tagRomanceNight at the Bar Ch. 03

Night at the Bar Ch. 03


*Note to readers* This story goes in succession, and thus makes more sense if you read previous chapters first. Hope you are enjoying the story thus far.**

"Excuse me! Are we taking pictures or making out tonight?" an irritated yet amused Jim asked.

"Why can't we do both?" Anna asked sarcastically, giving him the expression that said there was no way he could possibly ruin the fantastic mood that she was now in. Squeezing Eric's knee and reaching for her camera with her other hand she stood, adjusted her skirt and corset and looked at Jim.

"Lets just do this ok guys." Scott the bands guitarist said, motioning for the stairwell, "Anna can you take pictures from up there first please? Then over by the fountain?"

"No problem." Anna said heading in the direction of the wrought iron stairs that lead up to the apartments above the bars and cafes. Biting her lip she wish that she had taken the chance to kiss Eric sooner, prior to that evening that is, that guy drove her crazy without even trying.


Eric took a deep breath as Anna grasped his knee before standing. His breath already ragged, and his pulse racing from kissing her. He never realized that she would have this kind of effect on him. Scott stepped in asking Anna to take pictures at certain angles, taking the awkwardness out of the moment. He knew that they would both be hearing it from one person or another later that evening but now wasn't that time. Eric watched as Anna walked over to the stairs, the way she moved made his pulse race even more as she seemed on top of the world now. Jim's voice not even getting a rise out of her, Eric would never admit to it but he thought she could be really sexy when she was getting worked up and annoyed, her face would get flushed and she would set her jaw in this really stubborn way.


The four band members got into position with the direction of their manager, and Anna diligently took the pictures. Making sure that she got the best out of all four of the guys. After many pictures, lingering glances, blushing, and lip biting the group of friends made their way back into the bar to play their gig.


Following the groups direction Eric and Anna made their way into the bar and headed in different directions, Anna to the ladies room and Eric to the bar. When Eric noticed that Anna had turned the corner he followed after her, making sure that none of the others had noticed his last minute decision.

As Anna closed the door to the single stall restroom, Eric grabbed the door.

"What are you doing?" Anna asked just a little surprised. She knew she had made mention of the bathrooms but never expected him to act on it. Eric locked the door so no one could interrupt them.

"Just this," he said grinning, and then taking her face in his hands he kissed her. This time the kiss though just as gentle as the first had an urgency to it, and both grew excited at the possibilities of someone catching them in the ladies bathroom. "I'm not really into the quickie in the bathroom just yet, but I couldn't resist the opportunity to kiss you again."

"Damn you," smiling widely she reached up and grabbed his head and brought him back down to her, "just shut up and kiss me." This kiss was anything but gentle as they ravished each other's mouths, their breathing getting heavier and sweat starting to glisten their bodies.

"Mmmmhh," Eric moaned, and pulling away from the kiss added, "If we don't stop now, I don't think I'll be able to let you leave here."

"That's ok with me," Anna said smiling and biting her bottom lip and looking up at Eric, whom at this point had his arms wrapped around her waist holding her tightly to his chest.

"I have to be on stage in two minutes, and you are getting me all worked up."

"I can tell."

"That's nothing, just wait until later." He added promising more for later, just then someone started knocking on the bathroom door. "Shit, we aren't going to be able to live this one down are we? Do you want to walk out of here first or should I?"

"It doesn't really matter but I'll go out first." Kissing him quickly and letting out a little moan as they pressed into each other, and finally making their way to the bathroom door. Anna unlocked the slide bolt on the inside of the large wooden door of the bathroom and turned the handle to open the door.

Anna and Eric walked out of the bathroom and walked over to where the merchandise was set up.

"I have to go outside for the "pep talk" but you'll be upfront taking pictures right?" Eric asked, noting the glances that they got coming out of the bathroom together.

"Yeah, are you leaving straight after we tear down or are you gonna hang out for a bit?"

"Depends, I know how you feel about me screaming on stage, so its completely up to you." He said turning sideways against the long rectangular table. Smiling because Anna had this grin on her face and she was half staring off into space, adding "Yeah I know how you get. Your not that innocent."

"Ha ha, we'll see." Anna said laughing and pushing him now in the direction of the front door. "You'd better get out there before Jim and Scott have a fit."

"Aww, you don't want to talk to me anymore?" Eric laughed and headed towards the front door.


Anna watched as Eric made his way to the front of the bar. A weight oddly lifted from her shoulders, with Eric expressing he had feelings for her. She lifted herself onto the barstool crossing her legs at her ankles, and then rubbing her fingers over her lips feeling that they were tender and slightly swollen. Seeing through the dim lighting and a side door opening, Jim was walking towards her.

"Not trying to impress anyone eh?" Jim said, as he got closer to her.

"Nope, it just happed to turn out that way." Anna said to Jim, pointing to him and adding, "And don't make fun, of either of us. Its one of those nights where I'm actually enjoying being out."

"I won't, you know I just want to see you two happy. If that means that the two of you are happy together, that's cool. Just promise you won't do anything to distract him while he's on stage." He said with a slight pleading in his voice.

"I won't, I promise, just a few pictures for the website and then I'll be back here."

"Thank you, now where is everyone?"

"Dunno, I assume that they are all up front waiting for the "pep talk" because that's where Eric just headed, but I'm not sure." Anna said as Jim nodded and headed in the direction of the front door.


Eric was ecstatic as he walked to the front of the bar, not wanting the night to end. He hadn't felt this way towards anyone in a long time, and seeing the way Anna looked at him tonight, made all the difference in the world.

"Duuude! Makin out with Anna in the bathroom? You lucky dog..haha." an arm wrapping over his shoulder as his friend and band-mate Scott drug him over to where the other two members were standing.

"So man what's up with you and Anna?" Barry asked, lifting an eyebrow, "I knew something was up earlier, the way you two jumped a mile when I came in."

"Ok guys, enough. Lets just say that Eric and Anna are interested in each other and leave it at that till later. Right now, we actually have a crowd, so lets go out there and put on a show for them." Jim said walking to them, motioning for Eric to come over to him he said, "I'm happy for you man, she's a great woman. Just don't let her be a distraction for you on stage. Stay focused."

"Yeah, thanks, no problem." Eric looked at Jim quizzically. "I feel good about this. Its weird, she's one of my best friends, you know?"

"Yep. I know. But for now lets get out there."


The show was a success, and everyone responded well to the music. Which put everyone in a good mood, and fans actually bought a few items of merchandise before wandering around the bar again before the next band took the stage. Anna packed up the remainder of the items and got things ready to go back into her car.

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