Nigel Summers Rebounds


"Finally we require our president here Mr Sharp replace one of our two representatives on the board. We are not seeking a third seat. So what do you think of that Miss Shields?"

"Well could I confer with my adviser in an ante-room?"

"Certainly Miss Shields. I'll have coffee brought into you."


Philippa stared at Nigel and hissed, "Well?"

"Please calm down. You are getting most of what you wanted."

"But my father remains in the company under these proposals and that bastard husband escapes possible criminal charges under business law."

"Well the job was too big for him wasn't it? Raymond is probably one of those theorists who sound good but collapse when pushed to make anything work. Until now I hadn't realized you didn't want your father to face censure for misreporting."

"Well he'd my father isn't he?"

"Yes but you are also in business with responsibilities to make it work legally. There is no way Raymond could be prosecuted without your father being implicated. Wake up Philippa."

"Oh god, what a mess."

"Think ahead. How does this unravel for you in the weeks and months ahead and do you think your father is capable of making the national division succeed? Remember if a large part of its operation is based on franchising, those people taking up a franchise are locked in."

"Franchise operations have been known to fail."

"Yes but what about the other side of the coin?"

"Usually the first to come up with the idea succeed, becoming real winners. Oh god, where is my vision?"

"You probably have it. Perhaps you were too focused on trying to extinguished your husband's business career."

"Don't your dare even think about that as being a possibility."

Nigel thought Philippa might not be a lady or lovely right through to the core but at least she had the toughness to run a large multi-facet company. The insurance company would have checked her out and found no reason to help place her back in charge.

* * *

Philippa and Nigel dined well and he was pleased she had a number of drinks because unlike many people she actually mellowed when hitting the bottle.

"I think those guys wondered what was wrong with me when I accepted Plan A in its entirety."


"Come on Nigel, what do you really think?"

"This may sound feeble to you being a rather hard-nosed bitch but I think they were relieved because there was no Plan B and because they had their best minds on this situation and had their investment in your company at heart."

"Oh really? And you think I'm cold."

"You're okay," said Nigel as he felt her shoeless leg, she was seated opposite him, run up between his legs to make a soft landing against his crotch. She then wriggled her toes."

"That was great venison," he croaked.

She just smiled and wriggled her toes even more.

* * *

"Shower please darling, Philippa said . "I'll have a very quick bath. Although I had one earlier I'd hate you to smell 'women's breath' on me.

The obedient Nigel had his shower and then had another shave in case she found problems with microscopic facial hair growth.

Philippa came out nude, pink and smelling of roses. She lay on the bed and raised her knees, opening them.

"Oh god, where is your condom? I don't want filthy semen on my beautiful skin."

Nigel felt like taking off for the hills but lacked the courage.

"I don't use condoms. The few women I bed tend to like to swallow or have it dumped on their chest."

"Oh Nigel, spare me. You'll find condoms in my handbag. Choose the one with raised purple noodles in concentric circles."

Philippa eyed him as he approached, wearing the white sheath with purple rows of mini bumps. "Straight in. We don't what that stupid preparatory ritual. It does nothing for me. Oh god, I can't take all of that."

At that point Nigel rather lost it. He placed a hand over her throat and said, "Shut up and move you ass. He slammed into her. The lying bitch; he could only touch one side at the time.

"Oh, oh, be careful. You're hurting me."

"Oh, oh, be careful. You're hurting me."

"Oh, oh, be careful. You're hurting me."

"Oh, oh, be careful. You're hurting me."

The monotonous monologue continued while he ground away, banging her. Finally he felt like coming so squeezed one of her flopping thin tits and rammed a forefinger up her ass.

"Ohmigod," she yelled, clearly climaxing. "I haven't come for some years. Get off me. Fetch towels and run a bath. I feel as if I've wet myself."

Nigel chose to sleep on the sofa.

They were very polite to one another next day including on the short flight and the drive to the office.

"Royce greeted them as they reached Philippa's office and asked where had they been."

"Out," Philippa snapped to the company president, pushed Nigel into her office and followed, slamming the door in Royce's face and locking it.


Just as Philippa had wanted it, Royce found out about it three days later when he presided over an emergency meeting of the board called by Philippa with the notice of meeting signed by the mandatory requirement of a minimum of three other directors endorsing her call.

Royce's face turned ashen as Philippa, using the same Power Point presentation given to the insurance company executives and then launched her assault. At one stage Raymond groaned audibly, his hands covering his face.

There were few comments, the only notable one being Royce crying, "This is a mischievous frame-up by this conniving woman attempting to unseat me by fair means of foul."

There were no further comments and Royce, aware no eyes were meeting his, said, "Well that appears to end this pathetic piece of emergency business so I..."

One of the directors representing the insurance company's interests rose and said, "Mr Chairman, I move you vacate the chair for the next item of business, the chair being temporarily taken by the deputy chairman Miss Shields."

The other director nominated by the insurance company seconded the motion. Royce put the motion and appeared surprised when it passed with a comfortable majority.

Philippa took the chair and then put all the motions as proposed by the insurance company without offering any explanations and each one passed on a majority vote.

"This is an outrage," Raymond said.

The chairman said to her outgoing husband, "Following the resolution of the board just passed Mr Samuels you are no longer authorized to be in this room without the consent of the chairman while a meeting of the board is in session."

Raymond stood glaring at her.

Philippa picked up her phone. "Is it necessary for me to call security to remove you?"

Raymond angrily strode from the room yelling, "You assholes will hear from my attorneys."

Philippa then addressed the deposed chairman. "You have the best offer you are going to get Royce. You retain your seat on the board. Do you accept the offer of heading the international division with you present salary being cut back 15% and being downgraded in company vehicle?"

"I'll need to speak to my attorney."

"You do that. You have ten days to take the positions otherwise it will be filled by a new appointee."

Philippa then said, "Finally this last item is a matter than can only be voted on by directors representing the Samuels Trust and me being the last remaining Johns stockholder, Royce having earlier sold his stock to me. The Allied National Insurance Company is willing to purchase a further 2% holding in our company, with 1% being stock held by the trust and 1% held by me for approximately $2.8 million, that figure being at book value less 20%."

Philippa continued, "I'm totally in favor of this deal as being in my best interest as this injection of capital is likely to eventually bring in profitability many times greater than that sum of initial investment, the dilution of the holdings of core stockholders notwithstanding. It is a condition of Allied National Insurance that its cash injection of approximately $2.8 million be totally invested in the development of our new national division to get it up and running quickly and effectively as our major profit center."

"The only other condition is the operations general manager of the national division be approved by Allied National Insurance. I'm happy about that approval clause because in my talks with Allied National it means that company will utilize its recourses to ensure we have the person for the right fit to develop the franchising operation and the merchandising operation, leaving the development of the national technical advisory service on home gardening to be directly driven as part of the responsibilities of the director of that division."

Royce said, "With that capital injection it puts development of the national division back on even keel. I would be pleased to be confirmed as director of that division and with Raymond's wasteful ways not longer in the picture and greater attention to divisional accounting, planning and closer self-auditing I'm confident the board will be please to see that division forge ahead. As senior representative of the Samuels' trust may we adjoin this meeting for an hour to allow directors representing that trust to contact trustees for guidance on this proposal. Business is a gamble and sometimes even stockholders are asked to take a gamble and like Philippa I can't see how we can lose on this one despite diluting our holdings by 1%."

The meeting agreed to adjourn and forty-five minutes later resumed and Royce announced the Samuels' directors appointed by the trustees had instructed its directors to agree to selling 1% of its holdings to Allied National Insurance.

Philippa told the board, "In the meantime we still have our original funding for the development of the overseas division in place and it is actually significantly under-spent because of slow progress. It's up to you to crack the whip Royce and find a credible operations manager that the insurance company approves. I suggest you find a person with hands on business experience; it will be no good dealing with an administrator."

"Understood Philippa. I'll crack the whip and liaising with our directors representing Allied National I'll find such a person."

* * *

Philippa briefed Nigel and Jane about the changes in positions and was congratulated. She said, "Jane it will be up to HR to sort out who my PA will be. If we shift Wendy out of that position there could be issues because even if she's placed sideways it would, in her mind, be a demotion."

"Not to worry Miss Shields, I'll stay here with Nigel."

"Well that creates issues. Nigel I haven't had time to tell you but I'm promoting you to director of admin."

"Won't that create issues?"

"Yes including allegations of favoritism and unfairness to longer serving admin managers who include the chief accountant but I'll deal with those. Even a fool could see you had the inside running."

"Well I'll accept but only if Jane comes with me."

"No, definitely not. There will be issues with Annette, big ones."

Jane said unselfishly. "Just go quietly Nigel. Don't put your promotion at risk."

"Ohmigod Jane, I wish I could think like you, not putting myself first," Philippa said.

"You have it to get to the top and fight to stay there Miss Shields. I wouldn't knock it."

Philippa smiled and asked not unkindly, "Have you fallen for our Mr Summers?"

"Don't answer Jane. That was an improper question from a senior executive. Philippa you have my position, either Jane comes with me or I stay here or you can fire me."

"Oh come on Nigel, this is not World War Three. No one is threatening to fire you. You have been extra-ordinary brilliant in my service. I couldn't have won that fight without you. I wouldn't have thought of taking my case to the insurance company to get its two directors onside before I went to our board. With Raymond already kneecapped it required only one vote from their side and I had the majority I needed but in fact three of their directors came onside."

"You were pretty persuasive Philippa. In fact you were damn good. But putting that aside it's time to pay your dues."

She said, "Allow Jane to answer my question and I'll announce my decision."

"The ball's in your court Jane but I think it is inappropriate for you to answer such a question," Nigel said. "Think carefully."

"I believe I could fall for Nigel is he cares to become interest in me romantically."

"Ohmigod Jane you are..."

"Can it Philippa. I'm as surprise as you are at Jane's response. Just leave it, eh?"

"Very well my White Knight. I'll handle the issues in the reallocation of support staff with the help of Sarah in HR. I think my father's PA is a temp. If that's so we could put Wendy out with him and promote Jane who loves you and lo we have a complete fix. So Jane can transfer as PA to you, our new director of admin. So do you accept the offer of that position?"

Nigel said yes. "Apart from a few personality problems you'll be a good boss. The only other weakness I perceive is you lack vision and that's probably your father's problem. But if you allow me to set up a business planning group to meet once a month to support you then that deficiency will be substantially eliminated."

"My god Nigel, my professor at university said that very same thing. She said, 'Philippa you are leaving us well equipped for the business world even if it is your family company. The one thing I feel we haven't been able to instill in you is to upgrade your almost total lack of vision.' I could have strangled the bitch."

"Thank you for your confidence in me Miss Shields."

"That's okay Jane. You are very good at your job. I hope you look after our Mr Summers very well socially."

"I'm not sure he's very aware of my existence Miss Shields."

"Oh he will now Jane, believe me. You have bared your heart. Most men are suckers for that."

* * *

Jane told Nigel as they were finishing work for the evening, "I have a friend who's attempting to sub-leased her apartment, fully furnished and everything else there, for eight months while she and her husband travel across Russia and finishing up in Norway. "I know this is pushing it but would you like to sign up as co-tenants with me?"

"You mean live with you?"


"Well you are old enough to know what you're doing and it can be a strain living with someone at nights and working with them during the day."

"But plenty of people do it. If it were that bad no one would do it."

Nigel smiled. "Great answer Jane. Let's give it a couple of days..."

"No, why procrastinate. The set-up would be perfect for us. Let's go and see Rebecca and John her husband now. Bring your CV with you."

"Well, if you're sure."

The apartment was modern and had a good view over part of Brampton Lake and was an easy walk to several of the city's better restaurants. Nigel was impressed.

The plump brunette Rebecca said boldly, "So you two are living together?"

"Yes," Jane hastened.

"No," contributed Nigel, almost simultaneously.

"Well which one is it?" John grinned.

"We've only had one bout of sex and that was weeks ago. We work together and Jane has developed the itch and I feel the need to attend to her itch on a regular basis. This apartment being available for several months seemed to be a deal waiting for us to seize with both hands."

Rebecca couldn't stop giggling. "God you two haven't even rehearsed your story have you. But what if it doesn't work out?"

"Yeah," John said. "Our whole approach is to gain apartment-minders who'll take care of our possessions and our beautiful pad and not be ready to vacate until the day we arrive back to reclaim it, but with some advance notice to quit of course."

"What's your vocation John?"

"I'm a high school music teacher."

"Well that's professional so you'll have understanding. "I'm head of admin where Jane works and she's my PA. She's loyal, competent and has dropped her unreliable boyfriend to have a spell with me. I said I was willing, being single and unattached, so we agreed to get a place together and then Jane came up with minding this place for you. I said yeah, why not."

"And that's the truth, the whole truth and he's so straight he makes it too embarrassing for me to lie," Jane said.

"To negate your unease about the possibly of us splitting early may I ask how much rent are you asking?"

John gave the figure and when Nigel laughed as said what for a day, John said no for each week. The rental was set to cover outgoings and just a wee bit of profit to encourage the renters to know they were being treated well and to return the favor."

"That's excellent thinking John. What I propose, subject to agreement between all four of us and you guys thinking Jane and I are the caliber of tenants you require is I'll pay you eight months rent at the signing of the agreement and there will be a clause saying the rent payment stands whether or not I remain in tenancy for the duration. Jane can pay me a share of the rent weekly, whatever amount she deems fair. If we split I go and she stays on rent free because it has already been paid."

"That is complicated," Rebecca said.

Jane said it was fine with her.

The other couple said they agreed with that. Nigel said providing Jane kept moving his ass he couldn't see their affair ending.

Rebecca's laughter came close to hysterics and even John had a good laugh.


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