tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersNicole Desired Ch. 17

Nicole Desired Ch. 17


Megan Dunfrees sat quietly at her table eating her lunch. It had been days since she had seen Barb and she was sure that bitch was fucking around on her. She had called Barb quite a few times but the damn bitch did not answer her calls nor return her messages. Megan had been very horny the last day or so and decided she needed to find someone with whom she might scratch her itch.

As Megan finished her lunch she notice a very intriguing woman a few tables away from her. The woman had long blonde hair that cascaded over her shoulders in gentle curls. Her face was soft and warm with a cute nose that had a slight upturn at its tip. The soft pink lipstick that she wore accented her soft plump lips and made them appear very inviting. She was impeccable dressed in a skirt and blouse combo with a matching blazer over the blouse. Her long slender legs were encased in black nylon and Megan would almost bet anything that this woman wore stockings and garters instead of pantyhose. Finishing everything off was a beautiful pair of black and white pumps. Megan's interest was definitely aroused as she began to fantasize about the delicious time she could have with the woman in her playroom.

The blonde looked up and caught Megan staring at her.

Megan was surprised at the return glance the blonde gave her and wondered if she had just seen what she thought she had? Turning her head and looking at the woman once more, she confirmed it. The woman looked at her and seemed to be giving Megan a very inviting look.

Megan stood up and approached the woman's table.

"Would you mind if I joined you?" asked Megan.

"Not at all, please have a seat."

"My name is Megan may I ask yours?"

"I am Yvette."

The two women began talking, and found they had a lot in common. Both had gotten married to someone they did not love. Later both divorced their husbands and received a lot of money in the divorce. They laughed as they enjoyed a bottle of wine that Yvette had ordered.

Megan felt something rubbing her leg and soon discovered it was Yvette's foot. Passion and desire building Megan asked the stunning woman if she would like to see her house.

"I would love to Megan, how about I follow you in my car. Just let me take care of my bill and I will be right out."

"Don't worry about the bill I will take care of it"

Megan tossed a hundred dollar bill on the table and the women left.

------- *** -------

Sandy stopped the car at the front door and exited the Mercedes. She walked around to the passenger door and helped Maria out of the car.

Maria was shaking a little from fear as she had no idea of how she would be accepted.

"Don't worry dear you are very sexy and the women of the estate will just love you. Besides I can see you are excited as your panties had dried on the way here and now I see they are getting wet again."

Maria did not have to look, she knew her panties were wet again. She had started to get moist the second they pulled into the driveway.

Sandy took Maria's hand and rung the chimes at the door. It only took a few seconds before the door was opened.

Crissy greeted Sandy with a smile.

"Miss Sandy it is delightful to see you."

"Thank you Crissy as always it is delightful to see you as well."

Sandy winked at Crissy and smiled.

"Miss Sandy I do believe you are quite the flirt. So are you here for good or is this just a visit?"

"I am here for good hun, I will need someone to get my bags from the car though."

"No problem, I will get the grounds supervisor to bring it to your room, after he parks your car."

"Thank you Crissy that would be appreciated."

"Might I ask who we have here?"

"This is my new secretary Maria."

"Well welcome to Perklun estate Maria, it is nice to meet you."

Turning back to Sandy, Crissy continued.

"Miss Helen is in the sunroom with Miss Denise. It seems some of your clothing has arrived and it has been put away in your closet ma'am"

"That is wonderful, there will be more arriving over the next few days and I would appreciate it if they were put away when they arrived."

"Why certainly Miss Sandy, you just relax here at the mansion and I will make sure everything is taken care of for you."

"Why don't I have Tammy show you to the sunroom so you can say hello to Miss Helen. I will take Maria here and get her out of those wet panties and into the bath. She will want to look her best for dinner."

"That would be appreciated greatly Crissy."

Crissy rang a bell that was sitting on a hall table and within a few seconds Tammy appeared.

"Tammy, please escort Miss Sandy to the sunroom to see Miss Helen."

No sooner had Crissy given the order then Tammy was headed down the hall with Miss Sandy following close behind.

"Now as for you dear let's get you out of those damp panties, please follow me."

Maria followed Crissy as she made her way through the halls, up the stairs and into the east wing.

"These will be Miss Sandy's rooms dear and your room is connected directly to Miss Sandy's. That way she has easy access to you when she wants you. If she is anything like the other women in the estate you will not be spending too much time in your own bed. From what I perceive, I do believe Miss Sandy will keep you very close at night."

"Do you really think so Miss Crissy?"

"Of course dear did you not notice how proudly she showed you off? I will also bet anything that come dinner time you will be shining proudly on her arm."

"Do servants normally eat with the Women of the house?"

"No they do not, but it being your first day Miss Helen will want to meet you and welcome you to the estate. Other than that it is a privilege to be invited to eat with the mistresses. There is only one person in this estate that may eat with them whenever she chooses and that Is Miss Nicole. Usually she prefers to be in the kitchen with the servants, as she is very picky about what and how the Mistresses are served. Once they have been served, then she usually takes her place next to Miss Linda. If Miss Nicole is around you will never wait or serve Miss Linda as she is completely cared for by Miss Nicole and won't allow it any other way."

"I have heard of Miss Nicole as a matter of fact the whole office has. Those that have seen her say her beauty is unmatched and she is the perfect lady."

"The people that said that were not lying as a matter of fact what they said is an understatement. You are sure to meet her as this wing belongs to Miss Linda and her. Well as I live and breathe here she comes now."

Nicole glided down the hall towards Crissy and Maria. As she got closer Maria understood what Crissy had meant by an understatement. This woman was stunning, her brown hair and beautiful jade eyes took your breath away. She was dressed in a form fitting dress, which allowed everyone to see the beautiful curves of her divine body. From head to toe this beautiful creature was perfection. Suddenly Maria felt as if she was indeed naked and way out of her league. She was pretty and had a beautiful body and if she had to put it up against Crissy's she would at least stand a chance. However, standing next to Nicole she felt completely inadequate.

"Crissy dear, how is everything going?"

"It has been a nice day and all is as it should be Miss Nicole Might I ask why you are out and about?"

"Miss Linda and I decided to eat dinner with the rest of the ladies. She will be along a little later as I think I left her a bit tired."

Crissy smiled and thought to herself, there is no doubt of that as the two had been playing all day long.

"I am quite sure Miss Linda enjoyed every second of your day together."

"So have you decided on what we should have for dinner?" asked Nicole.

"I was just thinking that your roasted lamb would be wonderful, I so want to learn how to prepare it. Last time..."

Crissy caught herself in mid sentence.

"I am so sorry Miss Nicole I did not mean..."

"Shush Crissy I know what you meant sweetie and besides nothing can bother me today as I feel like a million dollars. Besides I think that would be perfect. Might I ask who we have here?"

"This is Maria she belongs to Miss Sandy."

"Oh yes I heard mother talking about her with Miss Sandy on the phone this morning. Welcome to the estate dear, I am sure we shall become good friends."

Maria began to smile, just talking to this wonderful woman made her feel fantastic. She had never met a sweeter person in her life.

"Thank you Miss Nicole it is an honor to meet you."

"Well if you have any problems or need help with anything please feel free to ask. I take it you were showing this beautiful young lady to a hot bath as I am sure those damp panties she is wearing must be getting uncomfortable. Do you have your clothes here?"

"Well no I don't, I just have the outfit I wore to the office that Miss Sandy left in the car."

"Oh no, those just won't do. I tell you what I will take you shopping tomorrow, as a matter of fact you Crissy and I can go. Tammy can take care of the estate, heck maybe we can make it a party by asking Linda, Miss Denise and Miss Sandy to come along as well. I will bring it up at dinner. For the time being she looks to be about your size Crissy so why don't you pick out something nice for her to wear."

"Yes Miss Nicole, I will be happy to."

"Well then Crissy I will see you in a few minutes in the kitchen, and Maria, I will see your pretty face at dinner."

Smiling Nicole continued down the corridor and vanished around the corner.

"She is so beautiful and so nice also." commented Maria.

"Yes she is, you could make no better friend in the world then that lady. I owe her everything as when I first came here I did not take pride in myself or my work. Nicole straightened me out and showed me how wonderful life could be. She taught me everything and refused to give up on me. Now I am head of household here."

"What about Nicole?"

"Nicole is actually considered a mistress of the estate and will be in charge of the training academy which will open soon. I hold the position of head of household but it is Nicole who truly ensures the estate runs smoothly. A little advice to remember would be that you do not want to get on the bad side of Nicole or get her angry. She has risen to the ranks of Mistress but prefers to serve because she has great respect for Helen, Carole, Denise and most of all Linda. Linda and she have a house that is adjoined to the west property line and were to be married but things were put on hold for the time being."

"Why do Linda and Nicole live in the main estate then?"

"That is a tender subject, I would suggest when you and your mistress are alone tonight it would be best to ask her. You will see that Nicole holds a lot of respect for your mistress and would do just about anything for her. That is probably one of the reasons she seems to have taken to you dear."

"I have so many questions to ask."

"You will have plenty of time for them right now let's get you in the bath and into some fresh clothes."

Crissy showed Maria into the bathroom and then headed to her room to retrieve something appropriate for dinner.

------- *** -------

Megan had shackled Yvette and now had her suspended in the air. She had attached nipple clamps to the sweet blonde's delicious tits and was lightly whipping Yvette's tender clit. Every stroke of the whip that made contact with Yvette's pussy sent a jolt through Yvette that tingled from her pussy to her tits.

Megan decided that it was time to warm this hot little bitch's ass up real good. She pressed a control button and the pulleys went to work and slowly turned her body over and bent her at the waist.

Picking up a thick leather paddle she looked it over then with an evil grin she prepared to tan the sweet bitch's delicate ass till the creamy skin was bright red.

Meagan drew back her arm then with tremendous force she brought the paddle forward smacking the tender cheeks In front of her.

Yvette screamed out in pain, the strike had hit so hard it literally swung the nipple clamps so bad they pulled free from Yvette's tits.

Megan began to feel her body getting hot as her pussy started to moisten. She began to deliver a barrage of swats that had Yvette screaming out as tears flooded from her eyes. Just when she thought she could take no more she heard a loud crash behind her. She called out for Megan and received no answer.

The two men who had been monitoring the listening device that had been planted in Yvette's clothes, went into action. They pulled their van in front of Megan's door. The first man headed directly to the playroom, then proceeded to release Yvette.

The other man opened the van doors and lifted out a black body bag. Carrying it down to the playroom, the men unzipped the bag and removed a woman's body.

Placing the body into the shackles, they adjusted everything to be just as it had been with Yvette. Retrieving a knife off the table of tools, the second man thrust the knife into the dead woman's side several times. He then wiped blood all over Megan's face, and splashed it on her clothes. Setting the knife in Megan's hand, he closed her fingers around the handle.

Yvette got the chills looking at the dead woman's body; it was as if she was looking in a mirror. The latex and make up mask they had made for her was identical to the dead woman's face. Nobody would ever be able to tell the difference especially not the drugged bitch laying on the floor.

The three conspirators cleaned up after themselves, then exited the home and prepared to catch all the action, which was about to take place, on camera.

------- *** -------

Helen and Denise sat at a glass table enjoying the last of the evening sun as it slowly dropped below the tree line.

"So have you finished with the paperwork for Megan to sign?"

"Yes I have. Everything is in order, and as of Friday morning everything will be signed over to Richard."

"Make sure you send someone over to pick up Nicole's Mclaren. I bought that car special for her and I will be damned if anyone else keeps it."

"It has already been scheduled for the garage attendant to catch a ride with your chauffeur and bring back the car. They will go over it and make sure the car is in top condition before giving it back to Nicole."

Tammy entered the sunroom and announced the arrival of Sandy.

"Well, send her in silly." Helen exclaimed.

Sandy entered the sunroom and greeted Helen.

"It is good to see you dear and how did your little shopping excursion go today?"

"Everything went wonderfully Helen as a matter of fact it could not have gone better."

"So I take it you and Maria have come to an understanding."

"I guess you could say that as she is up in the room taking a bath right now. Crissy is helping her get presentable for dinner."

"Fantastic I am looking forward to meeting her. However, I would like to ask in what capacity is she here?"

"Well let's put it this way she arrived wearing bra, heels and a pair of pussy juice soaked panties."

"I see, so she is your property now. Are you sure that you would like this woman as your servant?"

"I am positive as she is everything I ever dreamed of."

"Then you need to contact Alice and have her appoint you a new secretary. Later you need to explain to Maria that she will not be your secretary but rather your servant and lover. I am sure you will have no problem with her but if you do just ask Nicole to talk with her."

Helen rang the tiny bell on the table. When Tammy appeared she ordered her to get Sandy a gin and tonic with a twist of lime.

Tammy disappeared in a flash and minutes later appeared with the drink on a serving tray.

"Thank you Tammy."

"It is my pleasure Miss Sandy."

"So are you completely moved in yet?"

"As a matter of fact I am. I decided to take your advice and give everything to charity."

"Excellent choice, you have everything you will ever need here."

"Once I talk with Maria I will have the movers clear out her place and cancel her lease."

"That is wonderful as this is going to be a very important weekend. Saturday we have a special dinner party scheduled here at the estate. You will be able to meet my daughter Susan and by the end of the night everyone who had a part in hurting Nicole will have paid dearly."

"That will indeed be satisfying as I remember how that sweet angel looked in the ally."

"I take it our first group of students will be showing up Monday morning?"

"Yeas Helen, there will be five of them every one is to be transformed by Dr. Myers. Also each student is to be give the full dose of the anti ejaculate serum."

"Wonderful, you have done a good job but now the fun begins. You will need to keep close records concerning their medical and mental condition as well as their training progress. That way we may present a complete detailed file of the training and transformation to their owners. You of course will also be involved in their training as one of the estate mistresses. The best thing I can tell you is simply follow the lead of the other women in the house. You will pick up things fast when it comes to servant training.

------- *** -------

Nicole entered the kitchen and picked up her apron off the coat hook. Tying it around her waist so that her clothes were protected, she began to get everything they would need for tonight, and placed it on the prep island. She set to the task of peeling potatoes so once Crissy arrived they could get right down to preparing the food. Nicole had slipped her home made crescent rolls into the oven already and soon the whole kitchen would be filled with the wonderful aromas of roasting meat and fresh baked rolls.

Once the potatoes had been peeled and sliced she set them in a pan of water and put them into the icebox. Next she set to the task of stemming the fresh green beans that had been dropped off this morning.

Nicole had been puttering around in the kitchen for about 45 minutes when Crissy entered with Maria at her side.

Maria wore a black velvet, mid length dress, along with black stockings and a pair of black leather pumps. She had a collection of thin gold bracelets on her right wrist and a simple gold rope necklace around her neck that matched the delicate anklet she was wearing. Crissy had also lent her some gold stud earrings, which perfectly accented her delicate earlobes.

"Look at you, I do believe you are one of the prettiest young ladies I have ever seen." commented Nicole.

Maria began to blush at the complement.

"Now doesn't that feel much better than a pair of wet sticky panties?"

"Yes ma'am, the dress is beautiful, I feel like an angel."

"The outfit is just a dress it is you that makes it beautiful. Also I would like to ask you to call me Nicole; if you find that hard then Miss Nicole will be fine."

"I am sorry Miss Nicole I did not mean to make you uncomfortable."

"No need to apologize sweetie, I would just like you to know that I am your friend and will help you anyway I can."

"Thank you for treating me so nice, I was scared about how I might be received here but so far it has been with open and loving arms."

"You have not seen anything yet as the woman of the estate will bath you in love. They may be your mistresses and they can get strict if need be. However, usually they lavish so much love and praise on you that you can't help but want to serve them all the more."

"I know that Mistress Sandy and I have only been together for about a day but I feel a connection to her deep down inside me. She is the woman I always dreamed of meeting and falling in love with."

"That is wonderful as your feelings will make it second nature to want to serve and honor your Mistress and Lover. Now if you are going to stay in here with us let's get you an apron and put you to work."

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