Niki Gets Naughty


To put it mildly, Niki was simply surprised by his size, she couldn't believe how much bigger his cock was than Eric's. She reached out with one hand and wrapped her little fingers around the powerfully pulsing, thick prick with its big blue vein running underneath the shaft. As she stared hypnotically at it she decided that it must have been all of nine inches long and very thick, it looked absolutely delicious.

She leaned forward until the fat, head was resting against her soft, red lips. Niki parted her lips taking the head inside her mouth. She slowly bobbed her head over the tip, tasting him and then took several inches into her mouth until it touched her throat. She enthusiastically attacked his big, thick cock, stroking his shaft while she sucked on the head, swirling her tongue around it.

She popped his cock out of her mouth and licked his entire shaft. The head was oozing pre-cum as she licked the shaft so she took it back into her mouth, savoring the fluid. It tasted kind of salty; she licked it with the tip of her tongue, lapping up the rest, enjoying the taste. She moved her tongue down his shaft, licking the sides and under it, then she worked her way back up, licking and slurping around his cock head.

Niki abruptly leaned forward, capturing his cock in her mouth, sucking and nursing heavily on it, delivering a particularly wet and sloppy blowjob. Jake groaned as his cock was enveloped in her mouth.

Niki was bobbing her head rapidly over the cock knob as she stroked the shaft, bathing his dick in her warm mouth. She sucked harder, slowing down, swallowing as much of the long, thick shaft as she could, her tongue doing wondrous things to the base of Jake's cock.

She was sucking almost ravenously on Jake's cock, her tongue swirling along his hard shaft. He groaned as Niki's head bobbed over his cock, fucking his cock with her gorgeous mouth, attacking it with her lips and tongue.

The beautiful blonde wife was heavily sucking on his big cock, her cheeks hollowed as she worked her way down the length of his hard shaft, taking more and more of him into her warm mouth. As she sucked his dick, Jake reached out with one hand and stroked the soft skin of her big breasts, her head bobbing faster and faster over his lap.

Jake pulled his cock from her mouth, flipped her over onto her back, spread her legs and mounted her. He crawled up between her open thighs, his giant, cock pulsing over her stomach, staring at the deliriously horny blonde.

"Hurry Jake. Stick it in. Fuck me. Fuck me hard," she hissed.

Jake held his hard, thick cock in his hand and guided it towards her waiting pussy. He teased her, just sliding his cock back and forth along her slit, causing her to writher in pleasure and was surprised when she spasmed with an orgasm as the fat head slid over her labia and clit. He hadn't even penetrated her yet.

Jake pulled the head back, an inch away from her pussy, waiting for her to recover. Looking down he saw his cock head was glistening with her juices.

He pushed down on his hard cock, she whimpered and licked her lips as she felt the meaty prick boring into her, stretching her lips out wide. Her pussy lips swallowed and closed over the invading thickness of the head of his cock. Niki groaned as Jake worked the head in and out of her, helping her get use to the thickness, her juices lubricating it. He pushed another couple inches in, she moaned as the thick part under the head went in, her vaginal muscles squeezing, trying to pull more of him inside her.

"God, you're so big," she gasped.

"I can't believe how tight your pussy is," he groaned.

He was slowly fucking her with half of his cock; she moaned with pleasure and raised her hips meeting his thrusts allowing another couple of inches inside her. Niki was panting as his cock pushed into virgin territory, her wet pussy stretching around its satisfying thickness.

"Oh Jake, you're so thick, it feels so fucking good," she moaned, her belly undulating towards another orgasm.

He pushed her legs back towards her head, her ankles on his broad shoulders, sat up on his knees a little bit for leverage, pulled his hips back until just the tip of his cock was holding her pussy open, and then he thrust forward. Niki gasped and thrashed in pure pleasure as she took his entire cock.

Suddenly the phone started ringing, trying to interrupt their passion and lust.

"Jake, unh, I need to answer that, unh, it's probably Eric, unh," she said as he continued fucking her, ignoring the ringing phone.

"Fuck the phone," he said. "He'll call back."

"Jake, unh, please..."

"Tell him you were in the shower."

"Unh, yeah, in the shower, unh, oh my God! Fuck me!" she moaned. She was violently aroused by the thought of fucking Jake while ignoring her husband as he tried to call her. She felt so naughty.

Niki flexed her pussy muscles, making her narrow fuck channel grip tightly around her lover's pounding cock. Jake was fucking her as hard as he could, panting hoarsely. He just kept on grunting and humping, banging his stiff, thick prick into her pussy. She humped and wiggled to meet his strokes, shuddering every time the stiff cock reached the innermost depths of her buttery hole.

Jake slowly pulled his cock out and pushed it back in several times until she moaned and began pushing into him, meeting his thrusts. Jake started fucking her with the entire length of his thick cock while grabbing onto her ass cheeks, really jamming it in. His cock made loud slurping sounds as it sawed in and out of her creamy pussy. He really increased his speed, fucking her hard. Niki screamed and moaned each time he buried it.

He spread his knees apart, positioning his hips to really hammer his cock into her. Jake started fucking his organ deeper, stroking, in and out, every stroke causing his pubic bone to smash against her clit.

Niki raised her head, looking down, watching the veined cock shaft sliding in and out of her now clinging pussy. The sight was violently exciting to her. She was humping and wiggling, thrusting her desperate, throbbing pussy onto Jake's big, thick cock.

He pushed her legs further back towards her head, completely exposing her glistening wet vagina, her pink lips stretched wide around his thick cock. Jake pulled his hips back until just the tip of his cock was in her pussy, rotated his hips a little bit, teasing her opening with his cock head. Niki whimpered, thrusting her hips at him, desperate to get his fat prick back into her wet snatch.

"Oh, Jake, please don't tease me," she breathed lustily.

"Tell me what you want, Niki."

"Stick it in," she pleaded, the maddening teasing of the tip of his cock just inside her pussy was driving her wild.

He slowly pushed his thick cock all the way in her again, then pulled it back out several times causing her to moan as her warm pussy clutched every inch of his hard shaft.

"God yes," she gasped as her pussy clamped down around all nine inches of his wonderful cock when he finally buried it in her pussy and held it there.

She started pinching her long, swollen nipples, moaning as the sensation added to the pleasure she was getting from the pounding Jake was delivering to her.

He took her legs off of his shoulders, grabbing hold of her ankles. She could feel it stretching her vaginal walls. Suddenly he increased his speed, maintaining a tight grip on her ankles. She began pushing into him to meet his thrusts. Jake really began fucking her hard, slamming his hard shaft in and out, in and out, causing Niki to scream each time he buried his cock into the tight confines of her buttery cunt.

"Oh, yes, take my pussy. Oh my God! Unh...You feel so good. Unh...Take my pussy with your big cock, uh, fuck me!"

The otherwise silent room was filled with the squish-squish sounds of his thick cock sloshing in the juices from her dripping pussy. His shaft was glistening with her thick, creamy, milky fluids. She couldn't ever remember her pussy getting this wet before.

"Oh fuck yes, oh yes," she was breathing heavily, feeling a big orgasm building up. "I'm going to cum, oh uh unh unh oooo unh," she screamed as the wave began to wash over her. "Fuck me with your thick cock. So close now," she moaned. "Oh god, don't stop, I'm cumming...unh."

Jake let her recover before he flipped her over, instructing Niki to get up on her hands and knees. "Oh, Jake, slide it back in and fuck me!" She swiveled her ass at him while looking over her shoulder with lust hungry eyes, wanting more. "I really need your big dick back inside me!"

Jake kneeled behind her, looked down at his thick penis as he worked the big head in, then buried his cock in her pussy once again, hearing her whimper of pleasure muffled by a pillow. She lifted her head and gasped with pleasure, "God, it feels so good."

He pulled back, leaving just the head in and fucked her with just the swollen cock crown for a while. She started thrusting back, trying to get all of his cock into her, moaning with pleasure. Jake slammed the full length into her and Niki's eyes opened wide with delight. "Ohh God, Jake. I feel so's so thick...bigger than Eric. Oh My Gawd, it's so fucking good. Uhn, uhn.......Ah ah ah...Ohhhhh."

"How often do you masturbate?" He asked.

The question caught her off guard and embarrassed her, she could feel herself turning pink, yet it also produced a tiny thrill. That was a private affair, wasn't it? And how was she supposed to answer such a question anyway? If she admitted to everyday, well then, she'd be a horny slut. She temporized, answering, "Well, I guess, you know..."

"No. I don't know. Tell me," he said. "You must have been doing it quite often lately, the way I'd get you cranked up at the gym, then send you home frustrated."

"Oh God, yes," she moaned, knowing that he knew helped her link fantasy with reality. "I do it a lot, it's just so natural."

"Do you think about me fucking you while you do yourself?" He asked, wanting her to reveal her most intimate moments to him, her perfect moments.

"Oh, yes! I pretend that it's your cock fucking me instead of my vibrator," she said, moaning as his cock plunged in and out of her now very wet pussy, stoking the fire within her.

"Good. Now, reach back between your legs and rub you clit while I fuck you," he instructed.

And she did. She reached back and began rapidly rubbing her fingers over her sensitive clit.

"That's it, play with your clit. Show me how you touch your pussy," he whispered lewdly.

"Oh, God! Keep talking dirty to me," she pleaded. "I've never been so horny in all of my life."

So he started really talking dirty to her. Jake bent down and whispered into her ear, "Do you want me to fuck you Niki? Do you want my hard cock? Tell me what you want."

"Yes!! Oh, God yes! Yes, please fuck me!" she cried out, begging for his cock.

"Fuck what?" Jake asked, tormenting her. "What do want me to fuck?" he asked, holding his cock still, the swollen head right at her opening, distending her pink little pussy lips, making the wanton wife beg as she pushed her wet slit back to get at more of his thick dick.

"Fuck my pussy!!" Niki moaned. "Oh, please fuck my wet pussy! Stick you cock in and fuck me! Fuck me hard!" Niki begged, thrusting her horny, wet hole at him.

He pushed her down so that her ass was pointed up into the air and fed his cock to her horny pussy, getting down to some serious fucking. Niki's hips were thrusting back onto his cock as her fingers rubbed across her erect clit, her fingers were glistening with her juices, as her pussy flooded around Jake's invading prick.

"Oh, Jake, fuck me with that big, thick cock," she begged.

Jake took hold of her shapely hips and started to thrust against her, his hips slapping up against her ass with each lunge. Niki's pussy was so wet from her arousal, his cock slid easily in and out of her as he pumped hard against her ass, pounding his cock deep within her.

"Oh yes, fuck me!" She screamed, her big tits swinging freely beneath her as she held tightly onto the bedspread while Jake fucked her.

"That's it baby. Push your pussy back on my cock. Fuck yourself on my big cock like a slut."

Normally Niki would have been angry if somebody had called her a slut, but with Jake it seemed more of a compliment. She found out that she liked hearing him talk dirty and describing what he was doing to her, what he wanted her to do to herself. All of that turned her on at a level she'd never reached before.

Jake gently slapped her heart shaped ass as it humped and thrust back at him. "You're such a slut, you're cheating on your husband and fucking in his own bed. Does that make you hot?"

"Oh God yes, I'm a slut, yes," she was breathing heavy, feeling a big orgasm building up, rushing forward. "I'm going to cum, oh fuck, oh fuck me," she screamed.

"Do you like that hard cock? You gonna cum on my big, hard cock? Uhnh! Take that cock, slut! Cum on my cock!" He said, taunting her, daring her to cum.

She really got to him, on an emotional level, something that went beyond any kind of erotic twitch. What really turned his crank were her orgasms. She didn't just have them, she worked up to the most intense orgasms he'd ever witnessed. They started deep inside her, a low, almost growl; they would proceed slowly up in pitch as the waves intensified until she was screaming in pleasure.

Jake really fucked her hard, slamming his hips against her, pounding his large prick into the gushing pussy, her cock-stuffed fuck hole rippling lusciously around the probing length of meat. Niki humped frantically to meet his strokes, her tits bouncing, dancing beneath her chest. Her pussy cumming, orgasmic waves pounding through her naked body.

"Fuck my pussy, fuck my horny little pussy!" she squealed, screaming, "Don't stop fucking me! Oh, God, I'm cumming!"

Jake was fucking her as fast as he could spear his prick into her, his meaty cock shaft growing, its total stiffness probing inside her belly. Then he rammed his big cock to the hilt, the head reaching the entrance to her womb.

"Oh, fuck Niki!"

She started turning her head back and forth, again and again as she felt his cock trembling and swelling up in her pussy. He was about to cum and his orgasm was triggering another in her. Jake moaned and kept his cock buried deep in her pussy as his orgasm erupted from within his balls, blasting forth, spraying his sperm deep into the back of her womb. He ejaculated several sticky white ropes into her. Feeling his seed shooting into her womb kept her orgasm rolling, the pleasure so overwhelming that she saw stars and almost fainted.

As their orgasms subsided he pulled out of her pussy making a soft, popping sound and they both collapsed onto the bed, sweating, breathing hard, gasping for air. Niki's very wet and swollen pussy was leaking a big puddle of their combined juices onto the bedspread.

"Oh boy. Oh my God. That was the best," she said with satisfaction heavy in her voice.

"Yeah, absolutely great," he agreed.

"Jesus, I want to do it again, but maybe we should wait a few minutes until after Eric calls," she said.

Jake laughed and said, "It may be a little longer than a few minutes."

"I think I could cut down the turnaround time," she said, stroking his semi-hard shaft.


They'd settled down, talking, her hand still wrapped around him. They could hear the thunderstorm outside; thunder cracking like a bullwhip in the atmosphere followed by its long rumble, lightning flashing, its strobe effects lighting up the bedroom, and the occasional spattering of the fat raindrops against the bedroom windows. Niki rolled onto her side and was about to say something to Jake when the phone rang.

Niki glanced at the bedside clock. Forty minutes past six. "Eric."

She picked up the phone, "Hello?"

"Niki? Where've you been? I tried to call earlier."

"I was taking a shower," she lied. "How was your day?"

Jake leaned forward taking the large nipple of one of her firm, round, full breasts into his mouth and started sucking. She whacked him on the ear and it hurt. She mouthed the word 'NO' as she continued talking with Eric.

Not to be deterred, Jake took the nipple back into his mouth and moved his hand down to the vee between her legs, stroking her, running his fingers all over and around her bald pussy. At first she clamped her legs together, but Jake continued stroking his large, strong middle finger over her clit as he nursed on her tit and she slowly relaxed, then spreading her legs wide as she talked with her husband on the phone.

Jake heard her say, "I need to get going Eric. I'm meeting Autumn for dinner in twenty minutes," she said, listened and then she said, "I love you too. I'll talk to you tomorrow. Bye."

"You shouldn't do that. It's hard to concentrate, unh, you'll get me in trouble," she told him, enjoying his touch.

"You did fine. We really should go and get something to eat," he said as he stroked her pussy.

"I need a shower first."

Smiling at the thought, he said, "Good idea. Show me the shower."

She showed him the shower; the turnaround time was eliminated, and dinner temporarily forgotten.


They eventually got dinner, ordering out for Chinese, sitting at the kitchen bar eating.

"I think we may have a problem," she said.

Jake's left eyebrow went up, a question. "Yeah?"

"I don't know what I'm going to do. I'm married, but I don't want to stop with you."

He smiled and wrinkled his nose. "Who says we have to stop?"

She wrinkled her nose and said, "Eric will eventually find out if we keep this up. I'm not so sure that I care though. This has been the best sex I've ever had. I don't know if I could stop."

"So don't. We have two more days with him out of town. We can try to figure something out over the next couple of days."

"I guess." She said, pressing her finger to her lips, thinking.

"I do think that you need to come over to my place for the next couple of nights though. You're taking a big risk having me over here. A neighbor may say something to Eric."

Her eyes widened. "Oh no...I never thought of that."

"Just wait for his call in the evening and then come on over. You can stay the night with me."

She turned toward him, her face serious, touched his arm. "Would you promise me something?"

"What?" The sudden, apparent intimacy taking him by surprise.

"Don't ever, ever, ever try to talk me out of having sex with you."

He grinned, flashing his brilliant smile. "Don't worry. I won't."


The turnaround time after dinner didn't take very long, they were back at it in Niki and Eric's big king sized bed. Niki climbed on top this time, ready to ride him, cowgirl. Her knees were planted on the bed to either side of his hips, straddling her lover, aiming his erection at her pussy where she could control the speed and energy of their fucking.. She let out a long moan of pleasure as she lowered herself down onto him, his big, thick cock filling her clutching, clinging fuck hole.

"I really need a good fucking. I'm gonna ride your big cock like a slut," she panted, rocking back and forth over his hard cock.

Niki gripped his shoulders, her enormous, stiff nipple tits swaying heavily over his chest. Her face was flushed and contorted, the lust and passion written all over her features. She started wildly wiggling and humping her ass, shuddering as she pistoned her tight pussy over the satisfying stiffness Jake's cock.

Jake really enjoyed this position with her, he really liked watching her as she rode, ground and humped her pussy onto the length of his long, thick shaft, enjoying the feeling as she repeatedly got herself off. Her screams and moans becoming louder and closer together.

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