It was already dark when Shirley'd finished work. She had had to see to a couple of patients in a remoter part of town, far from any public transport, and she walked fast to get back to the better-lit, more familiar parts to go and find a bus. She loved nursing, but she didn't exactly care for these areas; the sooner she was out of them again, the better.

She had had a violent quarrel with Jake, her boyfriend, the day before. He'd wanted to fuck her ass, and she hadn't wanted him to, and they'd said things they didn't really mean and eventually said they never wanted to see each other for as long as they lived. But when she was lying in bed, crying, he'd called her and apologised and eventually they'd made up. He would come over to her place by ten and she was looking forward to seeing him again in glad anticipation. She'd dressed for the occasion in a light summer dress and nice underwear, and she walked even faster as she thought of him.

She didn't like this part at all. It was quite a distance to the better part of town. There were narrow streets with old houses, and the population seemed harsh and aggressive. There were fewer streetlights than she would have liked, and she always felt somewhat ill at ease.

When she rounded a corner she saw a group of louts loitering at the other end of the block. She didn't want to walk past them so she diverted her path and tried to find a different route.

She suddenly sensed someone was looking at her closely. She stepped up her pace a little. Her footsteps echoed against the walls of the narrow street, and she got the impression that they were a little out of synch. Was she being followed? She glanced over her shoulder and saw a dark shadow some yards behind her. It didn't stop but it seemed to gain on her. It made her back go all wet with perspiration; cold sweat, fear. She walked even faster and the sound of her high heels rattled back to her.

Overhead in the darkness there were little light patches in the clouds, now and then. It had been a hot day and thunder had been threatening since the middle of the afternoon. With a little bad luck she would get wet.

She heard more footsteps following her. She anxiously looked over her shoulder again, and saw to her dismay that there were now at least five figures following her. She could run for it - but she wasn't a good runner, and she would only exhaust herself, so she just kept on walking fast. The steps she heard grew louder, and they seemed to get closer. She hunched her shoulders and clutched her bag under her right arm.

Two of the dark shapes came abreast with her; then they passed her and walked just in front of her, falling in with her pace. They were tall and she couldn't really make out their faces. They didn't look at her; they just escorted her.

There were even more of them now, she thought. She felt their eyes on her, and she felt mortally afraid. Her heart beat in her throat, and she couldn't have yelled out for the lump in her throat. She kept her eyes in front of her and assessed the distance she'd still have to go to reach safety - and then there was an immense flash of lightning followed by thunder almost at the very same time. Her heart skipped a beat and all lights went out.

Notwithstanding her fright she kept on walking. Overhead there was an intermittent rumble with irregular bouts of lightning, and she could vaguely see her way now and then.

Then something made her hair stand on end - the footsteps seemed to close in around her! She pressed her arms close against her body in defence. The little hairs in the nape of her neck bristled, and she felt her entire body tense. They were so close now she could smell them - a mixture of aftershave, body lotion and sweat.

She felt terrified. She had heard too many stories of women ending up with their throats slit, and she had even seen one once on a mortuary slab in the hospital where she'd done her training.

Something touched her left hip, the her right one, too - they had come so close to her she could feel their thighs press against hers. Now she really tried to run - but the backs of the two shapes that walked just in front of her blocked her path.

They actually slowed down a bit. She felt herself surrounded so closely that at least four bodies touched hers, two shoulders, two hips... they kept on walking, forcing her to walk into the direction they had in mind.

"Please," she croaked, "let me go!"

The thunder rumbled threateningly overhead. It was not half as threatening, though, as the silence of the dark figures of her abductors; they just walked her on, and said nothing. They might have been deaf for all she knew.

They went into the poorer part of the area, a part even worse than the area where she'd been working that evening. She didn't know her way there at all; but there was nothing for it but walking along, shivering and weak-kneed, on those bloody heels, too - her feet started to hurt and her arms and shoulders were stiff and sore with the tension in her limbs.

Some one touched her. She felt a hand on her bottom. It just sat there for some time; she tried to feel behind her and push it away, but she felt a big hand clamp down on her wrist and just move it a little. It hurt so much she was afraid it would break and gave up the attempt.

The hand lifted her dress and pushed her panties down far enough to expose her bottom to the night air. Then it made free between her ass cheeks. She felt a digit of one of the fingers enter her anus. She tried to clamp her buttocks together but the hand pinched her cheeks so hard it hurt.

She realised she was completely at these people's mercy; the one good thing that could happen was for someone else to appear. She had to walk on now, and the finger up her ass caused acute discomfort. Another hand came down her backside, too. The finger retracted; the other hand shoved something up her alimentary canal. It was cold and hard and filled her ass completely. It made walking very difficult; but she had to keep on going.

The fury of the thunder increased, and there was more and more lightning and her surroundings became visible. She saw that they were in a part that consisted mainly of warehouses and small, disreputably-looking shops. There was on much bigger house in among the small businesses. It had a nearly blank wall and a big, old door, and just when she thought they were to pass it the door opened and a girl dressed in a furry white coat came out and took her hand and pulled Shirley her way.

"Come in! Quick!" she said.

She did so immediately, in the expectation that she would get rid of her abductors that way. But they walked into the house together with her, and she realised it had all been planned beforehand. She was marched through a corridor and up a flight of stairs, following the girl who told them where to go, in pitch darkness, and then into a room that was dimly lit by one single candle surrounded by a thick, deep red shade, so that she could only just make out the room and its contents.

"Welcome," the girl said with a smirk. She let the white coat slide down her shoulders. She was practically naked under it, and she stepped up to Shirley and took her head in her arms. "Hmm, a pretty girl," she said. She put her thumbs in the corners of Shirley's mouth and pressed it open; then she put her mouth on Shirley's and stuck her tongue into her mouth. She started wriggling her breasts against her, and Shirley smelled her perfume and the smell of sex. While she rubbed up Shirley's body the girl put a blindfold over her yes. She wanted to push the girl away, but some of the men took her wrists and held her arms straight down her sides. One of them took her bag and unzipped her dress. They shoved it down her body, first one shoulder, then the other, and made it slide to the floor.

Once her dress was gone the girl took her breasts from the cups of her bra. She stroked them lovingly for a little while before viciously pinching her nipples. "Slut!" she said. Then she continued kissing her.

Behind her someone pulled her panties down her legs. They made her step out of them; then the girl let go of her and she was led out of the room. She was made to climb another low flight of stairs, and they forced her to lie down on something. A bed? A sofa? She didn't know. She did sense she was in a different room; there were muffled voices and various sounds she couldn't make out.

She was left to herself for some time. then she noticed through her blindfold that there was a lot of light in the room; the electricity must have gone on again.

At the same time she heard the sound of curtains being drawn apart and there was a small ripple of applause. Perhaps she was up on a stage? They told her to kneel on all fours. She didn't react at first, but someone struck her a blow across the face that made her jump to it.

She felt warm hands on her ass and something touched her cheek. The smell of a man's sex reached her nostrils. Oh no, she thought. Oh no!

They pried her mouth open again, like the girl had done, and she felt a cock enter her mouth, and practically at the same time someone pushed his member up her pussy. She was so dry and tense that it hurt badly. They must have noticed for she felt them apply a generous amount of oil. The slickened cock began to fuck her mercilessly; but she couldn't cry out for the cock in her mouth. The other man took her face in is hands and used her mouth like just another cunt; he slammed in and out, making her gag.

Shirley didn't mind giving head, provided she could have the initiative and she liked the recipient. It could be nice and sweet. But this - anonymous with people she didn't know and couldn't even see - she didn't even know where she was. She felt the flange of the but plug between her ass cheeks. As they were moved against it by the force of the cock moving in and out of her pussy she felt the inside of her crack go raw.

Her breasts swung back and forth with the impact of the motions behind her, and she had to steady herself with her hands. Now and then she was slapped across her buttocks, hard and stinging; she thought she must look quite red. Her face felt red, too - what if she really was on a stage? Oh, the shame! Hopefully there wan no one who knew her there - if there was she could die!

The men had a lot of stamina; it was a long time before she felt the man in her pussy erupt. He seemed to flood her with sperm, in a series of spurts she felt hit her cervix. She'd never felt so glad of being on the pill before; suppose she weren't?

He kept on pounding into her until he went limp; then he flopped out of her.

Her other assailant experimentally slapped her cheek once or twice; then he ordered her to use her tongue. She did, meekly; she didn't want to be hit again, and she tried to make the man come. When he did she almost choked on his ejaculate; she had to swallow hard and she hated the feeling of surplus cum dribbling down her lower jaw. He made her lick him clean; then he went away.

She waited for some time, and then she asked if she could sit up. She heard someone sniff disdainfully.

"No, bitch, just stay as you are," a female voice said. "We'll tell you what to do in our own sweet time."

She felt so humiliated, kneeling there with her fanny exposed and the rubber end of the but plug for anyone to see... Her arms were getting sore from her own weight and her knees started to shake.

Just when she thought she would collapse she was yanked up. She stood a little uncertainly on shaking legs, held up by hard hands gripping her arms too tight. Then she was told to sit down and spread her legs. She was happy to sit down; she hated having to comply spreading her legs, but she'd found out the hard way that she'd better.

Someone knelt behind her and removed her blindfold. She saw that she was on a stage indeed, on a kind of bed; she could see a small audience looking at her. The girl that had opened the door sat on somebody's knees with her back to the stage. She obviously had his cock in her pussy and was riding him hard. One or two of the men had their cocks out and sat stroking themselves.

The person behind her took her wrists and brought them close together; then she felt she was handcuffed. From the wings another man came on stage. He was dark and tall, and very well-hung. He walked to the front of the bed; he took her pussy between his fingers and squeezed it together, exerting special pressure on her clitoris. He had very long fingers and a shining scar on the back of his hand. Even though he was only half hard she thought he'd be too big for her to accommodate, but he just got up and knelt astride her face, dangling his cock in front of her eyes.

She tried to look away. The girl had got off the man she had been fucking. He sat bound to his chair, with a ball gag in his mouth; to her horror she recognised her boyfriend. He looked at her horrified. The girl stood next to him; she'd made a ring of her thumb and index finger round his cock and jerked him off unceremoniously.

The man over her slapped her face with his stiffening cock a couple of times. Just before he pressed the tip against her lips she saw Jake come, erupting all over himself; there was a strand of cum in his hair.

The circumference of the black cock in her mouth was so big that she had to strain to have her mouth around it, and it smelled strong. She didn't like the smell at all; and he fucked her mouth as if she were a plastic doll, without any consideration for her whatsoever.

She felt another man lift her bottom and pull out the plug; then she was fed his cock into her ass. She'd never had a cock up her ass before and she lay being used with tears in her eyes. It hurt. It really hurt. The man broke into a steady rhythm; she tried to relax he muscles and grant him an easy passage. It did help, but just a little.

After some minutes the man who was fucking her throat got up, and the one in her ass withdrew. He shoved her aside, and stretched himself on the bed; the she was lifted over him and forced down over his cock again. It hurt a little less, but she didn't like the sensation one bit. He pulled her towards her, and the black man squeezed her pussy again. He rubbed the sides up and down and then he bent over and started licking her pussy. She hated to admit it but he was good at it; he knew exactly where it felt good, and it didn't take him too long to make her come. She bit her lip not to cry out.

Then he bend down over her and forced his cock between her pussy lips. He was far too big for comfort; and the feeling of the two cocks rubbing against each other through the thin partition was disturbing to say the least.

One of the members of the audience was helped up on the stage. He knelt on the bed next to her and put his cock into her mouth.

"Suck me like the good little whore you are," he said before he, too, started to fuck her mouth.

She couldn't do anything. Her hands were cuffed and there were big strong men all around; the only one she knew, the only one who would see her as a human being and treat her accordingly sat strapped to a chair; and, she thought, chances are he won't have anything to do with me if I get out of here ever again.

When the black man's cock started to palpitate he withdrew from her pussy; he jumped off the stage and came all over her boyfriend's face. Oh, poor Jake, she thought. How awful.

It didn't bring her any respite, though -- the members of the audience took turns in filling her various holes without any loss of time. she received she never knew how many loads of cum, in her mouth, her ass, her cunt or just on her face or breasts...

She must have passed out. When she came to, she was lying in the dark, dressed in a nightdress. Her ass hurt, and there was the taste of sperm on her tongue. She heard someone breathing next to her. When she opened her eyes she saw a familiar ceiling; and her boyfriend lay sleeping peacefully next to her.

She felt between her ass cheeks. The skin was a little raw. But in the light of the thunderstorm she could see her dress on the back of her chair, and her underwear, all of it, on top. Her bag stood next to it on the floor. She felt her pussy, and there was some moisture running out of it. It slowly ran between her ass cheeks, and she felt rather sticky there.

So what had happened? The square of the window got lit by distant flashes of lightning now and again; and when she looked at her boyfriend she saw a stiff, small lock of hair standing up.

She lay back, wondered once more and went back to sleep.

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