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Night Porter


. . . The Adventure Begins . . .

Tammy peered through the curtains, down their long driveway, fidgeting nervously as yet another car went by without slowing. But it was only 5:50 PM, ten minutes before their guest was due to arrive.

"Why don't you come sit down with me and have a beer, and just relax until he gets here?"

Mark sounded calmer than he really was. In fact, he had already downed a couple to try and temper his enthusiasm. This was their "date night", and for the occasion, they had arranged for a very special friend to come and wait on them hand and foot - and then some - for the evening.

Dan, recently separated from his wife, was an accomplished cook, and occasionally even did dinner parties for groups of people, but tonight it was to be a romantic dinner for three.

Tammy, Mark and Dan had been best-of-friends for a long time, and shared many good times in the past, getting together as couples when Dan was still "attached". Now in their mid-forties, they continued to enjoy each others' company and had built a very trusting relationship, to the point where they felt they could confide in one another almost anything. This had helped Dan immensely in getting through his breakup.

On one occasion when they had consumed too much wine sitting in the hot tub, they started talking about sexual fantasies, and agreed that the "threesome" thing might be a lot of fun to try some time. Another fantasy of Tam's was to have a "house boy" to prepare them both a romantic dinner on one of their monthly date nights, then stick around to "help out as ordered" in other naughty ways.

Now that Dan had become single - and somewhat horny - again, he jokingly asked them if they needed that houseboy for a night some time, and things started taking off. It was plainly understood that this was not the sort of event that one would want any chatting about, and all three pledged total secrecy. They then set to work planning the evening, and the excitement level continued to build until the day arrived ... and their very private dinner party was about to begin.

Mark and Tam's home was somewhat isolated - almost completely hidden from the road, nestled back amongst the trees that generously dotted their spreading landscape. Large cedars and strategically placed privacy fencing obscured any views into their back yard from side neighbors, and there was nothing but wilderness behind them. Summer offered plenty of opportunity for nude sunbathing by the pool, and the large hot tub was used year-round. Tonight, at this wonderful welcoming place, their "houseboy" fantasy (among other, more forbidden fantasies) would come true.

The sun had just set, the candles were lit, and the carousel CD player was already spinning a shuffled mix of romantic jazz and blues. The gas fireplace had warmed up the room to just the right temperature, allowing the appropriate dress code for the occasion of, well, next-to-nothing!

The hosts had dug deep into their bottom dresser drawers and found some sexy clothing to compliment the mood. Mark was wearing black silk pajamas which left just enough to the imagination, and showed off his somewhat muscular build. Tam was in her favorite black teddy, the real naughty one complete with garters and black stockings. She felt sultry and even a bit slutty tonight, and wore her seldom-used ruby red lipstick and make-up to present herself accordingly.

It was all they could do to keep their hands off each other while they awaited the arrival of their special servant, as they dashed about the house making final preparations. The kitchen was prepared, the food ready to cook, and the wine was chilled.

Finally the moment came and the doorbell rang, and both got up to greet Dan.

Smiles and hugs and welcome kisses were exchanged, accompanied by the usual small-talk. But right after that, Dan immediately stepped into character - and asked that he be shown to his "servant's quarters" to dress appropriately for the occasion.

He had brought with him a white silk apron, which contrasted nicely with his dark Jamaican skin. Under the apron he wore only a satin green thong, and a revealing one at that. When he emerged, he found Mark and Tam lounging and snuggling on their large pit couch by the fireplace.

"May I get the happy couple something from the bar before I prepare your food?"

"Why, yes Dan ... I mean, Porter. Yes, that would be lovely. A bottle of your finest white Riesling would do nicely"

"Coming right up, Sir."

As Dan served the wine, Tam squirmed in her chair, getting a very good look at the outline in Dan's thong, eye level with her and mere inches away. My, she thought, boldly licking her lips with approval, our porter is certainly well endowed. How she wanted to reach out and touch that inviting bulge that seemed to be trying to push its way out of its' confines. Mark smiled and flashed a wink at his lover, running his hand up her inner thigh as she undressed Dan with her eyes.

"You are a fine specimen of a man, my Dear Porter .." uttered Tam, her mouth watering so profusely she had to stop mid-sentence to swallow.

"Why, thank you M'Lady!" said Dan appreciatively. He stood for a moment while the couple sampled the wine, and attempted to discreetly readjust the heavily-laden thong to accommodate his growth, and added "You're quite a specimen yourself, Ma'am; isn't that right, sir?"

"That is a fact, Porter. And I think the lady approves of your uniform too."

"Why, just a little something I slipped on, sir" he said, unabashedly pulling the apron aside to reveal the green thong in its entirety to the headmistress of the house. It barely concealed the now raging erection that was threatening to burst through the fabric.

"I'm sure our Porter here would not mind if you examined the goods a little closer, Tam" said Mark approvingly.

Tam leaned forward for a closer look, then Mark took her hand and placed it directly on the large green bulge, moving it in a gentle stroking motion against the silkiness. Dan closed his eyes and tilted his head back, obviously enjoying the attention of the Lord and Lady of the house. He began to moan as Tam took over control of her hand and ran her fingernails gently down the underside of his shaft. His pre-cum was beginning to soak thru the thong at the end, and Tam dabbed the end of her finger on it, then placed it into her mouth for a taste.

"MMmmmm... a fine appetizer my good man. I can't wait to see dessert!" Tam commented favorably to their porter, placing her hand more firmly now back onto his genitals, exploring the large balls dangling below. She nuzzled her cheek against the giant bulge much as a cat rubs against the leg of a chair, making a purring noise as she did. Wanting to whet her appetite even more, she opened her mouth around the swollen head of his cock and started sucking it through the silk thong, prompting a deeper moan from Dan.

Mark smiled and thought out loud, "Enough teasing our poor Porter, my Lady, or we will have to skip dinner and go right to the dessert tray!"

"You are right, as usual, Dear." said Tam, reluctantly prying her mouth and hands away from further temptation - for now, anyway.

"He tastes SO GOOD though! I just may have to snack on you before dinner, my love!"

Porter Dan reluctantly let his apron fall back down over his now seriously dampened thong and excused himself to the kitchen, while the two lovers shared kisses on the living room couch. Tam teased Mark by tracing the outline of his bulge, while he spoke suggestively how they might use their porter after dinner.

They were having serious fun with the theme they had chosen for their date night, and did their best to remain "in character" as the sexually over-charged Lord and Lady of the household.

Dan's erection subsided enough to allow his work to proceed in the kitchen, but kept rebounding with anticipation of what lay in the hours ahead. If he had wondered before just how far things would go that evening, he could wonder no longer. They were going to get very hot, indeed!

"His cock tastes real good, just like yours does, Dear," Tam revealed to Mark, and easily overheard by Dan in the kitchen level just above them, now having some difficulty maintaining his concentration on the dinner preparations.

"Can you taste him on my mouth, when you kiss me?"

Mark thought for a moment, then plunged his tongue back into Tam's mouth again, savoring the taste of them together.

"Yes, I can taste both of you, my Love."

"You can lick my pussy while I suck his cock."

"I'd like that!" countered Mark.

"Or, if you're good - I will share his cock with you - would you like that?" she offered with a snicker, just to see his reaction, again knowing full well Dan could overhear them.

Neither Mark nor Dan had broached that subject before; though both had secretly contemplated the possibility that things might lead in that direction.

Mark thought for a moment, then quipped "Yes, I just might ... but I would need lots of practice before I could ever be as good at it as you, my prize cocksucker."

Tam then plunged her tongue back into Mark's mouth, imitating you-know-what, before trailing her way down to his cock, to lap up any wetness that had accumulated there from all of this pre-meal naughtiness. They continued to tease each other - and porter Dan upstairs in the kitchen - talking boldly about all the different combinations possible with three people, and were just finishing the last of the Riesling when Porter Dan announced that dinner was served.

Dan was anxious to get the food part over with so the real fun could begin.

The table setting was for three, and after serving Mark and Tam, Dan dished his out and came to the table, bringing with him another bottle of wine to share. The only light in the house was from candles, adding to the mystique and allure. Sultry jazz music played on and on, and the mood was set just right for romance.

"I would like to thank you both for inviting me to such an intimate, romantic and friendly atmosphere, and I am honored to serve you my very best, this evening." Dan went on to describe the gourmet dinner he had prepared for them, and for the rest of the meal, they all pretty much behaved themselves, even with the sexual tension in the air. Tam was in awe of this gentle, articulate and handsome black man, and wondered about some of the other secret talents he might reveal to them as the evening wore on.

At the end of the meal, Mark offered a toast to the chef, and very special guest, of the evening ... Dan in turn offered a toast to them, thanking them again for their very exclusive invitation.

Tam waited patiently while the men cleared away the dishes, sipping the last of her wine and enjoying her elevated status as the woman being double-courted.

The boys returned from the kitchen, now wearing only their thongs, smiling at each other as they converged on either side of the Headmistress. Dan was carrying a tray with two small bowls on it. It was now time to slip back into character.

"We have dessert for M'Lady Tam, and it comes in two flavors!"

"My, my, what sort of desserts do my men tempt me with tonight?" Tam queried, craning her neck, trying to sneak a peak to see just what was in those bowls above and beyond her line of sight.

Dan began to caress her face with his hands while suggestively rubbing his bulge against her neck.

"Dipping sauces, Ma'am." stated the Porter, now almost bursting out of his green thong.

Mark thrust his hips forward, rubbing his cock against the back of Tam's head.

"We have a couple of treats for you to sample, my Love!" Mark now moved around to Tam's left, with Dan at her right.

She brought up her hands to examine what the boys had hidden beneath those small patches of silk, eliciting moans of delight from each.

"Let me guess ... chocolate and vanilla ... now which should I sample first?"

Tam then turned to her left to focus her attention on Mark and freed him from his sticky loincloth. His cock sprung up and his hands found her raven black hair, pulling her into his groin. She ran her face over the underside of his cock, then took just the head into her mouth, to savor the tiny bead of pre-cum that had formed there. All the while, Porter Dan massaged her neck softly and watched as this beautiful lady made her man smile.

"MMmmm... nice cock!" she mumbled, as she sat back to examine it. Then she turned to her right, and, placing a hand over his raging bulge, looked up to her Porter, asking "May I?"

"Of course Ma'am, you most certainly may!" he said emphatically, as Mark smiled at him and watched intently.

Tam gently found the clasps on his thong, and released them, still holding the giant prize up momentarily before letting the thong fall, and with it his massive cock. It was circumsized, like the one she normally made love to, but definitely larger than Mark's - at least an inch longer - and bigger around too.

How am I gonna get my mouth around that ... she thought to herself, as she stroked and admired it. Then, as she was lost in concentration, she noticed something drizzling down onto the top of the shaft from above. It was chocolate sauce, in a fine stream, being tilted from a bowl above, by none other than the Porter on the other end of that beautiful penis.

"Sweetener, Ma'am?"

"Oh, it looks sweet enough just like it is ... but I just LOVE chocolate!"

She started licking it off, as it rolled down the sides, then put her mouth around the head and started sucking it down, taking it deeper into her throat with each stroke, until she finally had most of it down.

Porter Dan was beginning to lose his composure, so Mark relieved him of his tray of dips, and knelt down for a closer look. He was entranced with the sight of his lover enthusiastically gobbling down his best friend's big black schlong.

He leaned in close, whispering words of encouragement in her ear, kissing her face, neck and breasts, and licking up the mixture of chocolate, pre-cum and saliva that was dripping down from the corner of her mouth in delicious threads.

"Take it all in, baby. Suck that cock real good, just like you do me" he encouraged.

Mark drizzled some more chocolate down onto the night porter's cock, then slipped off Tam's negligee without her even breaking stride. He then put an arm around Dan, and grabbed Tam - firmly but gently - by the hair, taking control of their rhythm and the depth of his thrusts into her throat. Tam tilted her head back and opened her mouth as wide as it would go, surrendering her throat to the probing black beauty.

Mark and Tam locked loving eyes as he pushed his lover to the limits of her endurance. He was lost in the moment, frozen in time, as though hypnotized, watching most of Dan's cock buried down her throat.

Mark came out of his mesmerized state when he realized Tam was running out of air, and pulled her head back off Dan's cock to catch a panting breath. As soon as she got her wind back, he plunged his tongue into her mouth, right where Dan's dripping cock had been, and kissed the chocolaty mess from her face.

"I love you, Baby."

Dan stepped back a moment and wiped his brow, as the two lovers necked like teenagers; Tam still sitting at her place at the table and Mark kneeling beside her. Tam then reached over and grabbed herself a handful of Dan's balls, pulling him back to them.

"Not done with you yet, Mister Porter."

"I'm still here for you, Ma'am. I'll do anything you like, just like I said I would."

"Anything, huh?" Tam smiled in reply, winking up at Dan, before turning back to her man and smiling mischievously.

Tam then grabbed Mark's head and pulled him close for another kiss, while pulling Dan's still raging hard-on to their faces, and rubbing it against the side of their faces, teasingly close to their locked lips.

Tam then started kissing Mark again, and grabbed Dan's still raging hard-on, rubbing it against the side of their faces, teasingly close to their entwined lips and tongues.

"Let's share his cock, Baby. I want to watch him fuck your mouth."

Mark instinctively glanced up toward his friend, looking for his reaction to Tam's rather bold suggestion.

Dan said nothing, but smiled and placed his hand on Mark's shoulder, instantly conveying his non-verbal approval. Mark smiled back, and started to stammer something, but was quickly interrupted. Tam reached around, grabbing Dan by the ass, and pulled his cock between them as they kissed, sliding it back and forth between their open mouths.

"Take that cock, Baby. Take it just like I did. Suck him like I suck you. Make his cock all slippery wet for me!"

Tam's encouragement would not be in vain.

Mark faced his friend head-on, and took a deep breath. He had always been a little curious, but now, he was downright hungry for cock. For Dan's cock. First time for everything, he thought. He opened as wide as he could and took the dive.

The taste and smell were somewhat familiar of course - they were all over Tam - but the feel of that massive prick filling his mouth, and the sight that most of it was still outside of his mouth as it started to trigger his gag reflex, made him realize how difficult this craft can be.

"Tilt your head back, baby, way back. Stick out your tongue - way out - now swallow, right when he gets to here." Tam coached Mark on, pointing to a spot in his throat as he struggled to get it down. Half way was as far as he could go without gagging.

"EGADS, that's a big cock you got there, buddy!" Mark said, breaking free to come up for air.

"Here, let me lube it up a little for you," said Porter Dan, as he drizzled more chocolate over it.

Both Tam and Mark took turns slurping away - one sucking his cock while the other would lap up the chocolate dripping from his balls below - then they ran their mouths up and down Dan's long shaft in unison and stopped to both suck on the giant head.

Needless to say, the dessert was a big hit with both of the hosts.

Mark performed remarkably well, considering this was his first time sucking cock. He found himself incredibly turned on at the thought of having broken this taboo, not only in front of, but at the urging of his wife. And his cock was aching for some action too.

He then stood up to offer the second course of dessert to tempt his lovely Tam. Taking one of the other bowls, he drizzled honey down over his cock, offering it to his lover. Tam now had two dicks, one on either side of her.

"Can you handle a second one, baby?"

"You bet I can! ... OOoooo..." she slurred, licking the first globs of honey off him, then going back and forth sucking both cocks.

Porter then offered a helping hand to his hosts, sliding his hand up and down over Mark's dick, then guiding it into Tam's throat. Mark reciprocated in kind, tugging on Dan's dick as she sucked it down.

"I just love being a slut for you two studs" she muttered, as she broke off Dan and dove back on Mark, drooling chocolate-honey-pre-cum down her face and onto her breasts below.

Tam was the noisiest, slurpiest, sloppiest, dirtiest cocksucker Dan - or Mark, for that matter - had ever met. Such a respectable lady out in public, and the perfect whore in the bedroom. No one else would ever suspect seeing Tam in such a glorious sight as they were now witnessing between them.

Porter Dan, heart racing, then drizzled more honey onto Mark's prick, but tipped the bowl quite a bit more than he intended, and it rolled down her chin and onto his balls in great globs.

"I am sorry Ma'am ... can you handle all of that?" Porter Dan asked embarrassingly.

"Well, maybe if I get some help ...?" she smiled in reply, looking up at Mister "I'll do anything you want" Porter.

He took the bait, and knelt by Tam's side, licking up all that had dripped down her breasts, gradually working his way up to her neck and face.

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