Night Walk


Okay this one starts with chatting to this girl on another site, I left hints about my exhibitionism and then one night I said how I was gonna get naked.

After and a little longer talking, I say that maybe I should go for a walk to the shop as I am (it was about 11pm or so). She thought it was crazy and didn't believe I would do it and at this point I didn't either wasn't even being half serious.

At this stage though I wanted to prove her and possibly myself wrong and do it. So I had it planned for the next night and I also planned to do a couple of clothed test runs.

The next night comes and I'm sitting downstairs. I wasn't really up for it and it was also windy and i think it was rainy too. I think I just wanted an excuse to not do it and that fitted perfect.

The next day I was annoyed that I didn't do it and felt I let myself down. I talked to more and more people who said I should do it cause I did really want to. I was determined to do it then.

So the next night at about 12 I prepared myself and was listening to the cars go by and that did make me nervous, from 12 to 12:10 four cars went by but from then and 12:25 only one.

I then decided to go outside and just see if I would be comfortable enough to do it. I was at my side entrance and I opened the door. I then walked to end of garden while clothed and noticed their didn't seem to be anyone around. As I say I did plan to go for a couple of test walks but I just decided to see how comfortable I would feel once I got naked in side entrance with the cover of the door. Which I did, however, I left the door about half open. I was still covered but it meant all I had to do was step around the corner and I was outside.

So I started to remove my clothes. I took my bottoms and undies off first cause I thought they would be hardest and then my top. So I was there in the side entrance wearing nothing but a pair of runners.

I took a deep breath and stepped around the corner, although I was out I was still cautious. I walked down my front garden (it's not that long though). I did take my time and again had a look around, took a deep breath and went out onto the path. Finally I was doing it, going for a naked walk. I had been fantasizing about this moment for so long. It was amazing. My heart was beating a mile a minute.

I walked to the end of the path and crossed the road, the road goes around in a curve. It was then I noticed a car parked and I thought to myself that if I someone either walked or drove by I could hide behind that. I then realised when I went by it that I was totally in the open, absolutely nothing to hide behind. I did walk a bit faster at that stage but never ran. I got to the shop which was closed, I knew it was gonna be.

I heard some noises and started to get a little anxious that a car was gonna come, so when I reached the shop I turned. It was also very cold and I was starting to feel it. Not sure if I walked back quicker or not but it certainly felt like it.

I got back to my clothes and dressed again. I did sort of wish the walk was longer but both the cold and my nerves weren't really up for anything longer. It was about 5 mins or so I think in total, not very long really but it feel much longer.

Maybe next time I'll go longer and certainly during the summer I will if I keep the same confidence. Also I want to do barefoot too, I couldn't do this time cause of the cold but I do think it would make me feel more naked. I know this doesn't very daring to some people on this site but it was a massive deal for me. It was a step from what I did last time, mainly cause I covered that time and also had friends egging me on. As I said at the end of the last story I hope to do more and now that I have done it alone I should be able to do it more often.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous08/20/15

Rope walk

I've walked with only rope , tight crotch rope. Lots of tree coverage but high street lights .naked except for crotch rope on a summer night is fun .

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