Niki Gets Naughty


Later that night Niki lay in bed, tossing and turning, trying, but unable to sleep. She just couldn't stop thinking about the incident with Jake. Niki could feel her pussy flood with her lubricating juices as she thought about Jake. Just being around him seemed to have had a far greater effect on her than the presence of anyone else ever had. Finally, frustrated, she gave up, crawling out of bed,

She went down the hall and into the guest room and turned the TV on hoping to find something on to distract her from thinking about Jake. The only thing that seemed to be on were a bunch of infomercials, finally she switched over to the premium movie channels and found a soft-core porn on Cinamax. It was pretty cheesy, not much of a story, but the male character was very muscular and reminded her of Jake.

She licked her lips as she watched the movie, her nipples hardened, her pussy became wet. Niki was literally shaking as she watched a very erotic scene between the man and his female co-star, images of Jake swimming in her mind. Her heart was pounding in her chest, she desperately needed to cum, she could actually feel her pussy lips opening wide with anticipation, her swollen clit was rubbing against her panties, driving her arousal up a notch further.

Unable to stand it any longer, she stripped out of her pajamas. She pinched and rolled her nipples, moaning softly with pleasure at their sensitivity. She lay back on the bed, slowly fingering her shaved pussy, working her arousal to a fevered pitch, teasing her clit with one finger, it swelled up as she teased it. Niki's other hand was pinching her nipple. As quickly as she could, Niki started moving her finger rapidly over her clit as she watched the actors' sex scenes. She parted her legs wide, her head thrashed back and forth, her hips thrust slightly against her hand as she plunged her fingers into her horny wet hole as she imagined having sex with Jake. Suddenly, her back arched and her mouth opened as she came.

Niki came twice more while watching the movie. When it was over she found that she was wishing it had been Jake who'd brought her to those orgasms. Somewhat satisfied, she turned off the TV, got dressed and went back to bed. She drifted off to sleep with images of Jake in her mind.

For the rest of the weekend, when Eric wasn't around, Niki played with herself, imagining she was with Jake, dreaming about him at night even. She was starting to wonder if she could resist him, if she would even want to. She was so horny.


Monday morning Niki awoke after another restless night to a day that promised to be brilliant, a bluebird sky with puffy clouds, a breath of breeze from the south, a touch of humidity hinting at afternoon thunderstorms.

Eric had already left for work and his business trip to the capitol. She began having second thoughts about her invitation to Jake to come over tonight. What was she thinking; she was a married woman after all. She thought about not going to the fitness center today, thought about avoiding Jake all together.

Eventually she decided to go and get her workout in. She'd face up to Jake, she'd tell him that what had happened Friday night was a mistake, she was happily married, she'd acted the way she had because she had too much to drink.

When she arrived at the fitness center Jake was just finishing up with another client's workout. She was a very attractive woman who was giggling at something Jake had said and Niki felt a tinge of jealousy. She told herself that she was acting silly – yet she couldn't get over the feeling.

"Hey Niki," he said, flashing his brilliant smile at her, one that seemed to convey a sincere pleasure with her presence.

"Hi Jake," her breath caught with the effect he had on her.

"Why don't you get stretched out? I have a little bit of paperwork to take care of and then we'll get your routine going. We'll start you off with crunches today."

"Alright," she replied, finding that she was disappointed that Jake wouldn't be helping her stretch out, she really wanted to feel his hands on her body.

What am I thinking? This has to stop, I'm married. I'll have to talk with Jake when my workout is finished, she thought.

Niki finished her stretches and Jake returned. "Let's go over by the lat machine in the corner there and you can do your crunches on the mat."

While Niki was doing crunches Jake moved around her and knelt on the floor by her side, positioning his body to block her lower torso from the rest of the people in the workout room. He began caressing her lower abdomen, telling her that the crunches should be targeting these muscles, but it was all just a pretense to allow his hands to wander all over Niki's lower body. He slid his hands over her firm abs, rubbing her smooth thighs and teasing her by coming tantalizing close to her pussy. She raised her ass up to try and get Jake's strong fingers to finally rub her hot, wet cunt.

The attention Jake paid her caused her clit to start to tingle. She thought about his hands rubbing her ass and her pussy. The normally shy, reserved housewife unconsciously spread her legs a little in anticipation of the moment Jake directly touched the increasingly wet vee between her thighs.

Oh God, I've never been so turned on, she thought. She tried to concentrate on the exercise but could only think about his big, strong hands caressing her body and coming ever so close to her pussy. She was slightly panting through her open mouth, her arousal increasing.

He continued to work on her and Niki weakened. Jake was having a definite effect on her, she would do just about anything in order to get him to touch her, to make her cum.

Niki began moving her hips up and down, undulating her heart shaped ass, trying desperately to get Jake's thumb to rub up against her increasingly horny hole.

She gasped when Jake allowed his thumb to lightly brush up against the crotch of her workout shorts, slowly and deliberately moving up and back down the length, rubbing against her womanhood, watching as she writhered with sexual need, her pussy burning with desire.

Niki gasped, as she bucked her hips upward attempting to make his thumb rub even harder along her wet pussy. She felt a familiar pressure building deep within her womb, growing stronger, getting closer. She bit her bottom lip, knowing she was about to orgasm in a public place, not wanting to alert the other people in the room to that fact that she was humping against his hand just like a bitch in heat.

Suddenly Jake pulled his hand away. "Time for the next exercise."

Niki looked up at him, despair prominent in her eyes. "God, no, please don't stop, I was almost there," she desperately whispered. Her pussy was horny, throbbing, her panties so wet that she could hardly think.

Jake looked over his shoulder, locating everyone else in the room, making sure that nobody was paying particular attention to them. He placed his hand back into the vee between her legs. Jake moved the crotch of her workout shorts and panties aside, exposing her pink, wet, aroused pussy.

"Oh my God," she gasped. Her entire areola were swollen and straining at her top. Just the act of exposing her ultra sensitive pussy lips to anyone who may walk by caused her to experience a small orgasm.

Niki was so wet, Jake's middle finger easily slid inside of her pussy. He fingered her pussy rapidly, pumping his finger in and out while diddling her clit with his thumb sending her over the edge. She bit her bottom lip, suppressing her orgasmic moans as she came on his finger.

She was in a daze as she came down from her orgasm. She felt completely satisfied yet she found she was craving more.

He kept wiggled his finger around inside her wet pussy for a couple of extra moments, then slipped it out and brought it up to his mouth, licking her juices from it. Niki almost had another orgasm right there. The whole thing was just so arousing, her pulse was pounding from the unexpected thrill she received from the exhibitionism.

Jake ran Niki through the rest of her Monday exercises, his hands roaming over her body at every opportunity, teasing, stimulating, and caressing her. By the time Niki was finished with her workout her heart was pounding and she was sweaty and breathing heavy from the exercises, her horniness and arousal at an all time high.

"Still want me to keep you company tonight? No second thoughts?" He asked with a knowing smile.

"I had second thoughts," she confessed. "But you took care of those and then some."

"So what time do you want me to come over?"

"As soon as you get finished today. I really need some help here," she said, lust heavy in her voice.

"You do know that once I come over there and 'help' you, there will be no going back," he warned.

"I've thought about that. I'll take that chance," she said with a sad smile on her face.

Niki quickly left the gym and made her way to her car. She hurried home to get everything ready for tonight. She couldn't wait to have Jake's cock buried deep in her vagina. Everything that had happened today had gotten her so worked up and made her so horny it almost hurt. She needed to be fucked really badly.


Niki was home alone, preparing for Jake's arrival. She could feel the fluttering in her stomach as she climbed out of the shower. After toweling herself dry, she removed a pair of little pink thong panties from the drawer. They were made of a sheer, see through material. She slid them on, the thong running up between her butt cheeks. She dabbed some perfume between her breasts, a wild and sexy scent.

The very sexy baby doll she'd decided on matched the panties and she pulled it on over her head, feeling the materials caress as it fell over her exquisite body. She then rolled on the nylon thigh-high stockings that went with the lingerie.

Looking at her image in the mirror, Niki was really liking what she saw, proud of her sexy body. She could clearly see her erect nipples and her areola were quite visible through the thin material of the baby doll, little to the imagination, she also noticed that she could see her bald pussy slit through the material of the thong. Her erect nipples stretched the thin material out and away from her large breasts. This should really turn Jakes crank, she thought, amazed at how incredibly sexy she looked. She put on her robe and headed down stairs, anxiously awaiting Jake's arrival.


The late afternoon sun had gone from red to a sullen orange. The air was humid and pregnant with afternoon storms forming up to the west as pink-and-grey thunderheads, a distant rumbling announcing their presence. A cool breeze slipped down the street, the leaves on the trees beginning to stir.

The neighborhood was quiet, the lawns green and neat, the houses large and newer, well kept. The Baxter house was built of brick and glass, looking out over a maple-studded lawn toward the street. He pulled up to the garage door, climbed out, and ambled up to the front door pressing the doorbell.

Jake arrived a little after 5:30, looking fresh, looking everything like a chiseled sex god to Niki. She met him at the front door wrapped in her robe, her hair and make-up done to perfection.

He raised an eyebrow, looking down at her as he stepped into the house, closing the door behind him.

"You're not dressed? I thought we could go out and get dinner."

Niki opened the robe, letting it fall from her shoulders to the floor, revealing her barely covered, lingerie clad body to his gaze and said, "You're looking at dinner honey."

"Jesus," he said, and in the next half-second his hands were all over her.

Niki gasped and went a few inches up in the air, and then they were dancing around, half struggling. The beautiful blonde leaned in towards him, her head tilting slightly; she closed her eyes as she felt his lips gently brush against hers. He could smell her perfume and feel the closeness of her voluptuous, womanly body.

Niki's mouth parted slightly and he felt her tongue slip past his lips, and inside his mouth, his own tongue slipped into her mouth, meeting hers, dancing and twirling together. She moaned as her tongue sought out his, their kiss intensifying in passion as her body melted against his, their mouths locked together. His hand found the back of her head, running through her hair, gently pulling her lips to his, pulling her body tight against him, feeling her massive breasts crush against his chest and his now bulging crotch rub against her mound through her sheer lingerie.

Her hands were wrapped in his shirt, pulling at it, struggling to free it from his jeans. He stepped back from her and grabbed the shirt himself. As Jake pulled off his shirt and Niki got a look at his bare chest she found herself admiring his physique. His hard, muscular body complimented his rugged good looks.

They came back together, stumbled a little, kissing passionately, hands freely roaming over both bodies.

Niki ran her little hands across the muscular ridges in his chest and six-pack abs. His body was as hard, solid as a brick wall. She was in heaven. She could feel her clit becoming aroused, swelling, her pussy screaming for attention, flooding with juices, and this was just from looking at him, feeling his body; he hadn't even touched her pussy yet. Niki could never remember being so horny or this aroused.

"Where's the bedroom," he asked.

"Up the stairs, end of the hall."

She was turned a little, pointing at the stairs, but with an arm still over his shoulder, he picked her up, carried her up the stairs and down the hall, dumped her on the bed and kicked off his shoes.

"Hurry," she said.

Jake, Levi's still on, climbed up onto the bed beside her and pulled the baby doll off of Niki, then leaned down and started licking and sucking on her breasts. She moaned and bit her bottom lip as he teased her nipples with his lips. They were rock hard, but the more he licked around them with his tongue, they seemed to swell, getting longer and fatter until they were so sensitive she began to feel a small orgasm beginning to build.

He ran his hands over the smooth curves of her hips, pulling her in against him, he once again eagerly kissed her soft lips, his tongue sliding into her wet mouth. As they kissed his hands slid down her back, running down to her full, firm little ass.

Niki raised her hips and he pulled her thong down her legs, leaving her completely naked except for the stockings. They lay together, kissing, caressing, rolling together on the bed she shared with Eric.

When they finally broke from the kiss, she whispered into his ear, "Fuck me now, I've been so fucking horny all day waiting for you I can't stand it anymore."

"Not yet," he said. "I have other plans for you first."

She lay back on the bed and spread her stocking clad legs, exposing herself to him, looking up at him, trepidation clear on her face. She was about to have sex with a man who wasn't her husband. He pushed her legs open even further, exposing more of her to his hungry gaze, he could clearly see how wet she was.

She gasped when his finger encountered her wetness. Jake teased her by running his fingers across her bald pubic mound, squeezing, using his fingers to rub her slick pussy lips together. He then slid his large, thick middle finger to the top of her wet slit, his fingertip stroking her engorged clit, the girth of his finger separating her swollen pussy lips.

Jake worked his finger into her wet pussy sliding it easily in and out of the well-lubricated slit and began to pump it with slow, steady strokes. Niki spread her legs wider so his big fingers could more easily slip deeper into her tight vagina. She raised her butt up a little, thrusting her bald, pink cunt up at him.

He moved his middle finger up, and diddled his pretty client's swollen clit again, then slid his fingers back into her hole. Niki squealed, whimpered and moaned as his finger made wet, slurping noises in her pussy while pumping in and out rapidly. Her legs were spread wide, she began humping against his finger as the intense feeling grew, filling her with pleasure.

Jake's tongue flicked along her swollen labia. She looked down between her large breasts and met his eyes staring up at her, his mouth working on her pubic mound. As their eyes held, attacked her engorged clit, nibbling and licking around it. She raised her hips to meet the thrusts of his tongue as it plunged in and out of her.

He was sprawled between her long legs; pushing her thighs up to give his mouth better access to her tasty, pink little pussy. She shuddered, biting her bottom lip as she felt the first pressure of his tongue sliding expertly between the fragrant folds of her cunt. Niki felt a rush so intense that she wasn't even sure she'd be able to stand it.

She rubbed and squeezed her large breasts, caressing her hypersensitive nipples as Jake's tongue danced across her swollen pussy lips and erect clit.

Niki stretched back toward the head of the bed grasping the pillow with her hands, gripping it tight as the waves of pleasure rippled through her body. Jake's head was wedged between her thighs, his pointed tongue parting her pink little pussy lips, every once in a while snapping against her erect clit, causing her to shudder, feeling the heat rising from within, the orgasm building.

"Oh, Oh God, your tongue feels so good," she moaned.

As he continued to tongue her Jake decided that Niki had the sweetest pussy he had ever tasted. As he penetrated her labia with his tongue she began humping is face, moaning.

"Oh, God, lick my pussy!"

He was delivering the most pleasurable feeling with his talented mouth; she found that she could increase the intensity by rotating her hips around his tongue. She felt a pressure building deep within her womb, growing stronger, getting closer.

"Oh my god," she cried, her eyes flying open.

She cried out once, then again, felt her heels drumming on the mattress as Jake continued his oral assault on her pussy. She whimpered as his tongue sliced through her wet, buttery pussy. Jake worked two of his fingers into her pussy, pumping them in and out. She was really getting into it, her orgasm began to roll over her brain like a tsunami, Niki screamed in pleasure as the orgasm overwhelmed her when he finally sucked her clit into his mouth and she came around his tongue and fingers.

Jake continued to lick around her pussy as he slammed his fingers in and out of her. He was almost frenzied, yet there was a controlled technique to the oral assault. She hadn't even recovered from her first orgasm when she had another. Jake could feel her trembling as he licked and fingered her, fingered and licked, licked and fingered...

Jake's fingers found her spot at the top of her pussy, deep inside, he began rubbing it with the tips of his fingers, a circular motion around it as he sucked her clit into his mouth. Niki began to whimper, she grabbed his head, pulling his mouth onto her clit, her hot, liquid center exploding, she was crying out, arching her back, screaming, cumming. It was the biggest orgasm of her life and almost overwhelmed her senses.

When Niki recovered from her climax she rolled over on top of Jake, undoing, unzipping, and tugging the Levi's and his underwear off. She stopped cold in utter amazement when she had his cock revealed.

Jakes prick was huge. Stiff as steal the long, fat cock shaft rose proudly from his body. The head was bloated, a deep, angry red, glistening with oozing cock cream. Instantly the horny, cheating, blonde felt a lustful craving, throbbing sensation deep inside her. She never could have imagined that seeing a stiff prick would ever make her pussy feel so hot and wet.

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