tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNightmare for Sherry Ch. 01

Nightmare for Sherry Ch. 01


"Now, lower her panties!"

Liz ordered her husband with a stern voice.

As delicious an idea as it was to Frank, he had to hesitate. After all it was his own 57-year old mother's panties that he was just instructed to take off.

"Come on, Frank! What are you waiting for?"

"You need help with that?"

Liz urged again.

After swallowing couple of deep breaths, Frank finally brought himself to nudge his two thumbs inside both sides of his mother's white cotton panties. With trembling hands, Frank rushed to bring her panties down.

"Not so fast, Frank!"

"Remember this was my fantasy to begin with. Let me enjoy my eye candies."

His wife instructed again stoically.

As Frank slowly lowered his mother's cotton panties, deep murky sour aroma from his mother's triangular mound started filling the leather sofa area where Liz and Frank initiated their dirty threesome. Both let out quiet moans when Sherry's vagina area finally came into their view - rich with deep dark auburn thick hairs and mysterious labyrinth of joy canal hiding underneath.

Liz took her mouth off Sherry's earlobe area and brought it to give her husband a deep kiss while still gently kneading Sherry's left breast over her white bras. This was just too much for Frank and at this point his immediate goal was not to explode prematurely. He had to mentally labor really hard not to shoot his load off all over his mother and wife.

Ah, is this really happening to us right now? A forbidden dream that in no shape or form is allowed to take place in normal society? The kind of dream that one can only read in some dirty magazine? In front of our own eyes? On top of our favorite leather sofa? Liz and Frank wondered simultaneously.

Of course. Why not? After all, just a while ago, Frank was allowed to kiss, touch, fondle and grope, as much as he wanted to, the old woman whom he dreamed of having for some 20 years now. He then was allowed to grab her skirts and raise them to her warm belly area. Afterward he was allowed to lower her panties down to her knee area – for him and his wife to see and smell her glorious mound. Soon the occasion would call Frank to stick his virile cock deep inside that gorgeous bushy mound!

Frank and Liz never felt this high and this exciting in all of their life.

Drugs, money, sex until now - they all paled in comparison.

But what was even more exciting was the undeniable fact that Sherry too started realizing her gradual but sure-footed arousal within herself.

Dog-on-it, Sherry was the natural mother of Frank. She never knew any other men intimately in her life other than her husband. She was always the perfect prim wife who devoted herself to raising her children and other proper domestic duties. Conservative and almost uptight , Sherry was the perfect mother who always acted in loving motherly grace.

Shouldn't this prim woman be doing everything within her power to defend her honor against rude intruders who aim to sordidly ruin her life-long reputation as a clean woman? Shouldn't she be risking her own life to do so?

But so far Sherry wasn't able to bring herself to offer any kind of real resistance but to lie down on her back on that sexy decadent leather sofa .. with her blouse unbuttoned, her skirt raised all the way to her belly and her panties rolled down to her knees.

Gosh, when would this nightmare ever end? Sherry thought to herself.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Well, the nightmare for Sherry all started just three months ago when her husband Dan was charged with involuntary manslaughter for running over a school kid while under the influence of alcohol. With overwhelming evidences against him, he got 25 years in jail despite hiring expensive lawyers et al.

Even before having a chance to grieve her beloved husband's jailing, Sherry was hit with harsh financial realities that awaited her. Most of their life savings went to Dan's legal expenses. Sherry realized that she can afford to live with current mortgage payments and living expenses for another 5 months at the most. Being a prim housewife all her life, Sherry wouldn't be able to land a decent paying job. No way! Sherry became a woman of dire serious worry and distress. She hardly slept each night. The thought of hitting street in just a few months horrified her to no end. She sobbed every day and night since the jailing of her husband. But no amount of crying changed her harsh realities. Sherry will be homeless and living the life of a beggar in a short few months time...

Being only son to his mother and always imbued with strange hard-to-describe feelings toward her, Frank was already thinking of ways to help her out of her tragic situation. Although not rich, Frank saw no problem absorbing her mother's financial woes.

It was during this turbulent time that his young wife Liz suddenly said something clueless to her husband Frank.

"I think we got her. Finally." His wife said in a calm voice.

"Got who? Honey." Frank replied uninterestedly.

"Who is who? You silly."

"I mean a woman named your mother."

"We got her alright. Looks like she has nowhere else to go." Frank said jokingly.

"Come on Frank. I mean we finally got her in a situation where we can do anything we want with her!" The young wife replied with a racy tone.

"So what do you want to do with her, honey?" Frank again replied uninterestedly.

"I always wanted to see that gorgeous bitch being driven hard by a young cock!" Retorted the young wife bluntly.

"I want to see you stick that cock of yours deep inside her soft bottom mound for me!" Continued the young wife.

Totally stunned, Frank couldn't say anything for quite a while. After reclaiming his composure, Frank yelled, "Don't ever talk that way about my mother, Liz! That's a warning!"

But Liz calmly responded, "Really Frank? You don't like your wife talking dirty about your mother?"

Frank was shocked to realize that he couldn't answer that question.

"I know men, Frank. I know you always treat your mother in a different way. You always treat her as a woman. Don't lie to me Mister. I know exactly what you were thinking whenever we had those rare special sex." The young wife purred on.

"I know how much you want to fuck her, Frank. Don't lie to me!" Declared the young wife as if answering the question for him.

Frank felt dumb founded that he is unable to stop his own wife's dirty talks involving his mother. Not only that, Frank felt enormously large arousal coursing thru his body as he for the first time heard 'mother', 'stick', 'cock', 'fuck', 'soft mound' mentioned in the open.

"Come on Mister. Don't lie." Claimed his wife as she holds Frank's huge bulge tenting out in front of his pants.

"We are gonna make that prim bitch sleep with us in return for our financial help. She got no choice. She will have to comply."

"I want to kiss her and fondle her first for a while. I want to see you Frank do the same. Then I will gradually build up sexual intensity by directing you the next steps. You don't need to worry about anything Frank. Just get ready for the greatest pleasure you'll ever experience in your life. Eat well and save as much energy for me for that big day, you lucky bastard!"

Hearing all these dirty talks, Frank felt like being spun around in a crazy swirl of cloudy dreams.

He was very surprised when he heard himself saying, "What do we do if she refuses?"

"Come on Frank. Look at the situation she is in. Does she look like someone who can afford to refuse our offer?"

"She is all ours, Frank. Trust me."

"Let me handle this delicate situation, Frank. You'll like the result."

Again, Frank was surprised when he found himself grabbing his wife and started kissing her. Very passionately.

"So, you do want to fuck your mother after all, huh?" Teased his wife.

Without saying a word, Frank dragged his wife to their bedroom, furiously lifting her skirt and fumbling to take off her panties. He started fucking her like a dog.

"Fuck your mother, Frank!" Liz incited.

"My husband is in jail. Nobody will ever find out what goes on here."

"Stick that cock into my vagina."

Once again, Frank was surprised when he found himself uttering,

"Hi Mother. I love you."

"I would like to get you pregnant today."

"Bear me a nice daughter for me, mother. I bet she will be as cute as you."

"Are you gonna take her when she grows up?" Liz further incited.

"Of course, mother. I'm gonna fuck her the first night she turns 18." Frank claimed in an excited voice.

"Make me a woman tonite." Liz whispered into Frank.

"I want to be fucked like a cheap whore."

"I want you to seed my belly with your child tonite."

"I want to come hard."

"And don't call me mother."

"I'm Sherry tonite."

"That's exactly what I was thinking, Mrs. Sherry Worthington!"

"Open your legs and leave your pumps on." Commanded Frank excitedly.

That evening, Frank and Liz enjoyed the best sex of their life.

Well, at least until that big day they were planning for themselves any way...

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