tagRomanceNight at the Bar Ch. 02

Night at the Bar Ch. 02


**This is part two, to "The Bar". I would suggest reading that part prior to reading this as this is the second in the series, and it would just make more sense to read one then two...Thank you to everyone for the encouragement.**

Standing between the merchandise table and the bar, Eric and Anna looked at each other both feeling the heat growing between them. Gathering her courage, Anna slowly moved her hand from Eric's shoulder to his right cheek, she leaned in and brought her face next to his and kissing him ever so lightly on his left cheek.

"Wassup, Ya'll!" said Barry the lead singer of the band, making Anna and Eric jump from each other hearts beating wildly as they tried to collect themselves. How long had Barry been watching them stand there they both wondered simultaneously.

"Uh, hey man. What's goin on?" Eric muttered, bringing his hand up to his neck and rubbing it. His face flush with the intensity of the past few minutes and it had in reality only been minutes, unlike the hours that it had seemed.

"Hey babes," Anna said walking up to Barry and giving him a quick hug before going out the back door of the bar. Though it was getting to be summer and the Florida sun made the days almost unbearably hot and muggy the nights could be breezy and nice. Tonight was going to be one of those nights.

"So, did I interrupt something between you and Anna?" Barry asked grinning.

"Naw man its cool, we were just talking it was nothing." Eric answered, looking towards the rear door of the bar, wondering what Anna was thinking. Then turning back to Barry and the people drifting into the bar added, "Come on let's start getting the equipment on stage."


Shaking her hands out and trying to cool her overheated body, Anna's heart raced thinking about the look in Eric's eyes how determined he had seemed to be. But she knew from past experiences and in general about how Eric was that he was rarely a man of action. Something was going on tonight and after the fire that had built between them knew that it was far from over. Anna slowly worked her way from the back of the bar and the interior courtyard that led to other clubs and bars on the block, back around to the front of Gotham. Anna saw Eric as she came around the corner, and paused leaning against one of the parking meters that littered the side of the road. The meters were old and had a hard time standing up on their own, let alone with the added weight of someone leaning against them and it wavered slightly as she rested her weight on it. She had harbored feelings for Eric for as long as she had known him, and yet as she had often confessed her feelings for him they had not been returned. Eric was just a little taller than she was maybe six foot if he was lucky and was very lean, he wasn't muscular but he was toned. He always kept his brown hair short and usually spiked, only occasionally buzzing it, that is if Jim slipped-up while trimming his friends hair. Eric had the most piercing sky blue eyes, that held a wisdom he shared with few people, and a cute dimpled smile that made Anna's heart melt just thinking about him. Though Anna hated to admit it, she was a romantic at heart, a rock chic to the core, but always a romantic.

** Eric glanced up looking in Anna's direction as she came around the corner, from the back of the bar. She seemed lost in thought as she settled in and leaned against the old parking meter. He had to admit, he probably would have kissed her inside had Barry not shown up when he did. She looked so good tonight in that corset and skirt, fishnet from head to toe and those calf length boots that her friends jokingly called her "getting laid boots." When she was confident in herself, she was really confident taking on this air that she owned the bars that they played in, demanding the best places to put the bands merchandise with the tables of her choosing. But she also had this quiet side to her, that said, "I want someone else to be in charge..." Eric longed to step out and be the man that could handle to two sides of Anna: the red haired goddess and the kitten.

"Holy CRAP GIRL! You look Hot!" a voice blasted from across the street. Both Eric and Anna looked in the direction of the voice. It was none other than the bands manager Jim, and Anna was heading across the street to talk to him. Eric not wanting to see how his friend looked at Anna walked back into the bar carrying the bands equipment that would be used during the show. "So who you trying to impress?" Jim asked, as Anna got closer.

"No one just felt like dressing up. Thought that it might help increase sales, you know how it is. You do what you gotta do right?" She said with a chuckle.

"Yeah, I guess. Where's Eric? Is he here yet?"

"Yeah, he was the first person here tonight besides me."

"Good, I'd like to get some pictures of the guys in the courtyard again before we go on stage. You have your camera right?"

"Always. Let me just get it and I'll head out back."

"Ok, let the guys know that when they are done setting up to go with you out there. I want to get them done before the show starts."

"Ok, see you out back then." Anna said working her way back across the street and towards the bar entrance.

** Anna walked back into the bar, feeling the gazes of her friends as she approached Eric. Coming up behind him and placing her hands at his hips she said, "Hey, Jim wants everyone out back to take pictures before the show. Leave your jacket inside, it's nice out there."

"Ok." He said adjusting a cable that fed from his bass guitar to the amplifier.

"Guys! Jim wants everyone from the band outside to take pictures when equipment is finished. Lets hurry and get this done before it gets busy." Anna said loud enough for everyone to hear. Making sure to see that the four guys all nodded in acknowledgement about the taking of the pictures outside.

** Eric was the first to finish and slowly made his way outside to sit on the benches in the courtyard to wait for everyone else. He figured it would be nice to get some air before the rest of the guys started to ask about what Barry had seen earlier that evening.

Walking out the back door of the bar and making his way around the corner a little he saw Anna inverted on one of the benches: her black boots slung over the back of the straight backed bench crossed at her ankles, skirt tucked between her thighs, and her red hair taken out of the confines of the clip dangled just off the edge of the bench seat. Her face getting flush, this time because her head was upside down. She was completely unaware that anyone had come out back and just sat like that for a few minutes.

Eric walked over to her, clearing his throat when he was just next to her. Her eyes opened quickly and she swung her boot-clad legs quickly over the edge of the bench, spun herself back to normal and straightened herself out and pinned her hair back out of her face. "You can never sit like a normal person can you?" he asked.

"What's the fun in that?" she retorted, " I'm all crazy tonight and I decided I'm blaming it on you." she added coyly.

"Why me? What did I do? You're the one all dressed up, wearing a skirt and everything."

"Just cause." Anna said leaning back against the bench, smiling slightly and looking over at Eric through the corner of her eye.

"Ok," Eric said adjusting himself so he could lean back on the bench comfortably. And quietly he added, "So what's goin on? And don't say "nothing," you felt the same way I did earlier. I just don't want to hear the run around tonight."

"Honestly, you know how I feel about you Eric. I have made it clear to you for so long, you just never felt the same way back." She said looking down, her heart beating faster fearing that Eric would say that they should spend less time together. Instead his warm hand gently rested on her hand and curled his fingers around hers.

"I think we are on the same page now. What do you think?"

"I wouldn't be totally against it." Anna laughed a little, leaning her shoulder against Eric's side.

"Ok then," Eric said, looking down at Anna who had her head leaned against his shoulder, just slightly looking up at him. Eric lifted his right hand to Anna's cheek and lifted her face to his. The kiss started off as most first kisses do, a little awkward and tender, testing the boundaries. With no hesitation from Anna he deepened the kiss, sucking on her lips and dipping his tongue into her mouth. When they finally ended the kiss, they smiled at each other, content that the chase had ended for now.

"I said, Ahem!" came a voice from the center of the courtyard. Neither of them had noticed that the other band members and Jim had made their way into the courtyard and had been watching them as they had ironed out details and had shared their first real kiss.

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