Niki Gets Naughty


Niki started moving a finger rapidly over her clit as she plunged the eight-inch purple vibrator, glistening with her juices, in and out of her overheated vagina. She worked the thick, plastic shaft into her pussy while fantasizing she was being fucked by Jake.

She felt the little preliminary orgasmic waves begin shooting through her body; a really big one was building up, ready to burst forward. Niki gripped the end of the purple toy with both hands; feverishly she rammed it in and out, thinking of Jake, desperate to bring on her impending ecstasy.

Gasping for breath, Niki pumped the vibrator into her slit, she spasmed, cried out and started to cum around the pumping toy in her pussy. Her wet, pink cunt violently contracted, then twitched as a tremendous orgasmic shudder burst from her womb.

She lay on the bed, removed the toy and slowly fingered her pussy, caressing herself as the orgasm subsided, rerunning the day's events through her mind. Niki couldn't wait to see what tomorrow would bring.


The next day, near the end of her workout routine, Niki was on her hands and knees working on hip extensions, and again, Jake's hands were all over her, he'd been liberally feeling her up all day. He was currently caressing her tight little butt, asking if she could feel the stretch in her gluteus muscles. She thought about telling him she wasn't comfortable but that would be a lie, it felt too good to deny the pleasurable feelings his big, strong hands were delivering.

"Eventually, when we move you to the advanced form of this exercise, we'll have you hold a light dumbbell behind the knee when you perform the extensions," he explained, still lightly rubbing her ass.

Niki was finding it increasingly hard to concentrate on her exercises. His roaming hands had once again worked her into a highly aroused state. She found that she was eagerly anticipating the moment when Jake would openly caress one of her breasts or lightly brush her exceedingly horny little pussy. She knew that eventually it would happen, just not when. Just the thought was causing her pussy to burn with desire.

Jake could tell that his caresses were really getting to her. Her face was flush, her blue eyes had a sexual glaze to them and her nipples were hard and protruding.

Niki was breathing heavily, her body completely alive, her pussy was soaked from the arousal. She knew she would be hurrying home to her purple friend and the relieving joys the toy would deliver.

"Okay. Great job again today, Niki," he said, giving her light slap on the ass and then helping her get to her feet. "You're really progressing nicely."

"I feel good about where we're at," she said, smiling at him, feeling a hunger for him beginning to rise to the surface, trying to suppress it.

"By the way, you doing anything Friday night?" he asked.

"I don't think so. Why?"

"Why don't you and your husband drop by The Lantern? We're having our fifth anniversary party down there in the back banquet room. It's going to be a good time, free food and beer."

She smiled at him and that wasn't bad. "I'll see what Eric thinks, but yeah, I'd like to come."


The night was hot, the air thick with humidity. Summer was at its peak; the lush lawns around town were just starting to show hints of yellow from heat stress.

The Lantern was just a couple of blocks from the fitness center in the same red brick style of building. It was a local favorite among the white-collar, under forty set. The music was soft rock and crossover country. The bar was modern, but with an old-timey décor. There were three major rooms in The Lantern, one for drinking and talking, one for drinking and dancing equipped with a polished oak dance floor. The front rooms had both tables and booths; the booths had high backs for privacy. The third room was a banquet hall for private parties and receptions.

The bar was cool inside, smelling of beer and fried foods. When Niki and Eric walked in they ran into Jake by the door. 'Brown Eyed Girl' was blasting over the sound system and several couples were dancing on the oak floor. Jake was wearing a stylish sport coat over a coral colored tee and a pair of stonewashed Levi's. The outfit fit his rugged good looks perfectly.

"Hey Niki," he said, smiling. "This must be your husband."

Eric thrust his hand out to Jake. "Eric Baxter."

"Jake Smith," he said, shaking his hand. Eric had small, almost delicate hands. "Your wife is great Eric. Never complains, always gives it her best."

"That's Niki," he agreed, looking at her, smiling.

While Eric was looking at her, Niki glanced at Jake and he winked at her. She felt her heart flutter.

"Go ahead into the back. Food's ready and everyone who's not dancing is back there."

They made their way to the banquet room, Niki saying hi to Alexa, Dan Keltey and a couple of the other people from the center. They found a table, ate some food and had a couple of drinks. Niki wanted to dance so they went back out into the main bar.

She saw Jake across the room. A nice looking woman who Niki recognized as the bar's owner walked up to him and stopped to talk. They chatted for a few minutes, she patted him on the shoulder, laughed, and went back to work.

A chunky, drunk man in a suede sports coat kept looking at Niki from across the room. He thought of himself as muscular, but was really just fat. Her blue eyes struck him like cold raindrops, then flicked away as she looked past him. He was left with the impression of soft eyebrows, fine skin, and cherry red glitter lipstick, her full bottom lip hinted at a concealed sensuality.

Bitch thinks she's too good for me, he thought.

He moved closer, checking out the whole package. She was wearing a cream colored silk blouse, a hip-clinging wine colored skirt that came to about mid-thigh, and matching high heels that lengthened her tan legs and tightened her ass at the same time.

She must be wearing a thong, he thought, that skirt is too tight not to be seeing panty lines otherwise. Could be going commando. Hel-lo Blondie. He felt a stirring in his groin.

Her blouse bulged with her full, round breasts and her ass was honest to God heart shaped. She was gorgeous. The man felt a catch of desire in his throat and a stirring in his groin.

He watched as she moved across the room to a table, her hips twitching sideways with each step, a soft move, the motion of the world right there in that wine colored skirt. Her slender back tapering down to her waist, her heels lifting her ass, blond shoulder-length hair swinging in a backbeat to the rhythm of her legs.

Jesus God, he wanted her. His tongue flicked out and ran along his upper lip. "I gotta get me some of that," he mumbled to himself as he started toward Niki and Eric.

He noted that she seemed to be with some little red haired dweeb in a blue suit. Fuck that, he'd show her what a man was, bull over the little pencil necked geek.

"Come on, honey. We're gonna dance," the drunk said, openly leering at Niki

"What?" Niki was taken aback by the boldness of this man.

"We're gonna dance, get your sexy little ass out there and start shakin' it," he slurred, smiling a thin smile, baring his yellow, rat like teeth.

"Hey! This is my wife," Eric pointed out.

"Yeah? What the fuck you gonna do, Red?" The man challenged, insolence thick in his voice, alcohol heavy on his breath.

"I...I...I could call the police if you don't leave us alone," Eric said. He shuffled his feet like a child who'd been bad in class, unsure of himself.

"You go ahead and do that Red," He said smiling, poking a thick index finger into Eric's chest. "I'll be dancing with the hot little lady here while you're calling."

The troublemaker reached out and grabbed Niki's wrist, ready to lead her out to the dance floor in spite of her protests. Suddenly Jake was looming in front of the drunk, smiling.

"Is there a problem here?" His piercing blue eyes were happy enough, but his smile was menacing.

"There's no problem, pretty boy. The lady and I was just gonna dance." He slurred the word dance.

"Niki? Do you want to dance with this asshole?" Jake asked.

Niki tried to answer, but the drunk cut her off, "I said..."

He never finished, Jake turned on him, his eyeteeth bared, "Shut the fuck up. Honest to Christ, if I hear another word out of you I'm going to drag your sorry ass into the restroom and shove your face into a urinal."

The drunk shut up, looking at Jake with his mean little, hateful pig eyes, but suddenly wary, sensing that the man before him was a serious operator, someone who'd know how to handle himself.

"Niki? Do you want to dance with him?"

"No Jake. I want him to leave us alone," she said, stepping up beside Jake, standing at his elbow, her face flush, intent.

"You heard the lady. Take a hike."

Pig eyes found some courage and said, "Ain't goin' anywhere, this fuckin' little cunt owes me a dance."

Niki said, "Hey, you..." But Jake held up a preemptory finger to silence her and she stopped and looked up at him; then Jake said to Piggy, "Fuck you, you fat, cocksucker." Eric suddenly went pale; he looked around wide eyed, unsure of what to do.

Piggy narrowed his beady little eyes and said, "Step outside and say that. I'll drag your pretty-boy ass all over the parking lot!"

"Let's go," Jake said. "I'm sick of your bullshit."

Jake took off his sport coat, handed it to Niki and followed Piggy out the door; Eric was saying, "No, no, no," and Niki said, "Jake, you don't have to do this..."

But six feet out the door, Piggy took a slow, short step, feeling Jake closing in behind him, spun and threw a wild, looping right at Jake's head.

Jake stepped to the left and unleashed a shot to Piggy's nose, staggering the heavy man, bringing blood. As Piggy turned, bringing his hands to his face, Jake hooked him in the short-ribs with a right; when Piggy dropped his hands to cover his ribs, Jake jabbed him in the eye with a left, and then a right to the other eye. Piggy staggered backward and fell against an SUV, trying to slide to the ground.

Suddenly Dan was there, wrapping Jake up, "Hold it, hold it. You're done, okay?"

"Okay, okay. I'm done," he said through the roaring adrenaline rush in his head.

They looked over at Piggy, a thin man was bent over him, checking him out. Piggy was sitting next to the SUV, leaning back against it, blood running from his nose, "I'm gonna feel this in the morning," he said, cracking a thin smile.

Jake looked at Eric and smiled. Eric looked around and took a nervous step back.

"What do you think, Eric? Will I need a lawyer?"

Eric nervously cleared his throat, "You might. Though I don't see much in the way of criminal charges, civil charges are another matter. He did start the trouble though, so you should be okay."

Piggy said that he didn't want the cops called, just wanted to go home. The thin man told them he'd get Piggy home so the rest of them all went back into the bar.

Jake apologized to Eric and Niki, "I'm kind of embarrassed. I shouldn't have done that."

"That's okay. I appreciate you standing up to that man on my behalf," Niki said, looking up at him with her big blue eyes. Witnessing the fight had really turned Niki on, the way Jake had protected her, the raw animal power he'd exhibited, and she found it strange that it was all so arousing.

Niki was standing there, next to her husband, but the way she was looking at Jake gave him the impression that she was almost unaware of Eric. Jake was getting a distinct not-very-married vibe from her at the moment.

Eric wanted to leave but Niki talked him into staying. They drank some more and she even persuaded him to venture out onto the dance floor with her. The activity on the dance floor had caused her to break a sweat so she undid the top two buttons on her blouse to help cool down, revealing her ample cleavage to anyone who wished to look.

"I'm going to go freshen up," she told Eric as she headed off to the restroom.

Jake saw her head down the hallway that led to the restrooms. He positioned himself strategically to intercept her when she exited.

Niki came out of the ladies room, looked up and saw Jake walking down the hallway toward her. When he was abreast of her he reached out and took her hand, pulling her to him. She stumbled, put her hand on his chest to steady herself, and found that she was pressed up against his big, firm body.

Looking up she was met by his blue eyes and his smile, her heart thumped and her belly fluttered. "Jake, what...?"

"Ssshhh," he held a finger to her lips. He led her into a storage room, closing the door behind them.

"Jake? What are..." she tried to ask as Jake leaned down and kissed her full on the mouth. She was use to the gentle little pecks from Eric, but when Jake's tongue entered her mouth, she found her tongue responding, kissing him back lustfully.

I'm married, I should stop this, it's all of the drinks I've had, the alcohol is clouding my judgment. All of these thoughts raced through her mind, each one losing the race, and losing badly, as lust, passion, and a raw sexual yearning roared out to a commanding lead.

She forcefully kissed him, running her hands up over his powerfully built chest, brushing her fingers along his tanned cheek, combing them through his dark, closely cropped hair. His kiss was so good she felt faint.

The way he'd felt her up over the past week and the excitement of tonight's events had left her aroused, lusting for this man. He was so confident, so sure of his abilities, so unlike...Eric.

Jake moved away from her lips, planting light kisses on her cheek and neck. He then began to nibble and suck on her ear lobe. She bit her lip to keep from crying out as shivers shot through her body. Niki became afraid of how she might act now. Her ears had always been sensitive, one of her most erogenous areas. This whole situation had her horny enough but now she didn't know how outlandishly she might behave if he continued sucking on her ear. Her already aching cunt was becoming wetter and hornier by the second.

As he held her against him, his large, strong hands gently cupped her ripe, full, voluptuous breasts. Jake began to rub and stroke his thumbs against her erect nipples through her blouse and thin, lacy bra. Niki was unable to hold back a low, lustful moan as Jake pinched the hardening nipples, rolling them between his fingers.

She was becoming crazy with lust and slipped a hand down between them, finding his erection. Niki was thrilled to discover such a large lump, she gently pressed her fingers against his hardened cock and then squeezed it. She wrapped her fingers around as much of his thick cock as she possibly could through his jeans. She began methodically stroking it, then rubbing the palm of her little hand across its thickness. Jake began to rock his pelvis up, meeting her hand as he slipped his tongue into Niki's ear.

Jake slowly unbuttoned her blouse, every button down to her waist. Gently he eased the blouse off of her shoulders, off of her arms, leaving it still tucked into her skirt, bunched around her waist. Niki stood before him in her lacy white bra, her dark, silver dollar-sized areolas plainly visible through the thin fabric, her gold cross dangling from its chain, resting in the valley between her breasts.

Without a word, Jake reached behind her and deftly unclasped the conservative housewife's bra. As the bra fell away her large, unrestrained tits surged out, standing proudly upon her chest. He ran his hands up her slim waist, fit his hands under both breasts, cupping the giant, firm, spongy tits caressing and kneading them lasciviously, fanning his thumbs across the nipples.

She moaned as her sexually charged body quickly began to respond to his touch.

Looking at her golden cross he said, "I don't know why, but this little cross resting in your cleavage is just about one of the sexiest things I've ever seen."

"It was the first gift Eric ever bought me," she said, breathing heavily.

"A gift from the husband. That makes it sexy and naughty!"

Jake leaned down, kissing down her neck, running his tongue into the cleavage between her tits, flicked the little cross with the tip of his tongue, and finally, opening wide, he captured her right nipple into his mouth, engulfing her straining tip.

"Oh, god," she gasped, looking down at him as he sucked on her tits.

Feverishly he nursed on Niki's enormous tit, his tongue orbiting her aureole, and her stiff nipple, flicking his tongue over the swollen tip of it. She whimpered, the need in her pussy growing ever stronger. She tenderly cradled her lover's head, encouraging him to suck on her sensitive tits. Niki panted and groaned, nearly going crazy and with lust.

"Oh, my god," she moaned, her hands on his head, her fingers sifted lovingly through his short hair, her motions slow and massaging. She lightly scratched the back of his neck, her grip tightening momentarily, guiding him on to her other breast.

"You like my big tits, don't you?" She asked, "Suck my nipples. God you're making me so horny, Jake."

Niki's chest heaved up and down as her nipples were licked and sucked. She could clearly hear the noise from Jake nursing on her ample breasts in the quiet storeroom as he continually moved from one sensitive nipple to the other.

He realized she was lost in a lustful haze, nearing the point of no return, seemingly out of control.

Jake slid his right hand down Niki's hip, finding the hem of her tight skirt. He eased her skirt up, bunching it also around her waist. He ran his hand over her panties, squeezing her ass cheek. Niki sat on a stack of boxes, spreading her legs so Jake could easily rub her burning pussy though her panties, but before his hand reached her magical spot, her cell phone rang in her purse.

"That's Eric's ring tone," she said, disappointment heavy in her voice.

"You better answer it then," he said.

As Niki dug the phone out of her purse, Jake picked her bra up from the floor and handed it to her and heard her say into the phone, "Hey," and then "Oh, I ran into one of the girls from the gym and started gossiping," and then finally, "I'm on my way out now."

Jake helped Niki get herself straightened out; making sure that her appearance was presentable. She looked up at him with lust still burning in her big blue eyes, stood on tip toes, delivered a quick kiss to his lips and turned to go.

Just as she reached for the doorknob she stopped and without facing him, said, "Eric has to go down to the capital on business this week. He'll be gone for three nights."

"You're going to be alone," Jake smiled.

"No, I won't be alone. You're going to come over," she said looking over her shoulder at him, her lips turning up into a shy smile as she opened the door and stepped into the hallway. Jake smiled at the thought.

When Niki got back to the table Eric had a look of concern on his face.

"Are you alright?"

"What? Yeah, why?" She asked.

"Honey, you're all flush. Maybe we should go home," he said.

She smiled at him, "Yeah, let's go. I am tired."

Jake had waited a few moments before following Niki out into the bar. There was nobody in the hallway when he stepped out. When he reached the dance room he saw Eric leading Niki toward the front door, holding her hand.

This next week should really be something else, he thought with a smile.


Eric and Niki had sex that night after they arrived home. Niki found the whole exercise unfulfilling. Since meeting Jake, Niki had felt like she was constantly horny and Eric just wasn't satisfying her needs.

She found that her thoughts kept returning to Jake. The guy was definitely growing on her. He had a way of talking with women, of handling them.

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