tagNonHumanNicoletta Ch. 03

Nicoletta Ch. 03


*****I am sorry the chapters are coming so slowly, but I am writing two novels for publication, so I am afraid this one is taking the back burner as I am writing it for relaxation. Please enjoy! :)*****

I could not sleep after Alessandro took me. I lay reluctantly wrapped in his heavy arms as still as possible lest I rouse his desire for me again. I would not allow him to have me again. I won't lie and say I did not enjoy what had just happened between us.

For all intensive purposes, sex, coupling, fucking, whatever one would call what we had just done was absolutely amazing! Although the beginning had been extremely painful, Alessandro made up for the abuse he rained on me in the taking of my virginity with one mind bending climax after another.

He teased my skin with a touch so soft my nerve endings seemed to stand at attention begging for a heavier hand. And just when I thought I would perish from his tender attentions, his grip tightened rough and demanding on my breasts, belly, thigh, whatever he could get to, and I would be diminished to mush in his arms. He devoured my mouth with his own forcing me to delight in the sweetness of his essence, and as my tongue danced a forbidden dance with his own I decided that I needed no air ... ever again. When he coaxed what I thought would be my last orgasm up from the depths of my soul my breath hitched in my throat threatening never to resume again. But as he surged into me hard and deep I felt the first spasms of his own climax and when he came my fingernails dug into his back. Finally, when my last orgasm hit me hard I screamed in my pleasure ...

"I will die from this!"

No, I cannot lie ... I loved sex, with Alessandro. I loved his hands on me. I yearned to have him again. My body screamed for him. But still, my mind was stronger. And in that strength, I knew I needed to find a way to break free of his hold and get back to my life, a life I had no idea what to do with after all that I had learned just hours before from my kidnapper, my rapist ... my self professed husband.

He seemed to be sleeping as I drifted back into the world from my reverie. His arms were still wrapped about me, but they seemed to have slackened. I wriggled and they fell away some. Just with the small amount of motion I allowed myself as I tested his grip on me was torture to my stiff muscles. I could not lie there any longer. I took a deep breath and gently lifted his wrist off of me. I had moved him enough to get out of bed. It was cool in the room and as I exited our draped divan the chilly ocean breeze tickled over my skin causing goose flesh to spread over my entire body. The only clothing I could find to cover myself was Alessandro's silk robe he had been wearing before he attacked me. With haste I grabbed it and threw it over my shoulders as I quickly made for the open patio doors. I jumped and shushed the door as it swung too quickly shut rattling its frame. Stealing a glance over to the bed and finding no movement, I sighed in relief that I was not yet missed.

"What the hell? Oh my God, I-I must be hemorrhaging!"

I spoke almost too loud when I felt something slip down my leg. Whatever it was seemed to be seeping from inside of me. I reached down and felt what seemed to be a copious amount of thick fluid of some sort. It did not feel like blood, nor was it time for my cycle, so I was not menstruating. I clamped my legs and made to rush over to the bathroom.

"My, you really are very innocent aren't you Love?"

I started as Alessandro's languid voice slipped into my ears and radiated through my entire body. When I jumped my legs came apart and the rest of whatever was spilling from me tickled down my leg to my ankle to pool at my heel on the lush carpet. Alessandro had been awake, and watching me. He had tied the voile drape to the bed post and was lounging on pillows stacked against the headboard of the bed.

"You are not hemorrhaging Amore ... what is left of my semen is slipping own your leg, my emissions if you will."

"I know what semen is you son-of-a-bitch!"

"tsk-tsk such language Nicolette"

I don't know what I thought was going to happen when he took me. It truly never crossed my mind that he would finish inside of me, and when he was doing it I was at a loss to everything ... he could have invited all of Italy into our bedroom while he was screwing me and I would have been none the wiser, and now, standing there in the moonlight with his 'emissions' seeping from me, I understood that I was going no where, not without Alessandro. He had marked me, and the mark I wore inside and out was his.

"I did not screw you Nicolette, I would never do something so, common, to you. We made love ... and I have not yet marked you, not they way necessary to finally truly make you mine ... but you are right about one thing Love ... you are not now, nor will you ever go anywhere without me by your side."

Gleaning my thoughts, he was so smug. I hated him in that moment, and the more he spoke the lust I had felt for him moments before diminished with each supercilious word that came from his mouth.

"Alessandro, you are common. You are an everyday run-of-the-mill criminal who will go down when you are caught because I am going to sing like a song bird when it is time for me to testify against you in court. I don't know you very well, but from what I have seen and heard from you, you know nothing of love, much less how to make it. And as for your marking me ... if you are referring to that ridiculous idea that you are some kind of ancient vampire who found his mate in a months old child ... let me just advise you Love, there are some outstanding medications on the market now that can lessen if not completely obliterate schizophrenic tendencies. Now, if you don't mind, I am going to go and try to wash you off of me!"

"Oh but I do mind very much Love ... come back to bed ..."

When I made to continue on to the washroom, ignoring his mandate that I come back to his bed I knew I had made a grave mistake. He was on me in seconds, slamming our entwined bodies into the wall, my own taking most of the blow. After I recovered from the impact, surprisingly, I laughed.

"S-so you cannot get me to cooperate with your sick intentions; you are going to beat me into submission? Is that it Alessandro? Well let me tell you, I am not afraid ... not any more. You have ruined me Alessandro, don't you get it? You cannot hurt me. Do your worst Sir!"

His gaze stabbed into me as I finished chuckling at his deterioration to physical violence. He seemed to be assessing the situation, while reining his temper in. And for a moment, a single moment I saw in him shame for his actions. He released my body. As I massaged a sore arm and righted myself he hung his head low and walked to the bedroom door.

"I must go out for a while Nicolette. Bathe if you wish, I shant return before dawn. We will sort this out then."

I could see and hear the house still buzzing with life despite the late hour when he opened the door. I heard several voices making merry on floors below where I was being housed, and I caught a glimpse of a woman coming towards Alessandro as he made to leave the room.

"Is everything alright Dear One? I heard a crash ... is she ..."

"Mother ... everything is fine, she is going to bathe and rest and we will talk again tomorrow..."


"Yes Mother talk, as in open communication, it is the only way we will get through this after all."

"Alessandro, son, you do realize time is of the essence?"

I could hear no more of their conversation as they had moved far from the door. Finally, after trying to look strong and unafraid during five of the longest minutes of my life, I let loose a barrage of tears that I prayed would fill the room and drown me. I sobbed for what seemed like an eternity. Strange though it was, I found certain strength in my anguish. The river of tears streaming down my face came slower and slower until I was able to stand and the tears were no more. I went into the washroom, and instead of pampering myself in the huge tub I had enjoyed just hours before I opted for a longish shower in Alessandro's cavernous den of a shower.

After my hour long shower I found that Alessandro was so far sticking to his word. He was no where in sight. I set out in search of the clothing I had been kidnapped in. Lucky for me I did not have to search very hard. I found a closet tucked into a nook behind the bedroom door. It was actually like a room within itself complete with a stunning vanity area set up to a woman's tastes. The closet beyond the vanity was stocked full of clothing shoes and accessories even the most coddled woman would covet. Everything was exactly my size, right down to the seemingly endless Chantelle underwear sets.

Still, it never occurred to me that this was my closet. I found myself 'window shopping' through some strange woman's most intimate of areas thinking how lucky she is to have a husband who gave her everything she ever wanted. It was not until I I came to the center of the room and found a set of clothes I recognized laid out on a royal blue chaise that I came around and realized that this wardrobe had in fact been put together especially for me. With a ginger hand I stroked the softest mink coat I had ever felt. I took it down off the rack to have a better look and in opening it up I found sewn on the bottom right side a label reading Nicolette Rihan Rossi, my name, only the last name was his. A shiver ran down my spine and back up again stoking my resolve reminding me that I had come in search of my own clothing so that I could find a way to escape.

I threw on my old clothes quickly, mis-buttoning the blouse, but it did not matter. The most important thing right then was finding a way out of the nightmare dominating my life. As if he were still in bed sleeping, I snuck out of the closet leaving the door open for fear that should I close it, it might rouse him. I tip-toed to the door and tugged it finding it unlocked. Breathing a sigh of relief I pulled the heavy door open. It was almost too easy. Either he forgot to lock me in, or he trusted me enough to think I would not run.

"He will miss you. Besides, even if you did get out of this house, I assure you ... you would not leave this island Amore. And Piccolo Mio, when my son finds you ... make no mistake, he will find you ... and when he does there will be ... consequences." Her voice came floating through the darkness; it dripped with a saccharine air chilling me to the bone. I could actually feel the aggression lying just under her surface. I heard the click of a lighter come from the sitting area in the room. Turning my gaze to the corner her voice had come from the flame from the lighter illuminated striking emerald green eyes set in flawless porcelain skin. Her piano player's fingers held a blood red cigarette to perfect crimson lips as she lit the tip and took a long drag to get it started. The flame flickered for a second before the lighter clicked shut and cast us both back into the thick ink black darkness of night.

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