Night-time Disturbance


She then pulled back the bedcovers and smiled, 'you don't mind sleeping next to the wall do you?'

A few moments later I was lying beside her paralysed by fear, my heart pounding and with no idea of what to do or say. Just then Mel moved and my heart leaped, but her action was only to switch off the bedside light.

Initially the room was in total darkness but my eyes soon adjusted so in time I could make out the dark shadow of a wardrobe at the foot of the bed and a chest-of-drawers to my left.

'You've not said a word.'


I felt her edge slightly closer to me, 'so the girls from college.'

'Which ones?'

'The ones you never speak to.'

'Oh those.'

'So why haven't you ever asked one of them out?'

'They're not interested.'

'What makes you so sure?'

'I don't know, they're just not.'

'Steve, a girl's not going to have it tattooed on her forehead that she wants you to ask her out you know.'

'I know that.'

'Really, so you realise it can be far more subtle than that.'

'What do you mean?'

'A look, a glance.' She continued, 'you see, I instantly know when someone's interested in me, I don't need them to sport a huge banner advertising the fact. And,' she deliberately paused, 'I know someone not a million miles away who was looking me up and down, earlier when I was going to bed.'

'Er sorry,' I mumbled embarrassed.

But Mel simply chuckled, 'I'm not surprised you can't get a girl with that silly attitude, those girls from college, what could be the worst thing that could happen if you talked to them? Asked them out?'

'I don't know.'

She gave a huge sigh, 'they might tell you to get lost but they wouldn't hurt you or kill you.'


'And the best thing that could happen?'


'I'm sure you can guess,' she gave a slight giggle. 'This leads us to our present predicament, I think you like me but do I like you?'

'Probably not.'


'The way you were to me earlier, you're older than me, and, ere... more experienced and stuff.'

'I was only teasing you earlier and I've apologised. As for the other two, do they really count?'

'I don't know.'

She let out another sigh as she recognised she was fighting a losing battle against my ineptitude and shyness. I then felt her move position in the bed as she turned to face me, 'there's one way to find out whether I like you or not.'


'Perhaps you should try and kiss me and see what I do.'

'But...' I replied, as the realisation belatedly dawned on me that she might actually like me. A moment later I slowly turned on my side lifted up my head and slowly brought my face towards hers and kissed her on the lips before immediately pulling away.

'Oh Steve,' she sighed, 'I'm not your Great Aunt, you can kiss me properly you know.'

Still in a daze, I moved forwards and gently touched her lips with mine. I could smell her fresh breath and wished I had the opportunity to have brushed my teeth. Being that close to her and actually kissing gave me an instant erection.

'Mmm, that was really nice, very sensual, most guys just roughly shove their tongues in and then wave it around. I'm impressed. Do you want to kiss me again?'


'Oh you're so polite and sweet,' as she moved her head closer and our lips gently touched before she brought her hand round to the back of my head. Next she gently forced my lips apart with her tongue and I felt it dart round inside my mouth.

She pulled away, 'did you like that?'

I nodded and she gently stroked the side of my face, without thinking I moved my right hand towards her left breast.


'Sorry,' as I moved my hand away.

'Just kissing...'

'Okay,' I replied as we continued kissing. Although I desperately wanted to lose my virginity as evidenced by my now throbbing erection, it was clear that Mel wanted to go no further. Mel moaned softly as I flicked my tongue against her top lip.

'... for the moment.'


'Steve, you don't just grab a girls boobs at the first time of asking, you need to make her feel special with lots of kissing.'


'And now with your lovely kissing you're starting to make me feel quite special,' with that she took hold of my hand and placed in on her left breast.

I groaned in pleasure but also slight disappointment as I realised she was wearing a bra under her T-shirt. Unsure what to do, I gently squeezed her breast before massaging it through her clothes for a few moments.

'Do you like doing that?'

'Yeah,' I replied under my breath.

'It's getting a bit hot in here do you want me to take my T-shirt off?'

I just nodded as in an instant as she pulled the covers back, sat up and in one swift movement pulled off her t-shirt. I also sat up in order to get a better view, my eyes had become even more accustomed to the dark and I was able to make out her light skin against her white bra. As I was side-on I was able feast my eyes on her right breast which swelled impressively against her bra.

'Sorry the bra's not very sexy, perhaps I should take that of too?'

I nodded.

'Oh Steve,' she mocked playfully, 'I can't do that.'


She laughed and with that she lay back on the bed pulling the covers to their previous position and we continued kissing. I noticed her kissing had become more passionate and I wondered whether there would be a chance she would take her bra off. My thoughts were interrupted as Mel said, 'you're starting to make me feel special again.'

I took my queue to feel her breasts again as I clumsily squeezed them in her bra.

'Not so rough.'


With that I ran the palm of my hands over her bra encased breasts, her nipples were pushing up hard against her bra and I concentrated on gently stroking them as I remembered from one of my porn magazines women like their nipples played with gently. Mel let out a gentle moan which did wonders for my confidence.

I then thought I'd take a gamble by gently sliding my right hand inside her bra, expecting Mel to ask me to stop or push my hand away she did neither. I slowly inched towards her left nipple, when I located it and gently rubbed it with tip of my index finger Mel let out a much louder moan.

For the first time I did wonder how far Mel would let me go with her. This made me even more excited. However, even though Mel hadn't touched me intimately the sensations I was experiencing in my balls meant it would not take much more to make me cum.

After another gentle moan Mel pulled away from me, again pushed back the covers and sat up on the bed. I watched spellbound as she took off her bra. In the limited light I was able to see the outline of her breasts which looked absolutely magnificent as they wobbled invitingly. My only response was to make a sound which was half groan half gulp.

Mel laughed, 'you like them?'

I nodded.

'I suppose you want a proper feel now?'

She did not wait for my positive response as she lay back on the bed, but turned the covers back, then took hold of my hand and guided it to her breasts. I pressed my palms gently into them squashing them into her chest surprised at how fleshy they were, having never felt a pair, I had expected them to be firm as if made from rubber.

'That's nice but play with my nipples.'

I did this for a few moments before I leant over and attempted to suck her right breast.

'Oh Steve, I thought you were a shy boy.' She then paused, as she said in a more serious voice, 'I don't know, we were only supposed to do a bit of kissing and now you've seen my tits and having them sucked the right way make me feel very, very special indeed. You start doing that, there's no knowing where this might lead.'

I gulped as I realised the connotations.

She must have read my confused face as she said more in a playful voice this time, 'so what have you got to show me?'

Mel did not give me a chance of a response as she moved her hand down under the covers which were still obscuring my torso and throbbing erection. She then squeezed me through my pants. 'Oh, he's very eager, and very hard,' as I gave a huge jolt of surprise and I felt my balls tighten even more.

Mel's hand rested on my stomach briefly before it lurched down the front of my pants.

'Ohhh,' I responded as I felt a surge from my balls, then 'don't,' as I attempted to stop the now uncontrollable surge, then 'I, I, er, oh no...' as I couldn't stop myself as I shot my load into Mel's hand which had remained inside my pants.


'Sorry, I didn't mean ...'

'He was keen wasn't he?' As Mel removed her hand from my pants, pulled up the covers and turned on the bedside light.

Although I'd just cum my cock gave a twitch as Mel exposed part of her right breast as she leant down the side of the bed to retrieve a tissue so she could wipe her hand.

'Perhaps this isn't such a good idea.'

'But it is, it is,' I pleaded.

'Steve keep quiet you don't want to Annie wake up.'

'Sorry, sorry, but I really, really want to.'

'"Really want to," what?'

'You know, go all the way.'

'No Steve, this is just a bit of fun,' she then paused. 'Look I shouldn't really be doing this, but take those pants off, go to the bathroom and get yourself cleaned up and providing you don't wake up Annie I'll give you a hand-job okay.'

I nodded, got out of bed and walked to the bathroom. My cock was still rock hard at the thought of receiving a hand-job and I put it over the sink and washed it. At that moment, the acute embarrassment aside at least I had been further with a girl than I ever had before.

I returned to the bedroom a towel covering my cock. The bedside light was still on and Mel was sat up in bed, much to my disappointment she had put her t-shirt back on.

'I'm really sorry about that.'

'Don't worry,' replied Mel, 'it's your first time you were obviously very excited.'

I nodded.

'Get rid of that towel and come back to bed.'

'Are you going to turn the light off?'

'No,' said Mel. As I self consciously removed the towel, 'looks like you're still excited,' as she eyed my erect cock.

'Yeah,' I mumbled self-consciously as I then clambered over Mel and lay down on top of the bed my cock rock hard and pointing skyward. Mel turned on her side and then slowly ran the tips of her fingers from my bollocks to my knob.

I groaned in excitement as my cock quivered in expectation.

'You like that?'

I nodded.

'Good,' as she repeated the movement using the slightest of touches.

Again I moaned.

'Steve! Try and keep your voice down.'

'Sorry, but this feels fantastic.'

She did not respond and without thinking I began to stroke her tits through her t-shirt which led her to curl her fingers round my cock and move it up and down. This time I groaned in absolute pleasure.


'Sorry, I think I'm going to cum again.'

'I'll stop for a bit then, but not you, you keep playing with my boobs.'

I followed her instruction as I stroked one nipple then the next through her T-shirt. Her nipples had become really hard so even with my limited sexual knowledge I realised I was doing something right.

Mel had remained lying on the bed but with her head propped up and I was conscious of her staring at my cock which had remained erect and had started to leak some pre-cum.

I had her left nipple between my thumb and forefinger which I was carefully rolling. After a period of gentle rolling I increased the pressure so I was almost pinching it.

'Oh Steve,' she groaned.

'Sorry, I'm not being too rough am I?'

'No you're not, in fact that really turns me on,' and with that she sat up and removed her t-shirt and then lay back down on the bed, 'you can play with them properly now.'

How I didn't cum there and then when I saw her tits properly I don't know but I tentatively circled round her right nipple a few times. 'Like that?' I asked as I gently continued to circle.

'Yeah that's nice.'

I continued to circle her nipple as she closed her eyes and her breathing got deeper, 'mmm,' she moaned, before she whispered, 'use your tongue on me.'

'Are you sure? Can I?'

'Yeah, before I change my mind.'

I took a nipple in my mouth, I flicked my tongue over it whilst holding it between my teeth trying to be as gentle and sensual as possible.

As I did this Mel murmured encouragement and in time she moaned, 'oh that's nice, that's so nice, mmm, that's making me feel special, really special.'

I was surprised when she pushed my head away, 'I thought you liked that.'

'I do, do you want to feel how much I liked it?'

I didn't know what she meant.

'Give me your hand.'

I let her take my hand and guide it downwards, down my hand went over her belly then under the waistband of her trousers until I reached a frontier of course pubic hair. Naively I had expected her hair to be smooth and silky but instead it was like my own pubic hair. Under her guidance my hand continued its journey downwards until my leading finger encountered her damp vulva.

'See how wet you've made me?'

I nodded as I smelt her arousal for the first time.

'Put a finger in me.'

I pushed my fingers further down as Mel gripped just above my fingers and expertly guided my middle finger into her hole. Her pussy was wet and felt hot as I slid my finger backwards and forwards.

'Take my trousers off Steve.'

I stopped fingering her as she lifted her bottom up so I could remove her trousers. She was now fully naked and I marvelled at her body as Mel leant over and stoked my cock.

'Do you want me to finger you again?'

'No,' she looked down at my cock gave the sexiest smile I'd ever seen and said 'I'd rather have something a bit bigger inside me.'

'You mean,' I gulped in astonishment.

'Yes Steve, I want that,' she gave it a gentle squeeze, 'in there,' as she pointed to her pussy.

'I ...' stammered as I thought about condoms. Luckily I had some in my wallet which were in my jeans, 'what about condoms? I better get a condom.'

'It's alright, I'm on the pill.'

This was the late 1980's and if you believed the media you would catch AIDs and die if you had unprotected sex with anyone but your spouse and I hesitated. Although desperate to fuck her, the paranoid part of me was screaming out, "I don't want to die."

She must have sensed my concern as she said, 'you've got nothing to worry about, I'm careful when it comes to this sort of thing.'

I can't remember how I replied but she said, 'well hurry up and get one then.'

I tiptoed into the lounge, found my jeans and pulled my wallet out of my pocket. In my nervous excitement I dropped the condom packet but managed to pick it up again, I walked over to Mel lusting over her body not believing I was about to stick my cock in her.

Unfortunately it looked like I had the shakes as my hands refused to stop shaking and I simply couldn't open the packed.

Mel could see my predicament, 'let me,' frustration in her voice.

With that she leant over gently took the condom wrapper from my hand, effortlessly she ripped the wrapper and retrieved the condom. She held it between her fingers pinched the end and carefully rolled it down my cock. It felt tight and made my cock swell even more.

'You ok?'

'Yeah I think so.'

She lay down on the bed parted her legs and raised her thighs and just smiled at me.

I got onto the foot of the bed and positioned myself between her thighs and tried not to think about what I was going to do or look at her too much in case it all got too much.

Presently kneeling, I leant forward, Mel leant upwards and began to snog me. Her arms encircled my upper back pulling me down. I fell forward and was now laying on top of her my cock sandwich between our stomachs.

'Just stay like this for a bit.'

Ii thought at the last minute she might have changed her mind but she must have read the concern in my face, 'just try to get used to this for a bit, I don't want you cumming straight away, relax and try to match my breathing.'

I nodded, but my cock twitched with the new sensation of her tits squashed against my chest.

'I felt that, you're so hard, are you okay?'

'Yeah,' I nodded.

'Good,' she replied as she squirmed underneath me, 'lift yourself up a bit.' I put my palms either side of her and raided my torso. Simultaneous to this I felt her hand grip my cock and I groaned.

She held me for a brief moment, 'I want to see your face when you put it in.'

I nodded.

'Just relax and push down and try to be really nice and slow.'

As I pushed down she let go of my cock and my knob butted into something and Mel let out a groan, 'that was my clit.'


'Don't worry,' as she again gripped my cock and instructed me to push down.

Next I felt my knob experience some resistance.

Mel let out a slight moan, 'Ahh that's it, you're inside me, keep going.'

I needed no further encouragement as I slid further into her and felt her tight pussy grip my whole cock as I became completely encased inside her. I then pushed down even further until I was completely inside her.

Mel groaned in my ear, 'that feels so good.'

'Mmm,' I replied.

'You're not going to cum are you?'

I didn't reply.

'Just keep yourself still for a bit.'

But I was fighting a losing battle as I could feel the cum start to rise from my bollocks. It was no good I knew I was going to cum and in response I began to thrust in and out of her.

'Oh Steve, 'she moaned in pleasure, 'that feel so good, but...'

She didn't get a chance to finish her sentence because after no more than a dozen strokes I shot my load into the condom. I groaned loudly and rolled off Mel embarrassed that I had cum so quick yet again. We lay silently for a few moments.

'You alright?' She asked.

I sensed the disappointment in her voice, 'sorry I came so quick.'

'Don't worry I'm sure you can make it up to me.'

I didn't know what she meant as she gripped my right hand and directed it towards her pussy; she turned to me kissed me before saying, 'rub my clit.'

She must have realised I didn't know what I was supposed to do as she guided my hand to just above her hole and wrapped her fingers round my index finger before placing it against a hard smooth nub of flesh just above her hole. She then rubbed it up and down.

I soon got the hint as I began to rub up and down of my own volition. Whilst I rubbed she began to finger herself and soon she started to emit low moans and it was clear whatever it was I was doing to her had the desired effect.

Periodically she would grip my finger and insert it into her pussy to get it nice and wet, as with the rubbing I soon picked up the signal and after every thirty second or so inserted my finger in her pussy.

I must have been rubbing for a good five minutes but she had not cum, this was in marked contrast to the sex stories I had read where at this juncture she would have cum at least three times.

However she continued to emit soft moans and say things like 'that nice, don't stop, fuck that feels so good.'

Despite cumming twice, Mel lying naked next to her, her dirty talk and my fingers up her pussy my cock remained hard encased in the condom.

'Oh don't stop, yes, oh shit, oh, yes,' as Mel began to open her legs and grind herself into the bed until she suddenly looked at me with pure lust in her eyes.

'Fuck me, fuck me again, I want your inside me when I cum.'

I didn't need any second invitation as I mirrored my previous actions as I put my weight above her positioned my cock above her pussy and sank down.

As I entered her, her eyes gave the illusion of rolling backwards. Instinctively I began to thrust in and out with authority and power.

Underneath me Mel was thrashing about, 'oh fuck yes,' she shrieked as she came. Such was the ferocity of her climax I thought she was having some sort of seizure. It went on for a good ten to fifteen seconds and it was only when her actions subsided I could feel myself start to cum again.

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