tagNon-Erotic PoetryNight Stalker

Night Stalker


Sometimes on days damp and dreary;
I close my eyes, red and bleary.
Awaiting the one who has come,
To begin draining, making me numb.
I sit and wait, head in my hands
Rain droplets run down the window, hour glass sands.
Gentle fingers rap at the door
“Why do you knock? You’ve been here before.”
With out a word, He steps silently.
I have fear, my heart beats violently.
“Do not be afraid, this will not hurt.”
He slowly unbuttons my shirt.
I lay back reclining;
Shaking my head, declining.
He lifts my hand to kiss
Pure white skin; my wrist.
Teeth sink, exquisite pain
I swoon in pleasure, am I insane?
My heart beat slows,
I am sure he knows,
My time has nearly come.
Drugged eyes close; awaiting the end.
Pale lips open, strength to lend.
Alive no more, not really dead
Lifted and carried to sleep in bed.
Morning sun shines,
To my eyes it blinds,
Darkened corners I seek,
To sleep the sleep of the Damned and Meek.

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