tagRomanceNight at the Bar

Night at the Bar


As Anna pulled into the parking space in front of the bar, a heavy sigh escaped her. She already felt the tension and pure exhaustion of having to set up merchandise for the band she worked for. She was tired of setting up and tearing down, with nothing to show for it, no one in her hometown ever bought merchandise from the local bands. She flicked off her lights and killed the ignition, and hit the release for the trunk.

She clipped up her shoulder length auburn hair, checked her make-up in the rearview mirror, and adjusted the fishnet top so that it ran down her hands.

Opening the door to her white two door Saturn, and grabbing the black duffel bag from the passenger seat she sighed again to compose herself before going into the bar. Getting out she made sure that the black skirt she had chosen to wear was settled over the back of her full backside and straightened the fishnet hose that clung to her legs.

Anna set the duffel bag on the ground outside the bar and headed back over to her car to get the box of the bands t-shirts and the rack that she hung them up on. Jake, one of the bouncers for the bar approached and grabbed the box from her.

"I've got it Red, you lock up your car and I'll bring this stuff inside" he said nodding to the bar entrance.

"Thanks, Jake I appreciate it. Are the guys in there yet?" She asked, already knowing the answer because the big silver truck was not to be seen in any of the parking spots generally used by band members.

"Nope, haven't seen any of them yet. You're the first one to show up. First one in and the last one to leave though right?" He laughed, hoping to lighten her already dampened mood that was evident on her face. He had known Anna for several years and thought highly of all the work she did for some of the local bands in the area. He just wished she'd take it easy for a while. At 23, she was already tiring of the music scene.

"Heh, yeah right. It's what I get paid the big bucks for! Ugh, make sure Aaron has a shot ready for me when I get in there..." She said shutting the hood of her car and double-checking to make sure her keys, money and id were in her possession before locking her car.


Eric took a deep breath as he approached Gotham, the local bar that catered to the local music scene. It wasn't the best and fans in the area stopped buying stuff from the local bands years earlier, and the crowds were really starting to dwindle. He shifted his backpack and took a tighter grip on his guitar case, and started to cross the street to get to the bar.

He saw Anna heading into the bar and smiled to himself. Anna was their merch girl among other things; she handled their e-mail and website stuff, adding pictures and information, she was also one of his best friends. Tonight, Anna had obviously chosen dress-up for the show, her normal attire was that of comfort: blue jeans and a t-shirt with the bands logo on the front. But not tonight, Anna was in almost all black, head to toe. She looked amazing in the black corset with the contrasting red fishnet top underneath pulled down to loop over her thumbs to keep it in place, black skirt that came to just mid thigh, her fishnet hose and calf length boots. She looked amazing.

Eric had never admitted it to anyone else but he had, had a crush on Anna for the three years that they had been friends. He had just never done anything about it, he usually went for the leggy girls who liked to use guys in bands and break their hearts when something better came along. Never had he been interested in full figured women, which in this case is exactly what Anna was, she wasn't fat, but was rounder than the sticks he was used to. Anna on the other hand after a few drinks never seemed to have a problem telling him how interested she was in him, only she couldn't tell him when she was sober.

Eric had realized during Anna's last relationship that he hated seeing her with anyone, he could be supportive, but the guys she dated rubbed him the wrong way. He wanted her for himself and decided as he closed in on the bar that tonight it was all or nothing.


"Hey girl," a husky voice said.

"Hey," Anna said looking back over her shoulder, "Hey Eric, your hear early. What's going on?"

"Not much, need any help with merch? I can help before I have to start setting up my equipment if you want." He offered, as they exchanged hugs.

"Nope, I'm good, but thanks." She said, and kidding she turned her back away from Eric and added, "So, what do you think? Maybe we'll sell more than a cd tonight if I bend over a little when I take pictures later."

"I dunno maybe, just watch out for Jim. You know he loves it when you dress up for shows." Eric muttered, before turning away. He hated the way his friend and band manager ogled Anna, every chance he got his eyes were on her. Eric got tense and decided that in order not to take it out on her, he'd better walk away and get shot of Jagermeister before the others arrived.

"Hey," Anna said lightly placing a hand on his shoulder, "What's wrong? It was just a joke. This place sucks! People get more action in the bathroom stalls here in one night than the merch area gets in a year." She was blushing and they both knew it, he didn't have to look at her to know the color was rushing up her neck and into her face and finally the tips of her ears. Her face took on a mischievous glow whenever she felt she had gone too far with sexual innuendos.

"The bathrooms, eh?" He said turning to her, and realizing that she was a lot closer than he had imagined. Instantly feeling the heat building between them.

"Yeah, the bathrooms..." Anna whispered, looking up into Eric's eyes, feeling herself getting hot and feeling an aching sensation growing at her apex.


This is just the beginning and my first time writing erotica ....so please let me know what you think.

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