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Night Demoness


It was dark, but still Mina could make out every detail in the hospital room. The dark pits of her eyes stared patiently at her next victim.

He was young, a tragic case, severely injured during a motorcycle ride when a car had pulled out in front of him. The motorcycle had been stopped, but sadly the young man had continued on and had hit the pavement of the road quite a few yards away. His body had been shattered upon impact. Such a shame that at twenty his once bright future was coming to an end. In critical, he laid in the private ward with little hope of survival.

If she could feel anything at the moment besides the hunger, she would have wept at his predicament. The compassion she felt towards him though was there, but her body felt the need for his young vital seed and overrode it with the urgency of him being so close towards death.

Her pussy twitched.

She felt her wetness increase, like a hungry lion waiting patiently for prey and the anticipation of the kill. If any one had been around they would have witnessed the shininess of her juices running down her leg. She was steadily flowing with need and the hunger was proving hard to control.

She groaned.

It had been a few months since she had feasted fully on one person. She was being held over from a coworker named Norm, but he wasn't used for sustenance, just as a toy to pleasure herself. She knew she had to be patient and started the painstaking task of interrupting his dreams and turning them erotic.

She grasped her perky 36DD breasts with her hands and squeezed. Tongue wetting her lips she projected an image of his girl to him. A pert blonde named Jessica who had been there. She was getting hotter as she watched him. The slight smell of cinnamon starting filling the air.

Though unconscious his head shifted.

She was getting to him and her heart fluttered in excitement. A little more and he would be in her thrall, hard and straining to be in her tight cunt. Her wetness increased and the cinnamon smell became stronger. A nipple was pinched by her wandering hands and she gasped. This was taking too long and her need was growing.

He moved again. The morphine induced dreams fouled by her manipulation. His dreams shifted to his girl. Blonde , cherry red lips and wide hips swinging to a beat as she stripped for him. And roll of her hips and off came the skirt she was wearing. She was naked and hot, staring at him seductively.

Mina groaned again at his closeness of being hers.

Her hands dropped from her breasts and traced her flat stomach down to her crotch. The motion sent chills down her back as on hand drifted back up and traced circles on her tummy. The other hand drifted through a tuff of jet black pubic hair above her pussy. The landing strip of hair wouldn't normally be there but her toy like hair and she felt inclined to give him something as he was used for enjoyment. Spreading her nether lips she jumped when she ran a finger over large and engorged clit. She became rigid and a big moan escaped her lips as she continued the motion.

He shifted again. His restless dreams were tormenting him. Then the blanket tented up and as if a click happened he was hers.

She walked sultrily over to him. When she reached the bed she pulled the blanket off of him and pulled his gown up. She smiled as she saw his six inches of cock standing straight up. It wasn't the length that made her smile, but the three inch girth that was helping the cock stand. She did like them longer, but his thickness would bring her a lot of enjoyment as she feed. Her hunger was almost unbearable, knowing that the feast would happen soon.

She climbed into the bed and straddled him. Her eagerness didn't drip, It was like a steady stream of juices as it flowed out of her lips and coated his inner thighs and cock. At contact with his cock he shifted, and she could tell he was straining for release. His hips raised involuntarily and he met his cock halfway, her pussy sucking him in with eagerness.

The both moaned in unison.

Jessica had finished her strip tease and was now pushing him back onto the bed. She kissed him furiously with those cherry red lips as she pressed her body against him. Her breasts mashed against his chest when they hit the bed and they strangely felt bigger, but this was lost on him as both of their passions increased. She grabbed his cock and electricity shot through his body.

He broke the kiss with"God Jessica, your so hot."

She returned his compliment with a smile and her blues eyes twinkled as he stared into them. He was mesmerized as she slid his cock into her.

He gasped. It was like his dick was in a velvet glove. It fit him perfectly as it sucked and squeezed his cock. She started lifting her hips up until he was almost out of her and the slammed her hips down in a repeated motion. She started panting and moaning as the cock was swallowed in her snatch at each stroke. He licked a nipple and this caused her to lean back with her eyes closed, She gyrated on him as she lifter her hands to her breasts and massaged them. He couldn't hold much longer like this and moaned as an orgasm shook his body.

Mina ground herself harder on him. Her breathing was rapid as she sensed how close he was to splashing her cunt with his hit seed. She felt his cock swell and her pussy started squeezing harder.

When he erupted into her is caused her sake and shuddered. The soaking of her count caused her to orgasm with him as it observed and fed on his seed. She leaned down to hold her self steady as the orgasm rolled through her pussy, encouraging him to keep cuming. She wanted more but stopped herself from taking him completely. Her body protested but she forced herself to stop and proceeded to soak his cock with hormones to keep hime hard in her. She was really horny now due to the supriseful orgasm and now she wanted more. She was happy to learn that none of him had made it out of her and her pussy relaxed as it prepared to get pleasured.

She was a true nymphomaniac and she didn't know why. As a succubus it wasn't normal to stave off hunger to satisfy carnel need first.

His cock became harder in her and grew just a tad more as a result of the pussy juices soaking into it. She paused a little bit and realized she had stopped because she felt sorry for him. Here he was in a hospital bed getting the lay of his life and he wasn't even awake for it. She felt guilty a little bit that her predatory needs had driven her to do this for survival. She decided to go slow and the man under her sighed audibly as she rose up and down on his member.

After the mind shattering orgasm his cock didn't go down. Jessica was nibbling on his ear and it was turning him on immensely. He felt his cock straining even more and could swear it hadn't been harder before in his life. Jessica's hard nipples were poking him in the chest as she licked his neck. She came up for a kiss and started rocking her hips and a slow motion. She brook the kiss and they stared into each others eyes and there was a hunger in hers that surprised him.

"I love you Jessica," he gasped at her.

She smiled at him and closed her eyes.

When she opened them again they weren't the blue eyes that always reminded him of glacier ice sparkling in the warmth of the sun. Instead they were obsidian and it was like looking into a pool of black oil.

She continued to rock her hips as they held their gaze. She licked her lips, a forked tongue that it was.

"Give yourself to me," she spoke sultrily to him,"leave behind this world of suffering and pain."

"You have me," he replied," but I don't want to done and leave you behind."

He started to go soft in her as she worked on his mind.

Her body cried at this and in response her juices flowed more and she pumped her hips harder. She needed his vitality and him going soft was not going to help her get it. A pang of annoyance passed across her face at the insult. As a succubus her body was her pride and for someone to reject it was a big insult.

The she realized why, she couldn't blame him.

He was crying now saying "I Love you" over and over.

It was for her. The woman named Jessica. She hand't expected this and felt surprised as she rocked on his now again fully stiff cock. She was banking on that this wasn't love but lust discussed by it. Now she couldn't consume him and she growled in frustration. She stopped and sighed while thinking.

According to the demon laws, love couldn't be tarnished by a demon. So all she could do know is drain him as much as she could and hope she orgasmed before his body gave out. But being that she couldn't kill him her drive to take continue was diminishing. As if her body sensed this, her next movement on his member caused extreme throes of pleasure rippling through her body. She then continued rocking her pussy up and down on his cock. She was frantic in looking for release and the man under her had stopped crying, now just responding to the pleasure as his dream had been dissolved.

Her orgasm was vastly approaching and she could feel that his was following close behind. Her pussy made gushing sounds as her wetness leaked out of her folds. Then her orgasm came crashing through her body and she felt him explode into her. That only caused her orgasm to increase and felt his vitality enter her. Stars where everywhere and she then knew she was in trouble. Their orgasms weren't stopping and she couldn't stop herself from daring him. The law she thought and at the last second though some of her vitality into him to save his life.

He didn't know what to think. The orgasm just kept happening and while the pleasure had been going through his body he could tell something was wrong. breathing was becoming harder and a numbness was going through his body. Sleep was overtaking him and he was scared. He could tell this wasn't the sleep that he would wake up from. Light then went through his whole body. He felt like everything was being mended and the weariness began to fade away.

His eyes began to open and he saw a pale woman with jet black hair in the throes of an orgasm. Het pink nipples jetted out from her breasts and he felt her tightness for the first time awake. His orgasm had finished a while before but the amount of hormones that had soaked into his cock kept him hard. She locked eyes with him and recognition flashed across her face. She stopped moving and stared at him. She looked utterly confused as to what was going on. Panic should be going through his mind right now, but all he felt was comfort in the situation. A strange feeling of adoration filled his heart.

She climbed off of him and turned away from him. He saw that she was at least 5'7'' and had quite a big ass that looked firm. She got dressed in her blue scrubs and turned and looked at him. Her eyes were a light grey and she smiled at him. He melted in a comfort of safety. Leaning down she kissed his forehead and the whispered " Jessica will be here soon"

He tried to say thank you, but with the breathing apparatus he couldn't. Her eyes lit up and he could see that she understood.

She then turned and what briskly out the room, closing the door with a quick smile.

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