actually a bit tired and hungry. Besides they were done with the bitch as she had long ago lost her ability to scream.

Wendy removed the nipple clamps from the savagely mauled nipples but not a single sound came out of Nicole's mouth. Her body just shuddered in agony when Wendy removed the hatpins Megan had used and then gave Craig the go ahead to enjoy himself.

Craig didn't care if the bitch moved or not as all he cared about was that he was finally going to fuck this bitch real good.

"Open her up good baby that way it will be easier for me to give her the present I brought." explained Wendy.

Craig just positioned his cock at Nicole's ass and then in one hard thrust rammed his cock home as hard as he could.

Nicole's body barely flinched as he jammed his cock deep into her bruised and tortured ass. All he cared about was getting his rocks off and filling this bitch with sperm. Slamming hard into Nicole's tight asshole had Craig announcing loudly in no time at all that he was ready to blow. With a loud grunt he buried his cock in Nicole's asshole and proceeded to blast jet after jet of hot cum deep into her ass.

"Well that didn't take very long now did it?" Wendy teased.

"I do have to say she has a nice tight ass although it doesn't look as nice as it usually does with all those wicked looking welts and dark purple bruises all over it but I still enjoyed myself."

"My turn," Wendy announced.

Opening a bag she had brought with her she pulled out a huge dildo that was bigger than any Craig had seen before.

"I took the liberty of borrowing Helen's punishment dildo. I don't know why she ever bought it as she never used it. However, we will change that right now as we see if we can make you cum bitch. I heard Helen talking about how that back stabbing cunt you loved made you cum, and that she was something special for having taken you to that point. Well I say bullshit I can make you cum just as much if not more."

With that Wendy proceeded to push the huge dildo into Nicole's ass. She took it slow as this was not so much to punish the bitch as she had received enough of that. This was more to feed Wendy's ego, to show that she was capable of making Nicole cum just as well as Linda had.

Pumping the huge cock in and out of Nicole's ass was getting Wendy all excited. She could feel her pussy juice making her panties damp till they were finally soaking wet. She continued to piston the dildo in and out of the bruised ass enjoying how it stretched the bitch wide open every time she thrust it forward. She continued her assault on Nicole's ass for a full hour.

Not a single moan emanated from Nicole let alone the slightest hint that she was anywhere even close to cuming. Finally tired and her arms beginning to cramp up Wendy decided to stop. She removed the dildo and tossed it to Craig. Once more walking around to her head Wendy grabbed her hair and lifted up.

"Well I hope you enjoyed yourself you useless cunt as I know we sure did. Have a wonderful life as finally you can assume a position that you are qualified for, that of a back alley whore."

Letting go of her head she saw two men coming down the stairs along with Megan.

"Well boys she is all yours and I am sure you will have no problem with her as she is very docile at the moment."

"Damn maybe we paid too much for this whore as you women worked her over pretty hard."

"Oh she will heal up with just a little time. Also, like I promised you she no longer has any use of her cock and balls they are destroyed and utterly useless now." Megan replied.

Wendy thought to herself that was probably why Nicole hadn't cum when she fucked her. It must be the reason because she had fucked her very well.

The men unshackled Nicole and each grabbed an end and carried her out of the house.

"It is finished Wendy and she is gone out of your hair forever." Craig said.

The two women split the money and Wendy said she would be by in a few days to get the car. As she and Craig pulled out of the driveway she viewed her two friends kissing in the doorway. She thought to herself that it had indeed been a very good night.

Turning onto the road she headed back to the estate where she felt things would now be different.

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