tagLesbian SexNight of Swing

Night of Swing


By Pussylove69 (inspired by Michelle)

Thank you Michelle for sharing another of your hot nights with us (after "A Ladies night with a callgirl"). So thanks and kisses to Michelle and if any of you lady-readers out there would love to contribute to my series of readers lesbian real first times or special real life experiences or fantasies, I will of course be very happy.

Michelle´s story (Michelle is a mid-fourties reader with a very vivid sex-life):

I was buying some cosmetics today, from a store where one of our circle of lesbians work. The cosmetician is my friend Bea, who always gives me the best deals on my make up. Anyway they had a new young part time assistant named Lucy. WOW! What a gorgeous young lady. She only just turned 18.

I asked Bea: "Who's the babe?"

"I know," she said, "Isn't she stunning!"

"Have you fucked her yet," I asked.

"No! I would love to," she sighed, as she raised her eyebrows. "But how can I when she works with me?"

I couldn't take my eyes off of her and my heart pounded, my legs went weak and my panties became wet all in a matter of seconds.

"Well Bea, aren't you at least going to introduce us?"

"Oh, of course I will." So, Bea called Lucy.

Lucy turned to me and my knees knocked again. She had a beautiful black dress on with sexy black nylon stockings in high heels. I am a sucker for girls in black, especially black nylons and a garter belt. Mmmmmm!

Anyway Lucy shook my hand and said: "I'm pleased to meet you."

"Me too! You are so beautiful!" I had to say.

"Oh, thank you," she said, as she turned red in the face, her smile just lit up her pretty face and her gorgeous long brunette hair and her sexy sultry lipstick covered lips. I just wanted to kiss her and suck her tongue into my mouth. The thoughts of her young, full sweet lips sucking on my tits and then down on my pussy, really soaked my panties. So, Lucy turned away and started to work again as I fixed my eyes on her tight young, sweet ass.

"If you are not going to fuck her.... then please let me!", I said to Bea. Bea turned around to look at her and Lucy was not aware that us two older, hot lesbians craved her so badly!

"Let me see," said Bea....then she thought for a minute...."If you will let me fuck your Nancy, then I'll try my best to make sure that you can get a date with Lucy."

Without a second thought I said: "SURE! I know that Nancy likes you and I don't mind at all. I want that date with Lucy as soon as possible."

"But, I can't guarantee she'll let anything happen," said Bea, "and if you don't get to have her, I still want to fuck Nancy, that is part of our agreement ok?"

So I said to Bea: "Why don't you invite her over after work for a few drinks? Ask her now and if she says yes, I'll call Nancy and arrange her for you ok?" Bea's eyes lit up and a smile broke across her lips at the thought of fucking Nancy.

"Sounds good!" she replied. Bea then walked over to Lucy and asked her. Lucy looked over at me and smiled as she nodded her head. Bea walked back to me and said: "Yes! She's coming over. Now it's your turn. Call Nancy for me ok? I want her!", said Bea as she tried to hide her excitement.

I dialed Nancy's number from my cell phone and she answered. "Hi baby," I said, "Would you come over tonight and entertain Bea for the evening, I have my eye on a sexy young honey that will keep me busy also at home for a while."

"Sure," said Nancy, "I like Bea. Is she a good fuck?" Laughing I said to Bea: "Nancy wants to know if you are a good fuck or not?" Bea smiled and said: "Give me that phone! Hi honey, don't worry you won't be disappointed, I'll show you how an older women really can fuck. All that I am concerned about is whether or not you know how to eat pussy?", said Bea.

"Of course I do," said Nancy, "Just ask Michelle."

"Good enough," said Bea, "I'll look forward to seeing you tonight."

Bea and Lucy arrived at my place at 5.30pm and Nancy was already waiting with me. "So, you are really hot for this Lucy?" asked 19 year old Nancy. "Yes, she's a babe and I am hoping to have her tonight," I said.

Bea and Lucy arrived and I let them in. I was already undressing Lucy with my eyes. Little did the teenage girl know that I was really hoping to fuck her tonight. Of course Lucy had no idea that we were all lesbians at my place, but Bea kissed Nancy on her lips and that gave it away pretty quickly. Lucy was obviously stunned. I took Lucy by the hand and said: "Don't worry baby, you are in good hands. Nothing will happen that you don´t like."I took her into my kitchen where we poured some drinks, while Bea and Nancy were necking on my couch.

Lucy took their drinks to them and returned to the kitchen. I took her in my arms and said, "Relax baby. I just would love to show you the kiss of a mature, experienced woman."

She pulled away but I pulled her back to me and kissed her sweet lips, thrusting my tongue into her mouth. she pulled back again and I said: "Lucy! relax!!!" I pulled her back to me and fondled one of her young tits through her dress and kissed her again. She tried to resist but I felt her now relax and she let me neck with her a while and I felt her kiss back. "That's it baby. You are so sexy. Come with me," I said, as I took her hand and walked into my bedroom. As we passed Bea and Nancy, Bea, who is over forty, like myself, was on her knees and her head was between Nancy's legs, sucking her out. One of Nancy's tits was hanging out of her dress and was wet from Bea's sucking of it. Nancy's eyes were closed and she was moaning away, as she humped her cunt into Bea's mouth. The young Lucy was starring at the erotic picture in front of her and could feel how she got aroused more and more. I led her to my bedroom.

I sat on the bed and said: "Come here babe and sit next to me", as I patted my hand on the bed beside me.

"I can't do this, Michelle!" she said.

"Of course you can. Trust me," I said softly. "Let me make love to you."

Lucy just stood there and stared back at me. I knew that then, that I would have to do some serious convincing. So I stood up and pulled her again to me and kissed her again saying, "You are not going to leave tonight without having made love to me ok baby?"

I coaxed her onto my bed and made my move on her. I thought if only I could get her panties off and go down and give her a good licking out, then she would be mine. Lucy stood there so sexily and a bit nervous. So I stood up and led her to my bed saying lay down baby. Sexy Lucy laid down onto my bed and I went for her panties. She wore a pantyhose which I carefully took off. She didn't do anything but lay there as I was getting her ready to be licked out. After her panties and hose were removed, I could smell her delicious cunt and I said, "Open your legs wide, Baby," as I went down on her. Her young hairy pussy was such a beautiful sight and I wasted no time in putting my lips onto her cunt. "No!" she protested. "Relax baby!", I said as I sucked her clit into my mouth. Lucy relaxed and I sucked and licked the life out of her and as time went on she began to hump herself into my face.

I knew she was mine now. Young Lucy came in my mouth and I wanted to drink from this beauty some more, so I continued to eat her until she came again.

After that I wanted to neck with her some more, so I took her again into my arms and we kissed. I took my panties off and said, "It's my turn now, honey. Go down and suck me".

"But, I have never done that before!", said Lucy.

"You'll do just fine babe!" With these words I pushed her down and held her face into my pussy and ground myself up into her mouth. Her youth and inexperience was so sexy to me, that it made me come very quickly.

"There's a good girl!", I said, "Keep eating and sucking."

Lucy did as she was told and I smiled to myself as I looked down and saw her pretty young head bobbing up and down....she was now mine!

Bea and Nancy came into the bedroom, arm in arm. Bea's strap on was hanging around her waist still wet from fucking Nancy's cunt. I could see that Bea was in a very sexy mood. Bea said: "There you are, Michelle you lucky girl! You have Lucy now just where you want her." "Mmmm! I moaned. "Yes licking my cunt, is where she belongs." Then Bea said, "I want some of her ass," and then she bent down, opened the cheeks of Lucy's ass and licked her ass and cunt from behind.

"That's it Bea, give her ass and cunt a good licking!", I said.

Nancy crawled onto the bed to neck with me. She is such a good kisser. I could spend hours just sucking her tongue into my mouth. Latter I strapped on my own dildo and fucked Lucy from behind as she was on all fours. Her cunt was so tight, but I managed to ram my hard dildo all the way into her. So she took it all, in and out, in and out, it was so sexy to watch as I looked down and saw her cunt lips tight around my hard cock. Bea then got in front of Lucy on the bed and opened her legs wide and pulled Lucy's head down onto her pussy. "Suck me baby!" moaned Bea, "You've been so sexy every day. I've seen you at work and you've been fucking driving me crazy!" Bea's eyes closed as she concentrated on Lucy's tongue, moaning and moaning, then after a while Bea's moans got louder and louder. She came and screamed: "OH I'M COMING!!!! DON'T STOP!!!!!", as she pulled poor Lucy's face and tongue deep into her cunt. Nancy sat on the bed and played with herself with a buzzing vibrator. "That's sooooo pretty," she said, as Bea and I, the two hot and horny middle aged lezzies fucked our hot and sexy young girl. Nancy grabbed Lucy and they 69d together which was really hot and Bea said to me: "I haven't licked you out for such a long time. Get down there lady," I said, as I laid on the bed beside Nancy and Lucy as Bea went down and sucked me again to a sweet orgasm. I of course returned the favour and went down on her and then Bea and I 69'd together as the two young girls continued their tonguing of each other. The smell of hot pussy in my bedroom was beautiful. And the night still was not over.

Bea and I have decided that we are both going to share Lucy and spend as much time with her in our beds, to make her a real girl's girl.

Comments, Votings and Feedback are very welcome and of course any contributions of your experiences. Feedback will also be passed on to Michelle. Your Pussylove69!

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