tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersNicole Desired Ch. 14

Nicole Desired Ch. 14


Crissy made her way to the front door to see who was calling. Upon opening the door she saw a rather cute young lady dressed in a very stylish business suite. Her hair was a dirty blond in color and it had been pulled tight and wrapped into a bun at the back of her head. She wore a set of glasses perched on her dainty little nose, which gave her a look of superior intelligence. Crissy smiled at the woman and asked politely.

"How may I help you Miss?"

"My name is Sandy Milton and Miss Perklun asked me to stop by and meet with her this morning."

"Yes you were expected if you would please follow me ma'am."

Sandy followed behind the lovely servant totally amazed at how pretty the woman was. She thought to herself, that she would do anything to have an ass as cute as the one in front of her. The gentle sway of the cheeks with each step the woman took was hypnotizing.

Coming to a sudden stop Sandy almost ran into Crissy, due to the fact she was so taken by her beautiful bottom.

Crissy just smiled as it had all happened before, and she did enjoy the attention.

"If you would please wait her ma'am"

Crissy entered Helen's study and announced that Sandy Milton had arrived. Helen motioned for her to show the woman in. Opening the door she asked the woman to enter then she quietly slipped out the door closing it behind her.

Helen was on the phone with someone and it did not sound as if she was in a good mood at all. Sandy wondered if this was the right thing to do, maybe she should have just stayed at the diner waiting tables. Helen finished the call and slammed the phone down, sending a startle through Sandy.

Helen saw her and immediately stood up and moved forward towards the woman with an outstretched hand.

"Please forgive me for that little outburst. I just cannot abide sniveling little weasels when it comes to business. They should be back in the kitchen making dinner, leaving the important things to those with a backbone, but that is not important. I am glad you made the right decision and stopped by as I need you immediately. The salary is 70,000.00 per year to start with a full benefits package including profit sharing. You will be provided with a company car as you will at times be running errands for me. You may have a trial period to decide if the position is one you would like to maintain. If you prefer not to continue with the position I will present you with a glowing recommendation to a few companies that may be far less demanding. However, at the end of three months if you decide to stay I will expect you to move your residence here to the Perklun estate. Appearance is very important what you have on will do fine for now but if you decide to stay we will take care of getting you a new wardrobe. The company has accounts at every major clothier in town and upon final acceptance of the position your name will be added to all accounts. The owners of the boutiques know what I expect and will be more than happy to assist you in building a new wardrobe. This is not a 9 to 5 job and at times it can be quite demanding but trust me if you fit in as I believe you will it will be a very rewarding job. You will see people as well as events that are of a very private nature so I am sure you understand discretion and confidentiality. No matter what takes place you are to never speak of anything you see or hear to anyone outside this estate."

Sandy was blown away as this woman was indeed the professional dynamo that her reputation painted her as. She could not believe all this was happening to her as it was as if all her dreams had been answered. Well, maybe not all of them but the rest she would have to make come true on her own.

Helen continued explaining things to Sandy.

"You will be my personal assistant but understand you are not a secretary. I have enough of those at the office. You work directly for me and you answer only to me. If anyone gives you any problems do not argue with them simply call me immediately and I will put an end to it. It will not take long before everyone learns who you are and you have no more problems. Do you have any questions?"

"When will I be starting Ma'am?"

"You will be starting today and you will be accompanying me to the office as I have an important meeting today. You will have an office that is directly attached to mine. Today you can get you feet wet working on the new venture Linda and I are starting. You have not met Linda yet but there will be plenty of time for that later. There is no rush on the project as because of Nicole's attack we have pushed everything back a few months. This will give you plenty of time to hone the skills you will need to assist our clients in deciding what services would best fit their individual situation. I will have a company driver drop you off at the Mercedes dealership this afternoon to pick up your company car. Have you eaten breakfast hun?"

"No ma'am I a bit too nervous to eat this morning."

"I will have Crissy set another place at the table and you can join us for breakfast. You will find that meals are important here at the estate. It serves as one of the few times when we can all come together and enjoy each other's company. I will introduce you to the current staff as well as the women of the house. By the way like I told you the other day you need not be so formal, please call me Helen."

Helen picked up a tiny bell and in what seemed like only seconds the woman who had escorted Sandy in was once more in the doorway.

"Sandy this is Crissy she is the head of the household here and at this time there is only one other maid but that will soon be changing. I have entrusted the caring and upkeep of the estate to her and she does a wonderful job so if you need anything simply ask Crissy and she will make sure it is taken care of."

"Thank you ma'am you are very kind."

"Crissy is also engaged to my daughter though it has yet to be formally announced."

Helen addressed Crissy, "Dear I would like to introduce you to Miss Sandy Milton who is my new assistant and will be joining us for breakfast. She will be moving into the east wing next to Nicole and Linda's suite within the next three weeks so make sure you open the rooms up and ensure they are ready to be occupied also make sure that she has everything that she needs."

"Yes ma'am, I will begin their preparation after breakfast. If when you get time Miss Sandy you would jot down your favorite colors and basic style of furniture you would prefer I will have the rooms decor changed to meet your desires."

Just as quick as she had appeared Crissy vanished out of the room.

"Well dear follow me and I will introduce you to the rest of the woman in the house."

Sandy followed Helen to the dining room, where Carole and Denise sat chatting about a few aspects regarding the home that was being built for Denise and Crissy. Helen had purchased two hundred acres of an adjacent parcel to her property, and was contemplating the purchase of another two hundred. They talked about how nice it would be that the house would be connected to Linda's as well as the estate by way of the garden paths.

"Ladies I would like to introduce my new assistant Sandy Milton."

The women both rose to meet the woman and shake her hand.

"Welcome to the estate Sandy my name is Denise, I am sure you are going to love it here. On a personal note I want to say thank you for what you have done for my sister and if there is anything I can do for you please just ask."

"That goes for both of us dear as we owe you a debt of gratitude. You will find that Nicole is very special to us and we would be lost without her."

"Thank you ladies I am just glad that I could help."

Crissy entered the dining room and announced breakfast was ready.

The women all sat down and Crissy began to serve starting with Helen then worked her way around the table. She placed the last plate in front of Sandy then headed back towards the kitchen door.

Sandy couldn't help herself and as she was once more mesmerized by Crissy's cute little bottom as it sway its way back in to the kitchen.

"It is a cute ass don't you think Sandy?" asked Denise.

"I am so sorry I didn't mean to it is just..."

Denise cut her off.

"It is quite alright hun around her we all appreciate things of beauty. And that cute little ass is one of them. Besides you can be sure that Crissy already knows you enjoy the sight of her ass and is making sure you get a good view of it. Sometimes she can be shameless but I love her anyway."

Denise began to laugh, making Sandy feel more at ease.

Sandy had never met a friendlier group of women in her life. They actually went out of their way to make her feel like she was one of them. She knew that she was going to enjoy her job here as well as the new life it seemed she was about to embark on.

Finished with breakfast Helen announced that she would be going into the office as she had an important meeting today.

Helen stood up then motioning to Sandy they headed to the car that had been waiting out front for them.

The two women slid into the back seat of the limousine and Helen instructed the driver to head for the office.

On the way to the office Helen talked with Sandy.

"I see in your eyes that you seem to have some questions please feel free to ask them and I will do my best to answer."

"Yes I do have a few questions and it is just that I do not want to overstep my bounds."

"It is ok dear as you are now part of the family so ask away."

"Well Nicole and Linda are lovers, Crissy and Denise are lovers and I just wondered if you were all Lesbians?"

Helen began to laugh.

"Well the truth is That Nicole had been born physically a boy and so had Crissy and Tammy as well."

"You are pulling my leg there is no way as both of them are gorgeous and their bodies are divine. I have not met Tammy yet but I imagine she is just as hot as the other two girls."

"Well yes, actually she is, but like I said they all started out as boys. Nicole always was a woman inside and now physically she is completely female as well. However, Crissy and Tammy still have their male equipment but it is very tiny and they are unable to ejaculate."

Helen explained everything in detail including the academy, which was the venture that Sandy would be working on. She explained about the women of the estate as well as the alternative lifestyle circles that they moved in. Sandy seemed to take everything in stride as if it was no big deal. Helen knew at once that she had picked the right person to become her assistant.

"So I guess the question is do you have a problem with any of this as you will be expected to take your proper place as a woman of the estate?" Helen asked.

"Actually no I don't have any problems with that and I think it is wonderful as I myself prefer women over men."

"Well then dear you are going to fit right into this world. You will meet dominant men who move in these circles but they are perfect gentlemen and would never attempt to make a move on you. That is unless you wanted them to. Although the majority of the men you meet will be servants that are owned by clients and friends. In time you will get to know quite a few of them as we will soon be opening the academy for business."

"Your main job will be assistant administrator of the academy. You will be contacting different clients and discovering what protocols and routines they would like their servants to be trained in. Don't worry just use your common sense and you will pick the terms up quickly. There is however, a list of frequently used terms for you to refer to if you are not sure and of course if you need information on something simply ask either one of the women at the estate or Crissy and we will be happy to explain things to you."

"Today you can start to contact the first group of clients and help determine what services they are interested in and can inform them when they will be able to drop off their property. You will find the opening date in the paperwork. It isn't for another few months but they will need to be ready. Some students will be transformed like Crissy and Tammy while others will just be trained to be the perfect servants. The majority of the students will be male but there will also be a fair amount of females as well."

"I thought you believed in the dominant female lifestyle?"

"I do but there are plenty of women out there who are much happier when they are the servant rather than the mistress."

"Well either way it will be no problem for me and I am sure that I will learn quickly."

"I could not ask for anything more."

The car pulled up to the front of the office building.

Quickly the doorman hurried to the car door and while opening it he greeted Miss Perklun.

"Good morning Miss Helen it is wonderful to see you."

"Thank you Nathan, you are looking well, have you been working out."

"Why yes ma'am I have, no benefit in letting one's self go to seed."

"That is so true and if I do say so myself you are looking fine. I do believe you are putting most of those younger men to shame."

Helen patted Nathan on the bottom and slipped a nice tip in his pocket.

"Thank you Miss Helen, if there is anything I can do for you please just ask."

Sandy was amazed, Yes Helen was rich and that gave her quite a bit of power but she seemed to rarely ever have to use it. It looked as if people were just happy to do anything they could for her. Sandy believed that it probably had a lot to do with how Helen treated people. She always seemed to treat everyone with respect, from the lowliest clerk to the rich businessman. It made no difference to her what position they held she gave them all respect, and in turn they would do anything for her.

Sandy was sure that she was going to learn a lot from this woman being her personnel assistant.

The women entered the offices and Helen introduced Sandy to the secretarial pool, and then introduced her to Helen's personal secretary.

"Sandy this is Alice she is my personal secretary. For the time being she will also assist you till you choose your own secretary. I would advise you to allow Alice to assist you in picking your secretary as she knows every secretary that works in the building."

"Thank you I believe I will take your advice. Alice if you have a little time later I would appreciate your help in picking a secretary."

Alice smiled at Sandy and said it would be her pleasure.

As the two women entered Helen's office Alice flashed them a pleasant smile and went back to her work.

"Welcome to Perklun enterprises Sandy, your office is right next door. I think it would probably be a good idea if you got right on those calls you need to make. I have some work to do as well as I have a meeting in an hour."

"I will get right on it Helen"

Sandy exited Helen's office through the adjoining door. Upon entering her office she saw the information Helen had told her about. She took off her suit jacket, sat behind the desk, and dove into her new job with both feet.

------- *** -------

The intercom on Helen's desk sounded with a soft buzz.

"Yes Alice what is it."

"I have a Mr. Alex Warbler out here to see you ma'am."

"Please send him in Alice I have been expecting him."

The door opened and Alice showed Alex into Helen's office then stepping back out of the room she closed the door behind her.

"Mr. Warbler I am glad you could make the meeting."

"Well the few tidbits your man expressed to me indeed caught my interest."

"It seems that you have some information on my daughter and you are using it to blackmail her into being your personal slave. I am afraid I cannot let this situation continue any longer."

"I don't see where you have any other choice. If you want to keep your daughter out of prison then you need to mind your own business."

Helen became enraged and standing up she slammed her fists on the desk.

"Listen here you two bit want to be fat cat, you fuck with me and I will bury your ass. When you step out of this office today my daughter is through with you so get that into that thick fucking skull you have. I will use all my power and influence to get Susan the lightest sentence I can and then I will make sure that she lives very well inside while she serves the sentence. At the same time I will use all my power to make you wish you had never been born. So no matter what, your charade with my daughter is over and done with. You may choose how it is going to happen, the easy way, or the hard way. To show you I am not just a heartless bitch, I have an incentive to encourage you to take the easy route."

"You have my attention."

"I thought that might get you as you do not look like a fool. The information you have on Susan gives you power over her for seven years if I did not step in to stop it. After that statute of limitations would take effect and null and void your information. Thus no longer compelling Susan to serve you but also leaving you no protection against her from destroying you every way possible. Believe me Sue can be a very vindictive person and never forgets a wrong that has been done her."

"I already know all this, please get to the point."

"The point is, you give me all the evidence you have on Susan in turn setting her free and I will promise there will be no retribution of any kind. Also I will deliver to you this woman to take Susan's place as your slave."

Helen handed him a picture of Wendy.

"I have seen this woman, she is your niece. Why would you make such an offer and how can it be enforced."

"Let's just say it is never a good idea to fuck with me or my loved ones. As for enforcing the contract you are a strong willed male and I will provide you with evidence of her involvement in kidnapping, assault with intent as well as several other crimes. This will give you all the time you need to break her down and turn her into your personal play toy. She will have no means of support and nobody will dare assist her in any way, which will ensure her servitude to you. I will be exacting some of my own revenge and you are more than welcome to watch. Then once you take her she will have no way to survive no money no clothes other than what you give her, no friends, no place to run, nothing. She will have to accept that she must serve you in order to survive. She will be yours for the rest of her life or until you decide to sell her that is up to you."

Helen continued to talk.

"I know you run a stable of women that you provide to certain clients of mine that enjoy a little different lifestyle. Let us just say they as well as you move in vicious circles. I do believe she will be prime meat for such a group. Think of the huge bonus you could receive from your clients, when you offer them fresh meat to play with, which hails from high society."

Helen could see Alex working everything through his head and it only took him a matter of seconds to reach out his hand to shake on it.

"You Miss Perklun have yourself a deal. I will deliver Susan along with all the evidence I have on her upon taking possession of your niece."

"I look forward to doing business with you Mr. Warbler. I will have my secretary call you and notify you of the exact day and time for the exchange."

Alex concluded his business with Helen, and then left the building with a fresh new bounce in his step. He thought that he would keep Wendy as his own personal toy. Though maybe he would provide her as entertainment for parties of a few of the more important clients he had.

------- *** -------

Helen stuck her head into Sandy's office and announced that she was leaving the office. She told Sandy that Alice would get hold of the driver and have him bring the car around for her when she was ready to leave but not to forget she needed to make it to the dealership before they closed for the evening.

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