The sex in this story is at the very end and kind of short, but I hope that you enjoy reading the whole story and please vote to let me know what you may think. Thank you.


Jack Brown didn't know when he first noticed his sister. Even though they have lived in the same house since she was born eighteen years prior, Jack couldn't help but notice her. But now he was looking at her in a different way.

Nikki had always worn lose fitting clothing, and it never bothered him. She didn't have a flawless, beautiful face, nor did she have an ugly pitted one. Nikki was of average height, average looks, and one thing that stood out about her was the hair. Jack could not remember the last time she had received a haircut. For her straight, black hair was floor length. Nikki would sit for hours at a time in front of her vanity combing and taking care of her hair. At times it would look silk smooth.

Jack was of average height, and average looks. You could just call his family average. It was his parents, Jack and Nikki, and his twin ten-year-old brothers. Jack's parents had only planned on Nikki and him, so when his mother got pregnant again, it was a total surprise. They lived in an average two-story house in an average neighborhood. Just an average family.

Nikki started developing at a very early age. When, Jack was really not sure. To him, it was just a girl thing, and it was all part of developing. But now, he found out that she has FF breasts. FF, good God, he had never realized they could be that big. Through his twenty years, Jack had heard of B, C, or D's, but FF, damn.

The way he found out about her size was a mix up in laundry. His mother gotten their clothes switched, and one of the pieces Jack received was a lacy white bra. When he held it up to look at, you could put a bowling ball in either cup, and still have room. Not wanting to get caught with them in his hands, Jack quickly folded them, took her other clothes, crossed the hall to her room, and knocked on the door. She was instantly standing in front of him with clothes in her arms.

"Jack. I was just about to come over. Mom got some of your clothes mixed up with mine."

"She must be getting forgetful in her advanced age. She put some of yours in with mine."

They exchanged clothes, and when Nikki blushed, Jack looked down and saw that her bra was on the top of the stack.

To keep from further embarrassing her, Jack quickly turned and walked back to his room. He had never looked at his sister in a sexual manner, but damn, Jack couldn't get the picture of her bra out of his mind, and he also started to wonder what her breasts might look like.

The rest of the week Jack could do nothing but think of that huge bra and to whom it belonged.

When the weekend arrived, Jack's parents where going to visit his grandparents with the twins and asked him and Nikki if they wanted to come along. Jack had a big college exam coming up so he declined, and Nikki said she had a date. So they were left alone.

Later that evening the phone rang. Thinking it was his parents calling to say they had arrived, Jack answered it. Nikki was on the other end, and she was crying.

"Jack, please come and get me."

"Nikki, what's wrong?"

"Jack please. I am down at Donavan's, and I need you to come and get me."

Donavan's was a local hangout.

Jack threw on some clothes, grabbed his keys, and ran out to his truck. Speeding through town, running stop signs and lights, he arrived at Donavan's in record time.

Slamming on the brakes, he double parked at the entrance and ran inside. The place was packed as usual on Friday night, and in one of the back pool table rooms, Jack could see a pack of people with Nikki in the middle of them.

Elbowing his way through the crowd, Jack pushed the door open and walked into a drunken mess. There were about eight guys, all drunk as hell, circled around Nikki who was crying. They were groping, and her shirt was torn in a few places. They were also spilling and pouring beer over her.

Walking up behind one jerk, Jack grabbed him, and hurled him toward and through the plate glass window leading into the main section. Reaching for a pool cue, Jack cracked it against another guys kneecap, and he fell to the floor crying out. The whole place was deathly quiet by then, so he reached for Nikki, backed out of the room, and then walked her through the crowd.

Jack helped her into the passenger side of his truck, and then drove her home, raging mad. After passing under a few lights, he noticed that her lips were bleeding and she had the beginnings of a black eye. Gripping the steering wheel so tight that his knuckles were turning white, Jack tried to keep his temper in check.

When they got to the house, Nikki went to her room, and Jack went to the refrigerator to get one of his father's beers, he needed it. Tipping his head back, half the can was emptied before it was slammed down on the counter. The shower was running by then, and the other half of the can was drained. Throwing the empty away, and while grabbing another, the doorbell rang.

There were two policemen at the door. One a male, the other a female.

"Jack Brown?" The male asked.


"There was a disturbance at Donavan's, and we understand you caused it."

"Yes. So."

"May we come in Mr. Brown?" The female spoke for the first time.

Without saying another word, Jack turned and walked back in the house leaving them standing on the front porch.

"Are you aware Mr. Brown that one person has a shattered kneecap and another will require stitches for numerous cuts?" The male spoke after they had walked in and closed the door.

After downing the second beer, Jack replied, "That's too bad."

Nikki chose that time to walk into the room. Her lips were a little puffy, her eye was still turning blue and they were also blood shot from crying. Jack sat her down at the table and got her something to drink.

"As you can tell by the looks of my sister officers, you now know why I was there and those two assholes deserve what they got."

"Miss Brown. Do you mind if we ask a few questions?" The female asked her.

"She has been through enough already." Jack stated, still hot under the collar.

"Jack, please." Nikki pleaded. Then she proceeded to tell the police and Jack what had happened.

After they had eaten dinner, Nikki and her date proceeded to Donavan's to hang out. Nikki's date and his friends started to shot some pool and drink beer. While they were doing that, she talked with some of her friends. A few hours later Nikki was left there watching the guys drink more and more. When she asked her date to take her home, he started to curse her. Crying, Nikki then called Jack to pick her up. When she got off the phone, the guys started to get rough, and told her how they were going to take turns with her. When Jack heard this, he slammed his fist down on the table where he had sat, and then got up.

"Miss Brown. We were told that your brother jumped them for no reason," the male told her.

"Does it look like he jumped them for no reason?"

"No ma'am it does not, but the two who were hurt want to press charges against your brother."

"You can tell them that if they want to press charges against me, they can go right the hell ahead. Nikki and I will come down to the station tomorrow to press assault and attempted rape against them." Jack replied angrily.

"Miss Brown. Do you mind stepping into the next room? I would just like to see if you have any others injuries." The female asked her.

They were gone for about five minutes, and than walked back in. After writing their report, and having Jack and Nikki sign it, the police left.

After locking the door, Nikki grabbed Jack in a big hug, burying her face into his chest. Jack held her close to him, smelling the sweet lavender scent in her hair.

"Thank you for helping me Jack."

"You are very welcome. If you need anything else just ask."

They continued locking up, and then went to bed. Jack left his door open so he could hear Nikki if she called. Not long after he had lain down, she was standing at the door.

"Do you mind if I come in here for tonight. I really don't feel like being alone."

They hadn't slept together since childhood, but knowing what she had gone through, he told her yes. When she got in beside him, they lay back to back until both of them had fallen asleep.


When he woke the next morning, Jack was on his back with Nikki's arm draped across his chest and her breasts pressed against his side. Loving the feel of her beside him, Jack wanted to stay in bed, but his kidneys were yelling to be relieved, and he needed to sort out his new feelings toward Nikki.

Slowly getting out of bed so not to wake her, he made his way to the bathroom, and then down stairs to the kitchen.

While sitting at the table, coffee in hand, Jack couldn't do anything but think of Nikki. While growing up, they fought as brothers and sisters do. Always at each other's throats, never able to make peace with each other. Then the twins came along.

Both of them were upset, because now their parent's attention was drawn to the twins, and not to them. They did not hate them by all means; it was more of a dislike. One good thing about the twins' arrival though, was that it brought both of them a little closer to each other. They still fought, but not as much as before.

As both of them got older, they started to depend on each other more and more. Their parents were always busy with the twins, so when one of them needed help with something, they would go to the other.

Jack always loved Nikki as a sister, but the love that he was starting to feel toward here was more than that. He knew that he shouldn't be, but he was. Should he tell her how he felt? Or just let it go and hopefully the feeling would go away. He just didn't know.

About an hour after Jack woke, Nikki walked into the kitchen. She looked worse than she did the previous night. Her eye itself was red, making the black and blue bruise around it stand out even more. Nikki's arms also had bruise marks on them where someone had grabbed her, which Jack noticed for the first time. His rage started to build up again, but when he saw her breasts under the nightshirt, Jack had to calm down.

With breasts the size of Nikki's, they did sag, and she walked in somewhat of a stoop. Jack could also see the outline of her areolas, which he guessed had to be a good six inches in circumference. Sitting her down at the table, Jack fixed her breakfast. Something he hadn't done in a very long time.

After both had eaten, and the dishes cleaned, Jack and Nikki's parents called. Needless to say, they were livid when they heard about their only daughter. Their mother wanted to return at the moment and take her to the hospital to get checked out. When Jack assured her and his father that everything was fine, and he made a promise that he would take Nikki to the hospital and then to the police to file a report, his parents reluctantly agreed to stay there.

At the hospital, after Nikki was taken into an examination home, Jack sat in the reception area trying to relax. Even though he had a good sleep the night before, Jack soon felt himself drift off. When he felt a soft touch on his shoulder, he jumped and sat up in the chair.

"Sorry Jack. I didn't mean to scare you." Nikki spoke as she stood beside him.

Looking at his watch, Jack noted that he had been asleep for almost half an hour. Standing and stretching out his body, he asked Nikki, "Is everything okay?"

"Yes. The doctor gave me some pain medicine, and some balm and ice packs to put on the bruises. Some how I received some marks on my back also. I also had them take some pictures also. They hesitated at first, but when the heard what happened, they took them. We can give them to the police when we get there."

When they got out to the truck, Jack helped Nikki in, and then they left for the police station. Once they had filed the report, and given up the pictures taken, both of them headed to the house.

When they got back, Nikki decided to lie down and rest. Still not wanting to leave Nikki in case she needed something, Jack stayed in to watch some television.

After she had rested for a few hours, Nikki arrived in the living room to watch reruns of sitcoms with Jack.

"Who ever thought we would be doing this," Nikki stated breaking the silence.

"Doing what?" Jack asked.

"Sitting here together, watching television, and not fighting."

Jack had to laugh at the old memories of their constant fighting as kids.

"Very true. Mom and dad had to basically keep us in separate rooms so we wouldn't fight."

"What changed all that? Is it because we are older and know better?"

Jack wanted to tell her about his new feelings toward her, but just couldn't bring himself to doing it. They sat there in silence a little longer.

"I hate these." Nikki broke the silence again.

"Hate what?" Jack asked looking at her.

"These," Nikki said pointing at her chest. "I hate these things, and sometimes I wish I never had them. They always get me in trouble. What is it that makes the male population like big breasted woman?"

Jack could do nothing but open and close his mouth like a fish out of water. He always found it kind of embarrassing to talk about sexual matters, and now he was sitting talking with his sister about it.

"I don't know," he finally managed to croak out.

"Do you like them?"

Again Jack lost the ability to speak.

"Jack, please talk with me. I can never talk with anyone and get a straight answer."

"Well .... Some women have bigger breasts than others, and why men like bigger ones I can't answer."

"Okay, but do you like them? You haven't answered that yet."

Jacks face turned bright red as he looked down at his shaking hands.

"Yes," the tiny, squeaky reply responded.

"See, even you like them," Nikki started crying again.

Hearing her cry, Jack turned to her.

"Nikki, I am sorry," he tried to comfort her. "I kind of know how you feel."

"How can you know how I feel? Your not the one walking around with all this weight on your chest," she continued to cry. "The boys at school want to touch and see them, and the girls call me balloon chest. You couldn't possible know how I feel."

"Nikki. Do you ever wonder why you hardly see me with a girl?" Jack asked.

"Yes. What does that have to do about all this?"

"Well .... Where you have the size, I lack it." Jack said looking at his hands in front of him.

"What do you mean?"

"I don't know why I am talking with you about this, but ... girls don't go out with me because the size of my penis. Whenever I have an erection, my penis measures just under four inches in length."

"What does that have to do with anything?" Nikki asked silently. She couldn't believe that they were sitting on the couch talking about these things.

Jack was silent for a minute before he answered.

"All through high school, and even now, I couldn't get a date because the first time someone saw how small I was, they laughed and it got around. Girls didn't date me because they thought I wouldn't be able to please them, and the guys laughed and made jokes about it. Where did you think I learned to fight so well?"

"Jack I am sorry. I really didn't know."

"Yea, well can we just forget about it. I would rather be talking about something else."

Jack and Nikki continued to sit and watch movies. Sometime during the evening, Nikki lay on the couch with her head resting in Jack's lap.

When they called it the evening, Nikki again slept with Jack. During the night she awoke facing her brother. Sometime prior they had managed to maneuver so that they were facing each other, and Jack's hand was between them, softly resting on her breast. Nikki did not attempt to remove his hand, enjoying the light pressure that she felt there. After all the abuse she had faced, Nikki enjoyed the soft touch of someone who cared. Putting her arm around him, Nikki hugged Jack closer and drafted off to sleep again.

When Jack awoke the next morning, he was lying behind his sister in the spoon position; his arm resting over Nikki. Realizing that his hand was resting on her breast, and feeling an erect nipple on his palm, he tried to slowly withdraw it. Feeling the slight movement, Nikki's reflexes took over, and her hand came up to keep Jack's hand where it was.

Feeling uneasy about the position they were now in, Jack was embarrassed, but at the same time; happy about feeling the breast that he had been fantasizing about. Ever so slowly he started to roll Nikki's nipple between his thumb and index finger. The erect nipple seemed to grow more, was soon the size of his ring finger, and just as thick. Praying that Nikki wouldn't roll over and say something to him, Jack continued to play with the nipple. When she did roll over, Jack was speechless.

Nikki was awake, and was staring straight at him. Neither one said anything; they just looked each other, and then Nikki softly kissed Jack. It was a soft kiss; one that was given when someone showed affection to another. They looked at each other again, and then Jack kissed Nikki. This kiss was just as affectionate, but lasted longer.

Nikki then pulled her night shirt up between them and placed Jack's hand back on her bare breast. A barely audible moan passed between them as Jack felt the hard, erect nipple again. With work hardened hands, he softly caressed her. When Nikki finally broke the kiss to catch her breath, Jack continued to place soft kisses around her face and neck. When he worked his way down to suck on her nipple, Nikki gasped out loud, and held his head to her breast as a climax ravaged her body.

When she calmed down, Nikki pulled Jack up to kiss him again. She then pushed her hand past the elastic of his boxers to touch his hardened penis. This was the first one Nikki had ever touched, and to Jack it was small, but to her it was just fine. Jack's hands came back up to his sisters' breast, and both of them softly played with each other as they lay in bed.

Not wanting to take advantage of her, but knowing that they had come this far, Jack rolled Nikki onto her back. Pushing his boxers down and off, he then positioned himself above her. Nikki wanted him as much as he wanted her, and with her hand still on his penis, she guided him past her virgin lips. Nikki lightly screamed when her hymen broke, but was quickly rewarded with the exotic feeling of the first cock being in her.

Both of them did not move for the first few minutes, wanting to get use to the feel of each other, and then Jack slowly started to move in and out of her. With this being the first time for both, Jack quickly climaxed, but remained hard inside of her. When he started to move again, Jack took his time so the both of them could enjoy their time together. Slowly, ever so slowly, they made love to each other.

After what seemed like eternity, Nikki felt another climax starting to build as her vagina muscles tightened around Jack's cock. Neither one sped up; they continued as they were, enjoying each other. When Jack felt his second climax race through him and into Nikki, she squeezed him tightly as her own climax started.

When they both were done and were laying in each others arms, they realized that their insufficiencies were just fine.

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